Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 45: Natural Divine Power

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Chapter 45: Natural Divine Power

Elder Hao Yue playfully looked at Nuo Yi when he made his remark.

Tit for tat!

If you can casually appoint a Wang Court horseman, I can casually appoint a bodyguard!

Princess Bao Lian was immediately speechless, but she still yet tried to resist: “This is a game to compare notes for fun. That’s it. Why have you brought this person out?”

Elder Hao Yue slightly smiled: “Dearest, this is no ordinary fun game. This concerns a lifelong event for our son!”

“You……” Princess Bao Lian was so angry she almost passed out. She secretly cursed this shameless old animal inside, but now, she had no more room to speak. Speaking more would truly raise the old thing’s guard. She could only painfully watch the faraway Chu Mo.

The distance was very far, and Chu Mo couldn’t clearly hear what they were saying. However, Chu Mo clearly saw the confrontation between princess Bao Lian and elder Hao Yue. He also saw princess Bao Lian look at him with a helpless expression. Chu Mo faced princess Bao Lian and smiled, then he turned around. He looked in the direction of the iron chain noise.

Chu Mo could feel, what came……afraid it is no ordinary person!





Footsteps stomped on the ground, sending a heavy sound. The iron chains shocked the crowd each time they crashed.

It is hard to imagine what kind of person this is. Why does he carry the iron chains?

Princess Nuo Yi didn’t know what was occurring, but she saw the face of her aunt change color. The face that didn’t change when confronted with an oncoming landslide. Nuo Yi immediately became nervous.

Princess Bao Lian looked at Nuo Yi and softly said: “Don’t worry, he can handle!” only these words did not feel sincere.



An enormous figure entered into Chu Mo’s eyesight as the person approached. It scared Chu Mo a step back.

“The world actually has this tall a person?”

The figure coming out of the shadows was just like a giant!

His height was at least ten feet!

Chu Mo clearly saw the person’s face at last as he continuously approached.

He wasn’t ugly. He had heavy features, but his skin was very dark. The two large eyes lit up like lamps, extremely bright.

Each step was like a moving black iron tower!

The enormous iron chains were as thick as an arm. The chains pierced through his two shoulders, and they hung down locking his wrists, linking the two arms together. He could move a little, but there was no way to make any large actions. The two legs also had countless iron chains that locked his ankles together. He basically couldn’t make any large strides.

“This……” Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, and he secretly thought: ‘This terrifying giant……why does he look like a captured criminal?’

The crowd of Wang Court horsemen were intimidated by the giant. It was also their first time seeing such a large person. They also saw the enormous person’s iron chains that pierced through the shoulder blades, and the ankle locking chains. They all felt a sudden chilling aura inside.

The chains this guy carries must weigh a thousand pounds at the very least!

Furthermore, these chains passed through his shoulder blades. So painful!

The giant also didn’t seem to care about the iron chains. He walked slow because of the chains on his ankles, but it seemed like the weight had no effect on him.

Elder Hao Yue shouted: “This is my warrior of the Hao Yue clan. He is Geshui’s bodyguard. He has natural divine power as well as an irritable temper. The thing he likes to do the most is tear apart the living!”


The black tower giant seemed to act with Elder Hao Yue’s words, and he let out an enormous roar.

The voice seemed like a ferocious beast howling.

“Therefore……this little hero, you should be careful. You may withdraw now if you feel you aren’t his match.”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me. I cannot control him.”

Elder Hao Yue looked at Chu Mo and plainly spoke. His pupil’s twinkled ice-cold rays of light.

Chu Mo quickly thought: “Jade, let me see his realm!”

Information immediately entered Chu Mo’s mind.

“No realm. His basic essence is rank nine, natural divine power. Poisoned, toxicity degree……”

“The ingredients to cure the poison are……”

“Refinement method: After gathering materials, send into the space, and arrange on the green stone.”

“Required energy, weak.”

Chu Mo felt extremely shocked after obtaining the information on the black iron tower.

“No realm!”

This giant is an ordinary person without any realm?

“Body’s natural essence is rank nine! What is happening?”

He also used the jade on a few Wang Court horsemen in this short period of time. The highest natural essence didn’t pass rank three.

Basically they all had naturally powerful bodies. The most outstanding part is natural abilities of their bodies were a rank higher than their cultivation.

Chu Mo had also checked himself. His own realm cultivation was at the peak of yellow rank three. His physical essence was at rank five. This is all due to the short time spent with the Demon Lord. Chu Mo ate all kinds of high level Yuan beats for nourishment. There were also the daily beatings……in reality they continuously changed and perfected Chu Mo’s flesh. Only the method wasn’t too friendly.

Chu Mo’s physical essence didn’t break past rank five under this kind of training. The giant before him actually as a rank nine physical essence……Chu Mo couldn’t help but exclaim inside: ‘Rank nine physical essence……then shouldn’t his body strength be equivalent to a rank nine Yuan beast?’

Is this not too terrifying?

Furthermore, the jade also gave a natural divine power assessment.

This is the first time Chu Mo had seen this kind of assessment. The jade had given an assessment of innate spirit in the past.

Compared to the latter, it appears the black iron tower’s natural divine power is somewhat more threatening.

But poisoned……how could this be?

Chu Mo looked over at the very calm Elder Hao Yue, and he secretly thought: ‘Don’t tell me it is this old thing’s doing? Truly evil! It looks like he often uses his ancestor’s poison to harm people.

These thoughts flitted across Chu Mo’s mind. He immediately raised his head, looked at Elder Hao Yue, and cupped his fist: “Men of the grasslands only fight to the death. They are not afraid of death! Therefore, this battle……I accept!”

“Good!” The Wang Court horsemen’s blood couldn’t help but heat up, and they shouted.

But they were all sweating inside for Chu Mo. They wouldn’t have the slightest notion of fighting this giant if they changed places. They wouldn’t say any blaming words if Chu Mo chose to give up.

Elder Hao Yue laughed: “Ha ha, good, a good grassland youth! Has courage!”

“Gao Da……enter!” Elder Hao Yue faced the enormous black iron tower and shouted.


The giant faced the sky and let out a roar. The iron chains let out an ear-piercing noise.




He moved to the stage step by step, looked at Chu Mo, and revealed a fierce-looking smile. The giant said: “Little guy, you have such soft and tender flesh……it looks really good to eat!”

Chu Mo looked at the giant’s eyes, and his brow slightly wrinkled. Because he could feel no murderous aura when the giant spoke. But rather, there was only an extremely strong resentment!

This resentment was extremely strong. It was to the point that Chu Mo wondered. What kind of torment did this giant go through to have such intense resentment?

“Come, big guy! Come hit me!” Chu Mo squinted his eyes and came up with a plan. He immediately gave the giant a slight smile.


A matchless oppressive sound. The giant swung the chain that passed through his shoulder blades and locked his arms. The long bulky iron chain ruthlessly smashed towards Chu Mo.

A noise in the air caused the crowd to shudder like birds.

Several Wang Court horsemen and Hao Yue clansmen couldn’t help but retreat backwards.

This murderous aura is too terrifying!

Chu Mo’s image slightly flashed, avoiding the giant’s strike.


The iron chains ruthlessly smashed the ground next to the bonfire.

The whole earth shook.

A ten foot deep ditch was smashed open by the hard iron chains.

Dust and dirt flew everywhere. The force splashed into the flames of the bonfire.

Several people were startled, and they retreated back.

Nuo Yi’s face didn’t hold a trace of blood color. She unconsciously stood up and said: “Don’t hit……don’t hit……”

Elder Hao Yue coldly looked at Nuo Yi, and he made a pun on the words: “Right now, there is already no one that can stop him!”

[TL: Yeah, I don’t get the pun.]

Princess Bao Lian softly comforted Nuo Yi: “Don’t worry, it’s still good!”

“Ha ha.” Elder Hao Yue let out a cold laugh.

Princess Bao Lian trembled inside. She continuously prayed: ‘Noble son Lin, we are counting on you……you must hold on, then find an opportunity to kill this old thing! Otherwise, today we are all doomed!’

Because princess Bao Lian already felt that Elder Hao Yue was suspicious of Chu Mo’s status! Otherwise, he would not foolishly bring out Gao Da.

Even, it is very possible Elder Hao Yue already learned Chu Mo’s true identity.

Because the the words Elder Hao Yue recently said to Chu Mo——

“Ha ha, good, a good grassland youth! Has courage!”

Don’t tell me someone secretly sold us out? Princess Bao Lian’s eyes moved over to the faraway Wang Court horsemen. Only she couldn’t see anything clearly that far away in the night.

Chu Mo lead the giant everywhere, chaotically fleeing. The whole banquet site turned into a complete mess.

The whole area was in ruins!

The giant’s destructive force was too powerful and terrifying.

Everyone hid far away from the two.

The giant also became excited by Chu Mo’s continuous running. Two iron chains flew up and down, smashing everywhere.

No matter what it was, so long as the iron chains could touch it, there was only one outcome——smash!

“Don’t run!”

“Stand still for me!”


The giant snarled and continuously roared.

In the end, everyone……moved far away from the two. Their eyes held endless terror as they watched.

Waiting for an opening, Chu Mo suddenly rushed at the giant. He displayed his footwork skill without restraint. He swished past the side of the giant, and left a word in his ear.

“You aren’t that foolish! You are poisoned! I can cure it!”


The giant’s ruthless iron chains struck towards Chu Mo, but they smashed to the side of Chu Mo.

A deep pit once again smashed open in the ground.

A trace of a smile flashed in Chu Mo’s eyes.

He succeeded!

Because this time, the giant’s iron chains didn’t not come rushing at him!

In other words, his opponent listened to what he just said!


Chu Mo once again flitted across the Giant’s side, but a low voice came from the giant: “Why should I believe you?”