Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 189 - A Piece of Dragon Scale

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Chapter 189 – A Piece of Dragon Scale

Hey, giant rooster, what’s with that attitude? Are you cursing me?” Chu Mo glared at the giant rooster.

The giant rooster turned his head to the side, and the bright red crown on his head trembled. He didn’t bother to pay attention to Chu Mo.

At this time, Zhao Changhai, who rushed to the front, suddenly issued a loud cry, and suddenly stopped. First, he looked pale, then he spurted a mouthful of blood. He said in amazement, “This pressure! The pressure of the dragon nest! This is definitely the nest of the Azure Dragon!”

Those who were closely following Zhao Changhai all became pale and were spurting mouthful of blood. Some people’s legs tremble violently, and some were unable to stand. They can’t help but retreat backward. When they withdraw far away, the pressure became slightly less.

At this time, they were less than 5 km from the dragon nest.

For countless years, the dragon nest has absorbed a lot of heaven and earth Yuan Qi, maintaining the powerful dragon pressure. Hua Quan Niu had suffered from this. Otherwise, how can a generation Understanding Intent Realm powerhouse be desperate enough to commit suicide?

If he had waited a little longer, the result might have been completely different. Unfortunately, Hua Quan Niu didn’t have that patience.

Everyone stopped here, and some tried to move forward a few steps slowly. But after a few steps, they all turned pale and went back.

That kind of pressure, still oppressed this group of people to the point that they were unable to breath.

It’s like a mountain, directly pressing on them.

This is still the Yuan Qi of the Dragon nest in Chu Mo, which is almost entirely sucked up. Otherwise, after climbing out of the cave, the group of people might not even be able to get a step closer.

“What do we do? Do we just helplessly look at it… There’s big opportunity in front of us, but we can’t get it?” Someone said reluctantly.

Zhao Changhai squinted and murmured, “Give up? No… Never! Pressure? I have something that might…” Saying that, Zhao Changhai walked forward, while being on guard against the people around him. At the same time, he took out a parcel from his body.

When the parcel was opened, there was a palm-sized object wrapped in a lot of Talisman Seal.

Those Talisman Seals seem to be quite old. The color could hardly be seen, and the handwriting on it was already blurred.

“Brother Zhao, what is that?” Someone asked curiously from the back.

Zhao Changhai uncovered those ancient Talisman Seals one by one and said without looking back, “Secret!”

It is indeed a secret. A heaven shaking secret.

Because this palm-sized object that was wrapped in a lot of ancient Talisman Seals is a piece of dragon scale!

This thing is not handed down by Zhao Changhai’s master, but a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation by the ancestors of the Zhao family.

When Zhao Changhai was very young, he was told that this dragon scale was a scale on the Azure Dragon’s totem on Azure Dragon Continent.

As for whether it was true or not, Zhao Changhai has never had a chance to verify it.

As soon as he took out the dragon scale, he felt a little less pressure. And after tearing open the seal, and a little bit of the scale was exposed, that huge pressure immediately disappeared.

Zhao Changhai subconsciously… tear apart all the Talisman Seals.

All of a sudden… the dragon scale in his hand shone brilliantly!

In the middle of this giant rock cave, there was a loud and incomparable sound of a dragon’s roar.

The giant rooster standing beside Chu Mo was so frightened on the spot that he stretched out his two wings to cover his head. He muttered, “How could that b*stard leave behind Divine Sense in this world?… D*mn it… Scared Lord Rooster to death!”

Chu Mo’s face was also somewhat pale. The dragon’s roar almost shook him down from the dragon nest.

Luckily, he was holding Murdering Heaven. At the critical moment, it emitted a slightly murderous aura, and instantly suppressed the dragon’s pressure emanating from the dragon’s roar, keeping Chu Mo safe.

Looking at Zhao Changhai’s side, besides Zhao Changhai standing there with the dragon scale in his hand, all the other people, along with the dragon’s roar, instantly knelt on the ground.

It’s not just shocking. What’s more, there was a heaven shaking dragon’s pressure contain in that dragon’s roar!

There was no way they could continue standing there anymore!

Then… in the entire rock cave, all that kind of pressure, instantly disappeared!

The giant rooster felt it the most clearly. He looked at Chu Mo and said, “That d*mn b*stard. He actually left a dragon scale in this world. That cheap ant… give me face later, and don’t kill him.”

Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster.

The giant rooster somewhat shyly said, “In the past, Lord Rooster owed that b*stard dragon a favor… and this favor… It’s not small either. This tiny human, though in the eyes of Lord Rooster, is not worth mentioning at all. However, since he can come here with a piece of scale of that b*stard dragon, it is also a kind of fate. So, let him go. Lord Rooster believes that this human certainly does not dare to talk nonsense about what is going on here. In fact, even if he talks… it doesn’t matter.”

After saying that, the giant rooster rolled his eyes and said, “That b*stard dragon is really stingy. After leaving, there’s not even a hair left here! These Divine Grass, it didn’t even enter his eyes… it didn’t move him at all.”

“…” Chu Mo had black line on his head and the corners of his mouth twitched. He said, “What if he attacks me? ”

“That’s impossible…” The Lord Rooster’s face revealed a crafty smile and said, “You’ll know later, boy. You’ve got a big bargain here.”

“A big bargain?” Chu Mo slightly frowned.

The giant rooster said, “Just wait and watch the fun!”

At this time, all of a sudden, everyone felt that with the sound of the dragon’s roar, the pressure-like mountain… had disappeared instantly!

At that moment, the eyes of these people all fell on that piece of dragon scale in Zhao Changhai’s hand.

Those eyes, sharp as a blade, were full of greed.

Zhao Changhai instantly felt an invisible pressure oppressed him. He couldn’t help but be furious and snapped, “What do you want to do?”

Chu Mo is like a monster, and there is no sign of him at the moment. The Misty Palace’s Heritage is beyond their reach.

And what treasure there is in the dragon nest is still unknown.

In this journey in the entire Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird Continent, all the sect that was involved didn’t get anything, not a bit of benefit at all, but they instead actually suffered heavy casualties. They all suffered heavy losses.

Now, something that was obviously a treasure was right in front of them.

Not moved?

How is that possible?

Zhao Changhai’s face was full of anger, and in his heart, he regretted taking it out. But now was clearly not the time for him to get angry, because there are people around him ready to move.

These people must not take my dragon scale!

Thinking to himself, Zhao Changhai ran away!

He ran in the direction of the dragon nest. Because in his heart, he was also thinking about the treasures in the dragon nest. If he can’t see the dragon nest with his own eyes, it will become his lifelong regret.


Zhao Changhai’s body just lifted, a throwing knife… was shot rapidly at his back.

Someone couldn’t bear it anymore and tried to get rid of him directly.

“You b*stards!” Zhao Changhai shouted angrily. Because he already knows how this group of people would react in his heart, that throwing knife, did not hurt him. But it still made Zhao Changhai’s heart rise a chill.

For some reason, at this moment, he seemed to suddenly understand Chu Mo’s feeling when he was hunted by countless people.

To be continued…