Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 185 - Divine Grass

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Chapter 185 – Divine Grass

Afterward, Chu Mo jumped on the top of the dragon nest, and then looked down. It was like a deep valley inside of the dragon nest and it was very clean. In the middle of the dragon’s nest, there were a lot of soft grass, and some green plants emerge from it.

The Heaven’s Divination Mirror continuously transmitted intense heat to remind Chu Mo.

In fact, without the reminder from the jade, Chu Mo can feel that the green plants growing in the middle of the dragon’s nest must be good things.

Not just because they grow in the dragon nest.

But under the terrifying pressure of the dragon nest, and in the face of these aggressive vines that make up the dragon nest, it can still grow so safely. Saying that it’s just an ordinary thing… Who would believe that?

When the rooster saw Chu Mo’s eyes falling on the green plants, he rolled his eyes and said, “What, do you like those grasses? Hey, that’s the seed of heaven that was attached to the Azure Dragon, and brought to this world. Now it has taken root, began to grow, and after growing up… it might turn to divine grass! How about ten fish for one?”

“Is this grass yours?” Chu Mo glanced at the giant rooster.

The giant rooster angrily glared at Chu Mo: “Boy, conduct yourself with kind-heartedness, you can’t be heartless. Not to mention whether this divine grass is mine or not. Just now, I helped you, didn’t I?”

Chu Mo nodded. “Yes.”

“Then, do you still have the face to talk to Lord Rooster about conditions?” The giant rooster said with a look of grief and indignation. “After that b*stard Azure Dragon left, Lord Rooster stayed here for countless years, took good care of them, and worked hard to raise them…”

“…” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster speechless, and then asked,” Giant rooster, tell me the truth, this fish… what benefit does it have?”

The giant rooster hesitated for a long time, and then said reluctantly, “This fish, in the world of your four continents, is called Heavens Lake Dragonfish. It is a top ingredient. It has the effect of dispelling all kinds of diseases and resolving thousands of poisons. Moreover, each one of them can increased one’s life span for 50 years with almost no upper limit.”

“So powerful.” Chu Mo looked surprised. He didn’t expect that this swarthy looking, inconspicuous scaleless fish, actually have the miraculous effect of prolonging one’s life.

And one fish can increase the life span for fifty years. Then ten fish… is 500 years? If one can eat it all the time, wouldn’t that mean one can live forever?

How is this just a fish? This is clearly a divine medicine.

“Of course, it’s not that exaggerated. According to Lord Rooster’s research, this kind of fish, on the four continents, should be able to increase a person’s life span by about 1,500 years. That is to say, after taking 30 fish, it will have no effect anymore.” The giant rooster said.

“1500 years… is still an exaggeration!” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster. “Do you know, the Da Xia Empire that I was in… from the founding of the nation until now, it has only been 1,000 years?”

The rooster, with some disdain, didn’t bother to go over it: “The mortal world… what’s the point?”

“One fish for 50 years, 30 fish for 1,500 years…” Chu Mo murmured, looking like a little rich man, counting the fish he had taken in. Then, with a look of joy on his face, he said, “There are 78! Haha. I’m rich.”

“More than 70!” The giant rooster’s eyes were almost red, and he shouted: “Quickly give half of it to Lord Rooster! Those several divine grass, I’ll give it all to you! Boy, your luck is really good. The dragonfish that you’ve collected are almost all on this mountain! Lord Rooster has worked hard and tracked these guys for countless years, and has only eaten more than a thousand…”

The corner of Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, stared at the giant rooster with wide eyes, and said, “More than… a thousand?”

The rooster smiled embarrassingly, “Gaga… Lord Rooster’s little snack. For thousands of years, I’ve only just eaten these. It’s very rare.”

“You haven’t told me yet, these fish… what are they like in the Heaven World?” Chu Mo stared at the giant rooster and asked.

“In Heaven… actually, it’s not much. It just has a little more strength, just a little stronger, that’s all. Really! The giant rooster tried to make a serious and honest expression, but his dishonest eyes betrayed his heart.”

“If you want to eat fish, just figure out how to tell me!” Chu Mo said as he jumped down deeper into the dragon nest.

Then he went to those divine grass, and before he had taken any action, those divine grass flew up automatically and went into the jade on Chu Mo’s chest.

The giant rooster, who jumped right behind him, was immediately dumbfounded. He stared at Chu Mo’s chest, took a deep breath, and squinted his eyes: “Boy, your storage space… is quite good, even the divine grass from the Heaven World… can’t wait to jump into it. Can you show it to me?”

Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster vigilantly and said, “Don’t even think about it!”

“Heaven’s Divination Mirror…” The giant rooster stretched out a wing and pointed to Chu Mo: “Boy… you are really not honest! Lord Rooster’s judgment is never wrong. That thing, must also be on your body!”

Chu Mo rolled his eyes and denied: “What Heaven’s Divination Mirror? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Giant rooster, is it possible that you also want to kill people and take their treasure?

The giant rooster nodded honestly. “This Lord Rooster really wants to do that!”

“…” Chu Mo’s head was covered with black lines.

There was a struggle in the giant rooster’s eyes. He said, “You simply do not understand what the Heaven’s Divination means to the creatures in this world! You humans, have the innate advantage to cultivate, and are the head of all spirits! But it is difficult for us to cultivate. And every time we reach a major realm, we will encounter great tribulation. So, some places of refuge, some top medicinal ingredients, to us, are particularly important! But these places of refuge and top medicinal ingredients… are not that easy to find. But if there is the Heaven’s Divination Mirror in hand… all this, will all become a lot easier!”

Chu Mo did not say anything, just calmly looked at the rooster.

The giant rooster’s eyes twitched, as if he was trying to figure something out. For a long time, the giant rooster hung his head down in frustration and said, “The realm of Lord Rooster, in this world, has also been suppressed too much. I can only rely on these fish to sustain my life. However, these fish have no effect in Heaven World, Lord Rooster’s strength… is getting worse year after year. Up to now, although I still have the realm of a great master, it is completely suppressed by Murdering Heaven… d*mn it. Now Lord Rooster really envies those mortals in your world, at least… because they are too ordinary, they can’t feel the murderous aura on this blade at all, so they don’t have to be so afraid of it.”

“So?” Chu Mo calmly looked at the giant rooster.

“You have both the fish that this Lord Rooster needs, and the Heaven’s Divination Mirror…” The giant rooster said dejectedly. “Since I can’t get it… I don’t seem to have any other choice but to follow you.”

“I haven’t even asked if I want you to follow me?” Chu Mo frowned at the giant rooster and said, “If it were you, would you be willing to be followed by someone that has ideas on you all day?”

“Is Lord Rooster the kind of rooster that doesn’t keep his word?” The giant rooster immediately jumped on his feet, but then he lowered his head somewhat dejectedly: “It seems… really difficult to keep one’s word for the Heaven’s Divination Mirror.”

to be continued…