Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 37: Slashing Zhao Fan

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Chapter 37: Slashing Zhao Fan

Zhao Fan’s voice gradually grew further away.

Chu Mo enraged inside. It became even more intense. He coldly smiled to himself: ‘Won’t let me go? Zhao Fan, you had better pray to your Immortal Sky ancestors. Request that you never meet me again! Otherwise, I will certainly cut you!

Even though the opponent was a whole realm higher, Chu Mo was absolutely confident he could extinguish Zhao Fan.

The past Chu Mo didn’t know the strength of other people. He had grown up in the military, but he had no battle experience.

Therefore he didn’t know the power of each warrior’s rank.

He killed various kinds of rank two and three Yuan beasts along the road. He even killed rank four Yuan beasts……the Red Eye Ice Python for example. Chu Mo risked his life fighting, furthermore, he successfully beheaded it in the end!

The process is thrilling, but there is no doubt about the results.

Chu Mo thought it should be like this!

His own realm should be powerful.

Chu Mo encountered other warriors. Those bandits saw him carrying Yuan beast materials, and looked upon him with greedy eyes.

It made Chu Mo suddenly comprehend a few things.

Why is the value of Yuan Beast materials so high? Because hunting Yuan beasts is difficult!

Yuan beasts are not soft little sheep. Each Yuan beast is fierce beyond compare, stronger than all the beasts of this world.

How could they be that easy to hunt?

“Then……don’t tell me I am very strong?”

“Could it be said……my own cultivation practice is too formidable?”

After that, he faced the grassland warriors that had broken through the rank three Yuan Closures. Chu Mo clearly understood at last. It wasn’t that other people were too weak, but he……is indeed too strong!

Precisely speaking. The cultivating methods he used were too strong!

This really isn’t being arrogant, but it is an indisputable fact!

Any situation needs perspective, talent separates.

Chu Mo never felt that the nameless and powerless methods his master taught him in the past were impressive at all.

But he already knew now.

Despite the fact Zhao Fan is an Immortal Sky disciple a realm higher than him. Chu Me felt not the least bit timid inside!

Given that Zhao Fan knows his power, Chu Mo is completely unafraid. Don’t even mention……Zhao Fan still doesn’t know!

Zhao Fan fled unlike a large sect disciple. This made the faces of Leng Qiuming, Yu Zonghou, and Dong Fangbai all become unsightly.

Anyone can say pretty words, but for them to truly face a huge monster like the Immortal Sky, their hearts were all somewhat uncertain.

Leng Qiuming smiled after being silent a moment: “It’s actually nothing. We didn’t do anything to him. If he has the face to bring a lawsuit against us, I’m afraid he won’t even be able to lift his head in the Immortal Sky.”

Yu Zonghou nodded, then said: “He shouldn’t be that foolish. The opportunity here…….he wouldn’t easily let others know!”

“Brother Leng is right. Anyways, we didn’t do anything to him. If he lodges a complaint…… then he needs evidence!” Dong Fangbai coldly sneered: “Even more so, I don’t believe he will abandon the opportunity here!”

“Right, he must bow his head to the three of us if he returns!” Leng Qiuming looked at the other two: “But us three must be united from the beginning to the end!”

“That is only natural!” Dong Fangbai nodded.

Yu Zonghou also nodded: “Don’t worry, his Immortal Sky isn’t that overbearing. They wouldn’t offend our three sects for an inner sect disciple.”

Chu Mo calmly listened from the side, and secretly thought: ‘It looks like the Immortal Sky is really the world’s largest sect. The realms of those three aren’t much different than Zhao Fan’s, but they are still this afraid of him. Obviously they aren’t afraid of Zhao Fan, but rather the sect behind him!

“Looks like there is formidable power he relies on. It is truly superior.”

The three men looked at Chu Mo at this time.

Chu Mo retreated two steps back, and his face revealed a dreadful expression: “You all……you also want to kill me?”

“Ha ha, don’t be afraid, what would we kill you for?” Leng Qiuming’s pupils flashed playful color. Actually in his mind, he really didn’t want to leave this boy alive.

Because the words between them don’t burden the boy. Their reputation would be damaged on the chance their words spread.

But he estimated the two partners might not agree. Leng Qiuming decided not to make known his innermost evil thoughts.

“Little guy, If you come to my Golden Knife sect with my recommendation, I can’t dare guarantee you will directly enter the inner sect, but there is more than enough to be an outer sect disciple.” Yu Zonghou said.

Dong Fangbai looked at Chu Mo: “I must mention the Raging Inferno sect!”

Chu Mo didn’t like these three because they all had those expressions towards Qi Xiaoyu. Especially Leng Qiuming, he actually wants Qi Xiaoyu? In contrast however, together they are much stronger than Zhao Fan.

Because of this, Chu Mo wanted to inquire, what grudge do they hold with Qi Xiaoyu.

But the three didn’t give him this opportunity. They all turned and left after speaking.

Dong Fangbai thought a moment before turning to go, and he pulled out a Yuan stone. He threw it to Chu Mo, but he didn’t say a word, just directly left.

Chu Mo looked over the Yuan stone in his hand. It wasn’t as big as the stone on the special envoy of Da Qi, but it was much better than the Yuan stones that outer sect disciples of the Immortal Sky obtained.

“This is a Yuan stone? Thank you!” Chu Mo rushed after Dong Fangbai’s figure and shouted.

Dong Fangbai didn’t give any response, moving far away in a moment.

Those men probably all thought Chu Mo was an ordinary child of the secular world, and they basically didn’t put him in their hearts.

But Chu Mo yet remembered the action of Dong Fangbai.

The tide changes. The rivers and lakes aren’t old.

Only have to see that day!

The three should be going to seek Qi Xiaoyu. Chu Mo didn’t dare act rashly now, and go into the forest.

Chu Mo suddenly thought of a problem at this time. None of the opposing four men, including the Immortal Sky disciple Zhao Fan, saw his realm. This is a little strange.

Given that they couldn’t accurately determine his realm, but his body is always has a fluctuating Yuan power aura.

But these four actually considered him as an ordinary youth from the secular world.

“Could it be? It is also attributed to the jade?”

Chu Mo muttered to himself. His spirit entered into the jade space. The small gray tree was already sprouting seven or eight tender emerald-green buds. There appears to be life in this barren space.

Chu Mo pulled out Heaven’s Will My Will and took a look, but there wasn’t any change. He didn’t lose hope. Chu Mo guessed it is because no new energy has entered recently.

Chu Mo scratched his head thinking about this. He still didn’t completely understand what this jade actually wants.

‘Looks like I need to get out and take a walk.’ Chu Mo thought to himself, then placed Heaven’s Will My Will back before leaving.

He suddenly felt an ice-cold piercing chill enshroud himself.

Like a powerful Yuan Beast is staring at him!

Chu Mo reacted without thinking. He transferred his internal Yuan power in an instant, and desperately threw himself to the side.


A violent surging wave power exploded close to Chu Mo.

This time was much fiercer than Zhao Fan’s first attack!

A ten food deep pit actually appeared in the grassland!

If Chu Mo didn’t react quickly, this attack……he would have suffered serious injury, even perished!

Obviously his opponent rushed at Chu Mo for his life.

Chu Mo couldn’t think of another person who would do this besides Zhao Fan. Chu Mo’s inner angry flame already began to blaze.

“I didn’t seek you, but on the contrary you came for me?”

Chu Mo face carried shock as he looked at the gradually appearing Zhao Fan. His voice quivered as he said: “You, you didn’t leave?”

“Idiot, that was an invisibility seal!” Zhao Fan sneered: “That seal is the most precious thing I obtained after entering master’s school. But now it is wasted because of you little animal! It will be hard to appease my heart’s hate if I don’t kill you!”

“Isn’t the Immortal Sky the embodiment of justice? You, how could you be like this? I didn’t provoke you?” Chu Mo angrily spoke.

“Ha ha, truly innocent!” Zhao Fan coldly smiled at Chu Mo: “But unexpected to me, you are actually a Yuan power cultivator? I truly somewhat looked down on you. But, it’s no problem. Given that you are a Yuan power cultivator, today, you must die!”

Chu Mo looked at Zhao Fan, then he suddenly said: “If you don’t kill me, I will tell you where that blue dress girl is hidden!”

“Humph, you actually saw her!” Zhao Fan’s pupils slightly lit up. He looked at Chu Mo, then said in a low voice: “You had better not be playing tricks with me. Boy, you just avoided my attack. I already see, your realm is at least at the peak of rank two. But if I want to kill you it is a piece of cake!”

“Like a steamroller crushing an ant!”

“I know, I cannot match with you, but I will tell you if you promise not to kill me!” Chu Mo stood up and patted the dirt on his body. His pair of clear pupils looked at Zhao Fan extremely intense.

“Fine, I promise you. So long as you take me and I find that beautiful woman, then I won’t kill you!” Zhao Fan earnestly said, yet he coldly laughed inside: ‘Naive! Today I was troubled by you so much. Don’t kill you? How could I live on in the sect if word of these events got out?’

“Good, I’ll take you!” Chu Mo spoke extremely straightforward. He turned and walked towards the forest, giving his whole back to Zhao Fan.

Zhao Fan’s pupils flashed with light, and became skeptical. Naturally he couldn’t completely believe this young man’s words, but he really wanted to grab that girl.

He couldn’t look upon his opponent so simply. And that girl, she carries a treasure he has never seen before.

The injury that girl carries wasn’t caused by them. They don’t have that kind of ability.

Furthermore that girl discovered a portal door!

The door that appears on the full moon!

The girl wanted to break into the door, and the result is she received an attack from the door, resulting in serious injury.

This scene was all witnessed by Zhao Fan and the others. Zhao Fan and Leng Qiuming’s minds gave birth to greed, and they started pursuing the girl. They fought over the division of wealth. As a result, the girl slipped away right beneath their eyes.

They pursued endlessly. The first reason is for the treasure the maiden carries; the second reason……is because they feared the power behind the maiden!

A maiden that has trained for ten years and possesses such a realm, is that not a terrifying force?

Don’t mention Len Qiuming, even Zhao Fan……completely lacked confidence!

These are the circumstances that occurred just before meeting Chu Mo.

Zhao Fan firmly believed this maiden carried unattainable treasure. It would be an unimaginable benefit if he could grab the maiden!

Then, kill her……he could once and for all remove the danger.

As far as taking her in as a maid, that was just talk.

Chu Mo spoke as he walked in the front: “I saw her enter into this forest, but I am not exactly sure where she hid. I reckon she isn’t far away. Her wounds were very serious at that time…..”

“Really?” Zhao Fan measured up the area, and his voice became somewhat ice-cold.

At this time, Chu Mo ferociously turned around from the front. His originally empty hand carried a shining long knife. He advanced toward Zhao Fan and directly slashed.

“Of course!”

Chu Mo’s voice exploded.

An incomparably dazzling knife flash appeared between the heavens and earth.