Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 47: Slaughter Descends

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Chapter 47: Slaughter Descends

Time seemed to freeze in this instant.

Everyone’s expressions were like statues, locked in place!


Elder Hao Yue’s golden crowned skull snapped, falling at a faraway place. The gold crown fell off……and the head spun in circles several times. In the end, it fell beside Geshui’s foot, who had recently smacked Nuo Yi.

Elder Hao Yue’s eyes were still extremely large, and still had not lost their spirit. His eyes were full of shock!

Everyone’s vision focused on……that head.

Geshui’s mean and ferocious expression still remained. His eyes stared at the boss, and soon filled with terror. His adam’s apple constantly rolled up and down, and his mouth violently twitched. In the end, he appeared entirely insane, and he screamed an ear-piercing cry: “Ah!”


Elder Hao Yue’s headless body still stood there without collapsing. Following the wake of Geshui’s shriek, hot blood sprayed out like a fountain!

Princess Bao Lian’s pupils exploded with an intense vitality. She loudly shouted: “Kill!”

The pre-prepared Wang Court horsemen rose in an instant. They lifted tables, pulled out swords, and slashed towards predetermined targets.



The sound of sharp swords cutting into bodies was terrifying.

Dozens of loyal Hao Yue Clansmen were chopped down in an instant, dropped in a pool of blood.

Elder Hao Yue’s two bodyguards uttered an inhuman howl. They directly rushed towards Chu Mo.

“Little animal……I will cut you to pieces!”


The air filled with an incomparably deep sound.


A bulky chain smashed onto a bodyguard’s head that was rushing at Chu Mo

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The terrifying sound of shattering bones. The close body guard of Elder Hao Yue……a warrior that had broken through the Yuan Closure. His head was split right open!

Like smashing a watermelon!

White and red……flowed on the earth.

The other guard rushing at Chu Mo was struck by the unsightly scene in that instant. He unconsciously closed his eyes……but they would never open again!

His head flew far away like Elder Hao Yue’s……then it crashed into the ground.

The two strongest Yuan Closure warriors of the Hao Yue Clan. They guarded Elder Hao Yue their whole lives!

But this slaughter could not be stopped.

Princess Bao Lian had made a list of Hao Yue clansmen that were diehard followers of Elder Hao Yue over the years.

These people could not have any possibility to struggle. Leaving them behind is the same as leaving a disastrous gang. They could bring enormous trouble at any time.

“Elder Died!”

“Elder has been killed!”

“Heavens……how could this happen? Elder died, quickly flee!”

The lively grassland banquet changed in an instant. It became an Asura underworld.

The bonfire was still roaring. The joyous bustle was replaced by soaring blood and ice-cold murder.

It is unknown how long the Wang Court Horsemen restrained an accumulated inner-flame. They faced the Hao Yue clansmen with no mercy.

The dust was basically settled by the time the Hao Yue clansmen came to their senses!

The Hao Yue clansmen had prepared well for the ambush, but they were like a headless dragon because their leader died. They didn’t know what to do. They were strictly trained soldiers. Following commands is the most basic principle.

They didn’t dare act rashly without orders!

None of the Hao Yue clansmen had the qualifications, not even the oldest son Gemu!

This was because Hao Yue was afraid of his own sons conspiring together, so he had a death grip on the military power. He never thought it would become a most ironic dark joke!

But even if Gemu could take over military authority, it was to no avail. Princess Bao Lian already had the whole banquet in the palm of her hand.

From the instant Elder Hao Yue’s head went flying, Pang Zhongyuan was only stunned a slight moment, then he started to implement troop deployments.

These orders included capturing the three brothers: Geshui, Gewen, and Gemu.

As well as Ge Erzha!

The traitor that should die. Everyone extremely hated him.

Ge Erzha didn’t resist when they captured him. He was beside himself. Perhaps this attack was too violent!

He hid his identity all these years, living two different lives. He finally revealed his idendity…….and was uncovered as the victor.

Ge Erzha was extremely pleased with himself, and overjoyed!

He had prepared to reap the victor’s rewards, then it was like he was drenched in cold water.

This feeling would really cause people to sob.

The chaos, Killing, and bloody scene continued for more than an hour. The loyal Hao Yue clansmen were nearly all slaughtered. But the Hao Yue clan still had at least ten thousand soldiers and officers stationed in various places.

If these men cannot be captured right away, then they will inevitably become a grassland scourge!

After all, these men were all elites. They will become a terrifying power once they become bandits, or throw in with brothers Jin and Yin.

Princess Bao Lian’s several years of accumulated experience was displayed at this time. She was like a battle-hardened general. She methodically began to deploy forces. The dispatched personnel carried her personal token. They began traveling around to request surrender.

In the end, there were only five thousand of the Hao Yue clansmen remaining. They already gathered up to defend the women and children of the Hao Yue clan, but they had no intention of attacking.

Elder Hao Yue already died, and their hearts were full of loss. They didn’t know what to do for a time. The only thing remaining was instinct. They all gathered together, and silently held each other next to the fire for warmth.

The weather wasn’t cold, but they……yet felt ice-cold!

“Good, stop!”

Princess Bao Lian finally gave the command, and the Wang Court horsemen stopped killing.

The air was saturated with a dense bloody taste. Weeping could be heard far away. The slaughter had stopped, but the tense mood had not yet faded. The large majority had the feeling of being overwhelmed.

This was Chu Mo’s first time experiencing this type of situation. He silently looked at the sight and thought: ‘No wonder grandfather said, there is no righteous war in the world apart from defending home and country from foreign attack! Even if there are abundant reasons, but in the core……it is all the same.’

A power struggle!

Fighting over interests!

Fighting over power!

Fighting over resources!

This contest is so bloody!

And so vile!


Elder Hao Yue certainly wasn’t a good man. His deeds and actions naturally deserved death.

But the warriors of the Hao Yue clan……should they all truly deserve death?

Chu Mo shook his head with a bitter smile and thought: ‘Compassion is not for soldiers! Looks like……I still need discipline.’

Chu Mo really didn’t want war to spread to his home after experiencing this. He thought: ‘If it is all evil, then I will bear responsibility! Even if I become infamous, I will not hesitate! War……gives people trauma. It is truly too dreadful!’

I don’t regret the price of keeping war outside the country!

“Elder Hao Yue……deserved to die!” Princess Bao Lian stood there. Her whole person carried an intense aura. People couldn’t help but avoid her eyes.

Princess Nuo Yi lead along brother Lee, and they stood beside princess Bao Lian. Princess Nuo Yi continuously stared at Chu Mo. Her eyes surged with love, and would quickly overflow. They had gone through life and death. She absolutely didn’t want to hide her feelings towards Chu Mo.

She wanted to rush into Chu Mo’s embrace, hug him, and cry aloud, even if the situation wasn’t fitting.

Then confess her love for him! Because she didn’t know any way to express her excitement apart from this.

A life unexpectedly rescued from danger!

These words seemed to describe her current situation. Furthermore, this ‘life’ was yet given to her by this heroic youth.

Chu Mo yet listened to princess Bao Lian’s words.

“He killed the king and queen!”

“He killed his own first wife!”

“He poisoned far too many people!”

“All the subordinates that dissented!”

“All the innocents that stood in the way of his development, yet never provoked him!”

“The most important, you all saw. He rebelled against the grassland’s Wang Court, and wanted to be king!”

“His schemes were laid bare under the sun!”

“Therefore……he deserved death!”

“I am his wife, but I am a Wang Court princess!”

“I want to bring justice for you all!”

“I want to extend this justice to you all!”

“Any child of the grasslands would feel shame if they acted like him!”

“I have too much evidence against him in my hands. Soon, I will make it known one by one! I will prove to you, I, Bao Lian……everything I said is true!”

It was silent all around, even the repressed cries stopped.

A figure walked out of the darkness at this time. A group of Wang Court horsemen immediately moved towards him.

Princess Bao Lian waved a hand: “Let him come!”

A man in a smashed helmet came out of the darkness. He seemed not to care about the Wang Court horsemen at his sides. He came before princess Bao Lian and knelt on a single knee: “Subordinate Teng Song meets the princess!”

“Teng Song, I know you. Stand up and speak.” Princess Bao Lian’s held a soft manner of speaking.

This Teng Seng was a mid-level person of the Hao Yue clan, but he was one of the few military officers in the Hao Yue clan that was loyal to the Wang Court. He had publicly opposed several of Elder Hao Yue’s methods. He really didn’t agree with Elder Hao Yue’s schemes.

This is also the reason why Teng Seng never entered into the core of the Hao Yue clan, even though he was deserving. He always stood at the gate, but never entered the center. But life is strange. No one ever thought the ruthless character of the grasslands would so easily lose his life.

And in his most proudest moment!

Teng Song did not stand up. He knelt there, lifted his head, and looked at princess Bao Lian: “Subordinate wants to know. How will princess treat the officers and soldiers of the Hao Yue clan, as well as their families.”

This is an upright man!

Chu Mo looked from the side and thought: ‘An ordinary person would resist to the end. They would rather die than submit. Or, they would quickly bend the knee. They would use flattery to get what they want and show loyalty.’

This person asked the question in a way that showed his inner selfishness, even if……it absolutely was not much!

Princess Bao Lian didn’t hesitate: “Exile the family members of the dead!”

“Gemu, Gewen, and Geshui have committed unforgivable sins. They will be executed!”

“The others may vow loyalty to the Wang Court. They will not be investigated after swearing an oath!”

Princess Bao Lian had just finished speaking. Teng Song didn’t have time to speak before Geshui collapsed to the ground, begging for mercy: “Mother……don’t kill your child. Child admits his wrongs……child admits his wrongs! Don’t kill me!”

“Trash!” The often silent Gewen struggled, ruthlessly kicked Geshui, and yelled: “Father’s face……has been completely lost by you!”

Geshui weeped: “Losing face is better than losing your life. I don’t want to die!”