Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 46: Thunder-Clapping Strike

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Chapter 46: Thunder-Clapping Strike

I can communicate a way!

Chu Mo started to coil around the giant at this time.

He rushed to the giant’s side, jumped up high, and struck a ruthless fist into the giant’s chest.


It was like smashing into a boulder.

This fist of Chu Mo truly did not hold back……he didn’t want to raise Elder Hao Yue’s suspicions. He also wanted to test the strength of a rank nine physique.


Chu Mo felt his whole arm go numb, and his fist sent a painful sensation.

Is he human?

Chu Mo scolded and yelled: “Die you big head!”

He then whispered immediately after: “The poison in your body, it is made of……”

Chu Mo spoke several ingredients, then fled far away.

The giant roared, turned the two chains attached to his arms, and smashed them down into the ground. They made two deep pits, and dirt flew everywhere.

All the onlookers shuddered with fear.

Including the leisurely Elder Hao Yue.

Elder Hao Yue had already completely relaxed at this time. It was as if he didn’t see the other people retreat far away. He peacefully sat there while laughing and attentively watching.

Because he already determined. That little guy that snuck into the Wang Court Horsemen ranks was no opponent for Gao Da!

But this big guy was the Hao Yue clan’s killer.

This one person could hold up to a strong army with thousands of horses!

In Elder Hao Yue’s eyes, this guy couldn’t be considered a human. He is simply a human shaped monster!

A human dragon!

An unstoppable power!

Elder Hao Yue held absolute confidence that he could always control this giant. He could dominate the entire grasslands in the future. Even……the central plains would have to bow to him.

Princess Bao Lian and princess Nuo Yi’s faces both turned pale. Brother Lee leaned against Nuo Yi’s side. The little guy was already petrified.

He couldn’t be blamed. Practically everyone, including the warriors of the Hao Yue clan, was trembling in fear.

They had the courage to fight to the death when fighting men, even if they were no match.

But when facing this practically invulnerable giant, basic battle courage……is simply impossible to have!

Beat motionless, beat to death……where would the courage to fight come from?

Practically everyone looked upon Chu Mo with compassion and a trace of admiration.

Because not only did this little guy dare to fight the monster giant, but he also continuously charged!

They didn’t speak any mocking words towards Chu Mo, even if they were Hao Yue clansmen.

Too courageous!

“Your poison’s symptoms are……”

“I am this kind and honest, how could I cheat you?”

“If you want to change everything now, then work with me.”

“Of course, I pledge to cure your poison, and remove your chains!”

“Give you freedom!”

An iron giant and a frail boy, fighting extraordinarily. Between you and me, isn’t it exhilarating?

Everyone thought that this invulnerable beast-like giant was stupid, but rather, he is extremely clever!

The giant put on an amazingly realistic performance the whole time he and Chu Mo conversed. Basically no one saw……the two people were actually secretly talking!

“If this poison isn’t cured, you will be controlled your whole life!”

“Think, how many wicked things has Elder Hao Yue done? I believe you know from experience!”

“Since I know the poison in your body, and I know the symptoms, naturally I have a way to cure you!”

“Look, I am not even fourteen, yet I am already this talented, unequaled on the grasslands……cough, don’t glare at me, you don’t count, you are a freak!”

“So how could such a wise, brilliant, and handsome youth cheat you?”

In the end, after over a hundred rounds, the giant was finally moved by Chu Mo’s words. He asked in a low voice: “What should I do?”

Chu Mo was ecstatic. Although, not even he could guarantee the giant was actually moved by his words, but at this time……he must make a decision!

Many times, war is the same as a casino.

One must observe before betting, and cautiously consider. One must integrate many factors. But when making the bet……when the money leaves the hand, there can be no hesitation!

Who can guarantee victory in every war?

Who can guarantee the strength of the enemy can be suppressed in every war?

A soldier who doesn’t dare to gamble can never be a called soldier!

“Lift me up like you are going to tear me apart!” Chu Mo said through his teeth: “Then, wait for my signal. When I yell……’Kill’, with all your power……throw me towards Elder Hao Yue!”


The giant growled.

A ruthless iron chain was dodged by Chu Mo.

The air sounded out with a muffled ‘weng’, this attack could smash a stone wall to pieces!

Everyone around trembled in fear.

The giant asked in a low voice when Chu Mo rushed forward again: “You aren’t afraid I’ll break the agreement, and really tear you apart?”

Chu Mo said between teeth: “Afraid! But I must gamble! Gamble that you want freedom!”

“I’m hungry, I’ll turn to into food!” The giant said.



Chu Mo’s fist ruthlessly struck into the giant’s chest, making a huge noise.

He immediately moved, thinking to retreat, but he was half a beat slow. The giant snatched his leg.

Soon after, the giant grabbed Chu Mo’s ankle with another hand. He lifted Chu Mo high into the sky.

Chu Mo was like a small monkey in the hands of King Kong. He struggled for his life and snarled.

But to no avail!

“Ah!” princess Nuo Yi let out a piercing scream. She soared up: “Don’t kill him!”

Princess Bao Lian could no longer sit in the end. She stood up and yelled: “Stop!”

The Wang Court horsemen all thundered in unison: “Put him down!”

The warrior clansmen of the grasslands are hot-blooded and passionate. They couldn’t help but bellow and roar: “Rip him apart!”

The whole scene immediately became chaos.

At the same time, several people looked at Elder Hao Yue with his dull smile.

Princess Bao Lian’s face seemed to be submerged in water. She looked at Elder Hao Yue and said: “Let him go. I promise, you can have what you want!”

Princess Nuo Yi said: “Uncle, I beg you, give the command to release him. I……I……I will give you the Wang Court Seal!”

Princess Bao Lian sighed. Her eyes turned red, but yet didn’t obstruct.

Wang Court Seal!

The most precious treasure of the entire grasslands!

It symbolizes the supreme royal power of the grasslands!

Without the Seal, even if you overtake the whole grasslands and call yourself king, you will not have the recognition of a king.

Royal power comes from the heavens. This Seal is the symbol!

The will of the people for the whole grasslands resides inside!

Elder Hao Yue squinted at Nuo Yi, then suddenly chuckled: “For this this boy, you are willing to hand over that thing?”

At this time, Elder Hao Yue no longer concealed anything. He dully looked at Nuo Yi, then he looked over at Chu Mo being held by the giant. Elder Hao Yue suddenly stood up and coldly said: “He, is a spy that infiltrated the Wang Court!”

“Big fool, don’t kill him!”

“I want his true identity made public!”


Everyone was suddenly in an uproar.

The eyes of everyone held an unimaginable vision. They looked at the weak figure being held up, and they couldn’t believe this youngster that dared fight a giant is a spy.

“You speak nonsense!” Princess Nuo Yi’s tears flowed out faster: “He isn’t a spy!”

“He rescued me!”

“This throne, I’ll give it to you if you want!”

“I don’t want anything. I only want him. Let him go!”

“I never thought!” Elder Hao Yue snapped: “You could be that childish, and you dare act out in front of my face?”

“This is the Hao Yue clan!”

“This is my territory!”

“Here, I can tell you fair and square, my good niece……”

Elder Hao Yue coldly smiled as he looked at Nuo Yi: “I have known all your movements since the first day you left the Wang Court!”

“Do you want to know who has been secretly selling you out?”

Elder Hao Yue looked at the Wang Court horsemen, then he dully said: “Ge Ermu, have you still not come out?”

A figure came out from the dark at this time. It was Ge Ermu, who had always been locked up in the palace of princess Bao Lian.

Nuo Yi stared with big eyes. She unimaginably looked at Ge Ermu, seeming to think how he escaped.

But immediately she ruthlessly yelled: “Traitor, I should have killed you then!”

“You shut up!” Ge Ermu’s face suddenly revealed a ferocious color, and he raged: “I, Ge Ermu, have been Elder Hao Yue’s man since the beginning! I never betrayed Elder Hao Yue!”

“You have no qualifications to call me, Ge Ermu, a traitor, even if you are the Wang Court princess!”

“Ha ha, truly interesting.” Princess Bao Lian couldn’t help but give a cold laugh. She looked at Elder Hao Yue: “You truly hide deep. This announcement is really huge. I never looked down upon you, but today I finally discovered. I still underestimated you!”

Elder Hao Yue coldly smiled: “You are all soft-hearted. You didn’t kill Ge Ermu, and you let me obtain a great amount of useful information.”

“Ge Ermu is the most brave warrior of my Hao Yue clan! If it weren’t for him, I never would have known you had such a terrifying little thing in your ranks.”

“Perhaps I would have truly been outmaneuvered by you!”

“Ge Ermu, you have done a great service! In the future, this king……will heavily reward you! Ha ha ha ha!”

Ge Ermu knelt down on single knee: “Ge Ermu thanks the king!”

Princess Bao Lian and Nuo Yi turned pale. They looked at each other, and they saw regret and hopelessness in the counterpart’s eyes.

What possessed them at that time? What made them hold back noble son Lin from killing Ge Ermu?

But now they harm noble son Lin!

Elder Hao Yue already calls himself king!

His ambitions are already completely out in the open……he doesn’t even think to cover up. They are completely laid bare!

Nuo Yi suddenly said with flowing tears: “Uncle, I’m begging you don’t kill him. Only don’t kill him, and Nuo Yi will do anything!”

Elder Hao Yue revealed a fierce-looking smile. He looked at princess Bao Lian and said: “And you?”

Princess Bao Lian sighed: “Let him go. I will help you unify the grasslands!”

“This little thing is that important to you both?” Elder Hao Yue squinted, then coldly smiled: “A Da Qi traitor. That’s it. You two have been colluding together with Da Qi in the dark for a long time……humph, how is your behavior any better than the parent killing brothers Jin and Yin?”

“Look clearly, he isn’t any traitor.” Princess Bao Lian already recovered her serenity. She looked at Elder Hao Yue: “He is a large sect disciple. Kill him, and you will have endless regret!”

Elder Hao Yue’s pupils flashed a dangerous light. He fiercely smiled: “Regret? Where? Who knows I killed him? Even if they know, he was killed in a fair contest! Don’t use those large sects to scare me!”

“Large sects……also have a little face!”

Elder Hao Yue’s pupils hostily flashed, and he snarled: “Foolish Gao Da! Tear him apart for me!”

“I’ll let you eat a full meal today!”


The black iron tower giant lifted Chu Mo up high. He roared, and he appeared like he truly wanted to rip Chu Mo in half.

“No!” Princess Nuo Yi’s tears flowed down, and she begged: “Don’t kill him!”


Geshui’s face turned ruthless. He ruthlessly slapped her and scolded: “Slut!”

“You are my woman!”

“I’ll deal with you later!”

Chu Mo suddenly snalred at this time: “Kill!”

Four assassins unexpectedly flew towards Elder Hao Yue!

“Seeking Death!”

The two guards at Elder Hao Yue’s side suddenly moved!

They directly rushed at the four assassins.



The two figures were sent flying without fooling around, and they rushed at the two other remaining assassins.

This all followed in the instant after Chu Mo yelled kill——

The giant holding Chu Mo roared, and sent Chu Mo’s body ruthlessly towards the location of Elder Hao Yue!

This scene was outside of anyone’s expectations!

The giant used all his power to fling Chu Mo’s body……and it reached an unimaginable speed!

Like an arrow shot towards Elder Hao Yue.

Elder Hao Yue’s bodyguards let out an earth-shattering roar.

But because they were dealing with the four assassins, their distance from Elder Hao Yue……was slightly too far.

They couldn’t hurry back!

Elder Hao Yue’s pupils……suddenly enlarged.

His pupils sucked in all the light.

Soon after, Elder Hao Yue——

This man of the grasslands, fully deserving of the title ruthless overlord!

His head flew.