Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 41: Multitasking

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Chapter 41: Multitasking

Chu Mo finally recovered his senses after a long time. He struggled up onto shore with great difficulty while gasping for breath.

He was soaked from head to foot like a fish pulled out of water.

Chu Mo rubbed his wet hair, looked at the blood sword in his hand, and muttered: “Go so far……I only wanted to know your name? Did you have to come up with such a bloody scene to scare me?”

“Murdering Heaven……such a fierce name!”

A cold wind blew past, and Chu Mo slightly trembled. He grabbed the blade and said: “It looks like you are a blade that has gone through bloody slaughter. To tell me your name in this way……it is so unique. I would have been scared to death by you had my courage been slightly less.”

Chu Mo prepared to put Murdering Heaven away. After all, this exceptional weapon made him a little uncomfortable.

A snarl came forth from a far away place at this time, and several people advanced towards Chu Mo’s direction.

Chu Mo unconsciously raised his head while somewhat startled. He suddenly looked back behind his head, and there were actually countless streams of light blooming in mid-air!

Every color under the sun could be seen for a hundred miles on the moonlit grassland.

“Damn!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but scold, then he turned and ran!

He couldn’t possibly stay here and be surrounded by a group of people. Chu Mo couldn’t talk his way out of this one even if he had a hundred mouths, and he would be ripped to shreds.

But what made Chu Mo speechless, is this glowing light……it seemed to emit from his own body.

Because as he ran the brilliant rays of light in the sky actually moved with him.

“Moved……those rays of light moved!”

“Not good, the treasure wants to flee! Quickly chase!”

“That treasure is intelligent! We must not let it escape!”

“This is the territory of Da Qi. Any treasure that appears here belongs to Da Qi!”

“Scram Da Qi! You’re shameless! This is Elder Hao Yue’s territory!”

“Elder Hao Yue’s territory? Does he not belong to the Wang Court? Everything on the grasslands belongs to the Wang Court! The Wang Court has indisputable sovereignty over everything here!”

“Pei! A group of common people. If you all dare compete, this noble son won’t mind beheading all of you!”

Chu Mo heard the last voice. It was actually Leng Qiuming’s.

The mixed voices made Chu Mo feel speechless. Da Qi, the Wang Court, and Elder Hao Yue……they were all mixed into this affair.

‘I cannot let these men grab me. Otherwise, it will certainly influence my future plans!’ Chu Mo secretly thought, then he looked into the sky at the streaming rays of light.

He couldn’t help but curse inside: ‘Speak, what are you following me for? This shining……are you afraid others won’t catch me?’

Chu Mo couldn’t do anything else at this time. He stepped with both legs and wildly ran with all his might.

The Demon Lord passed down this footwork. It was still a little choppy as it hadn’t achieved a state of complete mastery.

But it wouldn’t be thoroughly understood by Chu Mo without suspense.

Chu Mo already put Murdering Heaven back into the jade space, but the brilliant rays of light still followed him in the sky. The influence still lingers on!

The group of people were insane, pursuing relentlessly, unwilling to let go.

Chu Mo grabbed the Yuan stone with both hands, and started a mad rush with his footwork skill. He continuously found places to improve the footwork skill at the same time. He also madly cultivated Heaven’s Will My Will to continuously suck in the Yuan power from the Yuan stone.


A cultivator could only discover this state. It cannot be sought.

Chu Mo was unwittingly able to do it under this type of enormous pressure!

Only Chu Mo was completely unaware of this point. His brain only said one thing: ‘Run! Don’t let them see your identity! And you must not let them grab you!’

“What kind of treasure is this? How can it run so fast? I feel like I’m getting farther and farther away from it!” Leng Qiuming said to Dong Fangbai and Yu Zonghou.

Dong Fangbai and Yu Zonghou also didn’t understand. Yu Zonghou said: “I have never heard of this kind of treasure before……”

“I’ve heard of spiritual treasures that can fly, but those treasures flee at first sight, disappearing in an instant.”

“But this……seems to be intentionally teasing us?”

Dong Fangbai nodded: “I also have this feeling.”

Chu Mo would certainly spit in their faces if he heard these words.

“The ghost wants to play with you all!”

But it was indeed this type of feeling for Leng Qiuming and the others. Leng Qiuming wrinkled his brow and said: “Could it be……this treasure is using the method to test us? See if we can persist to the end?”

Yu Zonghou muttered: “This is a possibility!”

Dong Fangbai said: “I still have enough Yuan stones!”

“Chase!” Leng Qiuming snarled, and he advanced towards the flowing light.

There were still several men of Da Qi, the Wang Court, and Elder Hao Yue behind the three of them.

They didn’t dare directly oppose the disciples of the sects, but they didn’t wish to give up. What if that treasure selected them?

Especially the people of Da Qi. They were the most aggravated. They already considered the grassland territory in the bag, even though it wasn’t theirs yet. This place was also discovered first by the people of Da Qi.

As a result they didn’t know who leaked the information and attracted so many people.

Da Qi’s group of people had enough certainty they could attain the treasure if it weren’t for those three large sect disciples.

But now……they weren’t that hopeful.

“If I find out who leaked the news…….I will kill him with my own hands!” A handsome young man carried a peculiar shaped bow. The surface seemed to be submerged in water. He rode atop a horse and stared at the dazzling rays of light. He mumbled: “I must get this treasure. It is mine! Humph, what are sect disciples? I, Jiang Qiuyang……am also a sect disciple!”

Chu Mo madly fled on the grassland. He also didn’t dare run towards princess Bao Lian’s palace. That was the same as telling everyone his identity.

He could only go towards another direction far away from the palace. At the same time Chu Mo scolded: ‘Lousy blade……have you showed off enough? Retract those brilliant rays of light for me! I’m likely to throw you away if you show off again! It is still good if master doesn’t want?’

Chu Mo somewhat understood that the brilliant rays of light above his head were most likely caused by Murdering Heaven.

Because there was nothing before this!

Chu Mo was ruthless inside, and gnashed his teeth. He wanted to throw Murdering Heaven away, and the strange thing is the rays of light above his head actually started to slowly dull.

Chu Mo was overjoyed, and he muttered: “Quick quick, completely scatter. Such a large action, are you trying to kill me?”

The scattering speed of colorful rays of light……slightly sped up.

“Quicker quicker!”

Chu Mo urged, and at the same time he silently cursed: ‘Just a blade……who is this large extravagance for? Aren’t you dressing up a bit much?’

Chu Mo was happy, but Leng Qiuming and the others all felt like they were splashed with cold water. They saw the brilliant rays of light gradually scatter a distance of a few miles away.

Leng Qiuming’s face turned completely green!

Yu Zonghou and Dong Fangbai’s faces also didn’t appear so well.

This group of people came to the grasslands and bitterly searched ever since they received the news. Also the offended persons have a large background.

The treasure finally entered the world today!

But it ran……

It would be nothing if I ran faster.

For example with treasures that disappear at first sight, everyone could only feel regret, and yet feel somewhat gratified: ‘Although I didn’t get it, others also didn’t get it……they could be comforted thinking like this. It could also be a story to tell the younger generation.’

But now this isn’t the same!

Not to mention the three sect disciples, even the people behind had a belief: They all felt they had an opportunity to attain this treasure!

Although it fled very quickly, it still never left their line of sight.

Practically everyone believed they could certainly attain the treasure so long as they persevered. At the very least……they could certainly see its true appearance!

But now……the lighthouse in the sky that gave a guiding ray of light.

It actually……scattered!

“Damn!” A male of the Wang Court couldn’t help but curse, and then he snarled: “We missed this treasure……withdraw!”

A dozen riders quickly borrowed the moonlight to withdraw.

Elder Hao Yue’s group coldly watched the direction those horsemen left. The leading man coldly laughed: “You actually run swiftly, and think yourselves clever!”

Da Qi’s group was the most unwilling to give up. They had squandered the most in this search, and payed the greatest price.

Therefore, they didn’t think to give up even if the light scattered.

Jiang Qiuyang coldly commanded: “Continue searching! We must find it……even if it is buried three feet deep!”

The three men in front, Leng Qiuming, Yu Zonghou, and Dong Fangbai, each looked at each other. They saw the sky already darkened, and they didn’t know if they should keep pursuing.

“At least……we should go to the place where the light dimmed and take a look. Can’t say for sure we will find anything.” Yu Zonghou said.

Dong Fangbai nodded: “Perhaps it drilled into the ground!”

Leng Qiuming’s eyes lit up: “That’s reasonable, go!”

The three figured advanced there at high speed.

Chu Mo saw the light above his head finally fade away, and he immediately relaxed a breath. He thought a moment, then made a large circle in the grassland……back to where he came from!

Because, that horse……he is still there!

That horse is very clever. Chu Mo estimated it shouldn’t have run away.

He went out on the horse from princess Bao Lian’s palace during the day. Other people would certainly become suspicious if he returned without the horse.

Chu Mo also didn’t know if the group of people behind him still had deadly intentions, and were still madly chasing.

But Chu Mo smiled: “Serves them right!”

Chu Mo galloped along the path. He held a Yuan stone in each hand, and he never stopped practicing Heaven’s Will My Will.

The energy in the Yuan Stone was continuously sucked in, and they were turned into ordinary stones.

Those two stones that could restore Chu Mo twenty times……were both half turned into ordinary stones by the time Chu Mo returned to the place he left his black horse.

The corners of Chu Mo’s mouth pulled, and he painfully muttered: “A little loss……”

Sure enough, the black horse didn’t walk far. It calmly waited there, and it affectionately pressed into Chu Mo’s embrace upon seeing him.

Chu Mo patted the black horse’s head and laughed: “Truly clever!”

He mounted the horse and bolted away.

He hunted several rabbits and wild chickens along the road back……