Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 39: Hold Your Hand

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Chapter 39: Hold Your Hand

The intense heat coming from the jade seemed to urge!

“Faster, or else it’s too late!”

Chu Mo pulled Qi Xiaoyu’s hand, faced outside, and ran away at lightning speed.

Qi Xiaoyu’s hand was cold, soft, and smooth as if boneless.

Chu Mo didn’t know why, In the instant he pulled her hand, his heart slightly moved.

“This is a girl’s hand?”

An unusual feeling spread to Chu Mo’s heart.

Qi Xiaoyu seemed to stare blankly in the moment Chu Mo pulled her hand. The pair of extremely beautiful eyes widened in that moment, subconsciously wanting to evade.

She didn’t know why, but she didn’t do that action in the end.

Qi Xiaoyu’s entire body became incomparably stiff at the instant in time when the two touched hands.

Her reaction……was far greater than Chu Mo’s!

She strove with great difficulty to not show any expression, but in her heart, it was like a little deer rattling around.

That feeling was incomparably intense until she had been pulled out of the forest by Chu Mo.

She was entirely confused. As if the south, east, north, and west were indistinguishable.

She discovered that Chu Mo had already pulled her far away from the forest when she came back to her senses. They arrived at a cold and dismal wild grassland area.

The place also wasn’t the same as where she tried to break open the defense system.

It was clearly very far away!

She looked all around at the grass as tall as a man. There was no sound between the heaven and earth. Her cheeks became red as she looked at Chu Mo: “You……what are you wanting to do?”


Chu Mo raised a finger to his mouth, and softly said: “Don’t speak, the door is here!”

“You……” Qi Xiaoyu suddenly became angry. A tiny reckless boot ruthlessly stomped on Chu Mo’s foot.


Chu Mo gnashed his teeth and glared at Qi Xiaoyu: “What are you doing?”

Poor Chu Mo grew up on the military, and he basically never played with girls before. His grandfather was also an standard military person. When would he have thought to teach Chu Mo about the things between men and women?

How could Chu Mo have known not to pull on a girls hand like that……and after pulling, he held an unromantic appearance. It’s no wonder the other person got angry.

Only stepping on his foot could already be considered giving face.

“Not doing anything!” Qi Xiaoyu’s eyes looked to the heaven, completely innocent. Continuing on she smiled at Chu Mo: “Right, you were just saying something about a door?”

Chu Mo suspiciously looked at Qi Xiaoyu, and secretly thought: ‘No wonder other people say don’t try to guess what girls are thinking……obviously very complicated!

‘Guess or don’t guess, I cannot allow that kind of starry eyed infatuation.’ Chu Mo returned a haughty look: “You said that defense system, if it has an opening, then it is here!”

“Here?” Qi Xiaoyu seemed to forget the recent matter and uncertainty said: “How is that possible? There isn’t the slightest bit of power fluctuating here!”

“Don’t speak, first confirm if anyone has discovered this place then speak.” Chu Mo looked mysterious as he spoke, but in reality the jade already gave him a most direct indication. But he needed to confirm if Leng Qiuming and the others would come here.

Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo somewhat speechless. She somewhat didn’t believe Chu Mo’s words, because this was just wild grassland!

‘Could it be this boy has ideas towards me?’

‘If it is true, what do I do?’

‘Should I refuse?’

‘We are still young……’

‘I am not a casual girl!’

Qi Xiaoyu let her imagination run wild. The hearts of girls are somewhat in disorder at the first time their hands are held by a boy.

Chu Mo softly said at this time: “Should be no problem, go!”

As he spoke, he directly went into even thicker grass.

Qi Xiaoyu nibbled her white teeth while staring at Chu Mo. She stood there, yet didn’t move.

“Let’s go?” Chu Mo had walked a couple steps and discovered Qi Xiaoyu still hadn’t moved. He immediately turned around and strangely looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “What are you doing?”

“I……I’m scared!” Qi Xiaoyu weakly said all of a sudden.

“Don’t be ridiculous…….you’ve tread across ten thousand mountains. Every day you appear and disappear without a trace. You say you are afraid……do you believe I can trust you?”

Chu Mo had an expression that pierced through you.

Qi Xiaoyu somewhat resentfully looked at him: “Is this the same as that?”

“What isn’t the same? You had been looking for me for several days? Now you’ve found me, and you cower?” Chu Mo spoke.

“You, you are wanting to help me?” Qi Xiaoyu’s pupils flashed mysterious rays of light: “Why?”

“What why? How are you so troublesome! Didn’t you often help me? Did I ask ‘why’ when you helped me? Then why do you ask ‘why’ when I help?”

Chu Mo strangely looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “Quick, don’t delay. I don’t know how long the door will be opened!”

“He he, good, let’s go!” Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo a moment, then suddenly spread a smile. She resumed her prior vivaciousness and bounced towards Chu Mo’s side.

In her heart she yet continuously slandered Chu Mo: ‘Fool! Idiot! As dumb as a pig! Truly stupid!’

Chu Mo naturally had no idea Qi Xiaoyu had been rattling off curses inside. He was still rather happy. Qi Xiaoyu had always helped him in the past, nowadays he could help her for once.

Chu Mo already decided in his heart. If they can actually get into the door, and if Qi Xiaoyu wants anything the jade doesn’t want, then he will give it to her.

The two hadn’t walked far before Chu Mo stopped walking. He softly said: “It is here!”

“Here?” Qi Xiaoyu wrinkled her willy brows. She tried her hardest to feel the slightest bit of power fluctuations here……but in the end……completely defeated.

But this time she didn’t open her mouth to reprimand Chu Mo, because she saw Chu Mo’s foot……it already disappeared!

“This……” Qi Xiaoyu stared at the scene completely dumbstruck. She simply didn’t dare believe her eyes.

“Come!” Chu Mo extended a hand: “Hold on to me……careful!”

Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo, lightly nibbled her teeth, and hesitated.

Soon after, she took the initiative at moved her little hand over. She was pulled by Chu Mo, and the present immediately changed. The two people arrived in a mysterious location!


“Brother Leng, we still can’t find that beautiful girl. She certainly ran away earlier. Her actual strength must be a large amount higher than ours, and she wholeheartedly fled. We must not keep pursuing. Not to mention she has a very high chance of carrying a life protection object.” Xu Zonghou looked at the unsightly color of Leng Qiuming’s face, and gave advice.

Dong Fangbai also said from the side: “The timing is critical. There is a chance every full moon, but who knows who will be able to enter first?”

Leng Qiuming depressingly said: “You all believe I actually can’t catch that pretty girl? You are wrong! I want to find that beautiful girl. I want to kill her! Otherwise there will be endless regret!”

“You all carefully think, her age and her realm. If she was in our sects, she would absolutely be the finest…….even the world’s best couldn’t compare to her.”

“We are completely unable to determine her background from the methods she used. Heaven knows what kind of terrifying power supports her……the most awful would be a terrifying master.”

“The things we did today, at the least could be said……it was greedy, but yet unsuccessful; but at the most…….it is evil, thinking to rob and kill!”

“You two think. Can you swallow those words?”

Yu Zonghou and Dong Fangbai both sighed. They naturally understood this logic, otherwise they couldn’t follow Leng Qiuming this long to find the girl.

But the full moon had already risen into the sky. Dong Fangbai and Yu Zonghou wanted to compete for that opportunity!

Although the two wanted the treasures the blue dress girl carries, they didn’t show it that directly!

In other words, the two felt they didn’t offend the blue dress girl that deeply!

Leng Qiuming and Zhao Fan were the true masterminds!

“Brother Leng, your words have logic, but the problem now is that we can’t find her!” Yu Zonghou slowly said: “The full moon only happens once a month. If we miss tonight……we will have to wait a whole month!”

Dong Fangbai also said: “Yes, another month. There could be even more variables. I have a premonition, the current opportunity here won’t remain hidden for long!”

Leng Qiuming’s expression was indeterminable for a long time. He finally sighed: “Fine, I’ll listen to you. We must first seek the opportunity! But…….no matter whether or not we can seize the opportunity, after this month, we must find the blue dress girl and kill her!

“Otherwise, I cannot be at ease!”

“I dare be certain. She can’t have gone too far!”

“None of us would dare approach that defense barrier, but she rushed forward and suffered heavy injuries. We all saw her on the verge of death. I cannot believe she recovered so quick!”

Yu Zonghou and Dong Fangbai looked at each other and then nodded: “Good!”

But they already held some regret towards the things they did.

But it was clear that refusing Leng Qiuming wasn’t a good decision at this time.

Dong Fangbai pulled out a treasure soon after and started to make calculations.

Large sect disciples all have one or two close objects at the very least.

Dong Fangbai was in the Raging Inferno sect. The sect wasn’t famous for calculating, but his teacher is a calculating master.

“East and slightly north……”

After a long time, Dong Fangbai’s face was somewhat pale as he pointed in a direction. Then he coughed, and sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Zonghou looked somewhat concerned at Dong Fangbai: “Is there a problem?”

Yet the depths of Leng Qiuming’s pupils flashed a trace of happiness, then reassembled. He looked at Dong Fangbai: “How is it?”

Dong Fangbai waved his hand, and sucked in a deep breath: “No problem, just normal backlash. This time……it can’t be wrong!”

Soon after, under the guidance of Dong Fangbai, the three people advanced in a direction opposite of Chu Mo and quickly left.

In the night of the grassland, there were still several others searching in this region.


Qi Xiaoyu stared somewhat stunned at the scene before her eyes. She looked over at Chu Mo: “How did you find this place?”

“Intuition!” Chu Mo said as a matter of fact.

“……” Qi Xiaoyu couldn’t help but return a haughty look. She didn’t believe Chu Mo’s pack of lies.

But the sight before them was truly astonishing.

Because they unexpectedly appeared in the boundless starry sky!

Endless empty space was below their feet.

But the strangest part is they didn’t have a feeling of falling down. They were suspended in the void, but it seemed like they were stepping on the ground.

Endless starry sky and starlight was in all directions.

But there was no moonlight.

Obviously this wasn’t the same space they were in before.

Qi Xiaoyu felt somewhat nervous for some unknown reason. She anxiously leaned towards Chu Mo, and she couldn’t help but extend out and grab his hand.

Chu Mo somewhat oddly looked at pale face of Qi Xiaoyu, then and returned the grip on her hand. A strange feeling spread in his heart: “Don’t be afraid. I am here!”