Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 36: Large Sect Disciple

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Chapter 36: Large Sect Disciple

Chu Mo at last relaxed a little, but he couldn’t help but turn around and look. But, the space beneath the tree was already devoid of a person.

Chu Mo stared with large eyes for a long time, but he couldn’t see anything. He rubbed his eyes somewhat inconceivably, and secretly thought: ‘Is there truly a way?’

He quickly stepped out of the area. The present him only thought to get far away from the forest.

A short period of time later, far away on the horizon, four figures quickly crossed. They weren’t flying through the sky, but they yet stepped across the grass at high speed!

Chu Mo could do this, but acting like that would consume up a large amount of Yuan power. Only in a crises, otherwise Chu Mo wouldn’t be willing to squander Yuan power like this.

But these people all looked extremely relaxed. Either they are in a high realm, or…….they are carrying a large amount of Yuan stones, and they don’t care about wasting Yuan power.

Chu Mo slightly squinted, and he thought: ‘They should be in a little bit higher realm than me……’

The opposite party discovered him at the same time Chu Mo discovered them.

One person came out from the four, coming before Chu Mo in the blink of an eye. No words, only cold clear pupils looked at him. His body emitted a powerful aura like a fierce Yuan beast. The bloody aura was incomparably abundant.

This was an approximately twenty year old young man. He wore brilliant green colored clothing, and his hair was covered in a gold cap. His eyebrows flew up towards the temples, appearing extremely handsome. His expression towards Chu Mo was full of disregard. This expression is how one would normally look at an ant.

Chu Mo looked at those clear pupils, and innocently stared at the young man, like a child scared stupid.

“Boy, have you seen a girl wearing a blue dress?” The young man spoke somewhat coldly, but it could be seen he used a large amount effort to make his voice gentle.

People can lie, but the eyes……it is yet very difficult for them to lie! At the same time, he also rigidly stared into the eyes of Chu Mo.

Chu Mo shook his head, his face ignorant: “Didn’t see, who are you all?”

The tips of the young man’s brow slightly raised: “Ah? Didn’t see? What are you doing here?”

Chu Mo raised up the bow in his hand: “Hunting!”

“You don’t look like a person of the grasslands. What are you hunting here?” The young man’s pupils flashed ice-cold. His voice became more severe: “Little man……you had best not lie to me. Otherwise……it will be very serious!”

The young man spoke, and casually struck at the grass next to Chu Mo!


An air wave hit with a crash.

A three foot deep and ten foot circumference pit was made at a spot twenty feet away from Chu Mo by this formidable power.

Chu Mo was completely splashed and covered by the flying soil and grass.

Chu Mo appeared intimidated, and his whole body quivered. He immediately ran far away and angrily bellowed: “What are you doing? Frightening people? I am a person of the Wang Court! Provoke me, and you all won’t be able to escape the grasslands!”

“Ah? Wang Court? Ha ha ha……” The young man revealed a disdainful smile. As the young man was thinking of something to say, one of the people urged from far away: “Fine, what are you going to do about one little guy? Quick catch that beautiful girl! We must not let her run away. She should die. I don’t know where that beautiful girl spawned from. She is just like a loach!”

Another person laughed: “Loach? Where in this world are such beautiful loaches? I think she resembles a dragon lady. Ha ha ha, anyway I saw her. When we grab her, you all can have the things she is carrying, but the girl……I, Leng Qiuming call dibs!”

Chu Mo faced the direction of Leng Qiuming as he continued sneering: “Who wouldn’t want that kind of top quality girl? After instructing her, she can be a most suiting maid!”

“According to our Immortal Sky rules……after every grabs her, we can have a contest. Whoever wins can takes her!”

The person named Leng Qiuming said: “Fight then fight, Zhao Fan……other people fear you because you are from the Immortal Sky, but I, Leng Qiuming, am not afraid. Stop showing off your Immortal Sky status in front of us, do you want to stink up the place?”

Immortal Sky?

Immortal Sky!

The first response of Chu Mo after hearing these two words would ordinarily be to take a knife to the young man’s throat.

Hearing them talk about Qi Xiaoyu like an object, Chu Mo’s heart began to burn with a blazing fury.

And now he heard the young man is an Immortal Sky disciple. His inner fury soared, able to erupt at any time.

Chu Mo secretly measured up the gap in strength between the two parties, and he forcibly repressed his fury.

He knew without looking that these four men could start a fierce quarrel with each other. But if he moves to act, the four would certainly team up and kill him in the first moment.

The deepest evil in men’s hearts could limitlessly expand in a desolate place like this.

As a result, Chu Mo raised his head, and looked at the Immortal Sky disciple named Zhao Fan with a shocked face: “Big brother, are you an Immortal from the Immortal Sky?”

“Is it true? I……I know the Immortal sky is a place Immortals cultivate!”

“The people there are all grand heroes. They are all knights that rescue the world’s sick and poor!”

“Big brother, can you take me to the Immortal Sky to train under a master?”

“I, I also want to be an Immortal!”

Chu Mo wanted to vomit as he spoke.

But his successive flattering and clear pupils immediately made Zhao Fan become smug.

His faced managed to maintain modesty, but the space between his brows was happy. Yet Zhao fan still wasn’t moved: “Ah? You little grassland brat, you know of the Immortal Sky?”

“Of course! In this world……who doesn’t know of the Immortal Sky?”

“Who doesn’t know the Immortal sky is full of immortals!” Chu Mo’s innocent face filled with worship.

Zhao Fan at last gave in and smiled. His facial expression also became extremely soft as he looked at Chu Mo: “Little brother, the Immortal Sky has a standard for accepting disciples, but it is very strict. Otherwise anyone could enter. But, if you have extraordinary talent, and my recommendation, perhaps you have a chance to enter!”

Zhao Fan was very happy, but the other three young men were all angry to death.

Leng Qiuming sneered: “Yo, the grand Immortal Sky pro-disciple is swindling a child. Isn’t it interesting?”

Another mocked in an ice-cold manner: “The Immortal Sky is full of grand heroes. They are all knights that rescue the world’s sick and poor……Ha ha ha, this is the greatest joke that I, Dong Fangbai, have ever heard!”

The three men nodded, then they faced Chu Mo and yelled: “Little friend, don’t be swindled by the rumors. What dog fart immortals? Don’t mention his Immortal Sky……the whole four continents, how many people dare call themselves immortals?”

Leng Qiuming nodded and said: “Not wrong, but it is a good place to cultivate. They cheat the ordinary people of the world. Their skill is sufficiently superior, and they have a little bit of methods, but are they immortals? Then this world’s immortals are of little value!”

The person named Dong Fangbai continued taunting: “Immortal Sky has enduring secrets there. Later on, we should all go study a little. Rescue the sick and poor of the world……Ha ha, that’s interesting!”

Zhao Fan trembled in anger from head to toe. If he theoretically fought one on one, he wouldn’t be afraid of any of the three men. But he would absolutely be no match against the three combined.

He had a type of feeling at this time. He seemed to be defrauded by this little ant! Driving a wedge in his plans!

But he felt somewhat ridiculous. It’s just a secular world little brat, that’s it……how could it be possible?

He looked at the opposing three people and coldly said: “Do you all feel these kinds of words are fitting for a little child of the secular world?”

“Fitting! How is it not fitting? I feel it is simply too fitting!” The third man faced Chu Mo and smiled: “Little brother, I, Yu Zonghou, look favorably on you. It would be better for you to join my Golden Knife sect. I can directly make you an outer sect disciple! If you try hard, you could be the same as me. You can enter the inner sect if your fortune is good. You could also study directly under any elder’s school, and become his most favored disciple!”

“But, I must speak clearly with you. Our Golden Knife sect is an immortal cultivation place, but we also don’t have immortals. Even still, our Golden Knife sect is the same as the Immortal Sky. We are both top class sects of the four continents. But I don’t know about the Immortal Sky, how they are so amazing, inside they are all immortals…….ha ha ha, I’m laughing to death!”

Leng Qiuming also spoke: “Our Heavenly Sword sect is no inferior to the Immortal Sky, but has never seen an Immortal! It is truly strange, Immortal Sky is truly amazing!”

“Our Raging Inferno sect also doesn’t have immortals, how curios!” Dong Fangbai said at last.

“Fine, fine, fine!” Zhao Fan angrily laughed. He said fine three times, but his pupils revealed enmity. He suddenly turned to Chu Mo with a ferocious face: “Boy you are truly severe. In a few short words you have unexpectedly stirred up controversy among us. I truly didn’t see, you unexpectedly have this kind of ability?”

“You…..what are you getting at? I didn’t provoke you!” Chu Mo looked appalled and continuously withdrew.

Zhao Fan coldly said: “You are so talented. I feel wronged leaving you in this world. I will take you to see the immortals!”

Leng Qiuming shouted: “Zhao Fan, do you have face? You are going to put hands on a child of the secular world? And finding an illogical reason towards this brat!”

Dong Fangbai said: “Isn’t this the consistent method of the Immortal Sky? In order to not leave a dirty name in the world, they must thoroughly wipe away anything unfavorable towards them!”

Yu Zonghou said: “Then we must make this child live on today!”

The three looked at each other, and directly advanced towards Zhao Fan.

The battlefield as now on the verge!

Zhao Fan was confident he could easily kill this youngster with his top yellow rank four Yuan Closure realm. But he will certainly suffer the attack of these three people if this happens. Those three wouldn’t dare kill him under normal circumstances.

No matter what people say, the Immortal Sky is this world’s number one sect. It is an undisputable fact!

Only here……Zhao Fan didn’t grasp whether or not the three men would really act against him.

After all, it is very normal for mishaps to appear when going out to gain experience!

Furthermore, an Immortal Sky disciple of his rank still didn’t have enough qualifications to ignite the Soul Lamp. It would be incredibly difficult if he wanted to investigate the truth.

Zhao Fan coldly looked at Chu Mo: “Boy, I already know you are a person of the grassland’s Wang Court. Remember, I will kill your entire house if you dare speak a word of this!”

Chu Mo truly enraged at this time.

Given that he isn’t a person of the Wang Court, Zhao Fan could turn the grassland bottom up and not find a trace of Chu Mo.

But he still was thoroughly infuriated by this despicable and shameless Zhao Fan.

It made him recall Seventh Elder, because he wanted to kill his grandfather over something that was almost impossible.

It really is the same idea!

“Extinguish my entire house?” Chu Mo’s pupils flickered with insane murderous intent

He could no longer act innocent at this time or disguise himself as weak.

His only thought, seriously……cut Zhao Fan with the knife!

One slash is enough!

Chu Mo thought with eighty percent probability that he could cut open Zhao Fan in one slice right here!

Because he already secretly used the Jade to “look” at Zhao Fan’s strength.

“Already twenty years old……finally at the peak of the yellow rank four, simply scum!”

“Who gave him such large confidence?”

“The Immortal Sky?”

“Sooner or later I will turn over your ragged and rotten sect!”

At the moment Chu Mo could no longer bear it, in the moment he prepared to recklessly act.

The three people had already advanced there, furthermore their eyes were all filled with ice-cold murderous intent.

Zhao Fan gnashed his teeth, and he suddenly pulled out a seal from his body and ripped it. It instantly activated, and then his whole figure faded away.

His angry roar remained in the air: “Leng Qiuming, Yu Zonghou, and Dong Fangbai……you three aren’t bad!”

“Really not bad! I, Zhao Fan, will remember you!”

“And that crafty little animal. I will remember you……I won’t let you go!”