Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 186 - The Fish Of Creation

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Chapter 186 – The Fish Of Creation

Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster and said, “Since you come from Heaven World, such a high-level place, you should know some secret techniques?”

“What secret technique?” the giant rooster somewhat looked at Chu Mo with a bad look.

“For example, some kind of soul contract or something…” Chu Mo was just randomly talking nonsense. In fact, he didn’t even know if there was such a thing as a soul contract. Anyway, there was such a thing in many ancient legends. But whether it is just the imagination of the writers, only heavens know.

“You must be dreaming!” The giant rooster jumped straight to his feet and said angrily, “I know you didn’t have any good intention, but a soul contract… Bah! Don’t even think about it!”

“There really is?” Chu Mo’s eyes lit up and looked at the giant rooster and said, “Then, what do think we should do?”

“Lord Rooster can promise not to hurt you! Lord Rooster swears on his reputation!” The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo with a serious look on his face.

“You have a reputation?” Chu Mo expressed suspicion.

“Why wouldn’t I have it? You don’t know, in the past, the reputation of Lord Rooster…” The more the giant rooster talk, the softer his voice got. In the end, he simply became angry out of shame and said, “Then what do you think we should do? Or you put away Murdering Heaven, and the two of us will fight it out?”

“Why don’t you just ask me to tie myself up and wait for you to kill me?” Chu Mo rolled his eyes and was not even interested in talking to the giant rooster.

The giant rooster also felt that the request was not much different from what Hua Quan Niu did, who had just cut his own throat. He somewhat embarrassingly said, “Anyway, Lord Rooster has to follow you.”

“Then, swear on your soul that if you dare have any idea of robbing me and hurting me, your soul will be destroyed!” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster and said.

“How could it be possible not to have that idea?” The giant rooster said angrily. “You’re simply trying to kill Lord Rooster!”

“This is also my first time I’ve ever met a rooster like you.” Chu Mo’s head is full of black lines: “Being able to speak shamelessly without being concern about face. I truly gained experienced today!”

“Snort.” The rooster snorted and said, “You mortals, who disrespect the gods, may think it’s nothing to swear an oath. Even if you break your oath, nine times out of ten, it won’t come true. But you do not understand that everything you have experienced in your life is the cause and effect accumulated in your previous life. Therefore, some vows may not be fulfilled in this life. But these vows, the moment you die, and enter samsara, they will all come back to you and settle the final account!” (Samsara = reincarnation)

“Previous life? Samsara?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster: “Is there really samsara in this world?”

“What so strange about that? The various Gods in Heaven World governs the six realm of samsara” The giant rooster rolled his eyes and said, “So, it’s impossible for Lord Rooster to make such an oath. Although Lord Rooster will never die… who can guarantee that that will never happened? What if one day Lord Rooster doesn’t enter Nirvana?” (Realm of reincarnation. Here)

“You speak as if you were really a Phoenix…” Chu Mo murmured.

The giant rooster ignored Chu Mo, paced back and forth there, and then said, “How about this, Lord Rooster can swear that he will never really hurt you, nor rob you of your things. But boy… you have to swear to give Lord Rooster fish to eat!”

“You have to tell me what these fish are in the Heaven World!” Chu said, staring at the rooster.

“I say, why are you still entangled in this question?” The giant rooster looked reluctant. “Wanting to enter the Heaven World… just relying on yourself. Don’t even think about it for 10,000 years!”

“That’s my business.” Chu Mo said.

“Lord Rooster hates you very much,” The giant rooster angrily said.

“I don’t like you very much either.” Chu Mo said.

A person and a chicken, looking at each other in dismay for a long time. In the end the giant rooster was defeated. He said, “All right, Lord Rooster can tell you the true origin of the fish before making an oath.” As he spoke, the giant rooster sighed, “There are Six Samsara Ponds in the Heaven World, which are govern by the gods. In the Six Samsara Ponds, there is the Bridge of Creation. It is said that those who are qualified to enter the Six Samsara Ponds from the Bridge of Creation are all extreme powerhouse! They can freely choose any of these samsara ponds. After samsara, they will retain their memory of previous life.”

This is similar to fairy tales in general. Chu Mo’s heart swayed when he heard this, but questioned: “What does this have to do with the fish?”

“What are you anxious about?” The giant rooster glared at Chu Mo, and then said, “But not everyone is qualified to walk the Bridge of Creation. People who doesn’t have powerful divine soul will be torn into countless pieces in an instant if they step on that bridge! By that time their soul will be destroyed. Therefore, those people who are not qualified to set foot on that bridge, but want to enter the six samsara ponds, and retain their memory of previous lives, can only adopt a way…”

Chu Mo was slightly stunned and looked at the giant rooster. He suddenly felt that the value of the dozens of fish in the Heaven’s Divination Mirror… has increased countless of times.

The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo and said, “It’s that kind of fish. It’s called the Fish of Creation. Eating this kind of fish can guarantee that the memory of one’s previous life will be preserved in the process of samsara. And if one is lucky enough to eat the king of the fish of creation, then there is an opportunity to choose one of the six samsara ponds.”

“This fish… is unexpectedly so precious!” Chu Mo exclaimed.

“So, boy, you’re too lucky that you can’t begin to imagine! If you were in heaven and the matter of you having the fish of creation spread, you will be immediately pursued by countless powerhouse! Those old b*stard whose life is coming to end… those living fossils, will come out to kill you.” The giant rooster looked enviously at Chu Mo. “A mortal boy, unexpectedly has such a good luck. Lord Rooster simply can’t understand it.”

“Therefore, not only can you not hurt me or rob me, but you cannot tell others this news!” Chu Mo added directly.

“Lord Rooster is not so unscrupulous! If you were chase down, what good is it to Lord Rooster?” the rooster looked angrily at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo said, “This fish of creation… they should have other effect that you haven’t said.”

The giant rooster stretched out a wing and gently shook it. “I’ve already said it all! Lord Rooster has told you such a big secret. There is no other effect! Boy, you should not be discontented.”

“No, there must be more!” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster with certainty. “You don’t need samsara now, and your blood has not dried up. You don’t need it to replenish your life. So, there must be something else it can do.”

“You…” The giant rooster stared at Chu Mo as if he were looking at a monster. After a while, he feebly said, “You are too cunning! if all humans are like you, how can Lord Rooster mix in?”

“Tell me about it.” Chu Mo faintly said.

“Okay. If you eat too much of this fish, you can also keep off tribulation. It is called the fish of creation, and naturally, it has a trace of the power of creation. For non-human beings, it has a fatal attraction. In the past, if it were not for Lord Rooster seeking these fish of creation, how could I come to such a place?” The giant rooster sighed. “Finally, the big crack in the void closed faster than what Lord Rooster imagine. Because of a moment of greed and a moment of hesitation, Lord Rooster failed to go back before the big crack closed.”

“That’s all?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster and asked with some disbelief.

To be continued…