Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 188 - Entered a Mountain Full of Treasure?

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Chapter 188 – Entered a Mountain Full of Treasure?

With both legs, the giant rooster whizzed and jumped directly to the top of the dragon nest and looked into the distance. Then he laughed and said, “Gaga, boy, the man that chased you down has come!”

“Do you need to be so happy?” At this time, Chu Mo has absorbed a large amount of Yuan Qi into his dantian, and is preparing to breakthrough towards the Iron Blood realm. In the end, he was disturbed and was very unhappy in his heart. He simply stopped cultivating and jumped directly over the dragon nest and looked at the distance.

“Heavens… isn’t this Sir Hua? How did he die here?” The first person who came in found the body of the Hua Quan Niu and exclaimed on the spot.

After all, this is an Understanding Intent Realm powerhouse. In the eyes of these people, even if he could not kill Chu Mo, he should have never died here.

Afterwards, someone discovered that Hua Quan Niu did not seem to have died in other people’s hand, and immediately cried, “He does not seem to have died in other people’s hand. Why does it look like he committed suicide?”

“Suicide? How is that possible? Will he commit suicide without getting his revenge?” Those who crawled in behind find it difficult to accept.

At this time, the pressure that the dragon’s nest exudes, unknowingly, became much smaller. As a result, the group of people who entered did not feel the kind of pressure that Hua Quan Niu felt before.

Therefore, they are puzzled.

“Yes, Sir Hua is bent on avenging his son. How could he commit suicide here?”

“It is possible that he was deceived and was under an illusion that he committed suicide?” Some people wondered.

“This place, why does it feel so strange?” Someone frowned, then looked up into the distance, pointed to the dragon nest, and couldn’t help exclaiming, “That… What is that?”

The others also raised their heads and were stunned to see the huge dragon nest. They almost lost the ability to think.

“Why does it look like… a greatly enlarged… bird’s nest,” Someone muttered in a low and uncertain voice.

“it’s likely a bird’s nest,” Someone said for sure.

“How could there be such a big bird?” Some people questioned.

“Look. Above this space…” Someone pointed to the huge holes above and exclaimed, “This place… it should be a nest of something.”

“Did we inadvertently… break into the nest of a Ninth Rank Yuan Beast?” The voice of that person who just spoke trembled, no one know whether he was excited or frightened.

At this time, more and more people crawled in, and they were all shocked by the scene in front of them.

Zhao Changhai stood there blankly and murmured, “That legend… that legend… is really real? I really did not expect… that I, Zhao Changhai, in my lifetime… was able to confirm that legend…”

“Brother Zhao, what legend?”

“Yes, what legend?”

All the people there turned their eyes to Zhao Changhai.

Zhao Changhai was silent for a while before he said, “Where did the name Azure Dragon Continent come from?”

Everyone looked at each other, all with a look of shock in their eyes.

Some people can’t believe it and question: “Are you saying this is an Azure Dragon’s nest? How is that possible?”

“Yes. Although Azure Dragon Continent is named after the ancient mythical beast Azure Dragon, but the question is, who has really seen the appearance of an Azure Dragon? In most ancient book, there is no record of them!”

“Yes, just like those of us in Vermilion Bird Continent, no one has really seen a Vermilion Bird.” A person from Vermilion Bird Continent said.

Zhao Changhai sneered and said, “Who among you has even seen the Spirit World? But will the Spirit World not exist because you haven’t seen it before?”

All the people that were present have the corners of their mouth twitched and they all shut their mouths. They really have nothing to say to what Zhao Changhai said.

The existence of the Spirit World. It is not a secret in the minds of high-level martial artist of the four continents. Many big sects have Old Ancestors that has ascended to the Spirit World.

“If I guess correctly, the huge nest ahead should be the Azure Dragon Nest. When I was very young, I heard the great elder say: In ancient times, there was once an Azure Dragon that settled down at Lone Peak mountain, and stayed here for many years. Even saying that the Lone Peak was not originally like this, but was changed by the Azure Dragon. Because it doesn’t like humans and other creatures to come here to disturb it.”

Zhao Changhai faintly said, “Do you know why there is Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake here? It is because… the Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake is with the Azure Dragon! And where there is an Azure Dragon, there is sure to have the Fish of Creation.”

The giant rooster and Chu Mo stood at the top of Azure Dragon Nest, a position that can’t be seen by the other side. After hearing Zhao Changhai’s words, the giant rooster sneered and said, “A bunch of nonsense! He is simply talking nonsense! The Fish of Creation will run as far as they could when they see the Azure Dragon. In the past, a large number of Fish of Creation fell into the mortal world and was eaten by that b*stard. Otherwise, how could it have been able to tear open the void so quickly?”

The giant rooster inadvertently revealed a shocking historical event in the past.

Chu Mo looked at the big rooster: “If you wanted to, you should have been able to leave here a long time ago. Even if you can’t go back to the Heaven World, at least, entering the Spirit World or the Immortal World… shouldn’t be difficult for you?”

The giant rooster looked at the Chu Mo and said, “I have not eaten enough Fish of Creation.”

Chu Mo did not quite believe the giant rooster’s words. He just curled his lips, but didn’t ask more. He then continued looking into the distance.

When the group of people heard Zhao Changhai’s word, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

Someone said excitedly, “Doesn’t that mean that our good fortune has come?”

“Not necessarily.” Nearby, someone poured cold water and said, “The powerful Hua Quan Niu with an Understanding Intent Realm died here inexplicably. I feel that this place is very weird”

The group became a little silent, but then Zhao Changhai exclaimed, “How can we return empty-handed just when we enter treasure mountain? Even if it’s dangerous, I, Zhao Changhai, must explore this place!”

With that, Zhao Changhai launches his figure and directly rush over in the direction of the dragon’s nest.

When he made his move, all the other people who were a little hesitant in their heart could not help but followed Zhao Changhai to the direction of the dragon nest.

There may be danger, but there may also be unimaginable opportunities.

The legendary ancient beast’s nest! It is said that the Dragon race likes to collect treasures. Heaven knows if there will be a lot of treasures in the dragon nest.

So, a group of people followed behind Zhao Changhai, all crazy rushed to the dragon nest.

Some of the people who had just climbed out of the cave had no idea what had happened. But when they saw all the people in front of them rushed to the dragon nest, they all rushed to the dragon nest together.

Looking at the group of people in the distance rushing in, Chu Mo asked strangely, “Doesn’t the dragon nest exudes a great pressure? Why is it gone?”

The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo. “It’s not gone, it’s getting weak.”

“Why?” Chu Mo is somewhat a little surprise.

“You have the nerve to ask! You’ve just taken away all the energy accumulated here over the years. Why didn’t you blow up?” The giant rooster’s tone was full of regret.

To be continued…