Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 48: Handsome Fool

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Chapter 48: Handsome Fool

The oldest brother Gemu ruthlessly stared at his disowned little brother. He scolded: “A disgrace! Winners become royalty, and losers become bandits. Look at your cowardly manner! I want to personally kill you!”

Gemu spoke with red eyes. He looked at princess Bao Lian: “Slut, I disagreed father should marry you back then. I knew back then you were a woman who didn’t know her place! Obviously you married my father, but didn’t behave like a woman. You didn’t do the things a woman should do! You fooled around with outside men. My father’s heart is soft. He never killed you. If it were me, I would have cut you a long time ago! Today’s events would have never happened!”

Princess Bao Lian’s shapely eyebrows shot up straight. Her beautiful face became deadly white. Without waiting to speak, Nuo Yi became enraged at her side. Nuo Yi rushed to Gemu and slapped him across the face like a mad little lion: “Even now you still dare slander? Do you not know that your own mother was poisoned by your father!’

“So what?” Ge Mu’s face didn’t change: “I already knew!”

“No matter, it can only be said……you are the same as your father, an animal!” Nuo Yi looked at Gemu with rage. She personally wished to kill this scum: “My aunt……also took the poison passed down by your ancestors! As well as my father and mother. They were all killed by your father!”

“Your father is scum below the beasts! Degenerate!”

Princess Bao Lian sucked in a deep breath, then duly said: “Nothing good to say, cut off his head!”

Gemu couldn’t help but roar to the heavens: “Why! Why! I’m not reconciled!”

Gewen closed his eyes, and didn’t say a word.

“Don’t……don’t kill me……don’t kill me ah! Mother……I beg you……don’t kill me!” Geshui bawling cries gradually grew father away.

The far away cries of Geshui came to a screeching halt a short time later.

Soon after, the Wang Court horsemen came back with three bloody dripping heads and gave a report. They were precisely the heads of Gemu, Gewen, and Geshui.

The whole Hao Yue clan was in the doldrums. The prior repressed cries completely faded away.

Chu Mo looked at the expressionless princess Bao Lian and thought: ‘These are true iron-blooded methods. This nature……is about the same as my grandfather. Truly a formidable person. With here here, I reckon Da Qi will be unable to snatch the grasslands.

Princess Bao Lian didn’t look at the three heads. She waved her hand and said: “Bury them as you please.”

Nuo Yi’s face revealed an unbearable expression. She is still a young girl in the end. But she didn’t block Bao Lian’s ideas.

Princess Bao Lian gently looked at Nuo Yi, and then looked at the crowd. She softly said: “Don’t think me savage. If Elder Hao Yue had not died, then we would be the dead ones! He would have no mercy or pity for any of us.”

“Soon after he would command a large force, and slaughter his way to the Wang Court. At that time, none of our Wang Court brethren, our parents, our relatives, our friends……not a one would be left alive!”

“He had continually done these things over the years. You all know this yourselves!”

Han Song still knelt there. He said in a deep voice: “Wise princess, this evil person……used subordinates to do his work!”

Princess Bao Lian shook her head. He said to Han Song: “Han Song, you are very good. An upright person and generous man. Do not worry. Bao Lian will do what she says. I now represent princess Nuo Yi. I officially appoint you as a Wang Court horseman!”

Teng Song was startled, and his face appeared overjoyed. Generous and fair doesn’t mean a person lacks ambition. It doesn’t represent that they don’t want progress.

Who could have foreseen the circumstances today. Nuo Yi now had a very high chance of becoming this grassland’s queen!

The future prospects are unlimited for those at her side!

Becoming the queen’s horsemen…….that is enough to bring honor to the ancestors!

Teng Song deeply bowed his head: “Subordinate is extremely honored to become princess Nuo Yi’s horseman. I am willing to use my life to ensure the princess’s safety! I swear on my ancestors……I will never betray the princess!”

“So long as you loyally follow the princess, and wait until the day she becomes queen, you all……will stand at the highest level on the grasslands!”

“You all will become the most glorified group of people!” Princess Bao Lian looked at Teng Song: “Now your mission is to make reparations. Appease those that need to be appeased. Exile those that need to be exiled. Incorporate troops that should be incorporated……I give you the power to act first then report later!”

Teng Song’s eyes flashed brilliant rays of light. He thanked once again, and then strode out.

Chu Mo calmly watched everything. He admired princess Bao Lian’s methods even more.

It appears Teng Song took the initiative to defect. It was not essential to be this generous.

But in reality, Teng Song required a lot of courage in that moment. He certainly was uneasy inside, furthermore, he may not necessarily be truly prepared to pledge loyalty to the two princesses.

Because no matter how resentful he is to Elder Hao Yue, Teng Song is still a Hao Yue clansmen.

But princess Bao Lian only used a few words to remove the nervousness and unease of Teng Song.

She killed the three sons of Elder Hao Yue in front of his face. Only the people involved can feel this kind of deterrence.

Soon after, she made him a member of the Wang Court. She showed graciousness to Teng Song. He was put in an important position even though they surrendered to the enemy general. There is no need to mention the graciousness Teng Song feels.

Princess Bao Lian had reached the pinnacle of using incentives and benefits!

Even more important is the matter at the end!

Princess Bao Lian gave Teng Song authority to act first then report later! This……is the true killer!

Not only did she express that she is broad-minded to everyone, but she has a good attitude and trust to those that surrender. And it also gives a strong signal to Teng Song!

“Those that disobey you, those hidden loyal Hao Yue classmen……they will be handled by you!”

Princess Bao Lian had her own intelligence gathering network, but it couldn’t be compared to an insider like Teng Song. She did this to give Teng Song a chance to root out dissidents. Upper authorities must know how to decentralize power to accomplish great things.

Do not hesitate when one should give benefits!

Chu Mo stood there with a tinge of emotion. Pang Zhongyuan came to his side, and his face carried an appreciative expression. He cupped his fists and bowed: “This time, we fully relied on noble son Lin to turn the tide. Otherwise, I’m afraid we……”

Chu Mo lightly smiled, then said: “Mister Pang is too courteous. I said before, I did these things for my motherland. At the same time, you all are also my friends. Is that not right?”

Pang Zhonguan vigorously nodded: “Of course!”

“Between friends, there is no need to speak so courteously.” Chu Mo said.

“Ha ha, good. I will remember this! In the future, if noble son Lin needs Pang, then I am bound by duty!” Pang Zhongyuan emotionally said.

Few people knew how high Pang Zhongyuan’s place was in the grasslands! Perhaps he didn’t have a distinguished reputation, but in the future, there will not be many in a higher status than Pang Zhongyuan in these grasslands!

Therefore, his promise was not much shorter than the promise of princess Bao Lian or Nuo Yi.

Chu Mo faced Pang Zhongyuan and bowed. He spoke no more.

“Noble son, noble son, the thing you promised me?”

A heavy iron chain sound followed the voice.


Gao Da foolishly dragged the heavy iron chains and walked to Chu Mo. There was a simple and honest look to him.

But Chu Mo yet knew, this guy is not the least bit foolish!

If one were to give awards based on merits for today’s events, Chu Mo felt this giant should get first prize! Chu Mo……would line up behind this man. It would have been impossible for Chu Mo to approach elder Hao Yue had it not been for his toss.

Because Elder Hao Yue already knew Chu Mo’s true strength from Ge Erzha. How could that evil tyrant let Chu Mo approach him?

Elder Hao Yue is wily, yet he overlooked one important area. He never predicted that his most controlled trump card could be turned in a short time by Chu Mo. This near perfect killer.

If Elder Hao Yue had another chance. He wouldn’t hesitate to send a large force to extinguish everyone at the first opportunity. This includes princess Bao Lian and all her people.

Chu Mo smiled at the black iron tower giant before him: “I will naturally do the things I promised. Now, I will first set you free!”

Without waiting for the giant to react, a flash of light appeared. It broke open the iron chains binding the hands and feet of the giant.

“The iron cut like mud!”

“Terrifying sword skill!”

Pang Zhongyuan couldn’t help but shriek. He looked towards Chu Mo with even more awe.

One slash cutting a man’s head isn’t too strange, but one slash cutting open hard iron chains…….thicker than a man’s arms, it’s just too terrifying!

This youngster brought them pleasant surprises and shocks. It is honestly too much……and too grand!

The giant stared foolishly at his broken chains. Suddenly tears fell down, and he mumbled: “Have I regained my freedom at last? Hateful shameless Elder Hao Yue poisoned me, and held me captive ten years! He never let me eat my fill. He tormented me in every possible way! If it wasn’t for my mind……giving birth to obsession. I’m afraid I would have died there a long time ago!”


The black iron tower giant knelt down before Chu Mo. It was like a small mountain piled before Chu Mo.

“Noble son, I, Gao Yingjun, this life……is yours!”

“Cough……Gao……it’s Gao! Yingjun?……cough cough, good name! Your father and mother truly had vision!” This name made the corners of Chu Mo’s mouth pull severely. He was completely speechless.

[TL: The giant’s name is ‘高英俊’. It means ‘Tall Handsome’. They called him ‘高大’ before which was his nickname. It just meant big or tall.]

This jumbo wanted to follow him. He was tempted to believe it wasn’t true. With a giant like this guy at his side, he was afraid anyone that wanted to hit him would have to carefully consider. Would they be spanked by this giant?

But Chu Mo also thought about how he didn’t use his real name here! He didn’t want to let people know his true identity.

Otherwise, Chu Mo had the identity of a general’s son. He dug a pit for Da Qi in the grasslands, and burned down the plans Da Qi had painfully laid over several years. Hell would freeze over before they left it at that.

Da Qi would absolutely use this situation to give Da Xia pressure. This situation would certainly give his grandfather trouble in the future.

Chu Mo is a good child. He doesn’t want to give his family trouble.

“Stand up. I saved you, and you also helped me. In fact, there is no debt between us.” Chu Mo had deliberated a moment and said. He looked at the remaining iron chains still bound to Gao Yingjun, then said: “I will completely break off these iron chains for you! I reckon for the two chains through your shoulder blades……you’ll want to pull them out yourself.”

Who knows why, but Gao Yingjun shook his head in refusal: “Let it be, they have been in my flesh for a long time, and become a part of my body. I have already gotten used to them on my body. They no longer affect my movements. They do not bind my hands.”

“You only need to break the chains off my ankles. I have trouble walking with chains on my ankles. The others……leave them there.”

“The chains through your shoulder blades……you also don’t want out? Too painful!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow as he looked at the crude black iron chains passing through Gao Yingjun’s shoulders.

Gao Yingjun laughed: “No problem noble son. A little pain lets me feel……I’m still alive.”

Chu Mo looked confoundedly at the simple Gao Yingjun. A trace of sadness flashed in the black iron giant’s eyes. Chu Mo thought inside: ‘This big guy like a small mountain. I’m afraid he also has a story!”