Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 34: Mystical Jade

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Chapter 34: Mystical Jade

“What?” Nuo Yi suddenly screamed.

Princess Bao Lian dully looked at her, then said: “Otherwise, where do you think the poison brothers Jin and Yin used came from?”

“This…’s not possible? The poison of brother Jin and Yin……didn’t Da Qi give it to them?” Nuo Yi’s face filled with shock. The really never thought this situation would have anything to do with Elder Hao Yue. Then isn’t her coming here now the same as the lamb entering the tiger’s mouth?

“Da Qi? You thought wrong!”

“But you don’t need to be afraid of anything. I am here, no one would dare harm you!” Princess Bao Lian saw Nuo Yi’s distress. She comforted her then said: “This situation, I also just discovered it not long ago.”

“Because, right now I…….also took this type of poison. I’m afraid I won’t live long.”

“This……this is impossible! Auntie you are certainly joking with me?” tears streamed down Nuo Yi’s eyes. Her whole person collapsed in an instant.

Her parents were killed by her two brothers had already made her suffer a serious wound. She fled along the road with great difficulty to meet her closest aunt, who is the sole person she can rely on in this world.

Yet anyone who switched places would collapse upon obtaining this kind of information again.

“Don’t worry, auntie is okay for the moment. That son of a bitch still doesn’t dare kill me at this time! He still needs my reputation to gather together the grassland clans!” Princess Bao Lian coldly spoke.

“How do you know these things?” Nuo Yi burst into tears. Her whole person became weak. She thought she had calmed down, but she discovered it is basically impossible to be calm.

Princess Bao Lian sighed: “Because I once heard Hao Yue Geshui mention that poison by accident, but he was immediately interrupted by Hao Yue Gemu.”

“I didn’t think much of it at that time. There are all kinds of mysterious herbs with magical effects on the grasslands. But I felt immediately not good after hearing the news of your father dying. Thus, I secretly found some trusted doctors to check my own body……”

Princess Bao Lian spoke of these things, and a trace of dejection flashed across her face: “They discovered in the end that my body carried a type of slow acting poison. The doctor said I have a life expectancy of three to four months.”

“I thought of your mother and father at that time.”

Bao Lian sadly spoke: “As a result, I started to secretly investigate. You must not admit defeat, we are not alone. Although there are those bastards, but there are also several loyal to me!”

“I the end the clues were found by me.”

“How could this happen……uncle he, isn’t he good to you? He built you a palace……” Nuo Yi whispered between tears.

“Because……from marriage until now, I haven’t let him touch me once!” Princess Bao Lian plainly spoke: “He is good to me. One reason he built me this palace is to give your father face! The second reason is to make me feel moved, but my heart……has already been given to another. How could I give it to him?”

“His schemes are deeper than one could imagine. I was poisoned half a month before your parents died!”

“He already prepared to kill me at that time.”

“Because he knew, as soon as your parents died, it would be very difficult for you and your brother Lee without any support. The only person who could help you all is me!”

A trace of sadness spread across princess Bao Lian’s eyes: “My relationship with all of the tribes was extremely good at that time. The reason that bastard proposed to marry me is for that one point!”

“But……but given that he truly wants to be king of the grasslands, he didn’t need to kill you……you are his wife!” Nuo Yi spoke.

“What is a wife? If he doesn’t kill me, how could I permit the royal power of the grasslands to fall?” Bao Lian coldly laughed: “As long as I give the rally cry, several people will certainly believe me……instead of him.”

“Then, does he know auntie is aware?” Nuo Yi asked.

“Of course he doesn’t know. I already discovered who poisoned me, but I still appear unaware. I take the poison every day!” Bao Lian spoke.

“That, how is that okay. You can’t let them know you are aware, but you can’t keep taking that poison!” Nuo Yi was immediately anxious.

Bao Lian patted Nuo Yi’s hand, then said: “Silly child, auntie isn’t stupid! That poison, as soon as I stop taking it, it will immediately flare up.”

“That, how is that good?” Nuo Yi tears once again burst out. She couldn’t withstand another blow.

“In this short period of time, I’ll find an opportunity to kill him and his three animal sons.” Princess Bao Lian plainly spoke as if it were an everyday matter: “He planned to kill your parents through your two idiot brothers. He used the intent of Da Qi to take over the grasslands to frame Da Qi.”

“Do you know what the even more terrifying part is? His former wife……the mother of his three sons was poisoned by him!”

“The symptoms of her death were exactly the same as your father and mother!”

“Scoundrels like him, if one doesn’t have any feud with him, be sure to hide far away. He is too terrifying! His schemes are too deep. His heart is vicious and merciless. He appears reliable, but is actually cold-blooded and merciless. He is a genuine ambitious and ruthless character!”

“But right now, we have such a deep hatred with him, how can we let him go?”

Nuo Yi was dumbstruck and mumbled: “I don’t know the symptoms before father and mother died……”

Princess Bao Lian sighed: “You are still too young…..auntie already had her own intelligence networks.”

Speaking on, she gently pulled Nuo Yi’s hand: “Relax, auntie will put you on the grassland throne as queen before she dies!”


A couple days after, everything was peaceful the whole time. Chu Mo also continued to silently cultivate.

Apart from the several times Pang Zhonyuan came to find him, Chu Mo didn’t see a trace of Nuo Yi.

Until very late at night on the fourth day, Chu Mo heard a slight noise in his own living room. He immediately got up and quietly moved to the living room. He grabbed a knife from the table, sat there, and quietly watched the bookshelf against the wall.

The slight ringing was coming from there.

The bookshelf slowly split open in the middle after a short period of time. Two figures walked out from there.

One of the people couldn’t help but let out a low scream upon seeing Chu Mo sitting there.

Chu Mo was also startled. Because the people who came, it was shockingly princess Nuo Yi and her aunt……princess Bao Lian!

The two were wearing maid outfits, and they appeared extremely low-key.

“You all, this is?” Chu Mo was a little stupefied. These two people came in the dark of night, obviously it wasn’t to harm him. Only the method they used made Chu Mo unusually speechless.

Because this Palace is princess Bao Lian’s domain!

To be this careful in her own territory, could it be……Elder Hao Yue has people assigned here?

Nuo Yi’s face became a little red. It was probably because using this method to come to a man’s room is a little embarrassing.

“Making a visit late at night, we disturbed noble son Lin’s rest!”

Princess Bao Lian was extremely calm, and she deeply looked at Chu Mo: “Noble son Lin is truly incredible. Fortunately you didn’t act against us, otherwise we would have carelessly died here.”

Chu Mo laughed and pointed at the chairs to the side: “We should keep it short since the two of you came so secretly.”

Princess Bao Lian nodded and stopped the formalities. She told the whole present situation to Chu Mo, including the deeds of Elder Hao Yue.

Chu Mo was matchlessly startled inside. If it weren’t for princess Bao Lian being so close to her niece and nephew, Chu Mo was afraid they would be completely wiped out by Elder Hao Yue’s schemes!

This person actually schemes to this level!

“Old ginger is hotter than young ginger!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but lament.

[TL: Ginger idiom means experience counts.]

“Noble son Lin is a young hero. I heard Nuo Yi say that luckily you saved her. Only in the present situation, I have no way to thank noble son Lin, but it is inscribed in our hearts!” Princes Bao Lian said heartfelt.

Chu Mo smiled: “This is nothing, only, princess is also poisoned?”

Princess Bao Lian nodded, but her face showed no change.

Nuo Yi’s eyes suddenly shined from the side, and she looked at Chu Mo: “Noble son Lin, you are a disciple from a large sect. You must certainly have medicine that can cure poisons? You……could you help my aunt? If only you save my aunt, I will do anything……I…….”

Bao Lian laughed and shook her head: “Don’t waste your thoughts. The ancestor of Elder Hao Yue’s clan cultivated in a large sect. This poison is passed down from him. It is said to be incurable!”

“We shouldn’t waste our efforts. We should use our time not in research, but in how to kill that bastard!”

Chu Mo inner assessment towards princes Bao Lian couldn’t help but rise several levels. She is a woman, but she is not the slightest bit lacking in ability when compared to a man.

Adaptable to circumstances, forthright atmosphere, emphasizing familial ties, and wisdom of a leader…….it far exceeds ordinary people!

If this was a man, he would be greater than Nuo Yi’s father……even more fitting for the throne of the Wang Court.

Chu Mo never had the chance to meet the former king, but Chu Mo felt that a person who couldn’t see the schemes of his own sons and the several decades of plans arranged by Da Qi……his ability must have been limited.

Chu Mo’s mind suddenly began to act. He focused his consciousness while looking at princess Bao Lian, then he thought to himself: ‘What is her realm!’

Soon after, the piece of jade slightly heated up. A section of information transferred into Chu Mo’s brain.

“Yellow rank one, her body is weak because of the toxic components……”

“For the medicinal ingredients to cure……”

“For the refining method: After attaining the ingredients, enter the space, then place on the green stone.”

“Energy required is slight.”

Chu Mo was just short of gasping. His face held an expression of disbelief. He never thought the jade he carried would actually be able to give such detailed information on princess Bao Lian.

Not only this, but it also analyzed the poison inside of princess Bao Lian.

The most important part of the information is the jade gave the necessary ingredients to cure the poison…….and sorted it out!

Among the many ingredients, Chu Mo had heard of them all!

There weren’t any rare ingredients among the several mentioned. They could be found practically anywhere as long as one was careful

In the end it actually gave a method to refine the medicine.

His own piece of jade can actually refine medicine?

Chu Mo felt his own brains were somewhat useless.

Because he thought of a possibility at this time. It made Chu Mo want to face the sky and shout.

“Master can be saved!”

This piece of jade can come up with a remedy so long as I can use it to read master’s Seven Demon Poison.

Then, I only need to gather up all the ingredients for master, then could it be……master’s poison……it could be cured?

Godly jade!

Chu Mo never felt the piece of jade he carried was actually this valuable.

Chu Mo hadn’t been this excited since the day it changed the scripture of Heaven’s Will My Will.

“Noble son Lin? Noble son Lin? What are you doing? You don’t need to brood over it. The poison in Bao Lian is clear. Noble son Lin mustn’t think too much……”

Princess Bao Lian’s voice brought Chu Mo back.

Chu Mo looked at princess Bao Lian and said one hundred percent confident: “Don’t worry so long as I am here. You wish to die……but you won’t!”