Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 43: Wily Old Fox

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Chapter 43: Wily Old Fox

Twilight approached. A pink glow showed off the clouds far away in the lower half of the sky.

Elder Hao Yue’s clan had already started burning a large bamboo fire. The raging flames and the sunset glow reflected off each other.

The people of the grassland are experts in song and dance. There were already a large number of young men and women circling around the bonfire, singing and dancing. One could feel the passion blowing from far away.

A joyous atmosphere!

The atmosphere here reached a high tide in the wake of princess Bao Lian’s and Nuo Yi’s arrival.

A large amount of young men and women encircled around princess Bao Lian’s group.

Princess Bao Lian and Nuo Yi’s faces revealed a joyful expression. They couldn’t help but follow the music and twist their bodies.

Pang Zhongyuan walked to Chu Mo’s side and softly said: “In such a lively atmosphere, don’t be looked at strangely by others.”

Chu Mo bitterly smiled. Where could he have learned things like singing and dancing!

But he could only follow the human tide at this time, and randomly twist. In the end he practiced martial arts from a young age. Rhythm, posture, and flexibility were not problems. He seemed decent after a few moments.

Everyone finally stopped after dancing for a while. The faces of everyone were flushed and smiling.

The faces of princess Bao Lian and Nuo Yi were extremely excited.

Chu Mo was secretly alert inside. Elder Hao Yue is formidable as expected!

If it weren’t for princess Bao Lian’s prior information, and if he didn’t personally see the secretly arranged manpower, he would have been affected by the atmosphere. Chu Mo would have considered this scene a grand majestic banquet.

Soon after, the person presiding over the festivities announced that the outdoor banquet had started.

Men of the Hao Yue clan started to set the tables and chairs, methodically putting everything together. People came forth with wine and dishes soon after.

They were all specialties of the grassland. There was whole roasted lamb, beef boiled in a large pot, and a fragrant aroma permeating the whole place.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but salivate.

Everyone quickly found their seat. Elder Hao Yue sat at the head. He raised a large bowl and heartily laughed: “Today’s banquet is to welcome my Hao Yue princess, my niece and my nephew prince Lee! Everyone drink! Don’t go home sober!”

“Bottoms up!”

Following Elder Hao Yue’s words, everyone yelled out: “Cheers!”

Chu Mo drank a bowl of wine, and a burning feeling started. Princess Bao Lian said Elder Hao Yue wouldn’t put anything in the wine or food, but he was still careful. He used the jade to identify the food and wine, and determined it wasn’t poisoned.

Pretty young girls of the Hao Yue clan started to circle around the bonfire and dance after the start of the banquet.

These girls were extremely beautiful, and they danced seductively. They were vivacious and charming.

Watching these beautiful girls dance was truly a type of enjoyment. One would be intoxicated even if they didn’t drink. Chu Mo stole a few glances, and even Pang Zhongyuan couldn’t help but squint multiple times over there.

The large majority of people drank three bowls of wine very quickly. Chu Mo didn’t drink that quickly, but he still had one bowl.

Elder Hao Yue stood up and asked at this time: “Are these girls beautiful?”

“Beautiful!” The tipsy crowd loudly replied. Several people also whistled and applauded.

Elder Hao Yue smiled big: “Do you like?’

“Like!” The crowd roared like a pack of wolves howling.

Elder Hao Yue said: “Us strong men and women of the grasslands are all direct and straightforward! Not like those people in the central plains. They are secretive, coy, and boring!”

“Ha ha ha ha!” The crowd exploded with laughter. The whole atmosphere of the banquet became extremely warm.

“Then……do any of you young people want to make a confession to your sweethearts today?” Elder Hao Yue asked again.

Chu Mo thought: ‘Here it comes!’

Sure enough, Elder Hao Yue’s words hardly faded before a young man’s voice sounded out: “Yes!”

Hao Yue turned and looked at his own third son, Geshui. Everyone’s faces excitedly looked at him.

“You stinky boy……I never saw you fancy anyone. Who do you want to confess to?” Elder Hao Yue laughed and asked.

The smiles on the faces of princess Bao Lian and princess Nuo Yi became a little stiff, even though they knew that this would happen already.

Geshui immediately turned, lovingly looked at Nuo Yi, and proclaimed: “I……Hao Yue Geshui, am a good youth of the grasslands! I love……I certainly love the most radiant pearl of the grasslands! Other girls, although they are beautiful, but I only see and love Nuo Yi!”

“Ao Ao Ao!”

The Hao Yue clansmen immediately cheered like a pack of wolves at the outdoor banquet.

“Third noble son is most handsome!”

“Third noble son is most brave!”

“Only our third noble son matches with the most touching pearl of the grasslands!”

Gemu also smiled as he sat next to Geshui, only there was much gloom in that smile.

Most handsome? Most brave?

Gemu stole a look at the excited third brother, and at his happy looking father. His thoughts immediately calmed down: ‘Wait until the day I become king. Then speak!’

The warriors of the Hao Yue clan already started to gather at that time. They faced Nuo Yi and shouted in unison: “Princess respond!”

“Princess respond!”

“Princess respond!”

The voices shook the heavens and echoed all around.

Nuo Yi sat there carrying a somewhat stiff smile. She heard the voices, and she took a deep breath. Then softly……raised a hand.

The voices came to a screeching halt!

Chu Mo saw Elder Hao Yue’s expression slightly stiffen. A cold light flashed in his pupils.

“I will speak.” Nuo Yi slowly stood up. She gracefully stood there and looked all around. Her vision slightly jerked as it passed by Chu Mo, but it quickly resumed.

“First, I must thank brother Geshui’s generous affection towards me.”

“Sister Nuo Yi, I am infatuated with you……” Geshui borrowed the liquid courage, and he shouted with a red face.

The surroundings burst with loud cheers.

Nuo Yi once again softly raised her hand, and placed some pressure: “Everyone please first listen to what I have to say.”

The Wang Court princess’s leftover power still remained. Even If the Wang Court had gone through drastic change, and even if she is currently wanted and slandered by brothers Jin and Yin, she still held an incomparable position in the hearts of the grassland people. It is the same, even if she is in Elder Hao Yue’s clan!

The whole scene calmed down once again.

Geshui’s face revealed a trace of embarrassment, but his expression was still full of excitement. It seemed to him, the most brilliant pearl of the grasslands was already his……no one could snatch her away!

“Here, I must first clear something.” Nuo Yi softly said: “You all must hear the changes that occurred at the Wang Court. Nuo Yi shouldn’t say these things to dampen this joyous occasion.”

“But, since Geshui is proclaiming to me, then, there are a few things I must say first.”

The flesh of Elder Hao Yue slightly twitched, but he didn’t cut off Nuo Yi. He only looked at the peacefully-sitting princess Bao Lian’s vision, as it turned ice-cold.

Obviously, he didn’t believe the young Nuo Yi could have such wisdom.

Princess Bao Lian tenderly cared for her own niece. She didn’t look at him, as if she completely didn’t notice Elder Hao Yue watching her attentively.

“First, Nuo Yi isn’t a fugitive!”

Princess Nui Yi contained her tears as she proclaimed: “Nuo Yi’s mother and father, your most beloved king and queen, were poisoned by the unfilial sons Jin and Yin. And their heads were personally chopped off by brother Yin!”

“Therefore, brother Jin and Yin are the real murderers of the former king and queen!”

“The second thing, Nuo Yi requests that uncle send troops to help Nuo Yi, to cut down the usurpers Jin and Yin!”

Nuo Yi looked at Elder Hao Yue, and she resisted the tears falling with great difficulty.

Geshui drank a little much and was caught in the moment. He roared without hesitation: “Don’t worry princess Nuo Yi. I will certainly send troops as long as you become my wife……”

Gemu secretly gave a ruthless kick to Geshui’s leg below the table. The already wobbly Geshui immediately fell to the ground. Then Gemu looked a little shocked at the crowd and laughed: “Third brother drank too much. He can’t stand straight and is speaking nonsense!”

“I……I didn’t……” Geshui climbed up from the ground. He still wished to continue on with what he was saying, but he suddenly saw his father’s ice-cold sunken face. He shivered from head to toe and hastily said: “Hey……I, I drank too much……truly too much! Sorry I’ve lost face……sister Nuo Yi, you……you continue.”

Princess Nuo Yi acted like the scene never occurred. She directly looked Elder Hao Yue in the eyes and said: “Nuo Yi’s father and mother have recently passed away. Even if Nuo Yi has the heart, but right now it is an unfitting time to discuss marriage. I hope uncle can understand!”

“At the same time, Nuo Yi once again requests uncle to send troops. Help the Wang Court destroy the rebellious brothers Jin and Yin. For the peace of the grassland, and justice for everyone!”

“Nuo Yi believes uncle to be a man of honor, and he will certainly help Nuo Yi! He will help the grassland’s Wang Court!”

Nuo Yi faced Elder Hao Yue and deeply saluted.

The whole scene quieted. Even the most slow-witted person could feel the atmosphere became tense.

Everyone’s vision fell upon Elder Hao Yue.

Elder Hao Yue suddenly smiled, reached out an empty hand to princess Nuo Yi, and said: “You have such a filial piety. It is rare and precious! It is truly not easy!”

“So uncle promises according to Nuo Yi’s request?” Nuo Yi directly asked.

Elder Hao Yue’s pupils coldly flashed, and he continued on smiling: “This matter is too complicated. It is also something a child like you shouldn’t participate in. But don’t worry, your parents died. I……and your aunt are your only close relatives. I will certainly lord over you!”

Chu Mo slightly squinted, and thought: ‘The old guy is amazing. He actually used kinship and family seniority to suppress Nuo Yi.’

Sure enough, Elder Hao Yue continued speaking: “You are my younger generation, and my favorite child! I will certainly take care of your parents matter! Brothers Jin and Yin are traitorous parent killers. They subverted the Wang Court, and I will certainly send troops!”

Elder Hao Yue said these words without any doubt.

The surroundings immediately burst out with cheers.

Chu Mo’s pupils were ice-cold, and he thought: ‘Certainly send troops? It is for yourself!’

“As for the wedding. Right now you still need to be respectful to your parents, and not get married.” Elder Hao Yue sighed.

Geshui’s eyes immediately grew large. He wanted to speak, but Gemu stared daggers at him.

Elder Hao Yue changed the topic at this time: “But, Geshui is a little infatuated with you. I think you must certainly not refuse him princess. There is no rush to get married, but the marriage……it can be arranged!”

Nuo Yi’s face immediately became pale when she heard these words.