Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 38: Full Moon

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Chapter 38: Full Moon

The piercing yet flashing cold knife light fell like lightning from the heavens!

A cold smile spread across the face of the continually cautious Zhao Fan in the moment that Chu Mo turned around–

Because, he also thought to move against Chu Mo!

“Don’t overrate yourself……”

But the face spreading a cold smile and the eyes containing murderous intent, they directly froze in the moment the knife flash arose.

The original ferocious and self-pleased expression were replaced by the utmost fright.


A youngster in a realm far below himself, how could he……slash such a terrifying knife?

Soul snatching!

Rolling Thunder!

Is this truly a knife skill able to be displayed by a teenage youngster?

Zhao fan had never seen this, even from the most amazing talents in the Immortal Sky……an attack so severe that it cuts off all lines of thought!

All of Zhao Fan’s thoughts and ideas……in this instant, they were all frozen in the gleam of Chu Mo’s Knife.

He didn’t even have an opportunity to speak.

Knife flash disillusion.

Everything becomes empty!

Everything appears as an illusion!

Zhao Fan foolishly stood there. The ferocious face, also a remnant. The vivid look in the eyes completely disappeared.

But his eyes yet tightly locked onto Chu Mo’s face.

It seemed until now he still couldn’t believe. He is a grand Immortal Sky inner disciple, to actually die in this place. Die like an ant in the hands of this grassland youth.

His cheeks slightly trembled, and his lips slightly opened, as if wanting to say something.

One bloody cut followed down from his brow, and started to slowly seep out blood. Quickly, a bright bloody line spread downward.

Continuing onto his nose, mouth, neck……

Zhao Fan’s finger lightly acted, wanting to lift up, and point at Chu Mo. This motion, made his body……like a piece of cleaved bamboo.

It “popped”, into two halves, falling down into two sides.

One slash!

Only used one slash!

Chu Mo merely used this one slash!

But this one slash directly split an Immortal Sky inner sect disciple in two halves!

Chu Mo suddenly felt his two legs were a little weak. He propped himself with the long knife in the ground, and he knelt down while heavily panting.

Although it was only one slash, but he practically consumed all of the Yuan power and energy in his body.

Zhao Fan had nearly the same combat power as the rank four Red Eye Ice Python Yuan beast, but his degree of difficulty was far more than the Red Eye Ice Python!

Because he is human!

He is an intelligent and cunning human!

Was Zhao Fan not scheming against Chu Mo at the same time Chu Mo was scheming against him?

Zhao Fan was skeptical, and he carefully worked. He would slip away faster than anyone else if things turned bad.

The best example is that he didn’t hesitate to use his most valuable hidden seal in a moment of crises.

Chu Mo’s sole advantage is that Zhao Fan didn’t know his true strength.

Otherwise, thinking to kill Chu Mo wasn’t as easy as imagined!

Combat had taught the youngster a lesson.

Chu Mo understood a principle: Self confidence isn’t wrong, but one must never forget the opponent also has schemes!

“In the moment you are scheming against others, others could be scheming against you!”

“To not be schemed against, one must always scheme ahead of others!”

“Or, have several more times the strength of other people!”

“Like that, even if someone wants to plot against me, in the face of absolute power their schemes are like an insect crawling on my body. With one flick of the finger……they can be sent flying!”

Chu Mo’s breath finally evened out a little. He slowly stood up and walked over to Zhao Fan.

He prepared to bury Zhao Fan.

But as he was moving the body, a pouch jingled out of Zhao Fan’s pocket.

Chu Mo scooped it up, and he discovered there were more than a dozen Yuan stones inside. Each stone was about the same as the one Dong Fangbai gave him. There were also several pretty good medicinal ingredients. They were the kind that were very valuable in the secular world.

The jade on his body yet didn’t have any reaction. Chu Mo couldn’t help but curl his lip and mutter: “It is really fussy! You don’t want these? Good, give them to me!”

These Yuan Stones were good items for the current Chu Mo. Each piece could completely restore the Yuan power in his body over ten times!

Soon after, Chu Mo dug out a large pit and buried Zhao Fan’s corpse deep down, then he covered up the top with some dried up branches from the forest. It practically couldn’t be seen if one wasn’t looking especially careful.

“You yourself said the scenery isn’t bad here. How about you rest a while. You don’t need to worry, later on there will be more of your comrades to accompany you!” Chu Mo spoke, turned around, and walked out of the forest without hesitating.

Even now, Chu Mo still wasn’t completely suited to this lifestyle of living and dying by the sword, but there was no choice. No matter how unaccustomed, he must learn to adapt.

Because this is that world!

As soon as one steps inside, thinking to depart is practically an impossibility.

Qi Xiaoyu never appeared. Chu Mo worried about her, but he knew she should already be hidden.

The sky gradually darkened at this time.

A slight silhouette of the full moon appeared on the east horizon. It strove to climb into the sky.

Quickly, the full moon rose into the sky.

The bright moonlight pierced through the dense forest canopy, the light and shadow yet remote.

Chu Mo slightly squinted. He held a piece of Yuan stone in his hand, and he practiced the Heaven’s Will My Will scripture. He began to quickly restore the Yuan power in his body.

Yuan stones are truly good items. They contain the Yuan Qi essence of the heavens and earth. Chu Mo’s normal cultivation speed increased five times when absorbing the Yuan stone power!

“No wonder those large sects are this serious about the Yuan stone resources. Using Yuan stones to cultivate……it’s truly not the same!”

“If I have enough Yuan stones to coordinate with cultivating Heaven’s Will My will, then the speed my strength increases……wouldn’t it certainly be astonishing?

Chu Mo fantasized while he restored the Yuan power in his body.

Quickly, the Yuan power in his body restored to it’s best status. Some footsteps sounded out from nearby at this time. At the same time, Qi Xiaoyu’s voice came: “Why are you still here?”

The maiden came out from nearby. She looked worried as she looked at Chu Mo: “You killed the most disgusting one?”

“How did you know?” Chu Mo surprisingly looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “This time……you weren’t at my side watching?”

Qi Xiaoyu’s beautiful and touching face revealed a slight mysterious smile: “I know, tehe, but I won’t tell you!”

Chu Mo returned a haughty look and muttered: “Don’t say, then don’t say. What is so amazing?”

As he spoke, he yet secretly thought, and sent his spirit to the jade: “Qi Xiaoyu……what realm is she?”

A portion of information instantly transferred into Chu Mo’s head, but it made his mouth twitch, completely lost.

“Peak yellow rank five realm, physique unknown, other…….unknown! Serious injuries healed.”

Her realm finally could be seen, but it was much higher than his own. Her and grandfather are actually in the same realm.

This already made Chu Mo extremely shocked, because Qi Xiaoyu looked to be about the same age as himself. So much that……she could even be younger!

“How did she cultivate that fast?”

“Then…….what does physique unknown mean?”

“Other unknown……what is that?”

Serious injuries healed should point to the injuries he saw her with earlier.

But that serious an injury……has actually this quickly recovered?

Isn’t this unimaginable?

“Hey, what are you thinking? Mad?” Qi Xiaoyu extended out a little hand and waved in front of Chu Mo’s eyes: “To be absent minded in front of such a beautiful girl is very rude! Hey!”

“What are you seeking for here? Is it that rumored Iegendary Immortal Palace?” Chu Mo seriously looked at Qi Xiaoyu and asked.

“Immortal? Immortal Palace?” Qi Xiaoyu’s willow brows raised, and she somewhat disdainfully said: “How could this world have Immortals? And Immortal Palaces? How could it be possible?”

Chu Mo slightly persisted: “Then how did your previous injuries recover?”

Qi Xiaoyu thought, then said: “This place, it’s a little not the same, it seems……there is some kind of object. It’s left here, then…… that thing formed a sort of self-protective defense system. Could it be the Immortal Palace you spoke of?”

“There is certainly no Immortal Palace! But there is indeed something abnormal here.”

“My injuries are because I thought to force open the defense system, but I didn’t succeed. It is much stronger than I imagined!”

“Therefore I suffered backlash, and received a serious injury. I was seen by several disgusting bastards with greedy eyes. Did you not send this girl away? Yes, you just now killed the most disgusting one!”

Qi Xiaoyu happily smiled as she chattered.

“Not an Immortal Palace?” Chu Mo somewhat lost hope, then asked: “What is the defense system?”

“Idiot! The defense system is a guard that blocks any powerful thing to a certain extent. It is self-defending. If it doesn’t approve you, you couldn’t bear it. As a result, you have no way to open the defense system, and naturally no way to obtain it.” Qi Xiaoyu casually explained.

“How do you know so much?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but say.

“Really……how do I know this?” That beautiful face revealed ignorance, then she savagely looked at Chu Mo: “Humph, this girl knows everything in the heavens above and the earth below. I am an intelligent, clever, beautiful, cute, tender, good at understanding others, number one in the world……Beautiful! Little! Woman!”

“……” Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu dumbstruck: “Are you not tired yet?”

“Humph!” Qi Xiaoyu huffed and looked at Chu Mo: “Later on don’t ask me how I know things. I just know! Every time you ask my head feels like it will explode in pain!”

“……” Chu Mo’s lips twitched: “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Qi Xiaoyu looked at the guilty faced Chu Mo, and she spread a smile. She became somewhat tender: “Fine fine, it isn’t your fault. I am seeking the reason myself. How can such an outstanding beautiful little woman like myself be like a homeless orphan?”

Chu Mo borrowed the sparse moonlight in the forest to look at her absolutely gorgeous face. He silently cursed: ‘How amazing I won’t say, but this narcissism……is certainly number one under heaven!’

At this time, Chu Mo suddenly felt the jade hung around his neck suddenly erupt with an astonishing heat.

This is the first time Chu Mo had felt such an intense heat from the jade!

“Full moon, the door opened!”

Chu Mo looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “Go, we search for treasure!”