Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 32: Grassland Palace

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Chapter 32: Grassland Palace

“Let’s go. Come with auntie to see your uncle, ask him to send troops, and grab those two animals Jin and Yin!”

“If your uncle doesn’t send troops, auntie will take you all far away!” Princess Bao Lian resolutely spoke.

Chu Mo didn’t understand this former Wang Court princess, and he was somewhat confounded upon seeing her.

Because this princess Bao Lian appeared twenty-eight or twenty-nine, not close to thirty.

Her skin snow white, and facial expressions youthful. She resembled Nuo Yi about eighty percent, only her body brimmed with that type of liveliness of a grown woman.

‘She isn’t old……didn’t they say before, Nuo Yi will marry one of Elder Hao Yue’s several sons? Don’t tell me she gave birth to a child at ten years old?’ Chu Mo thought to himself.

Pang Zhongyuan drew to Chu Mo’s side and softly spoke: “Elder Hao Yue had a previous wife before marrying princess Bao Lian. They gave birth to three sons.”

“His wife later died of an illness. He asked the former king for a marriage, and was married to princess Bao Lian. She still hasn’t given birth to any children.”

Chu Mo sensitively took note. Pang Zhongyuan was a little bit unnatural when speaking these words. His forehead……seemed to carry a trace of dull sadness.

“Originally like this.”

Princess Bao Lian personally helped princess Nuo Yi and prince Lee onto the horse at this time, then she faced Chu Mo and Pang Zhongyuan. Her eyes somewhat dodged when they saw Pang Zhongyuan. She somewhat unnaturally said: “Mister Pang, this journey has been hard on you all!”

“Princess, this is our duty!” Pang Zhongyuan bowed and softly spoke.

Princess Baolian nodded, then said: “Let us go!”

“First go to my place!”

Chu Mo somewhat strangely looked at Pang Zhongyuan. Pang immediately explained: “Princess has her own residence here. Her and Elder Hao Yue……do not live together.”

Chu Mo was startled. He thought to himself: ‘There’s a story!’

Soon after, the large group of people passed by Ba Duo’s group, then Majestically advanced into the grassland’s depths.

From beginning to end, princess Bao Lian didn’t say a single word to Ba Duo, the team captain of Elder Hao Yue’s clan. She didn’t even look at Ba Duo.

Ba Duo’s expression was also extremely unsightly. When the group of people had moved far away, he called out the horseman with the red swollen cheek and roared in a low voice: “Why did you provoke her?”

That horseman felt wrong and said: “She never goes to elder. How could your subordinate think she would be there today. I don’t know who leaked the news……”

“They should die!” Ba Duo gnashed: “Did you see Elder?”

The horseman that carried the message shook his head: “From beginning to end, Elder didn’t appear. The three sons also weren’t present……”

Ba Duo enraged: “Should die, this woman has never given us face ever since she got married. Damn, princess bitch!”

“Boss…..speak cautiously!” The messenger horseman softly said.

Ba Duo spoke: “What? Everyone here is one of ours. Don’t tell me the three noble sons don’t think the same way?”

“Forget it, boss is angry. Let us go back and debrief this matter. I want the three noble sons to know.” The messenger horseman rubbed his cheek, and somewhat bitterly spoke.

He originally believed it to be a good job. He could show face to the three sons. Who could have thought he would encounter the angry princess Bao Lian, then get slapped in vain. He didn’t even get to report to the sons.

Ba Duo looked at the messenger horseman and said in a deep voice: “You suffered the wrongs. Return, I will speak with the eldest son, and contain their fury for a couple days. Wait until it’s time, Elder will truly think it passed, humph……”

Ba Duo’s face revealed a cold smile as he spoke: “Go!”

The group of men faced another direction and left at high speed.

Princess lead her niece and nephew along the road. After hurrying a couple of miles, a gorgeous mansion appeared ahead. It spanned thousands of acres.

Richly ornamented, magnificent.

Twenty foot walls were erected outside of the palace. Outside of the walls was a hundred foot wide moat!

This is simply an elegant little city!

Chu Mo stared somewhat foolishly, because these buildings were completely different from the style of other buildings on the grasslands. They were almost the exact same construction as the buildings in Da Xia.

The construction and style on the grasslands is mainly yurts and tents. Even if it is the Wang Court yurt……it is only bigger……and a little bit more elegant.

Pang Zhongyuan explained at Chu Mo’s side: “Princess Bao Lian has loved Da Xia culture ever since she was little. She likes to read Da Xia’s ancient writings and poetry, even carries…… she also likes Da Xia’s construction.”

Pang Zhongyuan lightly sighed: “I never thought, Elder Hao Yue towards her……he’s truly not bad. He actually built a Da Xia palace here for her.”

Chu Mo nodded: “Right, it couldn’t be easy to build a palace like this here. The materials are an enormous trouble.”

Pang Zhongyuan’s face revealed a bitter smile. Somewhat dropping the whisper he said: “The financial resources of Elder Hao Yue…….is called the strongest in the prairie. During the Wang Court’s most flourishing time period, the amount of wealth accumulated didn’t even amount to one third of Elder Hao Yue’s fortune.”

“That powerful!” Chu Mo was startled, then he looked at Pang Zhongyuan and said: “Between mister and princess Bao Lian……”

Chu Mo still hadn’t finished speaking when Pang Zhongyuan’s face slightly changed, and Pang cut off his words: “Noble son Lin, refrain from mentioning this matter!” Pang felt his own manner wasn’t good after speaking, and he bitterly explained: “This……but Elder Hao Yue’s territory, some words are not convenient to speak. Noble son if you want to know, later on……there will be opportunity.”

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “No matter, I was only a little curious. That’s it.”

It was already clearly obvious. There was a close relationship between Pang Zhongyuan and princess Bao Lian before she married Elder Hao Yue. It is clearly obvious looking at the way the two treated each other.

Soon after, a person put down the drawbridge on the moat. They entered the city gate, and went into the city.

A large amount of servants came out and welcomed, then a person took care of each rider, sending them to clean up and rest.

Chu Mo also received very good treatment. He enjoyed an exclusive courtyard.

And Pang Zhongyuan was lead around by people as soon as he entered the city.

This only strengthened the innermost conjectures in the depths of Chu Mo’s heart: ‘This romantic and energetic uncle that is knowledgeable and refined in his middle age. He certainly has a hidden story with the former princess of the Wang Court.

Chu Mo was extremely curious about this matter. His plots are very large. Chu Mo wants to change the whole structure of the grasslands!

Because of this, every fine detail cannot be passed by.

Grandfather said in the past: A thousand mile river dike can collapse from an ant cave!

If careless, sooner or later there could be a problem!

Chu Mo also acquired a bold but cautious nature since childhood. He was careful with any matter in order to make fewer mistakes when making a decision.

Chu Mo drove away the several servant girls that came to help him bathe, and he soaked in a bathtub, feeling especially comfortable. He almost couldn’t remember the last time he had bathed in hot water.

Chu Mo finally came out after soaking for an hour, and he changed into the new clothes sent over earlier. This time the clothes were very fitting, but they weren’t elegant. They were the same as the horsemen wore.

This is something Chu Mo had repeatedly urged Nuo Yi in the past.

His whole consciousness felt much better after changing clothes.

Soon after, Chu Mo quietly cultivated in the room. The daily cultivation could not be disturbed no matter what. Remarkable talent also needs to diligently cultivate, otherwise good talent will be completely squandered.

Chu Mo understood this logic since he was little.

The sky darkened after cultivating the rest of the day. A servant girl came at this time and invited Chu Mo to the feast.

The welcoming feast is certainly essential.

Chu Mo followed the girl to the banquet hall, and he once again saw Nuo Yi and brother Lee. The two accompanied by princess Bao Lian’s side, and they had completely changed clothes.

Nuo Yi changed appeared even more vivid and colorful after changing into a bright yellow dress. Her eyes revealed a gentle and soft laughter upon seeing Chu Mo.

Princess Bao Lian followed her niece’s vision and saw Chu Mo. She slightly nodded, but didn’t call him over.

Chu Mo estimated Nuo Yi had told her aunt something.

Chu Mo relaxed a bit inside. Princess Bao Lian seems to favor her own niece and nephew.

Nuo Yi said in the past that her aunt is the most worthy of trust.

“If it is like this, that plan……it will be even easier to succeed.” Chu Mo thought inside.

He looked all around, yet Chu Mo didn’t see Pang Zhongyuan’s figure. The somewhat strange thing is that when elder Pang Zhongyuan entered from outside, he was wearing a completely white set of scholarly robes. He had neatly combed hair, and his whole appearance seemed to spiritually glow.

Seeing Chu Mo, Pang Zhongyuan slightly smiled, then he unhurriedly walked to princess Bao Lian’s table.

Chu Mo stared, and he couldn’t understand. Pang Zhongyuan cautiously avoided in the past. Why now……did he change into a different person?

Princess Bao Lian was also cheerful and talkative. She faced Pang Zhongyuan and slightly bowed: “Mister Pang has come!”

Chu Mo couldn’t help but give a supercilious look and think: ‘The world between adults is very complicated!’

The banquet started soon after. Fine mixed dishes gathered. The people sitting at the table with Chu Mo were all the horsemen of princess Nuo Yi. They were all extremely respectful to Chu Mo, and they wanted Chu Mo to taste all of the dishes first. Chu Mo grew up in the military since he was little, so he naturally knew how to deal with these kind of men.

Quickly, the atmosphere of wine became even warmer. Everyone lifted their cups and toasted. They loudly chatted, and they temporarily forgot the pains and unhappiness of the past.

The departed are already dead, but the living……still want to be alive.

Chu Mo didn’t indulge, and no one forced him.

Men suddenly shouted from outside as the feast was coming to the tail end: “Elder Hao Yue arrived! First son arrived! Second son arrived! Third son arrived!”

The boisterous dining hall became quiet all of the sudden. Chu Mo looked along with everyone else at the door.

He only saw a fifty year old man wearing a splendid robe. He wore a gold crown, and walked over with an imposing demeanor

.Three young men followed behind. The one in the very front appeared twenty-two or twenty-three. He was very handsome and wore white robes. He carried a moderate smile.

The person in the middle looked very much like the young man in the front, only with an ice-cold solemn expression. He wore black robes and conscientiously smiled. His posture when walking was extremely stiff. Each step was as if measured by a ruler.

The very last young man looked seventeen or eighteen. He appeared extremely handsome. He wore green colored robes and carried a folded fan. Picturesque and colorful, he was like those noble sons of Yellow Flame City.