Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 56: Don’t Forget Me

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Chapter 56: Don’t Forget Me

A small gold colored knife appeared in the dry old man’s hand as he spoke. It directly struck against Chu Mo’s Murdering Heaven.


A blast in the sky!

The dry old man’s gold colored knife unexpectedly cracked……it was snapped by Murdering Heaven!

The old man let out a scream: “A masterpiece weapon?”

Chu Mo yet felt an unrivaled power follow behind the opponent’s golden knife. It passed through Murdering Heaven and struck his arm.


Chu Mo’s arm broke on the spot. He was sent flying back like a kite cut from its line, and he sprayed out a mouthful of blood in the air.

Murdering Heaven buzzed. There was a brilliant ray of light, and it retreated back into the Jade space on its own.

Qi Xiaoyu let out an earth-shaking screech: “Big Brother!”

She turned and looked at the dry old man extremely enraged: “I want to kill you!”

Her body suddenly erupted with an unimaginably powerful aura. A storm gathered in the sky, and black clouds began to roll all at once. The heavens in the area were completely enshrouded in a black inky darkness.

The aura unexpectedly struck the colors of the heaven and earth!

The dry old man’s facial color changed in an instant. He looked at Qi Xiaoyu, and his eyes filled with an inconceivable light: “You……you……”

“Ignorant thing, you dare injure my big brother……I will kill you!” Qi Xiaoyu raised a palm.

An incomparably gigantic palm appeared in the sky at the same time. It was transparent and colorless, like made out of water. The fringes were yet like a flaming blaze, and they pulsed with gold colored rays of light.

Following Qi Xiaoyu’s action, this enormous palm was like a mountain——

Descending from the heavens!

The dry old man’s body started to crackle apart.

The old man’s body already couldn’t bear the pressure before the palm even struck him.

Suddenly a ‘bang’……immediately exploded apart!

Changed into a bloody mist!

Wiped to ashes!

The grassland people that personally witnessed the sight were dumbstruck. They immediately……as if by instinct……turned and ran!

They didn’t even fully understand what just happened!

But this scene……is really too terrifying!

This scene was like an attack on the inner spirit for the grassland people that believed in God. It is hard to imagine.

There was only one thought remaining in their brains: Run…..quickly leave this terrifying and ominous place.

Qi Xiaoyu turned a blind eye to the grassland people’s reaction. The murderous aura in her pupils slowly disappeared after she crushed the dry old man into ashes. But the noble and powerful aura on her body still yet couldn’t be suppressed.


A slight crisp noise came from Qi Xiaoyu’s body.

“In the end……it still must come? I really hate to part.” Qi Xiaoyu’s soft voice whispered. The aura from her body yet continually rose……it was even more intense than when she struck the dry old man!”

This aura seemed to produce some kind of hard to describe conflict between the heaven and earth here. The sky started to fill with black rolling clouds for the surrounding hundreds of miles.

Lightning flash after flash constantly lit up the black clouds.

In the end——


Exploding Thunder!


Torrential rain fell from the skies.

Qi Xiaoyu flew to Chu Mo’s side. She saw the blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, and her face became pale. But she still kept her eyes open. She propped up Chu Mo even though tears silently fell. He hadn’t fainted.

Qi Xiaoyu sat on the ground and held Chu Mo in her embrace. She called out to big brother, and her tears fell like rain: “Why must you persist, pass out or you will suffer a lot!

Qi Xiaoyu cried and extended out a hand. She supported Chu Mo’s back, and a portion of powerful Yuan Qi rushed into Chu Mo’s body. It repaired his injured meridians.

“I’m afraid……” Chu Mo’s face was weak. He looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “Afraid once I closed my eyes……I wouldn’t see you.”

Qi Xiaoyu’s tears flowed even more, like the rain from the sky growing larger and harder.

She didn’t dare look into Chu Mo’s eyes. Her eyes seemed to slightly close. The torrential downpour from the skies fell to the two people, but it automatically flowed to the side. It was like an invisible barrier was blocking overhead, not letting the rain fall in.

“How could it be. I like big brother so much, and I’m so severe. What was that old man thinking? One spank and he dies, how could he not see me?” Qi Xiaoyu’s tears flowed down while she lovingly looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo turned pale as he looked at Qi Xiaoyu. A series of cracks started to appear on her beautiful face at that moment.

It was like looking at a broken mirror that was glued back together.

Chu Mo’s heart also began to break. He could bear it no longer in the end, and teardrops formed in the corners of his eyes.

Qi Xiaoyu was slightly startled, but she didn’t stop treating Chu Mo’s injury. She unconsciously patted her face and mumbled: “So you have seen……big brother, am I ugly now?”

“No……not ugly……you are the most beautiful girl in the world!” Chu Mo was in so much heartache that he almost fainted. He saw the cracks on Qi Xiaoyu’s face grow more and more. Chu Mo felt his own heart began to break into countless pieces.


Fresh blood sprayed out of his mouth.

Then Chu Mo struggled with all his effort to break away from Qi Xiaoyu’s healing hand. He raged: “What are you curing me for when you are like that? You are going to die, and I will live?”

Qi Xiaoyu’s noble and powerful aura had no effect on Chu Mo.

Before Chu Mo, she is always that carefree, lively, narcissistic, and beautiful little girl.

Only, now she is completely weak.

“Big brother, I won’t die, really. I’m not tricking you. I……I come from another world. In this one I……am merely a clone. I cannot endure the pressure of this world once I use my original power. Therefore, I will crumble apart……” Qi Xiaoyu looked with sorrow at Chu Mo. She said heartbroken: “I do not wish to leave you, but there is no way……big brother, promise me, you must live on!”

“You cheated me! You speak nonsense! What clone……I don’t believe! You are clearly trying to deceive me!” Chu Mo struggled. He wanted to shed off Qi Xiaoyu’s hand, but there was absolutely no way. Qi Xiaoyu’s hand was like an extension of his body. The Yuan power constantly streamed into his body.

“Big brother must behave. I’m not cheating you. The things I said……are all true. If you keep wasting my energy like this, perhaps I won’t have enough energy to speak with you in the end.”

Qi Xiaoyu exposed weakness in the end. She was silently weeping inside. She thought to herself as she looked at Chu Mo: ‘Big brother, I really didn’t deceive you. I really won’t die, but this clone is unexpectedly collapsing. My original body will suffer serious damage……I won’t remember who you are. The damage is nothing to me, but forgetting you is the most grieving part!’

Chu Mo immediately stopped moving, but his young eyes were yet filled with sadness. His heart hated, hated that dry old man, but that old man already died!

“You speak, I’m listening.” Chu Mo watched Qi Xiaoyu’s cracking face, raised a hand, softly caressed, and muttered: “I will believe anything you say.”

“Good.” Qi Xiaoyu tenderly smiled, then she said: “I come from a world completely different from this one. I wanted to find a man that could help me. Originally I believed it was big brother, and later on I recalled my memories. I discovered that I was wrong, but I……didn’t want to leave and search again.”

Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu’s pair of beautiful eyes, and he remembered their first appearance. That confused blue dress maiden.

“Since the beginning……you have been horrible at lying.” Chu Mo shook his head: “I don’t believe! The person you must find is most certainly me!”

“It really isn’t.” Qi Xiaoyu somewhat painfully looked at Chu Mo: “It’s not a problem. I believe, I can cope with it. Only I don’t know when I will see big brother again. Big brother must try hard to cultivate. Do not forget me. You must absolutely not forget me! Remember my appearance……you must think of me. Think of me every day! You must not forget me!”

Qi Xiaoyu’s body started to slowly……emit rays of light. They shot into the rolling black clouds in the sky!


Her body exploded open! It instantly erupted with and incomparably intense brilliant rays of light!

It pierced a hole through the rolling black clouds in the sky, The light plunged into the highest heavens!

“Big brother, you can remember my appearance, and not forget me……right? Qi Xiaoyu’s voice echoed in the heavens.

After that, the radiant light instantly disappeared.

The black clouds in the sky also quickly scattered.

The blue sky revealed itself once again, only it lacked her shadow.

“No!” Chu Mo mournfully roared. He spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. He extended out a hand, and used all of his energy, thinking to grab……but there was nothing to hold.


“Come back!”

“Come back for me!”

“Qi Xiaoyu! You swindler! I only lied once to you. Do you wish to deceive my whole life?”

“Come back!”

“Come back for me!”

Chu Mo faced the sky and roared. A frenzied grievance, heart completely crushed, he felt the whole world collapsed.

Soon after, everything before his eyes turned black, and he collapsed there.

A black figure watched from an extremely remote location. It seemed a black flowing light moved to Chu Mo’s side in an instant. It looked at the unconscious Chu Mo with twitching lips: “Really good for nothing!”

Chu Mo was dragged up and carried. After thinking a moment, they flew to the distant groups of mountains at the border of Da Xia and the grasslands.

Chu Mo discovered he was laying on a slightly hard bed when he woke up. He was covered in a soft cotton quilt. His eyes opened, and he looked around the room at a loss. He could only feel very familiar, then he realized, this is his home!

The Fan mansion of Yellow Flame City!

“Was I dreaming?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but mutter. Murdering Heaven appeared in his hand, and he sadly smiled: “It was not dream. Everything was real. Who brought me back here? She already died……why save my life? What will I still do alive? Grandfather, sorry……”

Chu Mo held Murdering Heaven up horizontally to his neck as he spoke.