Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 193 - Cross Over

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Chapter 193 – Cross Over

At this time, it has been half a month since Chu Mo left Yellow Flame City.

Yellow Flame City is still prosperous. It seems that there is nothing different from the past. However, as soon as he entered the city, the attentive Chu Mo still felt the change.

First of all, those people from the Sect, who are hiding in the crowd in Yellow Flame City, have almost disappeared.

Ordinary people can’t tell the difference between those people and themselves, but it in the eyes of the same kind of people, they can tell it very clearly.

Walking in the streets of Yellow Flame City, Chu Mo and the giant rooster collected a lot of surprised look. It is not that many people recognize his identity, but the people of Yellow Flame City have seen dogs being walked, seen birds being walked, but never seen a rooster being walked. (TN: Like go for a walk)

A colorful, tall, powerful, and beautiful rooster with a majestic presence followed a young man. There was an indescribable haughtiness in his expression. It even gives the people the illusion that it is not the teenager who is walking him, but that he is walking the teenager!

“Mom mom, look, that giant rooster is so big! It’s so beautiful!” A little girl pulled the skirt of a young woman and looked at the giant rooster curiously.

“Yes, it’s really beautiful!” There was a gentle smile on the young woman’s face.

The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo with a triumphant look, but did not speak. In fact, Chu Mo didn’t need to remind him, the rooster is also very clear, if he speaks here, then from now on, there will be no peace.

Ninth Rank Yuan Beast can speak like a human being, but how many of these people in the Human World have seen the Ninth Rank Yuan Beast? Even people from a sect, few have seen a Ninth Rank Yuan Beast.

So, an animal suddenly speaking human words, is indeed a very shocking thing.

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched and did not speak.

At this time, a little boy, with a surprised look, pointed his finger at the rooster and exclaimed, “What a big rooster. Such a big one, can one be stewed in a big pot? You don’t even have to put mushrooms!”

The little boy’s mother patted her son on the head and said strangely, “Don’t talk nonsense!” But then she muttered, “You can stew one in a big pot.”

“…” The giant rooster suddenly had the urge to go wild. Want to stew Lord Rooster? Lord Rooster will eat you first! Stupid human!

Chu Mo glared at the rooster and said, “Let’s go, don’t worry about it.”

“You humans are stupid!” The giant rooster angrily said to Chu Mo.

One person and one chicken quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Chu Mo and the giant rooster returned to Fan Mansion. He asked and was told that the Demon Lord had not returned. Chu Mo was not too worried. His Master is free to handle his matters. At this point, Chu Mo and the Demon Lord’s temperament is similar. They are not too fond of asking too much about other people’s matters.

But the news of his return spread quickly.

In less than an hour after Chu Mo returned to his house, several groups of people have already sent invitations.

There was even someone who paid a visit in person!

Although this person, made Chu Mo more or less surprised.

“Big Brother Wang, what are you doing here?” Chu Mo was a little surprised to see Wang Dafa.

After all, Wang Dafa’s identity is somewhat sensitive. He is an Azure Dragon Hall Court Elder. At this moment, although it can be said that there is no deep hatred like the sea between Chu Mo and the Azure Dragon Hall, but it is not much different.

“What? Am I not welcome, Brother?” Wang Dafa has a smile on his face, but he looked a little thin and there were dark circles under his eyes. It seems that he hasn’t had a good rest for many days.

“Haha, how can I not welcome Big Brother Wang? I just didn’t think…” Chu Mo smiled.

“You didn’t think I had the courage to come to your house, right?” Wang Dafa, who was not polite to Chu Mo, sat down on a chair, picked up the tea that the maid had just brought, and took a sip. Then he put down the cup and suddenly saw a giant rooster squatting on another chair. He was startled: “When did my brother start playing with rooster?” This head… This coat color… tsk tsk, tsk? It’s still staring at me! Haha, brother, you can do this. This chicken, if you make it fight with other roosters… it will absolutely be invincible!”

The giant rooster glared at Wang Dafa, and the idea of killing this fellow with one claw crossed his mind.

Let Lord Rooster fight with other roosters? Are you trying to be funny, human? Just wait after Lord Rooster awaken my Phoenix Bloodline, and we are going to fight! Damn it… I’m so angry!

Chu Mo coughed twice, then choked up a laugh and said, “Fight with other roosters? Not bad… I can try it someday.”

Although Wang Dafa expressed some surprise at the giant rooster, but soon, his mind focused on the purpose of this visit.

“Brother, I’m came here to join you this time. I don’t know if what you said before still counts?” Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo seriously.

“Oh? I can’t believe big brother is so well informed? ” Chu Mo casually said with a smile.

“Well-informed? Barely knowledgeable. Actually, I do not know what has happened these days. However, my brother is now back in good condition. It should be able to explain the matter.” Wang Dafa said very frankly: “More than a thousand people, two continental coalition forces… It seems that honorable master of yours must have acted, right?”

“You don’t know?” Chu Mo looked at Wang Dafa, seeing that his blank face really didn’t seem to be pretending, he smiled and said: “If you do not know what happened, and still dare to bet on me, are you not afraid of losing?”

“Don’t laugh at me, brother.” Wang Dafa sighed, “Although your big brother is a businessman, there is also some courage and uprightness in my bones. I don’t do that profitable business every time. Maybe a lot of people like to do a steady business, but sometimes, your big brother, I, like things that are a little challenging.”

With that, Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo and said very sincerely, “Not to hide it from you, brother, from the moment you left the city, I have already started to clean up all… the sect martial artist in Yellow Flame City! And I’ve been secretly protecting those who were once a Misty Palace disciple that come here from all over the place!”

“Ah?” Chu Mo couldn’t help exclaiming and looking at Wang Dafa: “You doing this… isn’t it equivalent to a complete betrayal of Azure Dragon Hall?”

“They don’t care about me as much as I thought.” Wang Dafa’s mood was somewhat lost. He whispered: “I have made great contributions to Azure Dragon Hall over the years. But in the end, I suddenly found out that it turns out that in the eyes of the core of Azure Dragon Hall, I Wang Dafa… all along, has been nothing more than a nouveau riche.”

“Even so… that shouldn’t be the reason for big brother’s total betrayal, right?” Chu Mo asked.

Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo and calmly said, “Yes, if that’s all, your big brother will not think of completely betraying Azure Dragon Hall. After all, the Hall Master has always taken care of me. So, at first, I didn’t do anything to the people of Azure Dragon Hall.”

Wang Dafa said with a bleak smile: “But just five days ago, I suddenly received a transfer order from Azure Dragon Hall. The transfer order was issued by the Hall Master himself. He wanted to transfer me back to Azure Dragon Hall Headquarter and give me a Senior Court Elder position.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Chu Mo looked at Wang Dafa.

“A good thing?” Wang Dafa sneered and said, “With the transfer order, there is also another letter. It’s also written by the Hall Master himself. On that, I was asked to hand over all the existing industries under my name to those who will come to take over! Then, promise me a net income of 1/10 a year. Ha… Haha, how generous!”

To be continued…