Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 35: Meeting Xiaoyu again

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Chapter 35: Meeting Xiaoyu again

“Really? That……that’s too good! Noble son Lin, thank you, thank you!” Nuo Yi suddenly burst with excitement as soon as she heard the words, regardless of the actual situation.

Bao Lian was also slightly startled, even forgetting to make sure Nuo Yi wasn’t too excited as to avoid alarming anyone else. She blankly looked at Chu Mo for a long time before asking several thrilling questions: “What noble son Lin said……is it true?”

Chu Mo asked: “Does princess know all of the ingredients of the poison inside her?”

Princess Bao Lian nodded and said: “I am only aware of a couple, the remaining few my doctor……he couldn’t distinguish.”

Chu Mo spoke: “Does it not have white scorpion tail, thirty year centipede foot, gold colored beetle antennas……” Chu Mo rattled off all kinds of ingredients while Bao Lian and Nuo Yi sat there listening dumbstruck.

In the end, princess Bao Lian looked at Chu Mo while startled: “If you hadn’t come here together with Nuo Yi, if you had looked like someone from the grasslands…….I would suspect you were one of Elder Hao Yue’s clansmen!”

“I’m afraid they themselves couldn’t speak all of the poison ingredients so clearly!”

“Because although they carry the poisons, but they don’t have the ability to make it!”

“I already investigated these poisons. They were all passed down from the ancestor of Elder Hao Yue.”

Chu Mo looked at princess Bao Lian and thought: ‘This woman is indeed incredible. She is able to obtain such important information while under the eyes of the wily old fox Elder Hao Yue.

“There is no need to be anxious princess. I will write down the prescription ingredients for you. Then send out your trusted subordinates to gather these medicinal ingredients. Return here after you find them, and I will finish it!”

“That, Bao Lian thanks the noble son!” Princess Bao Lian stood up, faced Chu Mo, and gave a deep bow.

Then, she stared for a long time, unable to keep from choking back tears: “It’s a pity my older brother and sister in law……if they could have run across noble son earlier……”

Nuo Yi also thought of this, and the tears flowed out.

Chu Mo thought: ‘If you all had met me earlier, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have had this ability at that time!’

“This bastard wants to prepare a grand feast for Nuo Yi seven days from now. In fact, he wants to marry Nuo Yi to his youngest son, Hao Yue Geshui.”

“If she doesn’t comply, he will use the arrest warrant issued by those two animal brothers Jin and Yin to grab all of you……”

“We will take advantage of this opportunity. I have enough confidence to take over the whole situation so long as we can take control of that bastard.”

Knowing she has a chance to live on, princess Bao Lian’s whole body shined an intense life force.

Chu Mo already prostrated himself in admiration towards princess Nuo Yi’s intelligence gathering ability.

“Princess, this place…….it is Elder Hao Yue’s territory after all. How can you have such large confidence. You will be able to control the whole situation after controlling Elder Hao Yue?

Princess Bao Lian said: “I hold too much evidence against him. He is a little aware. This is one of the reasons he wants to kill me. He will be ruined once this evidence is made public!”

Princess Bao Lian looked Chu Mo in the eye: “I was once the Wang Court princess. It is actually very simple if I want to put some resources into action.”

“But right now, I only have one goal……”

She looked at Nuo Yi to her side: “I only desire for my niece to become the queen of the grasslands!”

“Aunt……” Nuo Yi looked at princess Bao Lian and hesitated.

Princess Bao Lian softly said: “Silly child, your aunt, my reputation will be ruined after I kill that bastard. No matter how many evil things he has done, no matter if we have ever truly been husband and wife, I am his wife in the end!”

“Furthermore in auntie’s heart, I have never had the slightest ideas towards that throne!”

“You are more suited than anyone else to sit in that seat.”

“Believe auntie’s vision!”

“Therefore that bastard must die in my hands!”

Princess Bao Lian spoke and looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo understood. Princess Bao Lian’s words appeared to be for Nuo Yi, but they were really for herself. It made herself relax. Although she has the ability, she doesn’t have that wild ambition!

Actually Chu Mo didn’t care which of them ruled the Wang Court throne. He wouldn’t mind even making brother Lee become the new king of the grasslands.

It would be no problem so long as it didn’t fall into the hands of Da Qi or a person close to Da Qi.

Of course compared to the latter, Chu Mo certainly wished to see Nuo Yi sit on the throne.

Soon after, princess Bao Lian gave Chu Mo the specific details of the banquet, then she took Nuo Yi and snuck away.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but mumble while looking at the restored bookshelf: “Grandfather was right. No one in the world can be looked down upon, especially women!”

It was currently seven days away from Elder Hao Yue’s banquet, but it was only one day away from the full moon!

Tomorrow night will be a full moon.

Chu Mo determined according to all the indicators on the map that the location over thirty-one miles away. It wasn’t that far of a distance for Chu Mo.

Therefore, Chu Mo planned to use this full moon to search for that location, and see if anything could be harvested.

Chu Mo strutted out on horseback the following day around noon. He carried a bow and galloped in the direction indicated on the map.

He said he was hunting. Naturally no one stopped him.

Princess Bao Lian personally selected this horse for Chu Mo.

It was just like the horse princess Bao Lian rode. This horse was also completely black from head to foot without a trace of mixed color. It looked like a godly spirit horse. The horse dragged in the beginning, and it looked at Chu Mo with disdain to work for the youngster.

But the black horse became immediately excited after Chu Mo revealed a little Yuan Closure Qi. It also very flatteringly came over to Chu Mo so that he could pet it.

Chu Mo actually didn’t want to come out on horseback. Thirty miles would actually be slower for him on horse than on foot.

But that is too eye catching, and now is a tricky time. Chu Mo didn’t want to draw the attention of Elder Hao Yue.

So like this Chu Mo mounted the black horse and galloped on the grasslands.

The big black horse was very well behaved after being frightened by Chu Mo. The horse seemed to feel his master wanted to go even faster and bolted.

It must be said, the full power charging speed of the top rank grassland warhorses is astonishing.

Wind whistled past the ears. It felt slightly tingly as it blew across the face.

The horse dashed twenty-two or so miles before finally slowing down a little. There was surprisingly no sweat on the horse, and it’s breath was steady. It is indeed a precious colt.

They had already entered the boundary of the map at this time. Chu Mo dismounted, patted the horse’s head, and said: “Go find some grass to eat. I’ll call for you when I return!”

It is unknown if the horse actually understood Chu Mo’s words. The big black horse rubbed it’s head against Chu Mo’s hand, then it happily departed.

The remaining Chu Mo casually walked out. There was still a short amount of time until the full moon rose. Chu Mo decided to become a little familiar with the area first.

There was a little forest up ahead. They all required several people to circle around. They rose from the ground. The canopy enclosed the region, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

At last there is some scenery in the depths of this grassland.

Just as he was thinking, Chu Mo felt some people approach all of the sudden. He saw a blue colored dress appear as soon as he turned around, and it directly rushed in front of him.

Chu Mo was slightly startled. He never thought he would encounter Qi Xiaoyu here.

Only Qi Xiaoyu appeared to be in an extremely difficult situation at this time. That blue dress that appeared to be eternally clean was splotched with traces of blood. Her facial color was also extremely pale.

“Are you hurt?” Chu Mo didn’t have enough time to ask how she found him. He immediately asked after seeing her situation.

“Ha……are you worried about me?” Qi Xiaoyu footsteps staggered a little. Her body was just short of falling down in an instant as she walked to Chu Mo.

Chu Mo hurriedly supported her and asked: “What happened?”

“It’s nothing……it had a fight with a few disgusting people.” Qi Xiaoyu’s two willow brows slightly raised, and she said: “Truly disgusting, they are actually still pursuing! Quick, help me into the forest……”

“What use is that! I will take up the rear for you here. Quickly run!” Chu Mo looked at the forest. Although the area wasn’t small, but it wasn’t anything for a person in a high realm.

He looked at Qi Xiaoyu: “You appear and disappear without a trace, every time you find me. Quickly run!”

“Don’t……don’t talk nonsense……I will really die if you don’t help me into the forest. You will never see me again!”

Qi Xiaoyu weakly looked at Chu Mo and softly said: “Would I have any use to come find you if I could still appear and disappear without a trace. Idiot!”

“Quickly quickly, I feel it. That disgusting group of people is coming!” Qi Xiaoyu’s color paled, and she pitifully looked at Chu Mo: “That disgusting group not only wants to steal this girl’s wealth, they also want to rape……you, are you willing to watch this lovable little girl be snatched away by them? Quick!”

Chu Mo gritted his teeth, carried Qi Xiaoyu by the waist, and madly dashed into the forest.

Chu Mo’s foot power naturally isn’t weak. He exerted all his strength on his footwork, and he burrowed into the forest like a trail of smoke.

“Good good, right here. Set me down below this tree, then quickly return back there. They will ask you where I went. Say I went into the forest!” Qi Xiaoyu pointed at a tree that would require five or six grown men to wrap around.

“Set you down here? Are you sure? What is the point of me selling you out?” Chu Mo wrinkled his brow and looked at Qi Xiaoyu in his arms.

“Oh my God, what selling out……”

“What can idiots like you understand about this girl’s supernatural powers? Quickly quickly, set me down. It won’t be a problem!”

Qi Xiaoyu looked at Chu Mo and said: “If you speak with them, they won’t make it difficult for you. They will naturally scram once they can’t find me!”

“Okay, I’ll set you down, but I cannot say that!” Chu Mo somewhat angrily set Qi Xiaoyu under the tree, then he turned and left.

“Selling off friends, I cannot do!”

Qi Xiaoyu’s pupils flashed a trace of feeling, and she mumbled: “Idiot, I said it won’t be a problem!”

While speaking, Qi Xiaoyu’s figure actually bit by bit……completely melded into the towering tree.

In the end, she completely disappeared!