Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 31: Precious Lotus Princess

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Chapter 31: Precious Lotus Princess

Going ahead another three miles, over a hundred horsemen suddenly appeared, steaming with murderous intent, and they blocked the path of Chu Mo and the others.

The horseman in front shouted from far away: “Newcomers stop! Approach another step and we won’t be polite!”

After speaking, the hundred plus horsemen notched their bows and aimed at Nuo Yi’s group.

The atmosphere immediately tensed!

Chu Mo was at Nuo Yi’s side, and he clearly saw her face change. Her pupils flashed a smear of intense anger.

The horseman beside Nuo Yi shouted: “Brother Ba Duo, I am Han Feng. I invited you to drink wine last year at the Wang Court. Do you know recognize me?”

The leading horseman waved his hand, commanding the hundred plus horsemen to cease. They put their bows down, but they did not put them away.

This made Chu Mo’s brow slightly wrinkle. He couldn’t believe the opposing group of people didn’t know their status, but yet they still displayed this type of attitude. Clearly telling their group of people —

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This isn’t too welcoming!

This result is almost the same as Chu Mo deduced earlier.

Looking at Nuo Yi on the horseback beside breathing heavily, Chu Mo said: “Don’t get mad. Don’t forget, this is something we anticipated.”

“Yes, I listened to you. ” No Yi quietly replied, then mumbled: “Where is my aunt?”

“So it is brother Hang Feng. Sorry, I didn’t see clearly. I didn’t know you would suddenly bring people to elder Hao Yue’s clan. What affair is it?”

The horseman named Han Feng scolded inside: ‘Still pretending? The Wang Court is a huge incident. You all certainly knew at the first moment. What is the motive behind putting on this act?’

But this thought could only be kept inside. After all, the present isn’t the past. Compared to before, Ba Duo would absolutely welcome him at first sight with an extremely respectful manner, carefully……in fear of provoking a Wang Court horseman.


Han Feng sighed, then slowly drove his horse forward before Ba Duo, bitterly smiling: “Don’t tell me Ba Duo and his brothers don’t know what happened at the Wang Court?”

The horseman Ba Duo is a thirty year old strong man. His skin is dark, and he has a pair of small eyes that twinkle shrewd rays of light. He didn’t deny and nodded: “I heard, the king and queen suddenly died. Brothers Jin and Yin control the Wang Court. They say the princess is rebelling. There is currently an arrest warrant issued to Hao Yue’s clan……it request that every clan arrest the princess upon sight.”

Han Feng’s pupils flashed with the color of rage. He said in a suppressed voice: “Brother Ba Duo, don’t tell me you believe these slanderous words?”

Ba Duo somewhat embarrassingly laughed: “This……I am of such little importance, it doesn’t matter. Elder says princess is of noble character, and naturally couldn’t do this type of thing.”

Han Feng’s inside rage slightly subsided, and he said: “Princess is currently in the ranks behind me. Please send people back and report to Elder. Say the princess has come to pay a visit.”

Ba Duo’s pair of clever pupils flashed a trace of disdain. He coldly laughed inside: ‘Pay a visit? Already an exiled princess, yet still carrying on airs? Still believe you are the pearl of the grasslands?’

But of course he naturally didn’t speak these words aloud. He looked over at the troops far away, cupped his fist in respect, and yelled: “I didn’t know the princess came. Ba Duo has committed an offense, princess see forgiveness!”

Ba Duo then casually said to the men at his side: “Quick, return and report to Elder. Say the princess has arrived!”

A cold light flashed in Han Feng’s pupils. The horsemen of the wang court weren’t just warriors. They received the finest education of the whole grasslands since childhood.

Their education wouldn’t necessarily be much worse than the top ranked schools in Da Qi and Da Xia.

Therefore, each of the Wang Court horsemen were practically all capable scholars and warriors. Their IQ naturally couldn’t be low.

Seeing this big smug appearance from Ba Duo, Han Feng wanted to cut him.

Opposing the Wang Court princess, actually this rude, it’s truly hateful!

Ba Duo’s face carried a somewhat indifferent smile. Of course he can see Han Feng’s discontent appear, but he is deliberate!

Ba Duo was just short of confronting Han Feng and saying: My people don’t have much manners, if anything offended you, come and attack!

All of this is naturally incited by Ba Duo, otherwise, with what grounds could such a small clan team leader be so arrogant to the Wang Court princess?

At this time Ba Duo began to be somewhat disappointed. In his thoughts, he could be rude to the princess, given that she could endure it, but these horsemen……they certainly would not tolerate it!

He anxiously awaited for the horsemen to enrage and hit him.

Like this, he would have enough excuse to kill all of the close bodyguards of Nuo Yi!

Just one hothead!

At that time, only Nuo Yi and her little brother need to live…… are these men going to let it go?

It’s a pity, Han Feng’s eyes carry intense anger, but he unexpectedly doesn’t flare-up.

‘He’s damn patient!’ Ba Duo couldn’t help but curse inside.

Far away.

Brother Lee, the third prince sitting on the same horse with Nuo Yi, couldn’t help but scold in a low voice: “A dog threatening based on his master’s power. He actually dares look down on us. The former King and Queen were vainly good to them. Looks like they raised a pack of thankless wolves!”

[TL: The prince’s name is actually Lie ‘烈’, which means fierce. I’ve changed it to Lee because Lie is most likely too confusing a name in English.]

“Don’t carelessly speak. Remember, it is good to think these thoughts inside. You must not speak aloud! You must give respect to uncle when we meet. Is that clear?” Nuo Yi’s eyes were slightly red, and she educated her little brother in a low voice. But in her own heart, was it not filled with grievances?

“Sister, don’t worry. I am small, but I understand everything. Uncle isn’t here. I am nothing without my prince birthright. Furthermore, the head of this prince could be taken at any time by the sword.” Brother Lee softly spoke. That tender little face filled with rage: “One day, I will grow up big. I won’t let any of those that betray the Wang Court go!”

Chu Mo profoundly looked at brother Lee. He darkly thought: ‘The children that grow up in the royal family really aren’t the same. So small, yet actually speaks words like this.

Nuo Yi lightly patted her little brother’s head and sighed without saying anything.

Pang Zhongyuan consoled from the side: “Princess be relieved, everything……all according to noble son Lin’s plans. If they are too cordial, it actually won’t be good for us.”

Nuo Yi nodded and deeply sucked in a breath.

At this time, from an extremely far away place, a unit of horses and men advanced in this direction at high speed.

A female’s crying voice could be heard from far away: “Where are my poor little niece and nephew? You bastards!Are you all idiots? You dare block my niece and nephew! I will certainly take care of you when you return!”

Ba Duo’s face revealed an embarrassed smile. He rushed to Han feng and cupped his fist: “Brother Han Feng, apologies, I am fulfilling my duty……you must not be offended.”

Han Feng nodded tight-lipped: “Okay!”


A woman atop a high black horse searched, and broke out from the group of people towards Nuo Yi.

A large group of horsemen, at least three hundred swept over.

Then they stopped in front of Ba Duo’s group, immediately spreading into a fan, actually concealing……they took up a posture that completely surrounded Ba Dou and his men.

Ba Duo’s face immediately became unsightly. His brows slightly raised, yet he didn’t speak a word. On the contrary, he made his men put away their bows not wanting to act rashly.

This group of cavalry were all Wang Court riders!

This grassland is truly elite!

They were all those that followed after princess Bao Lian married into Elder Hao Yue’s clan.

The king loved his little sister. Despite the opposition of others, he dispatched three hundred of the Wang Court horsemen to his own little sister.

As a result, princess Bao Lian always had unmatched devotion to her older brother. It is unknown how many times she has cried after hearing of her brother and the queen’s the sudden death. She cursed brother Jin and Yin countless times.

If it wasn’t for Elder Hao Yue holding her back, this princess well skilled in war and culture would have already brought men to the Wang Court and settled accounts with Jin and Yin.

Upon hearing her own niece and nephew weren’t permitted entry at the first moment, the hotheaded princess fumed on the spot. She slapped the horseman across the face, then brought men charging over.

Princess Bao Lian is well aware of the situation inside Hao Yue’s clan. Her not speaking doesn’t represent a lack of knowledge, only just too lazy. That’s it.

Now she felt her own niece and nephew could have danger. She immediately enraged, and gathered up the way of a princess before she was married. No matter the situation, she brought people over.

On the other side, Nuo Yi and the little boy in her arms saw their aunt rushing over and yelling. Then they jumped down from their horses and ran over to her.

The aunt rushed within a hundred feet, then actually jumped from the horse, and stepped through the air in their direction.

This type of skill, one must have at least stepped into the yellow rank to possess!

Chu Mo’s pupils slightly flashed as he sat on the horse. He thought: ‘This former Wang Court princess…….she’s not so simple!’

Princess Bao Lian already rushed before Nuo Yi, and she grabbed Nuo Yi and brother Lee into her embrace. Tears flowed down like rain. She said while weeping: “My two unfortunate children. It’s truly been hard on you. Auntie is sorry. Auntie should have gotten you all earlier!”

Princess Nuo Yi and brother Lee could no longer bear it in the end. They broke into tears in auntie’s embrace. All of their grief couldn’t be put into words.

The eyes of Pang Zhongyuan and the crowd of horsemen began to swell up. They dropped their heads and maintained silence.

If it were not for the fact that men don’t easily cry, these people couldn’t stop the tears.

This journey was honestly extremely bitter. The amount of people that came with them before wasn’t this few. The thousand plus Wang Court Horsemen is now reduced to only a dozen.

If it were not for encountering Chu Mo, afraid it would be very difficult for the rest to live until arriving at Elder Hao Yue’s clan.

The three cried on each other’s shoulders until gradually settling down.

Princess Bao Lian’s eyes were swollen red. She hugged Nuo Yi and brother Lee, then softly said: “Good, now you both don’t need to be afraid of anything. So long as auntie is here, she won’t allow anyone to harm you all in the slightest! Not anyone!”

The voice was soft, but these words were absolutely resolute, without any doubt!