Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 50: One Exception

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Chapter 50: One Exception

Chu Mo looked at Gao Yingjun with a speechless expression, then he said: “I hold nothing against how much you eat. I used a different name here. I didn’t want others to know my true identity. And you are too eye-catching. If you followed me, other people would certainly discover. Can you understand my meaning?”

Gao Yingjun scratched his head and said: “I understand. My physique……is indeed too big and mighty. Everyone points when I walk. But…but I want to follow noble son. I don’t want to stay in the grasslands!”

Gao Yinjun spoke with a face of longing: “I heard, cities in Da Qi and Da Xia are busting. I want to experience them for my mother……”

“Your mother?” Chu Mo looked at Gao Yingjun: “Tell me.”

Gao Yingjun didn’t speak. The giant frame crashed iron chains as he walked in the grasslands. It was like a silent giant beast. Very few knew that there was a sensitive and soft heart inside this giant beast’s body.

He softly said after a long time: “My mother ah……she is the most beautiful, gentle, and kind woman in the world! She comes from Da Xia. She was traveling with my grandparent’s caravan, and they encountered bandits in the grasslands. Those bandits should die. They not only took all the goods, but they also killed all the men and snatched all the women.

“That group of bandits were Elder Hao Yue’s men. My mother was extremely beautiful, so those bandits gave my mother to that animal Elder Hao Yue.”

“Elder Hao Yue……after he had his way with her, he gave her medicine so she couldn’t give birth. Then he passed her off to a subordinate.”

Chu Mo couldn’t help but softly sigh. He wanted to comfort Gao Yingjun, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Later on, my mother spent her days with that man. He wasn’t bad to my mother. But his temperament wasn’t good because my mother couldn’t have kids due to the medicine. So the man would beat my mother after drinking much wine. One day my mother could no longer bear it. She escaped, and she found me in the grasslands.”

“You are an orphan?” Chu Mo looked confounded at Gao Yingjun.

Gao Yingjun nodded, then said: “Ah, I also don’t know who my father is. She said I was wrapped in a blanket when she found me. There was nothing else.”

“Probably……I’ve been ugly since birth, so I was discarded……”

Gao Yingjun’s face revealed a lonesome color.

Chu Mo shook his head: “You aren’t ugly. You are a little dark, but you have thick eyebrows and big eyes. You would be considered handsome if you were a normal sized person.”

“Ha ha, my mother said the same. So she gave me the name Yingjun.” Gao Yingjun scratched his head and embarrassingly smiled.

“Then, later on? How did you become like this?” Chu Mo asked.

Gao Yinjun sighed, and the space between his brows became gloomy. His pupils flashed ice-cold rays of light, and he coldly said: “That animal Elder Hao Yue!”

“I was completely different from normal children since I was young. I ate an especially large amount of food and grew very fast. My mother thought it was normal in the beginning, but she quickly discovered it wasn’t the least bit normal.”

Gao Yingjun bitterly smiled: “I could lift stones that weigh more than a hundred and twenty pounds when I was three. I had an adult’s height when I was five. My strength was even larger than theirs……many adults wrestled with me. None were my match!”

“My mother was afraid I would provoke disaster if this continued. She taught me to read books, and she desired I could become a person of knowledge and rationality……not a barbarian controlled by power!”

Chu Mo said: “You mother is very wise!”

“Yes, very wise, and also mighty. She taught me to not fill my heart with hatred. Otherwise hatred will blind me, and I will lose my reason.” Gao Yingjun’s eyes became gentle when he mentioned his mother: “Those short days were the happiest moments of my life.”

“It’s a pity, it wasn’t long. The man my mother found always thought I was a monster. I was too strong, grew too fast, and ate too much. Furthermore……because I was around, he didn’t dare hit my mother. I wouldn’t allow it!”

“Therefore, he told my situation to the animal Elder Hao Yue. That old animal thought if he could put me on the battlefield, then it would produce a result never seen before. So he sent men to find me.”

“I was eight at the time. My mother didn’t agree because she knew Elder Hao Yue killed her parents. He is the murderer that made her fall into this state. Now he wanted to harm me, and of course she didn’t agree. As a result, Elder Hao Yue examined my situation, and he personally slashed my mother’s head……”

Gao Yingjun’s huge eyes shed tears as he spoke this: “My mother clutched Elder Hao Yue’s clothes and didn’t let go, even at death!”

Chu Mo sighed: “No wonder you agreed so quickly when I said I wanted to kill Elder Hao Yue. It was because of this?”

“Yes, my mother said not to let my heart fill with hate. But I couldn’t do it!” Gao Yingjun sobbed: “I hate that animal, hate he killed my mother. I hated not being able to shred him to pieces!”

“That old thing also knew I hated him. He used huge iron chains and pierced them through my shoulders since the beginning. He binded my movements and tortured me every day. He treated me as an animal, and made me completely submit to him.”

“I still sought revenge, so I only pretended to follow orders. But that old thing is too wary. He always had me locked up over the past several years. He had no choice when noble son came. He let me come deal with you, and he promised a full meal.”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, and he muttered: “I’m that cheap……” He looked at Gao Yingjun: “You are eighteen now?”

Gao Yingjun spoke: “Nineteen, that old thing locked me up eleven years! But he could not extinguish my hate for him. In fact, I planned to help you on that day, even if you didn’t say you could cure me. Because that was my best opportunity!

Gao Yingjun smiled as he spoke: “My mother was right. Extreme bitterness……naturally leads to sweetness. The heavens didn’t discard me. They let me meet noble son.”

Chu Mo somewhat shyly smiled: “In fact, I’m much younger than you. I am still several moons away from fourteen!”

Gao Yingjun earnestly said: “My mother said, ambition doesn’t belong to a person’s age. People without ambition are all the same age.”

“You mother is indeed awesome, it’s a pity……” Chu Mo could tell. This giant-sized man held respect and regret for his mother that no one could replace.

At the same time, Chu Mo held feelings of admiration for the woman that passed away eleven years ago. She forcefully molded this giant with brains in a few short years. This is something that not anyone could do. It is not the least bit excessive to use the word ‘mighty’ to describe her.

“So noble son, that animal Elder Hao Yue has already died. My mother’s enemy has already been avenged. This grassland holds nothing for me anymore. I do not wish to stay here.” Gao Yingjun honestly looked at Chu Mo and said: “Noble son feels I am a target that is too eye-catching. Then take me to a place where I can hide. Don’t let other people see. I can hunt Yuan beasts even if you take me to the Da Xia forests. I can eat the meat, and then I’ll give noble son the skin and bones to make money. Noble son, would that be okay?”

Chu Mo looked at Gao Yingjun: “Do you purely want to leave the grasslands, or do you wish to follow me?”

“I wish to follow you!” Gao Yingjun roared without hesitation.

“Why?” Chu Mo couldn’t understand.

“I feel close to you noble son. You don’t avoid me, and you trust me. I don’t have anyone else close to me in the world. I’m a lonely and impoverished person…….” Gao Yingjun lowered his head: “Noble son is like a close relative to me……although I am older, I will obey you!”

“You don’t want to find your real mother and father?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but ask. Chu Mo could understand this giant’s grieving state of mind.

“This, depends on luck. I feel the chance is small! I would ask them why they threw me away if I had the chance. I am ugly and eat a lot, but I can take care of myself!” Gao Yingjun felt wronged: “They gave birth to me, but they did not care for me. I want to ask why?”


Chu Mo suddenly let out a large breath. He wanted to pat Gao Yingjun’s shoulder, but Chu Mo discovered he was simply unable. He let out a breath, then patted Gao Yingjun’s thigh: “Since it is like this, then, you will come with me!”

“Wa, really? Awesome!” Gao Yingjun became so excited he almost jumped. He extended a hand and pulled Chu Mo’s arm. Chu Mo was lifted into the air, and placed on the giant’s shoulders. Gao Yingjun ran and shouted into the sunset: “I have family! Ha ha ha, I have a family at last!”

Chu Mo was shocked by him at first, but the corners of his mouth began to rise. His face revealed a smile.

“Family! A beautiful word!”


“What? You want to go? Why?” Nuo Yi looked at Chu Mo startled. Those beautiful eyes carried uncomparable loss: “Didn’t you come to learn through experience? After such a time……do you, really hate me?”

Nuo Yi’s eyes turned red, and she sobbed.

Chu Mo helplessly said: “I came down the mountain to learn through experience. I have a limited amount of time. Master needs me. He wishes I come back before the new year.”

“But now……it is still more than a month until new years!” Nuo Yi nibbled her teeth. She gazed with starry eyes at Chu Mo: “Can you not stay a little longer?”

Chu Mo bitterly smiled: “I truly cannot. Nuo Yi, you have your business, and I also have things I must do. You all have already integrated the Hao Yue clan. You have the greatest power in the grasslands. I believe you will quickly unify the grasslands with princess Bao Lian’s help. These beautiful grasslands will return to the hands of the Wang Court.”

“I believe, there is no great meaning for me to continue staying here.” Chu Mo looked at Nuo Yi and honestly said: “Furthermore, I am a cultivator. I shouldn’t participate too much in the secular world’s affairs.”

Chu Mo thought inside: ‘Sorry Nuo Yi, I don’t wish to lie to you. I’m afraid you would be grieved and distracted if I told you the truth. You have the grasslands to protect. I also have my home.’

‘You cannot leave the grasslands, and I……wish to return to my home sooner or later.’

Nuo Yi was silent. Her beautiful eyes stared at Chu Mo for a long time until she finally asked: “Then……will I have the chance to see you again?

Chu Mo thought, then said: “Perhaps……”

“Only perhaps?” Nuo Yi’s pupils flashed with despair, then she raised her head and warmly looked at Chu Mo: “Lin Bai, in fact……I really like you!”

“Cough……” Chu Mo never thought Nuo Yi would be able to say these words to him. This is the first time Nuo Yi personally called his name. Chu Mo froze in that moment, not knowing what to do.

Nuo Yi gave a haughty look to Chu Mo: “He he, I am joking with you. I wanted to scare you! You have helped us so long, and now you wish to leave. I must host a grand party to send you off!”

Chu Mo shook his head and refused: “Let it be. You have much more important things to do right now. It is best I leave alone.”

Nuo Yi hesitated a moment. The despair in her eyes became even thicker. She noded and softly said: “Good, then……let me send you off when you go. Okay?”

Chu Mo thought a moment, then nodded.

“Then……I will leave first. You……rest well!” Nuo Yi said. She walked to Chu Mo, then softly gave him a kiss on the cheek. Nuo Yi blushed, then quickly ran off.