Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 192 - Netherworld River Samsara Pond

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Chapter 192 – Netherworld River Samsara Pond

Returning home, all the way to the west, Chu Mo and the giant rooster traveled very smoothly. They hardly encountered anyone along the way.

One person, one rooster, doing nothing but fight and quarrel, but they had a good time. On the way back, there was no need for them to be in a hurry, so it was only seven days later did Chu Mo and the giant rooster only return to a place a hundred miles away from Yellow Flame City. (TN: unit of measurement used was actually li (0.5km).)

They stood on a mountain overlooking the towering city in the distance.

“How is it? The big city in this world is quite shocking, isn’t it?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster beside him and asked proudly.

“Shocking?” The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo with some sympathy and said, “One day, when you enter the Heaven World and see the big cities in the Heaven World, say these words again.”

“Really senseless, this is the Human World!” Chu Mo rolled his eyes and said, “By the way, Giant Rooster, you can’t enter the city with me like this. You will scare those people.”

“Lord Rooster is so wise and powerful, how can I scare people?” The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo with an unconvinced look on his face.

The corner of Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, “Have you seen a rooster as big as you?”

“How can the roosters in this Human World be compared with Lord Rooster?” The giant rooster sneered.

Chu Mo looked at the rooster with a black line all over his head. “Do you think you are invincible in this Human World?”

“Pretty much!” The giant rooster said proudly, “Although Lord Rooster is not a fighting rooster, but not everyone is qualified to fight Lord Rooster.”

“Stop that. If you want to enter the city with me, you have to keep a low profile. You’re like that… it’s too eye-catching!” Chu Mo said.

“You mean, Lord Rooster is too handsome?” The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo made a disgusting expression and said, “I mean, if you don’t want to be made into braised chicken nuggets, just keep a low profile!”

“Boy… you’re courting death!” The giant rooster fluttered his wings and rushed straight up to fight with Chu Mo.

“Look at Lord Rooster’s invincible foot!”

A moment later…

“Get your rooster feet off of me. Otherwise, I’ll stew you.”

“I won’t take it off!”

“You’re not going to take it off? I will take out Murdering Heaven.”

“Do you have any other method beside using this to frighten Lord Rooster?” The giant rooster said, with one foot on Chu Mo’s leg, and a look of grief and indignation.

Chu Mo sneered and said, “There will be in the future!”

The rooster angrily took off his claw away and groaned, “You are not Lord Rooster’s opponent. You only know how to threaten with artifact. You really lose face.”

“You’re not a person, how do you know what it feels like to lose face?” Chu Mo retorted, and climbed up from the ground as if nothing had happened.

With his current strength, without Murdering Heaven, he is no match for the giant rooster. But he was happy to fight the giant rooster. Because this rooster, although claimed to be not a fighting rooster, his combat strength is in fact quite formidable. Moreover, he fights very fiercely.

Especially the when Chu Mo fought the giant rooster just now, he showed unparalleled combat strength. Chu Mo was beaten ashen and dirty until he threatened him with Murdering Heaven.

Afterward, the giant rooster changed his body’s size a little smaller, but in the end, it was still twice as big as the average rooster.

In the words of the giant rooster. Lord Rooster has never been so wronged in his life, and now he has made a great sacrifice.

Chu Mo had to take out a Fish of Creation to heal the wounded self-esteem of the giant rooster. Fortunately, the fish directly let the rooster throw all his grievances out to the wind.

A stone pit was placed by Chu Mo next to the gray shrub in the jade space, and all the Fish of Creation in it were all jumping for joy.

According to the giant rooster, the Heaven’s Divination Mirror is a naturally formed artifact of creation, and supporting these Fish of Creation will not be a problem. Moreover, these Fish of Creation, as long as they get enough food, will soon begin to lay eggs and reproduce.

However, when Chu Mo asked what the Fish of Creation ate, the giant rooster hesitated a little. In the end, under Chu Mo’s questioning while holding Murdering Heaven, he told Chu Mo. The food of Fish of Creation, didn’t exist in this world.

There may be in the Spirit World, but there is no guarantee.

It is a kind of insect that grows specially in the Netherworld River. It is called the Netherworld Insect.

“What is the Netherworld River? Underworld River?” Chu Mo asked the giant rooster.

“No, it is the kind of Extreme Yin Land, a river in burial ground, known as the Netherworld River.” The giant rooster said with his head down.

“This kind of place, it is almost impossible for the four continents to have, right?” Chu Mo asked in a poor tone.

The giant rooster nodded in a loss: “If there is such a place on the four continents, I’m afraid it would have been eroded by Yin Qi, and it would have been impossible for any living creatures to exist. The Underworld is so big that there may be such a place…”

“If there is no Netherworld River here, it’s natural that there can be no Netherworld Insects. Without Netherworld Insect, it would be impossible for these Fish of Creation to lay eggs and reproduce. Giant Rooster… In other words, from ancient times to this day. The Fish of Creation on the four continents, in fact, didn’t increased one bit, but has gotten less and less, right?” Chu Mo’s tone was cold, and look at the big rooster with a bad look.

“This… Cough… Lord Rooster told you…”

“Right or wrong!”


Chu Mo angrily glared at the giant rooster: “Since you already know, why didn’t you say that this fish is getting less and less? According to your way of eating, it won’t even make it to the Spirit World. It will all be eaten by you! What will you do then?”

The giant rooster embarrassedly looked at Chu Mo and said, “Lord Rooster knows… but I can’t help it.”

“From today on, you are not allowed to eat any of them!” Chu Mo said with a serious and fierce look on his face. “Until the day we enter the Spirit world, find the Netherworld River, catch the Netherworld Insects, and watch the Fish of Creation lay eggs.”

The giant rooster felt guilty. When he saw that Chu Mo was angry, he was also a little embarrassed and said, “Actually… it is not enough to only have the Netherworld Insect…”

Chu Mo looked at him with black lines all over his head.

The giant rooster said in a low voice, “We still need the Samsara Pond Water.” (TN: Samsara Pond Water = Reincarnation Pool Water)

Chu Mo resisted the urge to strangle the giant rooster and said angrily, “Except in the Heaven World, where can I find that thing?”

“What Lord Rooster said is Samsara Pond Water… and not the Six Samsara Pond Water.” In order to be able to eat the Fish of Creation in the future, the giant rooster carefully explained, not daring to provoke Chu Mo any more: “This Samsara Pond Water… in fact, can exist anywhere. There are also… in the four continents.”



“Good, you can take me there later!” Chu Mo said.

The giant rooster shrank his neck, and said weakly, “That place is a little dangerous…”

“I say, how come your courage is so small?” Chu Mo said angrily.

The giant rooster was also annoyed: “Lord Rooster’s courage is small? Boy, this is what you said, Lord Rooster will remember this sentence of yours. When the time comes, Lord Rooster will take you to the Samsara Pond. If you dare not go there to get the water, you will swallow back this words that you said to Lord Rooster.”

A person and a rooster snorted at the same time, not paying attention to each other. Like this, they walked back to Yellow Flame City.

To be continued…