Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 53: Overflowing Killing Intent

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Chapter 53: Overflowing Killing Intent

“What kind of thing is Brother Jin?” Chu Mo was completely unaware his eyes had turned blood-red at this time. He especially didn’t notice a barely visible thread of blood enter into his body each time he killed a horseman.

To be precise, it flew into the jade on his chest.

The fingernail-sized mark on the green stone in the jade space began to grow each time he killed someone.

The rate of increase was very slow, but it continuously increased with Chu Mo’s massacre.

Bloody spirit aura!

Chu Mo was unaware as to what the outcome of the bloody spirit aura would be. He was even more unaware as to what it could be used for.

He was completely unable to consider these things right now. Chu Mo already didn’t consider the horsemen human after personally witnessing their atrocities.

Qi Xiaoyu did not hold back in the slightest. She killed no less horsemen than Chu Mo.

But her skills were much less flashy when compared to Chu Mo. The crescent blade in her hand shined a dull blue light, and a horseman would fall soon after.

They were both slaughtering, but Qi Xiaoyu’s slaughter held an elegant beauty!

Chu Mo on the other hand——ice-cold, powerful, and a towering bloody light!

All of the horsemen chose to leave far away from Chu Mo. They would rather die at the hands of the immortal-like maiden. This is such a preposterous choice——which way do I die?

But they practically all had the same feeling: I want to die at the hands of the maiden instead of that youngster!

Only the ones with a chance to choose……were very few!

Ice-cold pressure fell down from the two. There were still some survivors among the innocents being slaughtered. Some of them were men, and they finally came to their senses after going through the most terrifying experience.

They saw the group of horsemen that had recently killed their closest friends and family want to flee in terror. These hot blooded men of the grasslands immediately had blood-red eyes.

“Kill that group of animals!”

“Brothers, helpers have come! They were certainly sent by the princess! Now the horsemen want to flee! Together……kill the scum!”

“May princess Bao Lian live forever! May princess Nuo Yi live forever!” Some old people bitterly wept and knelt on the ground, thanking the two princesses.

These two princesses were number one in the hearts of the common people.

The people that were being slaughtered picked up weapons, and they began to resist. The five thousand plus horsemen broke under the pressure……and they immediately collapsed.

They started to flee in all directions.

Some officers yelled, snarled, and even killed the fleeing soldiers, but it was no use!

An army in flight is like a landslide!

The people are unable to be redeemed.

The battle had over five thousand Wang Court horsemen that belonged to second prince Jin. They originally wanted to wipe out clans loyal to princess Nuo Yi.

This was a large clan of over a hundred thousand people!

But they were powerless to resist under the iron oppression of the Wang Court horsemen. This tribe would be thoroughly extinguished in a couple of days if no one came to help.

But they they never imagined encountering Chu Mo. Over eight hundred of the total five thousand plus horsemen died at Chu Mo’s hands! Over five hundred died at the hands of Qi Xiaoyu.

The three thousand plus remaining horsemen were killed by the enraged grassland men.

The grassland men that were originally powerless to resist became an unparalleled terrifying military force after the Wang Court horsemen were defeated.

Because……they weren’t afraid to die! They held a dreadful amount of hatred.

Taking a horse hoof in the chest? No problem! When a horse stomps into the chest, a blade can slash the horse’s leg at the same time. Then the rider will fall off!

Then several more men can rush over, and hack the fallen horseman to death!

This could be seen everywhere on the battlefield!

In the end, some older children and women couldn’t resist charging forward……

They had no weapons. They used stones from the ground, fists, and teeth…..anything that could be used.

This is hatred!

Hatred engraved into one’s bones!

Chu Mo and Qi Xiaoyu converged together in the end. The two had stopped slaughtering because they were not longer needed.

Chu Mo discovered the nearly invisible blood threads at this time. They were continuously flying into his body.

“Bloody spirit aura?” Chu Mo’s brow slightly wrinkled.

His spirit immediately entered into the jade space, and he looked at the green stone. The small blood colored vestige on the stone became even more distinct!

The mark didn’t become longer, but the original slight blood color already became a hundred times greater!

The distinct blood color seemed to occupy one third of the fingernail sized mark!

“It looks like there is some use indeed, but I have not yet discovered it……” Chu Mo thought, and then his spirit returned.

This is all only an idea. Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu and said: “Let us go!”

“These people……will they encounter an even greater retaliation?” Qi Xiaoyu’s pupils gradually returned to normal. She never thought she would kill this many people before. But she didn’t regret getting her hands bloody today after seeing the atrocities committed by the horsemen.

These people……should die!

“What is your meaning?” Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu.

Qi Xiaoyu pupils twinkled, and she softly said: “It would be better to outright help your grassland princess since we have already acted. We should take out that brother Jin!”

“She isn’t my grassland princess!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but return a haughty look, but Qi Xiaoyu’s proposition had some meaning.

Qi Xiaoyu’s eyebrows raised at this time, and she looked far away. She said somewhat shocked: “It seems a very powerful person is coming!”

Chu Mo also felt an extremely ice-cold breath at this time. It extended over from an extremely remote location. Chu Mo’s face revealed a shocked color, because he didn’t even see the trace of the opponent’s shadow……the opponents presence actually already extended this place from such a far distance.

What realm is this person?

Qi Xiaoyu’s face exposed a solemn color. She looked in that direction, then softly said: “The person coming……is very strong!”


Ten days prior.

An extremely indignant roar came from the palace of Da Qi.

“Are you trash?”

“Shameful thing, you believe yourself infallible!”

“And you all, do you eat shit? He is an idiot, are you also the same?”

“I painstakingly laid these plans for twenty years……and they were finally in my net. I entrusted you all. I let you all take the people in the net. It was the same as gifting you a heavenly feat! Is this how you all collect my net?”

“The fish haven’t died……and the net is broken! Furthermore……there is now way to repair it!”

“Speak for yourselves, what punishment should you have?”

The whole palace was silent. It seemed to occupy only one enraged emperor, but in reality, the golden palace was filled with a mass of kneeling people.


A crisp noise. An exquisite vase broke apart. It shattered everywhere, and it even splashed into some people’s faces. It cut open shallow bloody traces, but not a single person dared move.

A handsome young man was kneeling at the very front. His head was lowered, and the handsome face swelled with a completely red color. He speechlessly stared at the gold bricks of the gold palace. It was as if the decorative designs carried an incomparably profound fighting technique.

A middle-aged man wearing a crown stood before the throne. A long thin beard flowed down from his jaw. He appeared very scholarly. His pupils were sharp, and they carried an imposing manner that looked down upon everyone under heaven. His chest was violently heaving up and down, and his face was enraged.

This middle-aged man is the King of Da Qi……Jiang Hengyu!

The handsome young man kneeling below was the third prince of Da Qi……Jiang Qiuyang. He is the one who originally shot Chu Mo with an arrow.

Jiang Qiuyang was very young, but he was one of the most outstanding princes among the many in Da Qi.

He was sent to a large sect to cultivate at a young age. He left the mountain when he had finally reached twenty, only two years ago. He displayed his extraordinary brains and extreme power as soon as he returned to Da Qi. He quickly rose among the ranks of princes.

He became one of Da Qi’s most popular heirs!

The king of Da Qi, Jiang Hengyu, let his third son handle all the affairs of the grasslands. This was due to his trust in his third son, and the king’s desire to help groom his son for the future. He gave it all over to Jiang Qiuyang against the popular opinion of the masses.

The king originally wanted to use this event to cement Jiang Qiuyang’s status. The country of Da Qi still did not have a crowned prince!

The mission given to Jiang Qiuyang made all the brothers envious. Everyone knew this was a ready-made success. Their father had began making these preparations when he was only a prince. It had been twenty years, and the arrangements had already completely matured.

It could be said that Jiang Qiuyang is picking peaches! And this peach……is really a little too big!

It was to the extent that the King Jiang Henyu hesitated a long time before deciding to hand it over to the outstanding third prince.

It was the equivalent of expanding their territory!

They could also capture the never before captured northern grasslands without shedding a drop of blood!

This was an achievement splashed down from the heavens!

This type of achievement was enough to make an ordinary person king in such a peaceful era! It was enough to make Jiang Qiuyang the future king of Da Qi without any resistance.

This was an extremely simple mission to Jiang Hengyu. Anyone could do it without using any effort. They only need to issue a few commands, and let the preparations be unleashed!

“Even a speaking dog……would be able to do it!”

“You’ve yet managed to crush me?”

Jiang Hengyu coldly stared at the unmoving Jiang Qiuyang. He also swept an eye across the chancellors that were keeping quiet out of fear.

“I specially gave you an envoy, and several helpers……you really did it. You actually carelessly placed everyone on that damned grassland!”

“To find an immortal palace? Tell me! Is your mission to find an immortal palace? Did you find it? Was there an immortal inside? Did you seize the opportunity?”

“Incapable thing! You put the cart before the horse! Do you feel that cultivating in a sect and stepping into the Yuan Closure realm was a disaster? You despise the secular world, despise the king’s authority. I will make you clearly understand what the king’s authority is today!”

Jiang Hengyu’s cold severe pupils stared at the silent Jiang Qiuyang. Then he suddenly said in a low voice: “Mister Sun, I am truly sorry. This matter……must trouble you.”

A faint voice suddenly sounded in the golden temple: “The king doesn’t need to be this furious. This decrepit old man has been idle too long. Ha ha. And he wants to go gain some knowledge and experience. This person will give a great result to the little hero that messed up the plans of the king.”

The kneeling Jiang Qiuyang seemed to remember something. He suddenly raised his head and looked at his father with a shocked expression. His mouth twitched a couple times, but he yet didn’t dare say a word.

He recalled a legend, and was scared!