Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 191 - Searching For Top-Grade Medicinal Herbs

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Chapter 191 – Searching For Top-Grade Medicinal Herbs

During the whole process, the giant rooster didn’t open his mouth to stop him, because he could see that this human, who has a powerful aura on his body, had no intention of killing the man with the dragon scale.

The Demon Lord threw Zhao Changhai out and controlled him with his Spirit Sense, so that he could land safely. Then, one of his eyebrows was raised and he looked at the giant rooster, and said somewhat uncertain, “Are you a Heavenly Rooster?”

The giant rooster was stunned and looked at the Demon Lord: “Are you from the Heaven World?”

The Demon Lord shook his head and said, “Immortal World.”

“Immortal World… How can you recognize Lord Rooster?” The giant rooster looked at the Demon with a puzzled face, his eyes full of doubts.

“Midway, I saw the sun rise from the sea, and heard the Heavenly Rooster crows.” The Demon Lord said faintly, “In this world, apart from the Heavenly Rooster, I can’t think of… what kind of rooster can be like you?” (TN: The first sentence the demon lord said came from the poem of Li Bai, “Dream of the Night” 梦游天姥吟留别)

“Are you praising me?” The giant rooster looked at the Demon Lord with some uncertainty and said, “Your knowledge is so profound. Why is your disciple so ignorant? Lord Rooster still had to teach him so much knowledge about the Heaven World.”

“I know very little about the Heaven World.” The Demon Lord said faintly, “Besides, I don’t think it’s good for my disciple to know too much about the Heaven World.”

“You’re too rigid.” The giant rooster, with a serious look on his face, discussed with the Demon Lord, “Sooner or later, this boy will enter the Heaven World. It will be good for him to know more about it.”

The Demon Lord looked at the giant rooster and said, “How do you know he can certainly enter the Heaven World?”

Suddenly, the giant rooster was enlightened, and said with a strange laugh, “Gaga, I see, you, a domineering Immortal World person, didn’t know this matter, gaga, no wonder. Lord Rooster’s knowledge is, indeed, the most profound in the world.”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord and said, “Master, I…”

The Demon Lord waved his hand: “It’s your share of opportunity. Does this rooster know? What’s wrong, does it have something to do with the Heaven World?”

Chu Mo nodded. He felt ashamed in his heart and thought that he should not hide the truth from his Master.

The Demon Lord actually had a free and easy look. He waved his hand and said, “These things. It’s all your own business. I never asked you, not because I didn’t want you to be embarrassed, but because I know very well that it’s not too hard for you to tell me your secret.”

A rare touch of tenderness appeared in the Demon Lord’s eyes. Although it only flashed by, it was still caught by Chu Mo.

The Demon Lord faintly said, “The reason I don’t ask you is that I am afraid of affecting my Dao Heart. In this world, anyone may have his own chance and his own fate. This chance and fate, if it is obtained by others, may not really be useful! If one knows too much secret of others, it will only affect their own heart. I am not an invincible God; I haven’t achieved the Heart Like Still Water realm. So, the best method, is… to not listen.”

Chu Mo only had slight feeling on the Demon Lord’s words, because he hasn’t yet entered the Refining Heart Realm. So, although he understood what his master meant, he couldn’t understand that feeling. (TN: For more info about the realms/states: .)

But the giant rooster on one side is completely different. He has really come into contact with the supreme scriptures. Therefore, after listening to the Demon Lord’s words, the giant rooster was immediately in awe. Looking at the Demon Lord, he said, “Although you are only a man from the Immortal World, Lord Rooster believes that one day you will certainly enter the Heaven World!”

The Demon Lord smiled lightly: “Heaven World? That’s hard to say.”

Chu Mo understood the meaning of his Master’s words and the bitterness and pain hidden behind his Master’s calm smile. So, he looked up at the Demon Lord and said, “Master, you will definitely step into the Heaven World and become Heaven World’s… brightest star.”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo and sighed gently, “Let’s go!”

Chu Mo scratched his head and said, “Wait!”

The Demon Lord was slightly stunned and took a look at Chu Mo.

“Such a dangerous mountain, it is estimated that there will be a lot of top-grade medicinal herbs, I would like to collect some.” Chu Mo said.

Nearby, the giant rooster’s eyes lit up. He clearly understood that if Chu Mo wants to find those medicinal herbs, it’s definitely be under the guidance of Heaven’s Divination Mirror.

Although he can’t steal the Heaven’s Divination Mirror, he can steal the medicinal herbs!

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo and said, “All right, go ahead. I’ll wait for you in Yellow Flame City.”

After the Demon Lord said that, he didn’t say goodbye to Chu Mo, and just looked at the giant rooster. Within that look, contained some threat. Then whoosh, he disappeared into the void.

The giant rooster stretched out a wing, patted his chest, and said to Chu Mo, “Your master is frightening.”

“You, a rooster of Heaven World, is afraid of a person of Immortal World?” Chu Mo asked a little strangely. This sentence is not to tease him, but it does feel a little strange.

The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo and said uncomfortably, “In the Spirit World, there are ordinary people who don’t work hard, and Lord Rooster is not a fighting rooster. Also, Lord Rooster is a Heavenly Rooster, not a rooster of Heaven World. These are two completely different concepts, understand? Boy.”

Chu Mo expressionlessly jumped to the top of Lone Peak, too lazy to pay attention to this rooster, who is not right in the head.

Subsequently, the Heaven’s Divination Mirror emitted a powerful invisible might. On this Lone Peak, Chu Mo carried out a carpet-type search.

The giant rooster looked dumbfounded. He pointed his wings to Chu Mo and asked, “Is this what you mean by collecting some? Boy… You are going to pick up all the top-grade medicinal herbs on this mountain. Can’t you give some to Lord Rooster? This is too much. What you’re doing is an extermination-type collecting of medicine… It’s immoral! You’re not going to leave anything for the future generations.”

In fact, what the giant rooster said was a little exaggerated. The medicinal herbs picked by Chu Mo were all extremely old and top-grade medicinal herbs. As for some that were few years old, Chu Mo didn’t even give it a second look.

At first, the giant rooster has the idea of robbing Chu Mo of medicinal herbs, but in the end, he sadly discovered that it was not as easy as he thought.

The boy was so cunning. At the beginning, Chu Mo directly jumped to a few places, and the giant rooster jumped straight ahead of him with unparalleled speed. But there’s nothing there, just a few weeds.

Then he looked at Chu Mo, who has started to pick a top-grade medicinal herb.

He waited until the next place, but he was still cheated by Chu Mo. This repeated several times. The giant rooster was angered half to death. He simply can’t rob him, because the boy was too precise in his actions that he doesn’t get anything every time.

In the end, he could only stand there and watch Chu Mo searching everywhere.

It should be said that the giant rooster has been in Lone Peak for countless years, and he should know more about this place than any other living creature. Finding top-grade medicinal herbs shouldn’t be difficult for him, right?

But in fact, although the giant rooster is very knowledgeable, he knows almost nothing about medicinal herbs.

Not all medicinal herb will obviously emit that kind of spiritual power fluctuation and medicinal property fluctuation. In fact, the higher the grade of a medicinal herb, the more ordinary it looks. Otherwise, how can they grow safely for many years? It should have long been eaten up by the spiritual beasts in this mountain.

Chu Mo finally gave the giant rooster some excellent medicinal herbs. Although he didn’t say anything, Chu Mo understood in his heart. The giant rooster actually helped him a lot. It is also a great help to be with him now.

To be continued…