Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 49: Enormous Chowhound

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Chapter 49: Enormous Chowhound

Everyone temporarily stayed at the Hao Yue clan for several days.

Princess Bao Lian’s method’s were truly brilliant.

Thunder and rain, incentives and penalties, practically no effort wasted, the whole Hao Yue Clan was absorbed. Of course, this was largely related to Elder Hao Yue and his three sons dying.

A dragon without a head, the remaining people basically had no courage to lift their heads to princess Bao Lian.

Not to mention that princess Bao Lian laid bare all of Elder Hao Yue’s offenses.

Several of the Hao Yue clansmen already knew about the offenses, but they were silently resentful. There was no doubt about the authenticity!

In addition, there was even more they did not know!

Each accusation nailed the ambitious and ruthless elder Hao Yue with disgrace.

They would probably never turn.

After a time, the whole Hao Yue clan denounced Elder Hao Yue. Among those, it is unknown how many wanted to pledge loyalty to princess Bao Lian and form troops, and how many wanted to express their innermost rage.

The whole Hao Yue clan had a brand new look after seven or eight days!

The clan’s flag was also changed into the Wang Court flag!

Here, they laid out the second Wang Court!

Possessing the Wang Court Seal……the genuine Wang Court!

The large majority of troops that princess Bao Lian sent out to placate the Hao Yue soldiers came back with good news. Practically all the military officers agreed to follow princess Bao Lian’s command upon seeing her personal token.

But there were those who acted recklessly. One officer ordered the Wang Court messenger be killed upon seeing princess Bao Lian’s personal keepsake.

The Wang Court horsemen saw the potential danger and fled. He ended up with four arrows on his body. It is unknown if the archers purposely missed his head, or if their aim wasn’t good enough. But he still managed to make it back alive.

Princess Bao Lian immediately gave the command. She ordered the officers that had already sworn allegiance to go forth, encircle, and annihilate.

This battle didn’t have the slightest bit of suspense……because before the main force arrived, the officer that revolted was beheaded by his own subordinates. He was hung up on the flagpole, and they waited for the large army to come take over.

One crisis painlessly eliminated.

Princess Bao Lian’s renown and prestige is evident throughout the grasslands!

After victory comes the harvest.

The Hao Yue clan’s degree of wealth exceeded Chu Mo’s imagination. The clan’s wealth had accumulated over the years, and it had already reached an astronomical number. To say it is enough wealth to oppose a country would not be an exaggeration. They were the funds Elder Hao Yue acquired to establish a country. Now it all belonged to princess Nuo Yi and her followers.

There was other wealth beyond words. The Yuan stone reserves left Chu Mo stupefied. Chu Mo never would have thought a small country tribe in the secular world would have so many Yuan stones before this. Chu Mo wouldn’t believe other people if they told him.

This is an astonishing wealth!

But princess Bao Lian gave ownership to Chu Mo without even batting an eye.

Chu Mo felt embarrassed taking all of the Yuan Stones. He finally took half after some encouragement from princess Bao Lian. The remaining half could be used for the Wang Court to someday train Yuan power warriors.

In fact princess Bao Lian wasn’t satisfied with this result. She really wanted Chu Mo to take everything!

Because she could have a greater grasp over Chu Mo like this!

Don’t look at that fact she uses all kinds of severe methods to face the grasslands, daring to kill and cut down. She is completely a female hero. But facing a grand benefactor like Chu Mo, these methods are completely useless. And she has no way to influence him.

She didn’t know how many times she used Pang Zhongyuan to search Chu Mo’s plans over the past several days. But even with a fellow Da Xia countryman, Chu Mo didn’t didn’t disclose the tiniest intention.

He only said that his learning through experience has concluded, and he will return to master’s school to continue training.

Chu Mo thought of all the experiences on the grasslands as a memory, and a practical experience. Because his heart was not in this place.

Nuo Yi seldom came to see Chu Mo these several days. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but rather she had no time. The only way she could stand is by being the Wang Court princess, and becoming symbolic leader of the masses. Nuo Yi had no means of escape, and no possibility to escape!

This is her responsibility!

She was so busy that she had no time to herself. Chu Mo was leisurely enjoying himself, he brought the giant Gao Yingjun for a stroll to search for ingredients every day. Because he promised to cure Gao Yingjun’s poison.

The Hao Yue clan had large quantities of medicinal ingredients stored, but they were short on a few kinds. Therefore Chu Mo brought Gao Yingjun along to search for himself.

The name Gao Yingjun completely matched the big guy. Chu Mo somewhat scratched his head.

This giant statured man had endless power, possessed Natural Divine power, and unequaled astonishing military power.

But at the same time, his food consumption…….was also absolutely shocking!

The day Elder Hao Yue was killed and the dust was settled, Gao Yinjun was always crying out for food. Chu Mo lead him to the kitchen of the Hao Yue clan. There was an enormous amount of various foods because the Hao Yue clan prepared a feast that day. The food quantity was enough for over a hundred men to eat a round.

In the end……under Chu Mo’s watchful eye, the greater half of the food was eaten by this sole giant! It was just short of scaring Chu Mo to death.

Chu Mo had to continuously remind Gao Yingjun: “Eat a little slower……don’t burst open. You haven’t eaten your fill for a long time……don’t eat that much all at once!”

Gao Yinjun just ate and talked to Chu Mo at the same time: “Don’t worry noble son. I have an idea, I’m not stupid. I have read books before. Even now I’m only a little over half full, that’s it. Just let me eat, I’m hungry.”

Chu Mo was speechless. He looked on helplessly as the giant binge ate.

Gao Yingjun’s food consumption became the talk of the whole Hao Yue clan for the next several days.

Elder Hao Yue never let Gao Yingjun eat his fill before now. He only fed him enough food for two or three normal people. It made this giant manage to live on, that’s it.

Now he was unleashed, and he shocked everyone.

But it wasn’t bad. Elder Hao Yue left behind a large amount of wealth. Princess Bao Lian and the others weren’t worried about being able to provide food for the giant.

Gao Yingjun’s had a much larger quantity of poison than princess Bao Lian. Elder Hao Yue wanted to continuously control the giant, and never wanted to kill him. So Chu Mo took the lead in searching for ingredients after several days.

Chu Mo places all the ingredients on the green stone in the jade space. Chu Mo watched. The large green stone sucked in everything, then after a moment, five medicine pills appeared on the large green stone.

This speed……simply unheard of!

Chu Mo remained puzzled after much thought. He couldn’t understand how the large green stone turned the ingredients directly into medicine pills.

Chu Mo used this opportunity to help princess Bao Lian. Chu Mo brought out Gao Yingjun to first give him a pill as an experiment.

“First eat one and see how it is, but don’t eat too many……” Chu Mo was no pill doctor after all. He also didn’t know how many pills it would take to cure someone the size of Gao Yingjun. He made him first eat one as an experiment. Chu Mo could use the jade at any time to determine Gao Yinjun’s status.

“I know.” Gao Yingjun sat there. He was still fifty percent taller than Chu Mo. Gao extended out a hand for Chu Mo to place the medicine pill inside.

The pill could not be considered small, but it was a little grain of rice in Gao Yingjun’s palm.

Gao Yingjun swallowed the pill soon after. One small and one large person sat there waiting.

“Any feeling? Chu Mo asked Gao Yingjun after a long time.

“No feeling.” Gao Yinjun shook his head.

Chu Mo asked again after a moment: “Do you feel anything?”

Gao Yingjun shook his head once again and said: “Did I not take enough? I’m so huge. How about……i try taking them all?”

“Cough……wait a little bit!” This isn’t a Yuan pill that increases Yuan power after all. He could eat one too many, and there’s a chance the poison could become overactive.

Just when Chu Mo was about to ask the third time, that large dark face suddenly became tight. He appeared to be in some pain.

Chu Mo was startled, and was just about to speak.

Only Gao Yingjun soared up……with an agility that completely didn’t match his stature. Then he took a large step and ran out far away.


The sounds of the chains striking each other continuously made noise.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A heavy sound rang out with each step Gao Yingjun took. It seemed he ran a thousand feet in the blink of an eye. He would soon disappear from Chu Mo’s line of sight.

“Hey……what are you doing running so fast?” Chu Mo called out from behind.

“Bad tummy!” A huge sound like thunder came from far away.

“……” Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, and he silently criticized: ‘Such a large person saying bad tummy……did the pit truly fill up?’

Chu Mo didn’t know whether or not Gao Yingjun’s pit actually filled up. He also didn’t want to know. Anyways, the first words coming from this guy, the whole day, from morning till night, after sunset, and after returning from picking ingredients was simply ‘I’m hungry’.

“Noble son, I’m starving, let’s go eat a meal!”

“……” Chu Mo couldn’t help but give a haughty looked to him: “You good?”

“Hey hey, good! Noble son’s medicine is really effective! Only it is a little overbearing. I was just short of throwing up to death……fortunately noble son persisted. If I ate two or three pills, it probably would have been tragic.” Gao Yingjun laughed, his whole face happy: “So now my stomach is empty, I’m starving to death!”

Chu Mo was sincerely without words for this big guy. After throwing up everything he wants to eat……how can he say everything is good.

The two walked back, and Gao Yingjun suddenly said: “Noble son, do you want to leave?”

Chu Mo looked at him somewhat confounded. He could only see the two tree sized legs. He wanted to look at his face, but Gao had an upturned neck.

“How did you know?”

Gao Yingjun simply laughed: “Seems like, I have seen it all. That little Wang Court princess……she clearly fancies you. But you are neither hot nor cold to her. This is a clear sign you don’t want to stay here long!”

“Yes, I have too many restraints on my heart. I cannot stay here.” Chu Mo softly said. His young heart was a little melancholy when he thought of Nuo Yi’s beautiful touching face, and her crazy resentful expression.

But he couldn’t stay here, Nuo Yi……also could not leave here!

Even more, Chu Mo’s innermost being had already been branded with the beautiful image of a woman.

“Ah, noble son leaves, then I will follow, but noble son must take care of the food!” Gao Yingjun’s face earnestly lowered and looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo looked like he didn’t know what on earth happened: “You stay here, isn’t that good? At least you won’t have to worry about eating and drinking. I believe princess Nuo Yi and Bao Lian will be very good to you!”

“I will quit!” Gao Yingjun stared at his two big eyes that were larger than a cow’s, and he spoke tongue in cheek: “Is Noble son avoiding me because I eat too much? How about later on I……eat a little less?”