Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 55: Dry Old Man

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Chapter 55: Dry Old Man

Chu Mo’s brow wrinkled, and he muttered: “Don’t tell me it is a person of Da Qi?”

Qi Xiaoyu thought a moment, then said: “It is possible. You have probably angered the Da Qi king to death. He bitterly worked for so many years and arranged so many schemes. In the end……you alone spoiled it. It’s only a matter of time until the grasslands return to your princess’s hands. Furthermore, the power will have consolidated, and it will greatly exceed the former king’s power. Da Qi wants to regain their grip, even though it seems the grasslands are being tossed about by the winds and the rain. I’m afraid it is impossible! You have spoiled the grand plans of Da Qi. I’m afraid no one would let you go after doing such a thing.”

Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu a little confounded: “You are young girl, how can you know all these things? And also, she isn’t my grassland princess!” The two were both rather stubborn about the grassland princess issue.

“Why can’t a girl understand these things? Looking down on me, who do you think this girl is?” Qi Xiaoyu stared at Chu Mo with her pretty big eyes.

“Fine fine, forget it. I was wrong. I admit I looked down on you. You are the greatest on heaven and earth……” Chu Mo returned a haughty look. Yet he still unconsciously flattered Qi Xiaoyu.

Qi Xiaoyu then did something that made Chu Mo lose his senses for a long time. She walked over, and she softly kissed Chu Mo’s face. Her charming face turned scarlet red, and her star-like eyes became bashful. She stood there gazing at Chu Mo with deep loving emotions.

Chu Mo was a little stupefied. He even forgot forgot the oncoming ice-cold breath. He just stood there looking at her like an imbecile.

“In fact I……also like you a little.” Qi Xiaoyu tenderly looked at Chu Mo.

“Then like this……do you promise to come back home to meet my grandfather? Promise to be my wife?” Chu Mo stared with big eyes. He almost didn’t dare to believe as he looked at Qi Xiaoyu.

Qi Xiaoyu also stared with big eyes, and she inconceivably looked at Chu Mo: “What does liking you have to do with promising to see your grandfather? And also……who wants to be your wife?”

“You don’t want to be my wife……what are you doing kissing me?” Chu Mo muttered.

“Your grassland princess also kissed you! Why don’t you make her your wife?” Qi Xiaoyu returned a haughty look.

“Did not!” Chu Mo directly denied. He is the emotional equivalent of white paper, but he still knows to not easily admit this kind of thing. Moreover, he didn’t believe Qi Xiaoyu was actually incredible enough to know all of his business.

Sure enough——

“You really didn’t?” Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo a little shocked, and her eyes sparkled. Her impression is that Chu Mo had never told her a lie, and he isn’t the type that is able to lie.

The world is like this. When an honest person who never lies actually tells a lie, they are almost always successful at deceiving the other person.

Chu Mo’s heart settled down, and he said with a loving face: “Of course not!”

“I still believe……she liked you so much. The girls of the grassland are passionate and unrestrained. How could she hold back from kissing you?” Qi Xiaoyu suddenly became a little coy, then she smiled and squinted at Chu Mo.

“Ha ha……then, am I the first to kiss big brother?” It is unknown when it started, but Qi Xiaoyu had begun calling Chu Mo big brother. Chu Mo resisted and called her big sister, but he was ruthlessly suppressed.

There’s no way to help it, he is no match for her……Chu Mo didn’t want to mention such a shameful thing.

‘Then big brother it is, it is just a nickname. Ha ha ha’ Chu Mo calmed himself down like this.

Qi Xiaoyu’s face was blushing, and her eyes were full of love. Chu Mo suddenly felt a little guilty. Then he suddenly thought of an old saying: One lie needs a hundred words to justify.

“Cough cough……yes!” Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu’s expecting expression. He could only bite the bullet and nod, because he had a hunch. The girl before him would immediately storm off if he said it wasn’t true.

“Truly good! I’m so happy!” Qi Xiaoyu smiled extremely happy. She walked to Chu Mo and kissed his face again: “Left side, right side……the second kiss is mine, and the third kiss is mine!”

Chu Mo was stunned. He quickly lost his ability to think. His whole brain was an empty space. His face blushed, but he yet watched his Qi Xiaoyu while in a daydream. Chu Mo’s heart seemed to explode with happiness.

Even if a potential large enemy is approaching, Chu Mo didn’t wish to think of it. Only there was a suspicion inside.

She said grassland girls are passionate and unrestrained. She isn’t a grassland girl, so how can she be so bold? This isn’t like her!

The two had spent a good amount of time together getting to know one another. Chu Mo felt he understood Qi Xiaoyu.

‘Then, why did she……suddenly change like that? Is it really because she merely likes me?’

‘These things…..don’t boys take the initiative? Aren’t girls bashfully passive?’

‘Then is it still……don’t tell me she must leave?’

It can’t help but be said, people’s intuitions are terrifyingly accurate sometimes.

But Chu Mo didn’t have much opportunity to think it over, because that ice-cold breath not only enshrouded the two……but also directly made the two freeze!

The feeling of being frozen still was incomparably strong. It made Chu Mo feel like a frog locked on by a viper.

Qi Xiaoyu was oddly calm at his side. She seemed to make some decision, and her whole person became extremely relaxed. There was no heavy concentration in her pupils.

She extended a soft little hand, and she pulled Chu Mo. She said somewhat ice-cold: “Don’t be afraid, you have me!”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that?” Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu, and his self-pride was a little hurt. He increasingly felt Qi Xiaoyu’s expression today is very strange, extremely wrong.

Qi Xiaoyu captivatingly smiled: “Could it be that only you can say that, or am I just not allowed to say that?”

“I am a man!” Chu Mo had a feeling like he was out of breath, but he still straightened his chest and spoke earnestly.

“Ah, I know you are!” Qi Xiaoyu softly said: “Big brother is still my hero!”

Qi Xiaoyu suddenly yelled out with cold contempt: “Have you seen enough? Old fart, do you still need to see more?”

“Little baby’s temper is actually irritable. This old man hasn’t asked you two little babies to stop kissing. Yet you look at this old man irritated. Did you not mention this old man first?” As he spoke, an insiped, homely little man slowly appeared from high up in the sky.

Chu Mo’s inner tension actually went away at this time. He pulled Qi Xiaoyu’s hand and blocked in front of her with his body. He calmly looked at the old man in the sky and said in a deep voice: “What has senior come down here to do?”

The massacre on the grasslands had already come to an end. The remaining couple hundred horsemen had all already fled like dogs.

The lucky survivors gathered together. Either tears were flowing down like rain, or they were laughing because they survived. The laughter still carried a dense sorrow, but they were survivors. They could live on, a heavenly fortune.

Some people seemed to want to go over and thank the young boy and girl, but a thin old man suddenly appeared in the sky. It made them awed in fear. They believed an immortal appeared. Some people even kneeled on the ground and sincerely prayed.

The old man seemed to look at Chu Mo with praise, and he softly sighed: “Heroes appear at a young age since ancient times. My ancestors have not deceived me. You are so young and talented, a rare sight in this old man’s life! Such a young age, not only have you broken through the Yuan Closure, but your temperament is steady. Truly a buildable talent……it is a pity!”

“What is a pity?” Chu Mo could feel the old man had no good purpose in coming.

“It is a pity you have destroyed Da Qi’s plans. So, such a unique talent must be destroyed.” The old fellow sighed, His face revealed a color of loss: “Had I discovered you earlier, perhaps I would have a disciple to shock the four continents!”

“Pei, old bastard!” Qi Xiaoyu coldly said: “You done?”

“Little baby girl, hey, a peak yellow rank five realm. You are also an unnatural talent! Even more amazing than this youngster! Really rare, I don’t know who could train such a disciple? It is truly a little curious. There appears to be a hidden supreme expert on the four continents. The old man seemed to not mind Qi Xiaoyu’s rudeness. He simply said: “I don’t want to make things difficult for you. This has nothing to do with you, withdraw.”

“You feel……that is possible?” Qi Xiaoyu coldly stared at the old man halfway up in the sky: “Also, stop playing the role of a senior expert. If you have come to find trouble, then come down and speak! Are you criticizing me? You aren’t even a match!”

Qi Xiaoyu was no longer that innocent, unaffected, narcissistic little girl at this moment. Her body penetrated with a matchlessly honorably breath. She stood there like a legendary phoenix, exceptional and alone!

Chu Mo looked a little startled at the girl he was still holding hands with. He suddenly felt a little strange.

This this still the lively, cute, ultra-narcissistic blue dress girl he knows?

Qi Xiaoyu turned as if she somewhat felt it. She softly looked at Chu Mo: “Big brother, I am still me! You must remember me! You must certainly remember me!”

These words made Chu Mo’s heart suddenly jump, and a little painful at the same time. Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu a little angry: “What are these words? This old man says this has nothing to do with you. Go!”

Qi Xiaoyu didn’t get mad at all. Her smiling expression was filled with soft tenderness. She even turned away from the old main in the air and faced Chu Mo. She softly stroked Chu Mo’s face: “Big brother is so childish sometimes. How could I throw away big brother and leave?”

“These are your words, then do not leave me!” Chu Mo grasped the opportunity and loudly said: “Then, if we live, we live together. If we die, we die together!”

“Yes, I promise you!” Qi Xiaoyu smiled a glittering breathtaking smile.

“Enough you two!” The dry old man became a little angered: “Baby girl, this old man isn’t the kind to recklessly kill innocents. I don’t want to make things difficult for you, but you provoke this old man’s patience again and again!

The dry old man slowly came down from the sky as he spoke. He stood a hundred feet away from Chu Mo and Qi Xiaoyu. A pair of sharp eyes stared at Qi Xiaoyu: “Don’t force this old man to strangle a talent. You are so talented. Killing one of you is enough. This old man doesn’t want to commit sins too deep. Right now you are not my match!”

“You want to kill me by yourself?” Qi Xiaoyu’s face showed an arrogant expression. She looked at the dry old man: “You may try!”

Qi Xiaoyu shed off Chu Mo’s hand as she spoke. Her image flashed, and she directly rushed at the dry old man. At the same time, a crescent shaped blade chopped towards the dry old man!

Serene cold blue rays of light shattered the empty sky in an instant. It directly rushed towards the dry old man!

Chu Mo reacted just as quickly. He snarled, and Murdering Heaven appeared in his hand. It actually let out a high pitched bird cry, like it felt its master’s intent. Murdering Heaven erupted with unbelievable intense battle desire!

“Big brother no!” Qi Xiaoyu saw Chu Mo act, and immediately worried.

But, too late.


A blade light slashed towards the dry old man.

This blade is the strongest strike that Chu Mo could muster!


The dry old man’s image flashed, directly avoiding Qi Xiaoyu’s strike. This his image flashed again, and appeared directly in front of Chu Mo.

The old man’s face that was dry as a ravine, revealed an ice-cold smile.

“I’m sorry, you must die!”