Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 42: Hao Yue’s Clan

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Chapter 42: Hao Yue’s Clan

Chu Mo walked out of his room exhilarated early morning the next day. He carried a happy expression. He called out with a big smile to his serving maid: “Good morning!”

“Ah……he……hello!” The maid’s face turned red. Her heart started bouncing around like a little deer, and she believed the young horseman fancied her.

Horsemen of the Wang Court were the top pick for practically all the maidens of the grasslands.

Because the Wang Court horsemen were almost all in their twenties and thirties. They were young, handsome, and cultured. They also held a high position in the grasslands.

How could the girl not like him?

Chu Mo would certainly feel speechless if he knew what the maiden was thinking. He didn’t even have any feelings towards top grade beauties like princess Nuo Yi……don’t mention he is ignorant about sensing these kinds of things.

Yesterday’s experience was thrilling, but Chu Mo’s acquisition was equally big!

He cut down a vile poisonous Immortal Sky disciple that was an evil presence for himself and Qi Xiaoyu. He obtained Murdering Heaven, thereby possessing an outstanding weapon. The jade space also had an enormous change.

The most important part is a completely new scripture appeared on the second page of Heaven’s Will My Will!

Rest assured, this made Chu Mo the most happiest!

He pulled out Heaven’s Will My Will after coming back last night, and he shockingly discovered the second page of Heaven’s Will My Will was surprisingly covered with writing.

After cultivating one cycle, he discovered his absorption speed of Yuan Qi was twice as fast as before.

Chu Mo cultivated for one night and two days, and he discovered his current Yuan Qi accumulation was already at the peak of the third realm. He could break through to the fourth realm at any time!

This kind of cultivation speed had never been heard of……but now it has actually become reality!

Chu Mo’s current status was that of a person at a happy occasion.

Chu Mo didn’t go out for the next several days. He continuously focused on cultivating.

The place was peaceful. The disturbances throughout the grasslands seemed to have no relation with this place, and no one came to harass them.

Chu Mo snuck out several times at night to use Murdering Heaven and cultivate his sword skill. He discovered the power was several times greater than before.

It would be easy to directly confront an opponent the rank of Zhao Fan now……one slash could chop across his opponent!

He wouldn’t be in a difficult situation like last time!

The day of banquet arrived after several days. Nuo Yi, Bao Lian, and the little prince Lee were all in splendid attire. They sat in a luxurious carriage that was already prepared.

Chu Mo was dressed in festival attire like the other Wang Court horsemen, and he looked to be trembling with excitement.

Chu Mo rode on the black horse among the troops beside Nuo Yi’s carriage. He looked a little frail compared to the full grown men, but he was still soldierly enough.

Nuo Yi looked out the window of the carriage several times and secretly stole glances at Chu Mo. Her eyes were a bit obsessed.

The dazzling princess Bao Lian at her side softly said: “Do you like him?”

Two red clouds flew onto Nuo Yi’s face, just a little embarrassed, but she slightly nodded. Then she said in a somewhat hopeless voice: “He seems to not like me.”

“How is that possible? My niece is so beautiful, and also the future queen of the grassland. What man wouldn’t like you? Maybe if he is blind!” Princess Bao Lian said: “This is the way I see it. It’s not that he doesn’t like you, only he is too young……he basically doesn’t understand these things!”

“How can he not understand? He is so clever. He has the most wisdom among all the people I’ve seen!” Nuo Yi said somewhat sadly.

“Ha ha……it looks like my precious niece……the future queen of the grasslands is truly fond of him.” Princess Bao Lian smiled tenderly, then said: “Your aunt has met men just like you say. Boys can be extremely clever, but they are much slower than girls about these kinds of things!”

“Remember my precious niece. If you like……you must pursue! Do not miss out, or you will have regret.”

“Thirteen or fourteen year olds……they aren’t that young. The boys of the grasslands already have a marriage arranged at that age, and at fifteen or sixteen they could be married and have a child!”

Nuo Yi looked with a bright red face at her aunt, and softly said: “Auntie is speaking of me, but at that time why did you……”

Princess Bao Lian’s face slightly changed.

Nuo Yi softly said: “Sorry auntie, Nuo Yi said something she shouldn’t have said.”

Princess Bao Lian shook her head and pulled Nuo Yi’s hand: “Auntie doesn’t blame you. At that time……auntie had not choice. Your father……father is good in that aspect, but his nature is soft. And he was too charitable.”

“In fact there were several opportunities at that time to take over the whole grassland with iron blood and skill. At that time he chose to appease……humph. Only tyrants can be king in these grasslands! What use is appeasement? The more you appease, the more others feel you are easy to cheat!”

“Elder Hao Yue’s influence had already risen at that time, and it was an unstoppable trend.”

“If it continued on, I’m afraid……the grasslands would turn into a giant battlefield after a couple of years.”

“At that time I advised your father to come up with an excuse to send troops and grab Elder Hao Yue……if he didn’t kill him, at least place him under house arrest!”

“But your father……yet refused.”

“That bastard Elder Hao Yue listened to any rumor at that time. He actually took his two guards and ran to the Wang Court to ask for marriage!”

Princess Bao Lian’s face revealed a trace of resentment: “Your father felt Elder Hao Yue was honorable, and he lacked a rebellious heart. Otherwise, how could he only take two people to the Wang Court and ask for marriage? In addition, your father never approved of me and mister Pang. I agreed to the marriage in that mess.”

Nuo Yi softly said: “My father did wrong in this. He delayed auntie so many years……”

“It couldn’t be called wrong.” Princess Bao Lian plainly said: “After I came, that old bastard controlled himself much more than in the past. He didn’t dare openly develop the power of the Hao Yue clan. Otherwise this beautiful grassland would have entered into battle a long time ago.”

Nuo Yi looked at her aunt in a state of worship, then said: “Auntie, you are truly formidable! You suffered such a great wrong, and you are still able to calmly confront it. If we changed places……I certainly couldn’t do it.”

“You could do it!” Princess Bao Lian earnestly said: “Auntie will certainly make you the most brilliant pearl of the grasslands!”

Princess Bao Lian’s place was approximately forty miles away from the place Elder Hao Yue lived. They left early in the morning, and they finally arrived at sunset.

Chu Mo finally had a feeling of coming to the grasslands when he saw the yurt ahead of them.

Elder Hao Yue sent out troops to greet them. They intermingled after being received, and they majestically hastened towards the Hao Yue clan.

Elder Hao Yue and his three sons Gemu, Gewen, and Geshui waited there with high level members of the Hao Yue clan all around them.

The carriage slowly stopped. Elder Hao Yue’s face revealed an infatuated expression in the moment that the richly dressed princess Bao Lian left the carriage.

Elder Hao Yue vaguely remembered. The only time she had dressed up like this was the day they were married.

‘What is this today? Is it so that I support her niece……to climb on top the Wang Court throne?’

Elder Hao Yue looked at princess Bao Lian from far away, and his face revealed a moderate smile. Inside he was completely ice-cold: ‘It’s a pity. I won’t have the good fortune to enjoy this top level beauty! Because……I want to sit on that throne!’

The three brothers at Elder Hao Yue’s side also held an infatuated expression.

Sons taking wives from the father’s concubines was a common occurrence in the grasslands.

They all were unaware their father already secretly poisoned princess Bao Lian. They all wanted to marry this woman that their father hadn’t touched. If she could sleep with them once……it would be very good!

Princess Nuo Yi left the carriage soon after, and it made everyone’s eyes light up even more.

The most dazzling and resplendent pearl on the grasslands, dressed in rich attire, emitted endless youth and vitality.

She was a spring orchid. Even if she was standing next to princess Bao Lian, she did not lose out in the slightest!

Gemu secretly cast a glance at his younger brother Geshui, and he was envious inside. His father said he would marry her to the third brother if Nuo Yi was accommodating.

“If she accommodates, then……my Hao Yue clan can easily obtain a former princess without anyone to rely on!”

“The people of the grassland will support us even more!”

These are the words Elder Hao Yue said to his three sons earlier.

Gemu was a little uneasy, because he is the oldest. He is the most deserving of marrying a princess!

But his father yet wanted to marry her to third brother!

The reason was very simple. Gemu is the oldest, and Gemu would inherit the throne in the future!

Elder Hao Yue couldn’t permit the throne to return to that bloodline’s hands after working so hard to obtain the it.

Gemu understood this logic, but his heart was still hot and impulsive as he looked at the beautiful moving face of princess Nuo Yi.

It is a pity no one here dares oppose Elder Hao Yue. Elder Hao Yue is the heaven of the Hao Yue clan! He is the one and only!

“Ha ha, welcome. Welcome all of you! My dear wife, and my treasured niece and nephew! Welcome all of you…..welcome to the Hao Yue clan!”

Elder Hao Yue’s face carried a happy expression as he walked over. That good expression and warm smile, it looked entirely like a kind elder.

Chu Mo leaped down from the horse, and he secretly thought: ‘This is the first time I’ve met such a deep and sophisticated person. No wonder he could develop the Hao Yue clan to the present degree.’

It seems……the following plan will have to be acted upon according to the circumstance!

Chu Mo’s greatest headache was the two guards of elder Hao Yue. They were seemingly inseparable!

There could ordinarily be no danger for elder Hao Yue to welcome princess Bao Lian in his own domain.

But those two guards still followed behind Elder Hao Yue extremely alert.

It seemed in their eyes, any person……is a suspicious target!

Chu Mo somewhat painfully wrinkled his brow and thought: ‘If there is a way to indirectly approach elder Hao Yue in an instant, end him in one slash without fooling around, then that would be best!’

Mulling it over, Chu Mo walked together with the group and was welcomed by Elder Hao Yue’s clan.

Chu Mo was mindful to observe this course of events, and he discovered Elder Hao Yue’s clan seemed to have a gleeful atmosphere. But they were actually relaxed on the outside and tight on the inside!

There are secret cards in many places.

‘These secret cards……I’m afraid at one command they would immediately encircle, and not a single drop of water could break through.’

Chu Mo squinted and thought: ‘It looks like there is no good way today. There must certainly be a break!’