Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 52: Inhuman

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Chapter 52: Inhuman

“Do you have to return to the sect to cultivate?” Chu Mo’s brow wrinkled. The Demon Lord never said these rules to him. In fact, the Demon Lord booted him out of the mountains with one kick.

“Yes!” Of course I must go back!” Qi Xiaoyu sighed. She looked at Chu Mo and said: “It is the same as you and that grassland girl. She cannot leave the grasslands for you, and you cannot stay in the grasslands for her. It is the same reasoning. Each of us is without a choice!”

“How do you know these things?” Chu Mo returned a haughty look.

“Who do you think this girl is?” I know everything in the heavens and the earth below. I am unique in the heavens and earth……”

“Fine, you are the most beautiful, most clever, most outstanding! In addition, that girl is not mine.” Chu Mo felt he must explain the situation clearly.

“What does that have to do with me?” Qi Xiaoyu’s words acted like they didn’t care, but the slight corners of her mouth sold off her heart.

“Fine, it has nothing to do with you. Then, will you come home with me?” Chu Mo suddenly said.

“What? Go, go home? Your home? And do what? Are you making a pass on me?” Qi Xiaoyu loveable face became red, but she looked at Chu Mo and set off a string of questions.

“I like you. I want to take you home to meet my grandfather.” Chu Mo pulled Qi Xiaoyu’s hand. He looked her in the eyes and spoke earnestly.

“I……I……I am still not prepared. Don’t you feel this is a bit abrupt?” Qi Xiaoyu’s face became crimson. She seemed to be an entirely different person from the previous carefree beautiful maiden that she was just a moment ago.

“You don’t wish to?” Chu Mo immediately felt loss. The hearts of youths……are somewhat sensitive in the end.

“I……” Qi Xiaoyu gave Chu Mo a haughty look, then hesitantly said: “I am a girl from unclear origins. Your grandfather certainly wouldn’t like.”

Chu Mo smiled and said: “I like you so it’s good. I only need to have him see you. Who must he like?”

“I haven’t thought about this before, so I have now way to answer you now.” Qi Xiaoyu carefully looked at Chu Mo. It seemed she was afraid to make him unhappy. Then she added: “I am a girl! These types of things……cannot be answered right away.”

She was basically telling Chu Mo: I want to answer you, but I am a girl. I must have face. Can I immediately answer you at your request? You must invite me several times so I have no means to refuse, then I will bashfully answer……

It is a pity that the so-called omniscient-since-the-beginning-of-time of everything-under-the heaven-and-on-earth girl forgot one thing.

Not so long ago she cursed this youngster as a pig head, fool, and idiot……

Chu Mo has innate talent and a shocking ability to study, but he is truly a blank paper when it comes to feeling.

Just being able to openly tell someone he likes them, it is like breaking through the horizons for Chu Mo……

Therefore, Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu at a loss. He looked at the black and white eyes filled with a matchless spirit. The corners of his mouth slightly moved, but he didn’t say those words in the end: Why won’t you answer me?

Chu Mo is the emotional equivalent of white paper, but he doesn’t have the IQ of white paper. He looked at Qi a little humiliated and angry. Chu Mo had an intuition: If I truly ask this, I am not prepared for her to turn and disappear.

“Save me ah……”

“Save me……”

“I’m begging you……”

A weak cry came from a distant location just as the young man and woman were each worrying.

Chu Mo and Qi Xiaoyu both heard the cry for help, and they turned to look.

“Let’s go take a look.” Chu Mo pulled Qi Xiaoyu’s hand, and they rushed in that direction.

Qi Xiaoyu automatically flew along with Chu Mo. It didn’t feel the least bit unnatural.

It had already become a custom to be held by this young man’s hand.

Everything turned on its head. Ten thousand demons plunder.

The stars, the morning sun, and the clear blue sky were like ink.

The origin of strange appearances. The blood of disaster.

The balance of heaven and earth chopped open by the devil.

‘The stars, the sun, the blue sky are like ink……this, is it him?’

‘If it is truly him, what do I do? Beg him to help? But I don’t want to involve him in this.’

‘I remember everything now……I remember what I came here to do, but I don’t want to involve him! Such a contradiction……I truly want to leave him immediately. Leave him and go far away.’

‘But I……hate to part with him!’

‘What do I do? What should I do?’

Chu Mo never thought the beautiful girl at his side would be at such torment inside. Her heart was being tortured.

The cry for help became clearer, but that voice seemed to be piercing, as if it was going through the most dreadful thing in the world.

Chu Mo and Qi Xiaoyu sped up at the same time, and they charged in that direction.

The scene mad Chu Mo and Qi Xiaoyu’s eyes split open. The two immediately seethed in anger.

A large group of horsemen were mercilessly slaughtering a large group of people on the grassland!

The air overflowed with the stench of blood. There were corpses everywhere, and blood flowed like a river.

Several horsemen carried a cruel cold smile on their faces. The horsemen chased after the women and children, deliberately not killing them for the moment. Then they chased them again and again.

They wildly fired their bows, but they didn’t shoot at places that would kill. They aimed at the arms and legs of the women and children.

The hopeless cries came from the mouths of these women and children. The grief of heaven moved the earth. It was an extreme tragedy!

One child had three or four arrows in his arms and legs. He was nailed to the ground, and he cried out to his mother with his last gasping breaths.

A woman had fallen about ten meters away from there. Her hand was extended to the child. She ought to be this child’s mother. Her eyes were fixated in the child’s direction, but there was no life in her eyes. She could not answer her baby.

An arrow was sticking through her back. It went through her chest and nailed her firmly onto the ground.

There was an old woman who had been shot with three arrows, but she had not died. She continuously struggled to get up while in the bloody pool. A horseman brandished a long saber, and he cut her head with a slash.

The horseman laughed madly. He then charged on his horse to the next person who was struggling on the ground.

This is slaughter!

Inhuman slaughter!

There is no fundamental reason……only a bloody slaughter!

There were still thousands of people alive at a far away place. They were being driven on and slaughtered. The people fleeing were lessening…….at an astonishing speed.

Chu Mo and Qi Xiaoyu saw the scene from far away. Both their eyes turned completely red in an instant.

This is simply humans slaughtering!

But, to say they are human, it would the greatest insult to the word!

They are simply dregs beneath the animals!

“Animals!” Qi Xiaoyu thundered loudly. Her image soared. A crescent moon blade suddenly appeared in her hand.

She swept straight across towards the group of horsemen. A cold clear blue colored moonlight brushed down, and ten horsemen were swept directly off their mounts.

The bodies of the men split open in two after falling from the horses. Some had still not died, and they gave extremely dreadful cries while struggling to get up. They were just like the people they massacred.

A middle-aged man was shot full of arrows, and he was originally at his last breath waiting for death. But he suddenly saw a horseman that was split open crawl in his direction.

The man let out a cry like a suffering beast from his throat. It is unknown where that amount of power fame from, and he directly rushed towards the horseman that only had half a body remaining.

He ruthlessly bit into the horseman’s throat!

It was like a ferocious beast biting the throat of his prey. He ruthlessly bit……and used force to tear!

Blood hurricane!

The horseman immediately howled miserably.

Another bite!

And another!

It continued endlessly. The man resolutely bit the half dead horseman all the way to death.

“He he……he he……” The man didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end.

His throat gave off a laughing and weeping noise at the very end. Then the man’s head turned crooked. He spit up a mouthful of blood and died on the spot.

The power of hatred……is this terrifying!

Chu Mo charged into the ranks of horsemen. He felt a repressive aura in his chest……a type of feeling that wanted to restrain the madness.

A small tinkling of bells!

Murdering Heaven out!

A horseman covered in armor was chopped in two with one slash.

A bloody light appeared, life and death determined!

Another slash!

Another horseman’s head was cut down.

The horseman he just killed had a seven or eight year old girl on his pike.

The girl already breathed her last breath, but the horseman still had a self-pleasing smile.

His laughter resounded on the blood splattered earth as his head flew through the air.

“Kill!” Chu Mo’s whole person erupted with endless murderous intent. He was like a demon spirit.

The recklessly massacring horsemen……were completely stunned by the two people who came in killing.

They lost their ability to think!

“Who are you all? You dare block the Wang Court’s law enforcement? Do you not wish to live?” A majestic horseman wearing silver colored armor roared.

He charged towards Chu Mo as the same time. The horseman had an extremely vigorous bloody aura. He held a halberd in his hands, and his two arms were like young dragons. They seemed to possess inexhaustible power!

“I will send you to death!” The silver armored horseman roared. The halberd directly thrust towards Chu Mo’s brow.

The air seemed to be ripped through by the halberd!

Chu Mo lifted Murdering Heaven. Chu Mo was in the process of falling down from the middle of the air. The opponents halberd would certainly pierce through his brow in the moment he landed.


But something happened that the silver armored horseman could have never dreamed. The opponent unexpectedly let out a scream. Not only did the youngster no longer fall down, but he actually went another ten feet higher in the air!

This unbelievably precise attack……struck into the air!

“This……how is this possible?” The silver armored horseman’s eyes revealed a shocked color: “Yuan……Yuan closure warrior!”


Chu Mo ruthlessly slashed from the apex of his leap, directly towards the silver armored horseman.

The silver armored horseman was completely stunned. He suddenly howled: “You can’t kill me……I am prince Yin of the Wang Court!”


Brother Yin was hacked into two halves by Chu Mo.