Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 58: I’ll Think Silently

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Chapter 58: I’ll Think Silently

“My young master, what is going on? Just ask if you want some Yuan stones. Our family has some! Don’t frighten your one-armed uncle……” The middle-aged man was very handsome. He carried a bloody-aura vigor. He would be a ferocious General on the battlefield if it were not for missing one arm. He never took a wife in his life, and he basically looked at Chu Mo as his own child.

“One-armed uncle, It’s nothing. It is only a little heartache……I’ll think silently.” Chu Mo said while lacking strength.

“Silently? Is there someone you like?” The middle-aged man curiously looked at Chu Mo, then gave a big laugh: “Our family’s young master has finally been enlightened? Ha ha ha ha, it’s really not easy. Make it clear! Go pursue! You are the grandson of a General! What is there to be afraid of?”

“……” Chu Mo looked completely dumbstruck. He stared at the one-armed uncle in front of him, and he couldn’t even say a word. Chu Mo took the storage ring off of his finger and threw it at uncle: “There are several Yuan beast materials in here. There’s flesh, bones, and skin. It can sell for a lot of money. I don’t know the ins-and-outs, so could you sell them? Take the money and repair the Fan Mansion. There’s no need to make it rich and grand, but don’t let it leak rain. It is too busted right now! The rest of the money……you take care of the arrangements. Isn’t grandfather always worried about those injured and retired soldiers? This money can solve a large amount of problems.”

The one-armed man was also a warrior that had broken the Yuan Closure realm at that time. He easily opened the ring and searched around inside with his spirit. His face revealed a shocked color: “This……where did this all come from?”

“Hunted.” Chu Mo said.

“Hunted by……you?” The one-armed man looked at the intact Red Eye Ice Python skin, the intact bones, and head……and he immediately trembled up and down. Even though that event happened several years ago, he still felt extreme dread every time he recalled it.

“Yes, I am now very formidable.” Chu Mo said, yet he mocked himself inside: Yes, very formidable, I can’t even protect the girl I like. You even let her be a sacrifice, truly formidable!

“Extremely good! Really extremely good! These things are worth a fortune! Each one of these items could be the grand finale at the auction!” The middle-aged one-armed man was extremely excited: “The house will be repaired. Otherwise the girl you like will be disappointed when she comes to visit!”

“……” Chu Mo helplessly looked at the man who was the battlefield’s ferocious general, and a man who was clever in life. The corners of his mouth pulled, and he nodded: “Yes, you aren’t wrong. You speak with too much logic one-armed uncle. I have now seen, you are even more wise than you were before!”

“Ha ha ha, who do you think uncle is? I’m not trying to boast, but uncle used to be popular with the ladies back in the day. Women with the big chests, big butts, and snow-white skin…….I could fish them out of the water……cough cough.” One-armed uncle was excited, but he suddenly discovered Chu Mo looking at him strangely. His face immediately turned red: “Heh heh…….heh…….”

Chu Mo felt in a better mood all of the sudden. This is his home! Everyone here is his family. They are not blood-related, but there is no difference between them and true relatives. Of course one-armed uncle isn’t that foolish. He didn’t fail to realize what was going on with Chu Mo. Only he saw Chu Mo was unhappy, and he decided to poke fun at himself.

“One-armed uncle, I think we could now be considered rich……” Chu Mo felt a little pain when he brought up the word rich. Originally……he could have had much more money.

“Your personal problem, should you go settle it?” Chu Mo looked at the middle-aged one-armed uncle, and he said with a smile: “The big chested one you like, shouldn’t you go find her? One-armed uncle should find a wife. I think your vision hasn’t gone soft. Am I right?”

“Silly boy, you are so bold even with uncle!” The one-armed man looked at Chu Mo and revealed a smile. He immediately became happy, and he said to Chu Mo with a tinge of regret: “Little Mo, you have grown up!”

“Yes, I’ve grown up. Only the price of growing up is filled with pain.” Chu Mo curled his lips.

“Ha ha ha ha, what pain do you know boy?” One-armed uncle laughingly scolded, then he asked: “These Yuan beast materials are a large fortune. Do you not have any plans with it?”

Chu Mo thought of his previous dreams, laughed, and said: “Specifically, there’s nothing. But uncle, could we use this money to set up an organization?”

One-armed uncle’s brow slightly raised: “Organization? What organization? What do you want to do?”

Chu Mo spoke: “I want to use a power unknown by the outside world! I wish for this power to be spread all over Da Xia……but, it would be best to extend across the whole Green Dragon continent! Then, I wish to be aware of everything that happens in the Green Dragon continent in the moment it occurs.”

“Then an intelligence organization?” The man didn’t mock Chu Mo’s whimsical idea, but he seriously asked: “And then what?”

“Then, I wish to use this influence to achieve some things I wish to do. For instance……in the battlefield, it can be brought into play. It can also have a use for trade…….” Chu Mo looked at the one-armed man: “Uncle, is my idea a little naive?”

The one-armed man seriously thought a moment, then said: “The idea isn’t necessarily naive, but this needs a large amount of financial resources to support. Uncle doesn’t know what you plan to do after all, but uncle will certainly support you!”

“Hey, I know one-armed uncle’s heart hasn’t grown old.” Chu Mo happily smiled.

A man in his thirties that has cultivated to the Yuan Closure realm, how could he be a person without any aspirations inside? Losing his arm is practically the same as losing the cultivation path. Staying inside this military mansion could be considered a fatal attack for the one-armed uncle.

“Your uncle is still young.” The one-armed uncle smiled, then said: “In fact, there are a large amount of elite soldiers that leave the military each year for various reasons. Some are even dissatisfied in their retirement because they became accustomed to the military life. They don’t know what they should do besides the military.”

Chu Mo’s eyes lit up: “So?’

“So, these men can certainly form a considerable force if they are recruited. Who knows how many hundreds of times stronger than those underground societies in the secular world!” The one-armed middle-aged man earnestly said to Chu Mo: “But, these things must be kept a secret! Once it is known by the outside world……a general’s decedent actually doing this kind of thing……”

Chu Mo nodded, then softly said: “Yes, they could suspect we wish to revolt.”

“Right! Therefore, I am not suited to do this kind of thing, but I can get in contact with these people. Your uncle had a group of life and death soldiers at that time.” The one-armed uncle exposed a tyrant aura, and he seemed to return to the all-powerful era of the battlefield.

“Okay, I will seek out the people that can do these things! Uncle only needs needs to help me get into contact. Then, help make this house look nice. I will certainly help uncle find a large chested, big butt, snow-white skinned wife!” Chu Mo seriously spoke.

“Fuck you!” The middle aged uncle was being teased by Chu Mo.

Soon after, the one-armed uncle looked at Chu Mo and said: “There’s still one thing……”

Chu Mo looked at him: “Xia Jie?”

That name is a hurdle Chu Mo couldn’t avoid after returning to Yellow Flame City. He is the only son of the Da Xia prince. His genitals were trampled by Chu Mo with one kick, causing him to be inhuman. Chu Mo believed prince Xia Jing wouldn’t let him go easily.

But the current Chu Mo isn’t the same young boy that left Yellow Flame City half a year ago.

Don’t talk about Xia Jie, Chu Mo wouldn’t be afraid even if prince Xia Jing personally acted against him.

“Young master is the grasslands knight Lin Bai. He has wrecked the plans laid by Da Qi over the past twenty years. He personally raised a grassland queen! Are you afraid of a prince? War is coming!” [TL: I believe this is Chu Mo talking to himself in the third person.]

The one-armed man looked at Chu Mo. He couldn’t help but smile and say: “You boy, I don’t know if your luck is good or what. Did you guess this after you left? Who knows why, but the emperor suddenly became angry. He dismissed prince Xia Jing’s chief cabinet position. The emperor casually gave him an idle office, and he has already lost real authority!”

“What?” Chu Mo was immediately shocked, then he said: “How is is possible? His son was going to snatch a commoner’s daughter on the streets. I crippled him before it happened. Xia Jing yet gave the order hunt and kill me. The emperor didn’t say anything at that time. Why did he suddenly dismiss his position?”

“You don’t know anything; however, I am also not too clear on the details of this matter. But there is a rumor. When Xia Jie was going to snatch that commoner girl, she was actually no ordinary daughter. Furthermore, she is now the youngest and most loved princess of the emperor!” The one-armed uncle mysteriously said: “The reason the emperor didn’t act at that time is because he didn’t want to create waves! But how could he easily let him go after?”

“You are speaking nonsense uncle.” Chu Mo speechlessly looked at the one-armed uncle: “Furthermore, I have seen the princesses countless times at banquets before. That girl was soft and gentle. She wasn’t infected by royalty in the slightest bit. How could she be the youngest and most loved princess? How could you forget one thing? Xia Jing is a prince! He is the emperor’s personal younger brother! Don’t tell me his son doesn’t know his own sister?”

The one-armed man shook his head and said: “I have naturally thought of these things before, but seeing is believing. It is said that this princess was sent to a large sect when she was little. She was also kept in secret by the emperor. He didn’t want others to know her status. You have never seen her because of this, and that little animal Xia Jie also didn’t know her. There is logic.”

“Could a person who has entered a large sect be so physically weak?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but return a haughty look: “Don’t talk nonsense……I bet prince Xia Jing did something else to enrage the emperor.”

“Cough……perhaps, it is merely a rumor.” One-armed uncle scratched his head: “But this is only good news for us.”

“That isn’t wrong.” Chu Mo said.

“Good, rest well for a while. I will go on a trip. I will see how to take care of these treasures.” The one-armed middle-aged man spoke elated. He looked at Chu Mo again: “Right, young master found a good teacher. At first glance, he appears to be a hidden power. He comes and goes without a trace, only his temper is a little bad.”

“My master’s temper stinks. Tell the people in the house not to provoke him.” Chu Mo explained.

The one-armed middle-aged man nodded, then left with a happy face.

Chu Mo sat there, and he sneered: “Xia Jie…..your father is no longer chief of the cabinet. Do you still wish to seek trouble for me? Your grandfather is in a bad mood. I hope you brighten up for your sake, and not provoke me!”

Chu Mo had a painful expression when he spoke again. He grumbled: “My Yuan stones……enough Yuan stones to cultivate for several years……they were unexpectedly all swallowed! Don’t tell me it was because you inspected master? Apart from that poison……you didn’t even tell me anything else! Everything unknown……you should die. I believed myself very rich. I didn’t expect to instantly become a poor wretch.”