Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 44: Chu Mo to Battle

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Chapter 44: Chu Mo to Battle

Princess Bao Lian’s pupils flashed ice-cold.

Geshui changed from anger to happiness. Men of the grasslands take promises seriously. Their word is as good as gold. So long as the marriage is arranged, this pearl……cannot run away. She will certainly be his!

“I……” Princes Nuo Yi immediately worried. She already had a beloved. Even though the engagement would be in title only, she entirely could not accept!

“This matter……it is agreed!” Elder Hao Yue seemed to have exhausted his patience. The Elder Hao Yue waved his hand: “I am your uncle, and your elder, naturally I couldn’t harm you! We will certainly do what we promised!”

“Brothers Jin and Yin confused right and wrong. They splashed dirty water upon you. Your uncle will wash you clean, and make you snow white!”

These words didn’t expose Elder Hao Yue’s ambitious and ruthless nature. It also crushed Nuo Yi’s little schemes into the mud!

He is the enemy, but Chu Mo couldn’t help but secretly praise: ‘Amazing!’

The present situation would soon follow the final words of Elder Hao Yue, but the peacefully sitting princess Bao Lian suddenly spoke: “Wait a moment.”

“What about marrying for love?”

Elder Hao Yue’s pupils flickered quiet cold rays of light. They attentively watched princess Bao Lian. His threatening stare wasn’t the slightest bit concealed.

You truly take no notice of your niece and nephew despite speaking for them!

Princess Bao Lian naturally understood Elder Hao Yue’s threatening expression in an instant. She plainly smiled and said; “Girls of the grassland all love heroes. Am I not right?”

Elder Hao Yue laughed: “Beautiful women match with heroes! Right!”

Princess Bao Lian said: “Then, the most brilliant pearl of the grasslands should find the greatest hero……is that not what you said when I married you husband?

Elder Hao Yue was slightly shocked, but he could not refute these words. He could only nod and laugh: “This hero, I have given birth to!”

Princess Bao Lian continued speaking: “I am also considered Geshui’s mother. I don’t have my own children. Therefore, I view him as my own child, even though he is not my own!”

Elder Hao Yue cursed inside: ‘You never let me touch you. How could you give birth to a child?’

“But, although I am Geshui’s mother, but I……cannot show favoritism for this reason!” Princess Bao Lian said with a just face: “Therefore, I propose Geshui have a competition with the horsemen of the Wang Court!”

“Everyone knows! The horsemen of the Wang Court are the most outstanding sons of the grasslands!”

“If Geshui wins, he can naturally prove, he is the most outstanding son of the grasslands! A genuine hero!”

“Then, I will endorse this wedding with open arms.”

“Everyone speak, how is my proposal?”

The three hundred Wang Court horsemen of princess Bao Lian and Nuo Yi erupted in applause.


“Good idea!”

“It should be like this!”

“Heroes come out fighting!”

Princess Bao Lian slightly smiled, and she looked at the stiff face of Elder Hao Yue: “Good, it can also activate the mood.”

Gemu said from the side: “Mother, your son has something to say!”

From an age standpoint, Gemu wasn’t much younger than princess Bao Lian. He ordinarily would be reluctant to call her mother, but he couldn’t show disrespect to her here.

Princess Bao Lian looked at Gemu and duly said: “Gemu child, what do you have to say?”

Gemu’s lips slightly curled, and he said: “Letting Geshui have a contest with the Wang Court horsemen would add to the fun under normal circumstances. It would be no harm. But……everyone saw Geshui was too excited today, and he drank too much wine. Just now he couldn’t even stand up straight. I’m afraid it would be unfair if we let him fight at this time.”

“In such a situation, we can let Geshui’s bodyguard take his place!”

“These bodyguards aren’t a match to Geshui on an ordinary day!”

Gemu’s face warmed and smiled as he slowly spoke each sentence.

Geshui appreciatively looked at his older brother from the side.

Elder Hao Yue also nodded satisfied. He normally didn’t care about the infighting between his sons, but he still wished for them to rally together in these critical moments. No father wishes to see this kind of internal strife.

Princess Bao Lian thought and then said: “Also good!”

Gemu chuckled: “Then, we will do the best of three rounds!”

Gemu looked at Geshui, and Geshui immediately responded: “Who wishes to substitute in for me? The victor will be rewarded!”


“I’ll go!”

“I’ll go!”

Several bodyguards at Geshui’s side immediately competed with excited faces.

Men of the grasslands never fear battle. They are a natural warlike race. Their veins pump with the blood of warriors!

Geshui’s eyes swept around, and he casually picked: “You!”

The bodyguard immediately became excited and ran out, leaping several feet. The young man standing in the stage was lit up like a shining hero by the bonfire.

“Who will fight me!” The bodyguard was high spirited in his own territory, and he looked over at the horsemen in Chu Mo’s direction.

The Wang Court Horsemen immediately blazed, standing up one by one. They wanted to teach that reckless guy a lesson.

It was already agreed upon that Chu Mo would fight in this battle, but these hot blooded men had much wine and little restraint. But the training and essence of these Wang Court horsemen were the best in the grasslands.

Therefore, although they were angered and stood up to fight, they didn’t lose rationality.

Chu Mo stood up at this time and smiled: “I’ll come!”

“All you older brothers have been famous Wang Court horsemen for many years. It would be the same as bullying if you all fought. So, I should go!”

Chu Mo’s words were quite ruthless.

The bodyguard of the Hao Yue clan standing next to the bonfire looked in Chu Mo’s eyes, filled with a murderous aura. He coldly said: “Who are you? You are so small……are you also a Wang Court horseman? How come I’ve never see you?”

“Have you met all the thousands of Wang Court horsemen?” Nuo Yi dully said from far away: “He is my personally appointed bodyguard!”

This bodyguard of the Hao Yue clan immediately slowed, completely speechless. No matter how arrogant he is, he doesn’t dare confront a Wang Court princess.

Elder Hao Yue saw Chu Mo the instant he stood up. He squinted, then immediately called over a person at his side. He softly said something to the person. The person’s face was slightly shocked, and they quickly departed.

Chu Mo slowly walked out towards the bodyguard onstage. He said with a smile: “I won’t bully you. Go ahead and act first!”

“Boy……you are seeking death, don’t blame me!” The bodyguard lowered his voice, and ruthlessly looked at Chu Mo: “There is no longer time to kneel and beg to be spared!”

Chu Mo slightly smiled, extended a hand, and called him with a hooked finger: “Come”

“Seeking death!” The bodyguard was immediately infuriated. He snarled and rushed directly at Chu Mo.

Yuan power fluctuated and exploded with a loud sound. It actually pressured onto the bonfire not far away……suppressing the flames back.

“Good!” The warriors on the Hao Yue clan’s side immediately cheered.

“Hey, this boy simply acts recklessly. Mu Han is one of the few experts of the Hao Yue clan. He is on the verge of breaking through the Yuan Closure. Beat that little fart child. Won’t it be the same as crushing an ant?”

“Ha ha, right, this little brat must certainly secretly love princess Nuo Yi. He saw the princess wants to become a person of the Hao Yue clan. He became jealous and lost all reason!”

“I cannot bear to look. It is simply an adult bullying a child!”

“Don’t beat him to death, that’s no fun!”

A gang of warriors from the Hao Yue clan loudly laughed. They didn’t placed the youth in their eyes at all.

All the horsemen on the Wang Court side enraged. They wished to tear the mouths of those few men.

But the Wang Court horsemen of princess Nuo Yi revealed a disdainful cold smile.

“Crush noble son Lin like a little ant?”

“Adult bullying a child?

“Killing in one strike?”

Don’t joke around!

If there wasn’t an even larger plan in the background, these Wang Court horsemen that had gone through life and death with Chu Mo would all immediately stand up. They would give these ignorant blockheads a lesson about noble son Lin’s heroic achievements.


The first pick of Geshui was indeed a little strong. A fist smashed across, and the air began to crackle.

The bonfire brightened back up once again, and it made the face of the warrior shine even more ferociously.

Chu Mo stood there, his figure thin and weak, yet tall and straight. But he appeared at a disadvantage in the eyes of others.

Only Elder Hao Yue’s pupils twinkled with an ice-cold light. He looked a Chu Mo, but there was not the slightest smile on his face. Those two bodyguards also alertly watched Chu Mo.

The enormous fist of the bodyguard already smashed before Chu Mo. Chu Mo could even feel the fierce wind coming from the fist!

As well as……the proud and ferocious smile of the warrior.

Chu Mo finally acted at this time!

He also struck a fist.

This fist was quick as lighting!

In the end……it directly collided with the fist of the Hao Yue warrior.


A muffled bang.

There was no shaking of the heavens and earth, no tragic roar.

This warrior of the Hao Yue clan, step step step step……retreated back seven or eight steps before stabilizing.

“You lost.” Chu Mo dully said.

The surrounding noisy voices immediately calmed.

Everyone confoundedly looked at the stage. They didn’t dare believe their eyes. This boy is the Wang Court horseman personally appointed by princess Nuo Yi, but his age……it is too young!

At most he looked fourteen or fifteen, and possibly not even that old. How could he send Mu Han back with one strike? This power……isn’t it a little too strong? And it is clear, the boy is being merciful!

They didn’t want to admit it, but these people aren’t foolish. All the people of the grasslands respect heroes. Strength becomes respect. Even if they didn’t wish to admit the truth, but they personally witnessed it. The warriors of the Hao Yue clan completely shut their mouths. Only their facial expressions became extremely unsightly.

They lost too much face!

Mu Han was completely shocked, then he immediately snarled and rushed to Chu Mo again.

“Enough!” Elder Hao Yue coldly shouted: “Losing is losing. Don’t make yourself a joke. Don’t tell me my strong men of the grasslands are sore losers?”

Mu Han slightly trembled, and he immediately knelt before Chu Mo: “Sorry, it is my loss! Mu Han is sincerely convinced!”

He then stood up and walked out with a pale face.

“Next one!” a Wang Court horseman by Pang Zhongyuan shouted.

“Next one!”

“Next one!”

The other people all followed after.

Elder Hao Yue slightly smiled: “Don’t worry, we commence right away!”

Crash! Crash! Crash!

A sound like iron chains rubbing came from far away. It sounded like a person was dragging heavy iron chains and walking over.

The continually calm face of princess Bao Lian suddenly changed. She stood up and snarled at Elder Hao Yue: “You……how could you bring out this person? This is against the rules!”

“Ah?” Elder Hao Yue slightly smiled: “He is the bodyguard I have recently entrusted to Geshui!”