Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 187 - Dao Realm Physique

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Chapter 187 – Dao Realm Physique

“That’s all.” The giant rooster raised his head, looked at Chu Mo, and somewhat reluctantly said, “This kind of power of creation is also of great benefit to you. It can make your physique stronger.”

Hearing this, Chu Mo could not help narrowing his eyes slightly. He knew very well that in order to change his physique, his master searched for high rank yuan beast everywhere for him, and strengthened his physique with the blood of the yuan beast. He has not thought that these fish of creation, unexpectedly also have such a miraculous effect.

“To what extent can it strengthen a person’s physique?” Chu Mo asked.

The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo in surprise. He did not expect Chu Mo to understand this.

“According to what Lord Rooster knows, on the four continents… nobody has paid attention to this at all, nor know about the rank of physique. How do you know?” The giant rooster asked suspiciously.

Chu Mo raised Murdering Heaven: “I can even get this. Knowing the rank of physique, what is so strange about that?”

“Well, you’re a monster.” The giant rooster muttered, and then said, “If you eat this kind of fish for a long time, you can quickly promote your physique to ninth rank. Then cross Innate, and enter Dao Realm.”

“Dao Realm?” Chu Mo was stunned.

The Demon Lord told him that the strongest physique in the world is Innate. This realm… what’s going on?

“Dao realm is actually a general term of physique rank.” The giant rooster has been lonely for too many years, plus he likes to show off and likes to teach others. Now that he has already said it, he didn’t hide anything anymore to Chu Mo, and directly explains: “There are too many kinds of Dao Realm physique. To put it simply, this is based on your bloodline, which is different from the way you cultivate. When you enter the Dao Realm physique, the physique you obtain will be completely different.”

“For example, people who practices body refining, after entering Dao realm, may obtain Tyrant Blood Physique; People who have been cultivating their natural divine powers, once breaking through the Dao Realm, may obtain King Will Physique; Some people, because of their innate bloodline, can obtain Saint Body Physique and Divine Body Physique; Similarly, some Immortal Beast, born with their ancestral blood, will directly obtain Dao Realm Physique! Each of them… is powerful and unmatched.”

“What about you?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster and said, “Do you have the Phoenix Bloodline.”

“Cough cough…” Although the giant rooster’s face is relatively thick, but he doesn’t have the face to directly say that he really has the Phoenix Bloodline. He glared at Chu Mo and said, “Isn’t Lord Rooster working in that direction?”

“I understood now.” Chu Mo nodded. He finally understood why the giant rooster had to eat the Fish of Creation. It turns out he wanted to change his own physique, thus change his own bloodline!

“What did you understand?” the giant rooster glanced angrily at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo said: “Every chicken has the heart to become a Phoenix.”

“Little b*stard, Lord Rooster will fight with you.”

After their fight, the giant rooster’s feathers were a complete mess, and Chu Mo’s clothes became tattered.

He didn’t use Murdering Heaven, and the giant rooster didn’t use all of his strength. The two sides just tried to tentatively compete with each other. Chu Mo found that the strength of the giant rooster is really quite powerful. If he didn’t have Murdering Heaven, he might not even last a round.

“Little rascal, fight me with Murdering Heaven!” The giant rooster taunt with arrogance on his face.

Chu Mo sneered and said, “if you have the ability, then suppress your realm to Iron Bone realm! See how this young master chop you into chicken pieces in the blink of an eye.”

After a few words, both sides felt a little bored and said at the same time, “Swear!”


Chu Mo and the giant rooster stared at each other for a long time, and then they both swear reluctantly.

After both sides had sworn, they breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“Can I cultivate now?” Chu Mo glanced at the giant rooster and felt the incomparable heaven and earth Yuan Qi in the dragon nest. He felt that it would be a terrible loss not to cultivate here.

“Okay, go cultivate.” The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo and sneered in his heart: Boy, you simply don’t know what’s good from bad, and dares to cultivate here? When Lord Rooster said that this is the best place to cultivate, I didn’t swear at that time. But I didn’t lie to you either, this is indeed the best place to cultivate, but… it’s not the best place for you to cultivate! So, it’s definitely not that Lord Rooster wants to pit you, it’s you yourself who seek death. Lord Rooster is not breaking his promise.

The giant rooster thought to himself. Then he stared at Chu Mo with his chicken eyes.

Chu Mo simply didn’t look at the giant rooster at all. He directly sat cross-legged and started to cultivate Heaven’s Will My Will.

As soon as he began to cultivate the scripture, it felt like there was a storm raging in the whole dragon nest, forming a tornado that was completely condensed by Yuan Qi. Then, the bottom of the tornado, flew towards Chu Mo.

The giant rooster screamed in terror, jumped out far away, and then looked at Chu Mo in horror. He muttered, “It’s not like he’s dying fast enough!” Then the giant rooster can’t help reminding, “Boy, you can’t do that. You’re going to die.”

The giant rooster just wanted to make Chu Mo suffer a big loss, and didn’t really want to kill Chu Mo. Because although he extremely coveted the Heaven’s Divination Mirror, he is still very clear on one thing: The Heaven’s Divination Mirror, not just anyone can open it.

But Chu Mo remained motionless, allowing the Yuan Qi tornado enveloped him. The bottom and thinnest part of the Yuan Qi tornado flowed directly into Chu Mo’s head.

The power of Heaven’s Will My Will is revealed at this moment.

Although the amount of Yuan Qi is very astonishing, it didn’t cause any harm to Chu Mo’s meridians under the distribution of Heaven’s Will My Will.

A massive amount of Yuan Qi was poured into Chu Mo’s head, and then dispersed into the meridians all over Chu Mo’s body. Finally, it entered his dantian and turns into infinite yuan power.

Even so, there’s still a lot of Yuan Qi, Chu Mo can’t absorb it so quickly. After all, his realm is too low.

But he didn’t panic, and just cultivated Heaven’s Will My Will. The yuan power that was vast as the sea, flowed along the meridians of the chest, and altogether… poured into Heaven’s Divination Mirror.

In the jade space, the large green stone and the evil bloody aura, and the shrub with a few green sprouts, were directly covered by the massive Yuan Qi in this instant. They were crazily absorbing it.

Although it does not seem to have changed much, but Chu Mo is very clear that these forces are absolutely beneficial to the jade space.

The giant rooster looked at the scene dumbfounded and somewhat scared. He muttered: “What kind of scripture is this boy cultivating… How can it be so powerful? This… this is not right! This dragon nest can absorb Yuan Qi on its own and it’s confined here. After countless years of accumulation, the Yuan Qi here… has reached a terrifying level. How could he have absorbed it all at once? Is he a monster?”

With the continuous injection of a large amount of Yuan Qi, Chu Mo’s dantian gradually began to change.

From Late Stage Iron Bone realm, it began to rush toward Peak Iron Bone realm.

Just then, a loud noise sounded from the distance.

Finally, someone, along the hole, entered here.

To be continued…