Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 194 - Right-hand Man

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Chapter 194 – Right-hand Man

“Before I joined Azure Dragon Hall, I had already made a big fortune. Over the years, I have not used the power of Azure Dragon Hall to make any convenience for my business. It can be said that I, Wang Dafa has today, is not because I relied on Azure Dragon Hall. On the contrary, over the years, Azure Dragon Hall has taken countless pieces of silver from me, Wang Dafa.”

“Yes, they sent me a lot of powerful bodyguards. But to be honest… if I use the money that has been taken away by Azure Dragon Hall over the years to hire martial artists from any sect, I believe that the bodyguards around me will definitely be several times better than the one I have now!”

“Apart from that, the biggest benefit I got was the medicinal pills from the sect.”

As Wang Dafa said this, his eyes were a little red: “But before taking these medicinal pills, my Wang Dafa… did not have that headache!”

“I don’t have any proof of this, so I didn’t say much. Only this time, what they did made me sad and even despair.”

“To this day, I have thoroughly understood that what Azure Dragon Hall wants is nothing more than this huge industry created by my Wang Dafa. As for me… You’ve seen their attitude towards me before. You should know that what big brother said was true, right?”

Chu Mo nodded. “Yes, you’re right.”

“Therefore, this time, I’m also ready to make any sacrifice.” Wang Dafa’s eyes showed a hint of determination and resoluteness: “I know that my brother’s master is not an ordinary person, and certainly won’t watch my brother being chased like this. Since I want to take refuge in you, I certainly can’t wait for the dust to settle down. If it’s like that, I can’t show my sincerity.”

Although Chu Mo has just returned, and he doesn’t know much about what happened here in Yellow Flame City, however, he also has just read some information and know that what Wang Dafa said is true.

At this time, Wang Dafa stood up and smiled at Chu Mo and said, “Brother, from now on, I will call you Young Master Chu!”

Chu Mo also stood up and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter what you call me.”

“No, it’s important! What Young Master Chu should do is to understand a little about what a family has to do. Young Master Chu is a man with great ambition in his heart. Therefore, it is necessary to make a clear distinction between level of seniority, the superior and the subordinate.” After Wang Dafa said this, he kneeled on his knees at Chu Mo, kowtowed on the ground, and then said, “From today on, I am Young Master Chu’s Chief Financial Housekeeper! Any matter concerning about finance, I, Wang Dafa, will handle it! Young Master Chu has a big ambition, then my Wang Dafa has that much money!”

Chu Mo hurried over, help Wang Dafa up and said, “That’s… a bit too much for you!”

“No. This is only the first step!” Wang Dafa stood up, his eyes burning, and said, “Young Master Chu’s intelligence organization, in Dafa’s view, is actually somewhat naïve… cough, cough. Dafa is just speaking directly. Young Master Chu should not be offended.”

Chu Mo shook his head to show that he was not surprised.

Wang Dafa said, “Chu Yu, this girl, is very attentive. Her talent is also very high. To tell you the truth, she did a good job! but she couldn’t support young master’s ambitions. Sui Hongru, the one-armed housekeeper of Young Master Chu, should excel at some things on the battlefield. All those elite retired veterans are good. But in fact, they still need to go through special training in order to meet the needs of young master.”

Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo and said, “After all, this is the martial art world1, not a battlefield.”

Chu Mo nodded silently. Every word of what Wang Dafa said is reasonable. In fact, Uncle one-arm and Chu Yu themselves are well aware of these problems. But there is nothing to be done. In Chu Mo’s hand, there’s no one else available. It’s totally a desperate attempt of making people do something entirely beyond them.

Wang Dafa said, “as for Tenth Young Master Xu…. although he is extremely good in all respects, but his identity is the biggest obstacle to him! Tenth Young Master Xu must have realized it himself, so recently he simply has been in closed door cultivation at home.”

Chu Mo knew this. Xu Fufu should be in seclusion, taking those medicinal pills.

Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo: “For the time being, young master’s intelligence organization is enough. Now that I’m working for young master, I don’t want to give people the feeling that I want to hold everything in my hand. After all, young master is here, and I have to wait until young master trusts me completely before I can do more things.”

Wang Dafa is confident enough to bring almost everything to the table.

Although Chu Mo once said half-jokingly that he wanted him to work for him, Chu Mo didn’t expect that Wang Dafa really has such courage. He unexpectedly dared to betray Azure Dragon Hall, and bet everything on him.

“Aren’t you afraid of Azure Dragon Hall’s revenge?” Chu Mo asked with a smile.

“Of course, I’m afraid.” Wang Dafa said in a quiet voice, “Once, I have seen the Hall Master of Azure Dragon Hall, and since I’m not good at fighting, I wasn’t able to intuitively judge his realm. But according to the information I obtained over the years, I know that he is an unfathomable person. However, Young Master Chu didn’t hesitate to offend two big sects, Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird, for his friends. Although I, Wang Dafa, don’t have such courage, I still have the courage to leave Azure Dragon Hall.”

“Good!” Chu Mo said earnestly, “Just with this sentence of yours, you’ll be able to find someone, I’m sure.” (TN: I’m not sure if I understood this correctly: “好!”楚墨一脸认真的说道:”就冲你的这句话,你找个人,我保定了!”)

Wang Dafa’s eyes flashed a touch of emotion: “Then, my Wang Dafa, from now on will be Young Master Chu’s people.”

“What do you want most?” Chu Mo looked at Wang Dafa and asked softly.

Wang Dafa thought for a moment and said, “To be the most famous businessman in the four continents! I think one day, no matter in the Human World, or in any sect, when my Wang Dafa’s name is mentioned, all of them will give a thumbs up, and praise: “This is the most powerful businessman on the four continents!”

“Ha ha ha, well, let’s work together for this goal!” Chu Mo smiled and reached out his hand and made an oath with Wang Dafa.

Subsequently, invitations were constantly sent, and people came to the door to see him. Wang Dafa did not stay for too long. After talking with Chu Mo, he left directly.

Now that a decision has been made, he has to make a lot of preparations.

The most important thing is to guard against the retaliation of Azure Dragon Hall.

Azure Dragon Hall, in the whole four continents, is regarded as a behemoth. As an important figure in this superpower, Wang Dafa’s betrayal will certainly make Azure Dragon Hall furious.

However, Wang Dafa is also smart enough to know that what Azure Dragon Hall wants to do most now is not to get rid of him. As a businessman with low fighting capabilities like him, Azure Dragon Hall would not care too much about when to kill him.

What the whole Azure Dragon Hall want to do the most now is certainly to get rid of Chu Mo.

Therefore, with Chu Mo, this big tree blocking the way, his Wang Dafa is still safe for the time being.

Even taking ten thousand steps back, even if Chu Mo really lost to Azure Dragon Hall, and was knocked down. Isn’t there still the Black Tortoise Palace and White Tiger Hall?

For a big businessman of Wang Dafa’s level, there will never be a shortage of things like a route of retreat.

After Wang Dafa left, the giant rooster lying on the chair said lazily, “That human is very smart! If you use him well, he can be your right-hand man.”

To be continued…


TN: Original text is Jiang Hu, which also mean martial arts worlds during ancient China.