Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 40: The So-Called Murdering Heaven

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Chapter 40: The So-Called Murdering Heaven

Qi Xiaoyu somewhat weakly nodded, and relaxed inside. Not even she knew why this place gave birth to such an intense scary feeling.

“If you are afraid, should I send you back?”

Chu Mo had the jade’s guidance, and he know how to leave this place.

Qi Xiaoyu’s hand was very cold. Chu Mo could very clearly feel her nervousness and fear.

“No!” Qi Xiaoyu refused without even considering: “I want to stay here! It’s no problem. With you here, I’m not afraid……”

She said not afraid, but her facial color was still not too well.

Chu Mo looked in her eyes, saw her persevere, and didn’t say anything again. He continuously walked forward in this strange starry sky according to the jade’s guidance.

The two quickly walked a couple of miles in the starry sky. Compared to the starry sky, this amount of distance was practically nothing.

But the strange thing is, the surrounding starry sky had a little bit of change every time the two walked a couple of miles.

They both didn’t notice when they first started, but in the end, the two were shocked when ten moons appeared above their heads in the sky.

“This, what is this?” Chu Mo’s mouth twitch, he looked in disbelief at the sky above his head. Arranged in a line……there were ten moons.

“Beautiful!” Qi Xiaoyu couldn’t help but sigh in praise.

“You don’t feel this is very strange?” Chu Mo looked at her, and he felt the things inside a girl’s head are simply too strange.

“Strange, but…….still very beautiful!” Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo, seemingly not that afraid. But her hand……never relaxed, and she grabbed even more onto Chu Mo’s hand in the end. Furthermore, as soon as she thought to let go, her heart became endlessly anxious.

“Fine…….it is very beautiful!” Chu Mo looked at the ten moons in the sky, somewhat insincerely.

At this time, the world suddenly blew a gust of wind!

Chu Mo was startled. How could this place have wind?

Furthermore, this wind engulfed the entire empty void in the blink of an eye.

The wind quickly passed.

Then, the two discovered that the ten moons in the sky actually changed color!

They were no longer the gold light color, but rather they changed…….into blood red!

Ten blood moons!

Carefully looking, there was actually some bloody light flowing up above. The color was exactly the same as blood, and it gave a person an incomparably strange feeling!

Qi Xiaoyu’s body leaded towards Chu Mo, and even somewhat slightly shuddered. She asked in a trembling voice: “How did this happen?”

Chu Mo shook his head, then raised it to look at the blood moons. He mumbled: “I also want to know!”

The ten blood moons in the sky started to gradually move. It was like ten blood moons faced together and flew. Quickly, the ten blood moons actually merged into one, and they formed a bloody moon that was enormous beyond compare!

This gigantic moon emitted bewitching bloody colored rays of light. It suddenly emitted a sound!


The empty sky immediately began to quiver.

“This is alive?” Chu Mo was shocked, yet the jade around his neck at this time……recklessly sent out an indicator. The target……pointed to this bloody moon!

“You’re insane!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but scold: “Are you thinking to die!”

“Who? Who is insane?” Qi Xiaoyu didn’t understand Chu Mo’s words because this place only contained the two of them. But Chu Mo’s words obviously weren’t directed at her. This made Qi Xiaoyu’s heart become even more anxious.

“It’s nothing, just casually speaking.” Chu Mo’s eyes were fixed upon the bloody moon in the sky. Chu Mo tightly grabbed onto the jade at his chest. This time it didn’t emit an intense heat, but rather it gave Chu Mo a restless feeling.

The feeling was just short of directly telling Chu Mo——I want to eat it!

Chu Mo yet didn’t dare act. Compared to the bloody moon, his body is a speck of dust, that’s it!


[TL: The sound of small bells tinkling.]

The clang of metal cried out from inside the jade on Chu Mo’s chest like the sound of dragons groaning!

Brilliant rays of light unexpectedly shot out of Chu Mo’s chest towards the enormous bloody moon!


The gigantic bloody moon in the sky seemed to be terrified. It sounded out an intense cry, and the whole sky shivered. It seemed like it could collapse at any time.

Qi Xiaoyu completely froze when she the brilliant rays of light. Her pupils revealed a bright shine, but that shine quickly collected, and her eyes revealed a much more complicated light.

The light that shot towards the bloody moon began to sink inside.

The bloody moon momentarily pulled back, but continuing on……it started to madly expand. It seemed to fill the entire empty space in the blink of an eye.

The bloody moon in the sky slightly trembled, and the stars in all directions started to intensely quiver.

This vibration seemed like the entire empty void would collapse!


The bloody moon shook again!

The bloody colored light finally started to collapse the boundless empty space!

The blood colored light was before Chu Mo’s eyes. Chu Mo even had a feeling that if he extended his hand, he could touch the blood moon!


The already incomparably large blood moon exploded open with a loud sound.

Then there was no more.

Because Chu Mo lost consciousness……

When Chu Mo opened his eyes, he discovered he was at the place where they entered to door. Qi Xiaoyu had disappeared.

“What happened?” Chu Mo muttered somewhat in pain.

Chu Mo recollected what just happened, and he felt his brain still buzzing. Everything that happened today was too inconceivable. It completely overstepped Chu Mo’s acknowledgeable range.

That unreal yet real starry sky, the bewitching blood moon, and the brilliant rays of light shooting out of his jade.

As well as……the last moment. The blood moon covered the entire empty sky, and that sudden explosion.

Chu Mo wasn’t entirely clear what happened after all.

Don’t tell me, this jade… brought me to see an incomprehensible marvel?

“Right…..and Qi Xiaoyu?”

Chu Mo sat up, and a piece of paper lightly fell from his body.

Chu Mo picked it up, and read the simple words written down: “I have some business and must leave first. I will return and find you——Qi Xiaoyu.”

“So she left, good. She wasn’t lost by me in that mysterious space.” Chu Mo muttered, yet inside…….there was a feeling of loss.

He originally thought he could help Qi Xiaoyu this time, but he never thought they would go through that kind of event.

But he knows Qi Xiaoyu disappearing is expected. Chu Mo relaxed a little, and he raised his head towards the sky. A gold colored bright moon hung there, emitting a cold radiance.

Chu Mo sucked in a deep breath: “This moon is still beautiful!”

He entered the jade space as he spoke. Such a large event happened, and Chu Mo felt there should be a change inside the jade space.

He guessed right in the beginning, but he didn’t guess the conclusion.

Chu Mo was completely stupefied after entering the jade space.

There wasn’t a slight change inside the space……but rather an enormous change!

The original jade space was very large, but somewhat chaotic. There was nothing apart from the large green stone and the small gray tree.

But now, the inside space grew several times, at least over a thousand feet in circumference!

A large building could be completely accommodated in this large of a space, let alone living supplies.

The green stone was still there, and Heaven’s Will My Will was still placed on top. But there was something else also next to Heaven’s Will My Will!

That is……a blade!

A blood colored blade!

There was no scabbard. The blade was narrow. At first glance he believed it to be a double edged sword, but he discovered it was a blood colored single edge sword.

[TL: The sword is called a Heng Dao. You can see one here]

That pretty and flirtatious red seemed to be dripping with fresh blood.

The pattern on top was also extremely complicated. As if it contained endless mystery.

The blood colored sword edge was ice-cold, and emitting a strange radiance. It made Chu Mo think of the blood moon he had just seen.

Only he felt very silly. How could this blood colored sword in the jade space have anything to do with the blood moon?

The sword seemed to carry a kind of magic power that made a person want to pick it up.

Chu Mo coldly stared at the sword, and he somewhat resisted!

This resistance was instinct. It seemed like a spiritual voice was telling him, don’t grab it!

Men hold a fatal attraction towards a good sword……even if they are boys. Chu Mo is naturally no exception.

Therefore he didn’t understand. Where is this instinctive resistance was coming from?

But it is a sword, that’s it. What could grabbing it do?

Chu Mo slightly acted thinking like this, and he grabbed the sword in his hand.

No problem!

There’s no unwell feeling.

But Chu Mo yet felt a sigh come from the deepest depths of his soul.

In the end……there isn’t anything.

That resistant feeling completely disappeared.

Chu Mo thought and retreated from the jade space.

The blood colored sword was already in his hand.

The thing that made Chu Mo startled is the blood colored sword changed into a bright silver color after leaving the jade space.

“Truly strange!” Chu Mo muttered, then he took the sword back into the jade space.

The single-edge sword’s true color revealed once back in the jade space. There was an attracting bloody light, and the top seemed to be dripping with blood.

Chu Mo tested several times before finally confirming that the sword changes into an ordinary single edged blade after leaving the jade space. If the sword returns to the jade space then it will show blood.

“Interesting!” Chu Mo was overjoyed. He had seen many weapons growing up. Chu Mo knew that his knife was an exceptional weapon!

The decorative design on top seemed to be completely naturally formed. The complicated mystery had gone through an unknown number of refinement to be able to reach this degree.

At least, Chu Mo had never seen a blade forged to this degree.

“This sword……what is its name?” Chu Mo wanted to find the name forged onto the blade.

The creator of this blade certainly must have left his seal.

But this blade……Chu Mo turned it over for a long time, yet he couldn’t find any seal of the forger.

But on the hand guard, Chu Mo discovered a small small……blood moon seal!

The seal wasn’t large, and was hidden in the lines of the sword. It would be difficult to discover if one didn’t pay attention.

“Don’t tell me it really has something to do with that blood moon” Chu Mo was a little shocked.

He carefully looked at the blood colored imprint, and Chu Mo began to feel dizzy. His body suddenly felt ice-cold, like falling into an ice cave!

Chu Mo trembled and sobered up. The corners of his mouth pulled, and Chu Mo didn’t dare look at the seal again.

He once again searched for the seal of the maker, but he couldn’t discover it in the end.

“This is abnormal! Such a good sword……how could it not have a name?” Although the origins were very strange, Chu Mo dared come to a conclusion. This is certainly a named sword.

Any person who forges a sword treats the weapons they forge like their own child, some even better than their own children!

How could they not give it a name?

Chu Mo squinted his eyes, and secretly thought: “Jade……let me see this sword!”


Chu Mo suddenly felt the scenery change, as if he was in an endless blood ocean. Between the heaven and earth……there was not another color.

Only blood!

“What place is this?” Chu Mo’s eyes widened, and he felt his breath become difficult.

Because not only was this place blood colored, but it was full of blood!

It was like an endless blood ocean. Everything was the accumulated blood of men!

The aura was just short of making Chu Mo collapse.

An enormous blood wave sounded and struck towards Chu Mo. He was submerged in an instant.

Two bloody dripping words entered into his mind.

“Murdering Heaven!”