Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 60: Miao Yiniang

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Chapter 60: Miao Yiniang

“Your Chu Mo brother is still the Chu Mo brother that you could never beat!”

Xu 2Fu’s stance still wasn’t ready, and Chu Mo’s figure flashed and circled around behind Xu 2Fu. He was kicked in the butt and sent flying.

Xu 2Fu ruthlessly fell to the ground on his butt, and then climbed back up with an enraged face. He wanted to find Chu Mo and fight with all his might: “Little black Chu, you are especially underhanded. You dare sneak attack!…….I’ll fight you!”

A large crowd gathered around the gate of the Gluttenous Ogre at this time. People recognized the status of the two, especially Chu Mo. Several people looked at him with a completely shocked face.

They never thought the person personally kicked out by prince Xia Jing half a year ago…….would actually return!

Especially since prince Xia Jing was dismissed from the Grand Secretary position in the cabinet not long after Chu Mo left. The situation held countless mystery.

A soft voice suddenly came from inside the restaurant: “Two people have grandfathers with status, and yet they are fighting in the street……aren’t they afraid of becoming jokes?”

The voice was soft, sweet, and bored. It simply made a person feel mushy in their bones.

The angered expression on Xu 2Fu’s face quickly disappeared. He slapped the dust off his butt, and he ran towards the restaurant doors with a smiling expression: “He he he he, wife, why have you come out?”

[TL: Xu 2Fu often calls her wife as a joke. Because.…..well……that’s just Xu 2Fu.]

“Hurry hurry hurry, your hair is a mess. Stop making the place look cheap!” A beautiful girl with an enchanting expression softly stepped outside of the restaurant.

Several of the surrounding spectators were stunned.

“Isn’t that the Miao Yiniang, the lady boss of the Gluttonous Ogre? Heavens……she’s too pretty! If my wife was that beautiful, I would do her eight times a day……”

“Would you? Eight times……three seconds each time?”

“Ha ha ha, brother, as the proverb goes, don’t expose the weak points of others when joking……”

“I heard that Gluttonous Ogre’s boss is very mysterious. She rarely appears in public. Looks like Xu’s tenth noble son has been given a lot of face!”

“I feel noble son Chu has even more face!”

“Yes, Xu’s tenth noble son comes here all the time, and I’ve never seen her come out. Noble son Chu comes here once, and she instantly comes out. Looks like noble son Chu has been given even more face!”

The surrounding crowd talked among themselves. A couple people’s faces changed color when they saw Chu Mo, then they quietly turned and left the crowd.

Chu Mo saw the Miao Yiniang, and his face immediately gave off a smile: “Sister, we meet again!

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, and she also held a smiling expression that came from the bottom of her heart: “You returned! Really good!”

“Hey! Could you two stop flirting right in front of me. You are my wife! Do you feel like having secret lover?” Xu 2Fu jealously looked at the two, then he glowered at Chu Mo: “Wait until I get back at you for kicking my ass. But I must make one thing clear right now, you must not covet your friend’s wife!”

“Take a secret lover my ass! Xu 2Fu, I will rip you apart if you dare speak such rubbish again!” The girls beautiful eyes shot out a dangerous light. Xu 2Fu immediately trembled. Then he muttered out of the corner of his mouth: “So feisty to the boss, who would dare marry you in the future?”

“What does it matter to you if I’m unmarriable?” Miao Yiniang returned a haughty look, then she took the two to the top floor to sit.

The Glutonous Ogre has five floors altogether. It could be considered a relatively high building in Yellow Flame City. A five story building naturally had a very nice and wide view.

Only adults with extremely high status would normally be able to enter the fifth floor to eat.

Several people made a ruckus about this rule in the past. They felt a small restaurant actually dared be so arrogant. They really set up such a rule? They are simply acting recklessly!

As a result, anyone that caused a ruckus would have the crap scared out of them, and they would obediently apologize later. Not a single person dared cause a disturbance after some time.

The rules of Gluttonous Ogre slowly took shape over this process. This already become a consensus among people of all statuses. Also, only Gluttonous Ogre had this rule in all of Yellow Flame City.

Other places tried to copy it, but the rule didn’t last more than a few days. The boss would simply be switched…….giving government officials rules, are they asking for death?

Several people were suspicious of the Gluttonous Ogre’s background. A rumor started to spread. People said Gluttonous Ogre was supported by a sect! They said the boss Miao Yiniang came from a sect herself!

This caused people to not dare investigate the Gluttonous Ogre restaurant.


That word alone was already enough.

There was a room on the fifth floor. The room normally wouldn’t even be opened if a prince came!

The room didn’t appear large from the outside. It also wasn’t too eye-catching. Very few people knew that this room was especially built for Chu Mo and Xu Fufu.

The outside wasn’t large, but the inside was a paradise. Genuine ancient artifacts were casually decorated all around. It was worth a fortune! Paintings were placed all over the walls, and they were all famous works by masters of past dynasties. A person who knew art would certainly tremble with fear and become deathly angry. They would believe the boss was insane by casually decorating with so many precious treasures.

Miao Yiniang brought the two inside. She welcomed them to a rustic table. Miao Yiniang looked at the dirty Xu 2Fu, and she couldn’t help but snicker: “How is it, did you give him the money?”

Xu 2Fu returned a haughty look, and he snorted: “You already know the answer!”

“If I must say, you two old farts are sure stubborn……one tries with all his might to give the other money; the other, would rather die than take it. In fact, it looks like you two are bored!” Miao Yiniang sat the two down next to the window, and then she leisurely sat by Chu Mo’s side. She carefully sized up Chu Mo. Miao’s eyes revealed a trace of surprise: “Chu Mo seems to have changed a lot over the past half year!”

“He has had a fart’s change! You first speak, how can we appear bored?” Xu 2Fu was in a fit of anger, and he returned a haughty look. He didn’t even admit that he believed Chu Mo changed earlier.

Miao Yiniang simply said: “Are you two not brothers?”

Xu 2Fu curled his lips, yet he still said: “Stop speaking nonsense, of course we are brothers!”

Chu Mo laughed: “Although he is a little foolish, but he is my only brother in Yellow Flame City!”

Xu 2Fu eyes flashed a trace of emotion. Sons of high officials can make friends easy, but becoming brothers is very difficult.

“Then, you would help the other if he needs anything? Would you turn a blind eye to them?” Miao Yiniang asked again.

“Of course not!” The two said in unison.

Xu 2Fu somewhat angrily said: “I was in the south being scolded by my father when Little black Chu had problems. Chu Mo had already left Yellow Flame City when I got the news. That bastard Xia Jie was made an eunuch by Chu Mo. He has spent the whole time hiding at home, refusing to face reality. I wanted to give him a ruthless beating several times, but I have never found the opportunity. I was scolded by my grandfather later on. He said I didn’t have any troubles, so I shouldn’t go seeking trouble! But in my heart……I am still unhappy!”

Xu 2Fu’s eyes became a little red. He was always felt shame that he couldn’t help his brother. Otherwise, he could not have immediately come to give Chu Mo money when he returned.

Xu 2Fu never thought Chu Mo would refuse. It made him feel hurt.

“Do we have to use such an explanation?” Chu Mo looked at Xu 2Fu a little touched: “Do you not know me, or do I not understand you?”

Miao Yiniang sat to the side. She looked at the two young talents of Yellow Flame City with much interest. She said with a smile: “Both of you look. Both of you young masters understand logic. You were making a disturbance, and being made a fools. Don’t tell me you are bored? Looks like I am a little excessive here. Fine, you two have a talk. I will go prepare you two uncles some food!”

“Come back in a moment and share a drink with me, wife!” Xu 2Fu yelled recklessly.


Mia Yiniang had already walked to the door, and she threw a vase towards Xu 2Fu.

“Fuck!” Xu 2Fu caught the vase, and sweat trickled down his face. Shaken, he said: “This is a three hundred year old vase from the palace. I couldn’t pay for it even If I sold you!”

“Humph!” Miao Yiniang snorted. She was too lazy to pay him anymore heed, so she turned and left.

“This girl…..she is truly a thorny evil spirit!” Xu 2Fu looked at the door in a crazed daze.

“You are cheap.” Chu Mo summarized extremely simply.

“What would I do if I’m not cheap?” Xu 2Fu returned a haughty look and said: “Should I mix in with the officials like my grandfather, father, and uncles? Wouldn’t that depress me to death? I would have to argue every day with a group of boring men. They are even excited about arguing. They are truly a group of idiots.”

“……” Chu Mo was completely stunned. This guy scolded his whole family in a few short sentences.

“Right, isn’t your grandfather the Grand Secretary now?” Chu Mo asked Xu 2Fu.

“Yes, that idiot Xia Jing finally opened up the position. My grandfather naturally took his place.” Xu 2Fu was still quite proud of his grandfather becoming the Grand Secretary, even though he didn’t like his family being officials.

That position is said to be the highest office!

It is truly beneath one man, and above ten thousand!

The Grand Secretary holds supreme power of Da Xia. Many times, even the emperor must listen to the Grand Secretary’s suggestions.

“This is a good thing.” Chu Mo nodded. He felt happy for his brother.

He was naturally very close with the Xu family. The two were always together ever since they were little. Chu Mo was often at the Xu household whenever he wasn’t in a military camp. Grandfather Xu Zhonglian was now the Grand Secretary, and he really liked Chu Mo. Furthermore, he felt Chu Mo was a talent. Everytime Xu Zhonglian scolded his grandson, he used Chu Mo as an example of who to be.

Xu 2Fu was forced to study the hundreds of texts, and he was nothing like Chu Mo. If Xu 2Fu had a choice, He would spend all his time chasing after women.

“Hey, it could be called a good thing or a bad thing. Grandfather returned home on time almost every day before becoming the Grand Secretary. And now……he is not seen for several days. His hair has become very white, and there is a lot of pressure. I really don’t get the picture. Political aspirations……are they that important?”

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “I also don’t understand. But, perhaps it’s their calling in life.”

“So speak about that thing. What are you considering?” Xu 2Fu looked at Chu Mo: “The experience with Xia Jie, I think… must have thought it through.”

“Yes. Power is really very important! But you and I both don’t wish to be like your family members. There is too much intrigue and fighting all day. Therefore, we can only establish an underground power that belongs to us!” Chu Mo softly spoke: “Only, I do not wish the emperor to be suspicious.”

“Shit! Do you think the emperor wouldn’t be suspicious of us?” Xu 2Fu returned a haughty look: “The grandson of the Grand Secretary, and the grandson of an influential general, together establishing an underground organization. Would you be afraid if you were the emperor?”

“Then it’s best to not let him know.” Chu Mo had already come to a similar decision. He looked at Xu 2Fu: “And what about Miao Yiniang?”

Xu 2Fu’s mouth twitched a few times: “You can tell her if you want to, but I don’t dare. If I go tell her……she will rip me to pieces.”

Outsiders would never think about two young masters from a distinguished noble lineage. Apart from being clever and handsome, they didn’t think anything special of them.

But in reality, the power of these two combined could make the whole Yellow Flame City……feel a tremble!