Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 57: The Day Must Pass

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Chapter 57: The Day Must Pass

A raged yell came. Chu Mo felt Murdering Heaven easily rip from his hand, and it appeared in the hand of another.

“Master?” Chu Mo saw the person clearly, and he couldn’t help but be stunned.

At last he understood. He appeared at home because master unexpectedly brought him back.

Murdering Heaven struggled with all its might in the Demon Lord’s hand. It finally changed into a bright light and retreated into Chu Mo’s jade.

“Ah? You boy……you really received a great fortune in the grasslands!” The Demon Lord was shocked. He sized up Chu Mo with interest, but there was a complete lack of wonder.

Chu Mo couldn’t resist crying: “Master, sorry……I……”

“You want to say sorry to me in the end?” The Demon Lord enraged, then coldly said: “Cry cry, are you a little girl? Where did you learn to commit suicide for love?……Did I teach you so that you could commit suicide? How could I have such a shameful disciple!”

“I…..I suffer, master!” Chu Mo yelled with bitter tears: “She died because of me. I let her down!”

“Pei! Look at your future!” The Demon Lord coldly said: “She still hasn’t died, you crying ass!”

“Not……not dead?” Chu Mo immediately stopped crying. He looked shocked at the Demon Lord, then snarled: “Even you deceived me. Everything disappeared. Why am I alive?”

“You know shit! She is only a clone in this world. She used power that she shouldn’t have. Naturally she was repressed by the heaven and earth. She truly suffered for her crime, but she certainly didn’t die!” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo with a face full of anger: “How can this master have such bad luck that I teach such an idiot disciple? Are you a pig? How can you be so stupid?”

“Master, you said she is still alive? Really? You aren’t deceiving me?” Chu Mo completely ignored the Demon Lord’s attitude, and he leaped right out of bed. He eagerly looked at the Demon Lord and asked a string of questions.

“Really shameless!” The Demon Lord faced the heavens, then he stiffly said: “This master rarely deceives you. Had she not contacted me before disappearing, do you think I could have found you so fast?”

The Demon Lord coldly spoke, but he yet thought inside: ‘I really never thought she would be the little princess of that race, and she actually likes my disciple. Are they not the most proud race in the world? I guess it like this! She has a discerning eye, and knows this boy isn’t ordinary! But…..this girl liking him, I really don’t know if it is good luck……or bad luck.’

“Big brother, you can remember my appearance, and not forget me……right?”

These words still echoed in Chu Mo’s mind. That voice was like a magic spell.

“Your appearance is already engraved in my heart. It is completely filled with you. How could I forget?” Chu Mo closed his eyes, and he felt like a boulder was crushing down on his heart, making him feel out of breath.

“She……the message she gave you? What……what did she say?” Chu Mo expectantly looked at the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord thought to give Chu Mo a ruthless beating after seeing his appearance, but he sighed inside when thinking of some former events. He simply said: “She said you wouldn’t see her when you woke. You would certainly worry, and she asked me to watch over you.”

“Just that?” Chu Mo somewhat disappointedly looked at the Demon Lord.

“What did you believe the message was? Are these words too simple? It was very difficult for her to tell me anything!” The Demon Lord coldly looked at Chu Mo: “You don’t understand anything!”

“You didn’t teach me……” Chu Mo felt a little wronged.

“These things……” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “I don’t know if it will be good for you.”

“But I want to know.” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord: “I must go find her!”

The Demon Lord coldly smiled: “Find her? Do you know where she is? Do you know how to leave this world? Do you know the price of finding her?”

“I don’t know, but I still must find her.” Chu Mo returned the look to the Demon Lord, then softly said: “She could give master a direct message……so she obviously knew master exists. Master ought to be……a person from another world? Otherwise, how could master’s skill be unheard?”

The Demon Lord was silent for a while, then apathetically said: “I also don’t know.”

Chu Mo obstinately looked at the Demon Lord, and he thought: ‘Jade, let me know Master’s situation!’


Chu Mo suddenly felt the jade pressed up against his chest erupt with extremely intense heat. It was only for a moment, but he couldn’t help but scream out.


The Demon Lord’s brow slightly wrinkled as he looked at Chu Mo. He coldly said: “What are you whining about?”

Chu Mo’s vision was yet a little dizzy. He was stunned by the large amount of information pouring into his mind.

“Realm unknown, physique unknown, other unknown. Poison critical, poison ingredients……”

Everything in the beginning was unknown, but the poison composition was unexpectedly built of over fifty poisonous ingredients!

Chu Mo had never heard of the vast majority of them before.

The most important part is, the jade gave him information to cure the poison!

“The required ingredients to cure the poison……” an overwhelming amount of ingredients, at least thirty plus.

Chu Mo had heard of five or six of the poisonous ingredients forming the Seven Demon Poison, but the curing ingredients……Chu Mo hadn’t heard of a single one!

But at the end, there was an added piece of information: “This world doesn’t have the poison curing medicine, thus……the materials of this world don’t have many properties, and there is a great difference in potency of the medicinal nature. Because of this, a large amount of low level drugs can be used to substitute.”

Soon after, a large amount of medicine names appeared in Chu Mo’s brain.

Chu Mo had heard the great majority of these medicines. But the amount required for each kind was beyond what Chu Mo dared believe.

It could be summarized like this: The Demon Lord’s Seven Demon Poison could be cured in this world! There is a way! But the amount of ingredients required is an astonishing number. Chu Mo estimated over three hundred kinds!

And the quantity required for each type would make a person speechless. Chu Mo felt like he had hit a wall.

One of the ingredients is called Seven Star Grass, and it actually needs 50,000kg!

What kind of idea is this? Even all the Seven Star Grass in Yellow Flame City wouldn’t amount to 2,500kg!

Chu Mo estimated the entire stockpile of Da Xia would have to be emptied in order to get the several hundred ingredients accumulated.

Don’t even mention the large amount of Yuan stones stored in the jade space. The amount currently inside Chu Mo’s jade space would only accomplish one percent. It could possibly not even reach one percent.

This made Chu Mo feel completely agonized. He could clearly see his goal ahead, but it was like he came to an impossible crossing.

But, if he gave up like this, then he wouldn’t be Chu Mo!

‘Master, I swear an oath. I will certainly rescue you! Don’t worry, your disciple definitely does what he says!’ Chu Mo was determined. He would complete this mission no matter how difficult.

The Demon Lord looked at the daydreaming Chu Mo, wrinkled his brow, and said: “Forget it, you first rest a bit. The greater part of your body has recovered, but you still need to take it easy for a while. I will stay here in this time, and guide you.”

“Really? That’s too good!” Chu Mo’s face finally revealed a happy smile.

His grandfather was certainly at the border at this time. The whole Fan Mansion only had the one-armed uncle and a few veteran guards. Having master here to accompany him was naturally the best.

“I will first leave a moment and return tomorrow.” The Demon Lord’s figure flashed as he spoke, and he disappeared from the room.

Chu Mo waved his hand through the empty space, then his whole body quickly calmed down. He forced himself to not think about Qi Xiaoyu no matter how difficult it was.

So long as Chu Mo was awake, it didn’t matter if he opened or closed his eyes. He could only think of that delicate beautiful face and lovely voice. Chu Mo was long accustomed to having Qi Xiaoyu accompany him from morning until evening.

No matter what he did, he did it as if there were two people there.

A heartbreaking grief and sadness that couldn’t be expressed in words returned when he remembered there was only one person.

Therefore, Chu must force himself to adapt to a life without Qi Xiaoyu.

“Didn’t master say, she isn’t dead? She herself said, she comes from another world! Her appearance at the end, so powerful……then, is she in a world of immortals? Therefore, I must try hard and cultivate! I must go find her!”

“Don’t worry Xiaoyu, I will certainly cheer up! I will let you know, the one you like is not trash!”

“Hmph, master didn’t tell me. But one day I will know myself!”

“Xiaoyu, you are my wife……no one can change this fact!”

Chu Mo muttered, sucked in a deep breath, and slowly shut his eyes. When his eyes opened again, one could see this nearly fourteen year old youth had a new look in his eyes. He carried the eyes of someone who had seen the highs and lows of life.

The vicissitudes called experience.

Any ordinary youth would mature after going through so many experiences over the past half year. Don’t even mention that Chu Mo is naturally gifted.

“The medicine master needs, there are over three hundred kinds altogether! Over two-hundred and ninety of them are commonly seen in the world. The prices aren’t expensive, and they are findable.”

“Only the quantity is enormous. It will be difficult to gather in a short time, but so long as I desire, it can be obtained!”

“The most difficult problem is the other ten types of materials. Those are all top quality Yuan medicines. Just one piece could buy a house in the heart of Yellow Flame City. Several of them aren’t even buyable. The large majority of people won’t part with these top rank medicines unless it is against their will.”

“The good news is that the quantity required for these ten medicines aren’t very large. Each one needs only about ten peices, that’s it……cough cough……”

Chu Mo’s lips twitched, and he muttered to himself: “They seem few compared to other ingredients, but in reality……I don’t even have one! It looks like curing master is a serious and long journey!”

“Work hard Chu Mo! You can do it! There is nothing in this world too difficult for you!”

Chu Mo whispered, then he spoke to himself: “How many ingredients could the Yuan stones I’m carrying buy? Right now I could be considered rich, ha ha.” Chu Mo’s spirit entered into the jade space as he spoke. Soon after…..he gave a miserable scream: “Ah!”

The Demon Lord wasn’t there to shield his voice at this time.

Worried footsteps came from outside. The door was pushed open, and a one-armed man worriedly rushed inside. He saw Chu Mo sitting there in a daze. The middle-aged man’s face was deeply troubled: “Little Mo, are you okay? Is there a problem? Don’t scare uncle. Your master said you suffered injuries, and you must rest. Why are you up? Quickly lay down!”

Chu Mo’s eyes didn’t blink, and the corners of his mouth twitched. His eyes stared in a daze as he slammed back onto the bed: “My Yuan stones… Yuan stones……fuck, will I make it through this day?”