Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 51: Really Really Miss You

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Chapter 51: Really Really Miss You

Chu Mo didn’t give Nuo Yi a chance to see him off in the end.

He didn’t like saying goodbyes.

Also, Chu Mo’s current ability allowed him to easily leave without anyone knowing.

Nuo Yi woke up early in the morning the next day, and her heart carried endless sentiment. She discovered Chu Mo’s room was empty when it came time to see him off.

Nuo Yi stood there alone, silently bawling.

A warm voice came from behind Nuo Yi: “So he has left?”

Nuo Yi softly nodded without turning around. Tears streamed down her face without stopping.

“Ah……forget about him. He is a cultivator. He doesn’t belong to our world.” Princess Bao Lian slowly walked over as she spoke. She held Nuo Yi from behind, then softly said: “You still have many important things to do right now.”

“I know……” Nuo Yi said: “But I can’t forget him……auntie, tell me how. How can I forget someone?”

“This……auntie doesn’t know. I am the same as you. I cannot forget someone once I like them. Perhaps this is the nature in our bloodline.” Princess Bao Lian seemed to speak absentmindedly.

“At least auntie is better off than me. Mister Pang is here. You can be together later on!” Nuo Yi said while in despair: “But as for me, I don’t even know where he cultivates…… Perhaps I will never have the opportunity to see him again in this life!”

“Auntie had to wait several years for this day. I had many years of hardship in the past. You aren’t thinking about it all. Even my life was almost lost.” Princess Bao Lian extended a hand and wiped the tears off Nuo Yi’s face. She softly said: “Moreover, I can only be with him in secret. I can never be with him in the open! Elder Hao Yue is still my husband in name even though he died. I can never officially be with him while having that title. I can never marry him. I have been too bitter to him in a sense.”

Nuo Yi turned around. She saw her aunt also had red eyes. Nuo Yi couldn’t help but press into her aunt’s embrace and cry. “Auntie, my heart hurts! It is difficult to bear……why is it like this?”

“Cry, cry it out……you will feel much better.”

“Auntie, will I see him again?”

“I feel so!”


“Because auntie senses that he is not a person without emotion. He helped cure my terrifying poison. He is a honest good person. Only……he has things he must go do.”

“Then why didn’t he let me see him off?”

“He probably doesn’t like goodbyes……”

“Then he should stay!”

“Ha ha, you are being childish. He certainly has extremely important things to do. Could you give up everything and leave the grasslands right now?”

“Of course I could! I don’t have the least bit desire to be queen!”

“What about your brother Lee? What about the millions of people in the grasslands? Don’t tell me that you could watch the Wang Court fall into decline? Could you watch the grasslands fall into war? Could you watch the people fall into an abyss of chaos?”


“Good, then listen to auntie. Wait until you have united the grasslands. Wait until you are ruler over thousands of miles. You will have unimaginable power at that time. This power can do many things! it can even find noble son Lin.”

“This is possible?”

“Listen to auntie. It is definitely possible!


Chu Mo didn’t have the opportunity to know the words between the two princesses.

Chu Mo was already hundreds of miles away from the Hao Yue clan.

Chu Mo didn’t bring Gao Yingjun along. The two came to an agreement earlier. Gao Yingjun would leave after half a year and meet Chu Mo in Yellow Flame City.

One reason is because Chu Mo didn’t want his identity revealed. The other reason is because he could help Nuo Yi.

This near invulnerable Giant would make it much easier for Nuo Yi to capture the grasslands.

Chu Mo’s frame of mind already had a big change when he got back on the road.

He recollected the events that occurred over half a year ago. He left Yellow Flame City after suffering endless wrongs. Then he stepped out into the desolate icefield. Chu Mo wanted to enter the Immortal Sky wholeheartedly, and become an immortal’s disciple.

He then encountered the Demon Lord. Chu Mo never thought this encounter would change his entire life track at that time.

Chu Mo now knew better. He would almost certainly be an Immortal Sky disciple if master had not sealed his abilities.

However, Chu Mo’s fate would not have been good due to the character of Seventh Elder Zhao Hongzhi.

It is very likely he would have died in a training accident.

There can be accidents even if he is talented after all.

These events are not uncommon in sects.

Some are truly accidents that lead to geniuses dying. It causes people to feel disappointment. And some……

So Chu Mo was very fortunate to have encountered master, and not become a disciple of the Immortal Sky.

Chu Mo also gained enormous rewards on the grasslands. Chu Mo destroyed the plans Da Qi arduously laid down over years as well.

Chu Mo gave the list containing all the Da Qi personnel to Pang Zhonyuan right before he left.

Chu Mo believed Pang Zhonyuan wouldn’t require much time to take out all those people with his skills.

Chu Mo successfully put into practice the knowledge he had gained from war strategy books as a child. He had also gained the friendship of the Wang Court.

This friendship is indeed valuable!

Chu Mo believed that neither Nuo Yi nor Pang Zhonyuan would refuse a request when the day came.

Chu Mo didn’t dare think that he could ever become a good friend of the Wang Court queen when he was growing up in the military.

‘I don’t know if the things I’ve done will be counted as a success. Will my grandfather be proud?’ Chu Mo thought.

The heaven is vast, and the green grass is endless.

Chu Mo’s heart was not calm on the road home.

Chu Mo experienced countless things he had never experienced before over the past half year.

“I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to meet Qi Xiaoyu again……” Chu Mo’s heart somewhat swelled when he thought about that beautiful blue dress girl.

She hadn’t appeared ever since he obtained Murdering Heaven.

As if listening to his heart, a blue dress girl came to him from far away.

“Xiaoyu?” Chu Mo somewhat didn’t believe his eyes. He said a little tongue-tied: “How can you always find me?”

“Of course, who do you think this girl is?” Her face carried a genuine smile as she looked at Chu Mo, and she spoke like a spoiled girl: “Play with me!”

“Cough……” Chu Mo looked at the beautiful maiden a little speechless: “You want to……play?”

“No……” Qi Xiaoyu plainly said: “Right now I only want you to follow me. Yes or no?”

“But……I must return home!” Chu Mo scratched his head a little, but he was very happy to be with Qi Xiaoyu in reality.

“That’s no problem. We are going the same way!” Qi Xiaoyu sweetly smiled: “But I will have the final say in how we go.”

“……” Chu Mo was completely confounded: “And what about your business?”

“We’ll talk about it later.” Qi Xiaoyu seemed to not want to bring the subject up again.

Chu Mo thought a moment, and then he nodded: “Good. I was just begging to become lonely traveling alone.”

Soon after, two people walked together on the road.

The grasslands don’t have any high-rank Yuan beasts. There are even very few ordinary Yuan beasts. This made the short journey extremely relaxed for the two.

Qi Xiaoyu didn’t speak about her mission. She said she wanted Chu Mo to follow her, but it really seemed like she was following Chu Mo back home.

Chu Mo encountered some questions while cultivating. Qi Xiaoyu carefully and patiently gave him instructions.

Her knowledge was broad and profound. Chu Mo was left speechless. It was like no problem could stop her.

The two watched the sunset next to the river. They walked together in the night winds. They watched the birds take flight in the early morning together……one time they chased a goshawk’s shadow for a hundred miles.

The journey was wildly happy. The two almost forgot everything outside themselves.

“Are you happy?” Chu Mo pulled on Qi Xiaoyu’s hand at dusk. They were standing on a small hill and looking off into the distance. A densely forested mountain chain could be seen up ahead. The territory of Da Xia was just beyond those mountains.

“Happy!” Qi Xiaoyu was extremely happy. She snuggled into Chu Mo, and then she said: ” I am very happy with you! But, isn’t the territory of Da Xia beyond those mountains?”

“How did you know? Have you been before?” Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu a little shocked.

“Big brother, will you miss me if I disappear one day?” Qi Xiaoyu didn’t answer Chu Mo’s question. She just leaned into Chu Mo and asked her own.

“Disappear? Why must you disappear?” Chu Mo had an ominous premonition. His brow wrinkled: “Don’t tell me you are disciple from a large sect, and you are gaining experience in the world?”

Chu Mo knew about top disciples from large sects, even though he is not one himself. They wander the secular world to gain experience.

They break off all ties with the world after the experience gathering concludes, and the disciples return to their master’s school. They step on the path in pursuit of higher realms.

They are indeed people of different worlds when compared to normal humans.

It is a complete break when they separate. Perhaps there is no meeting again in this life.

“Ha ha, yes. You got me. I’m some sect disciple gaining experience.” Qi Xiaoyu softly smiled. Entanglement flashed in the depths of her pupils, but she still gave Chu Mo a smiling face in the end: “You still haven’t answered me.”

[TL: Qi Xiaoyu says she is a sect disciple in a weird way. It somewhat suggests she could be letting Chu Mo believe what he wants. I could also be reading too much into it.]

“I will miss you if I never see you again in this life.” Chu Mo looked into those black and white eyes of Qi Xiaoyu and seriously spoke.

“I will also miss you. I will think of you over and over again.” Qi Xiaoyu’s eyes condensed with watery mist.”