Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 184 - An Unchanging Obsession Until Death

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Chapter 184 – An Unchanging Obsession Until Death

Chu Mo watched Hua Quan Niu rushing toward him again and again, and then be sent flying by the dragon nest’s pressure again and again. He lightly said: “I don’t believe that as a martial artist in the Understanding Intent realm and a sect elder, you don’t understand what your son did. I can’t blame you for seeking revenge on me, because no matter what the reason, he died at my hands. But now you’re acting like your son was the victim… You’re just acting as the victim’s father, is it interesting?”

“I can’t believe you have the face to say who is innocent… How do you actually think?” Chu Mo looked at Hua Quan Niu from afar: “To tell you the truth, you will never get your revenge.”

Hua Quan Niu has been seriously injured at this time. He lay on the ground and almost lost the strength to struggle. He gloomily laughed: “Hei hei, Little b*stard, you don’t have a wife and a son, you haven’t become a father… You’ll never understand how I feel. Yes, I know Hua Nan is wrong. I know exactly what he did! But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he’s my son. You killed him, so I’m going to kill you!”

Chu Mo was silent for a moment and nodded. “Come and kill then.”

Hua Quan Niu trembled, took out a bottle of medicinal pill from his body and murmured, “This pill was given to me by an expert I met in the past. The expert told me that if one day, when I face a desperate situation, I could take this pill. After taking this pill, there is no doubt that I will die, but it can enhance my own strength and increase my realm by one! Chu Mo… You should be honored. I, an Understanding Intent realm expert, because of you… will take this pill. Even if I die… I must avenge my son!”

Standing next to Chu Mo, the giant rooster sneered: “Increase a realm by one? Comprehending Intent realm? Useless! Listen to Lord Rooster’s advice, just leave! He’s right, you’ll never get your revenge.”

“Leave? I won’t leave!” Hua Quan Niu looked crazily at Chu Mo and gritted his teeth, and said, “I said, even if I die, I will drag that little b*stard with me.”

With that, Hua Quan Niu swallowed the pill directly into his mouth. Then, a formidable aura broke out from Hua Quan Niu. His serious injury was recovering rapidly. At the same time, Hua Quan Niu felt that his body has endless power.

He walked towards Chu Mo with a ferocious look. This time, Hua Quan Niu walked three to four miles directly.

The overwhelming pressure emanating from the dragon nest seemed unable to stop this crazy man. But as the giant rooster said, all this is still useless.

This dragon nest was built by the Azure Dragon with all kinds of divine vines and sacred wood. It has a terrifying pressure that is hard to imagine. Even if the strength of Hua Quan Niu at this moment, has reached Comprehending Intent realm, it still has no meaning in the face of this pressure.


The terrifying pressure, once again sent Hua Quan Niu flying, ruthlessly hitting the stone wall.

The hard stone walls rumbled and bit and pieces of stone fragments fell.

Hua Quan Niu roared up to the heavens and became mad with grief and indignation.

“Chu Mo… Tell me, how are you not affected by the pressure?” Hua Quan Niu coughed out a mouthful of blood, and roar at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo looked at Hua Quan Niu and raised Murdering Heaven: “I have a sacred tool.”

“Ha ha… Ha ha… Hei hei, “Hua Quan Niu laughed miserably and murmured, “Thank you for letting me die in peace. You are right. I, Hua Shuan Niu, will never get my revenge! Nan’er… Did you see that?”

With tears rolling down his eyes, Hua Quan Nui roared out his last words: “Nan’er … It’s not that your father didn’t try, it’s that father is really powerless! Your death is not undeserved. This kind of opponent, let alone you, even your father is going to fall here. He didn’t even rely on his powerful and unparalleled master! Don’t blame father… Your father is going to accompany you now!”

Placing his long sword across his neck, Hua Quan Niu roared at Chu Mo: “Chu Mo, I, Hua Quan Niu, am not as skilled as others, so I didn’t get my revenge. But I believe that one day, someone will do this for me! You will definitely die like a dog!”

After saying those word, Hua Shuan Niu exerted enough force to his hand that was holding the long sword and cut his throat.


The sword fell to the ground, and the blood flew around the neck of Hua Quan Niu. With a flop, he fell there.

An Understanding Intent state expert, killed himself.

A powerful enemy has died, and it should be said that he should be happy, but there is no joy in Chu Mo’s heart.

Standing there, Chu Mo remained silent for a long without saying a word.

The giant rooster beside him also seemed to be touched, but it broke the silence: “This kind of person… There is no need to blame yourself for his death.”

“I don’t.” Chu Mo said.

“You do!” said the giant rooster mercilessly. “You don’t think it’s wrong to kill his son, but you think you forced him to die?”

Chu Mo was silent and did not speak.

The giant rooster sneered, “You humans have a saying, the son doesn’t teach his father1! Have you ever heard of it?”

Chu Mo nodded.

The giant rooster said, “Then what else do you have to blame yourself for? Although Lord Rooster is not particularly aware of the cause of this incident, but listening to the talk between you, I can also guess roughly. If he had been able to educate his son from an early age, then these things would not have happened. Therefore, whether his son or him dying on his own, no one is to be blamed.”

Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster: “You seemed to know so much about humans. Were you a pet chicken before?”

“You’re the pet chicken! Lord Rooster will fight with you.” The giant rooster tried to peck.

Chu Mo stepped aside.

The giant rooster said angrily, “Lord Rooster was born wise and powerful, you should not be too envious. Boy, I’m trying to educate you. You don’t know what’s good or bad.”

As they spoke, Chu Mo and the giant rooster have approached the Azure Dragon’s nest.

When they got close enough, Chu Mo found that the whole huge nest exuded infinite vitality. Moreover, a large number of wooden vines, all like giant pythons, are creeping slowly. The whole dragon nest is like a living creature.

“Gagaga, how about it? Are you scared, boy?” The rooster stood aside, looked at the stunned Chu Mo, gloated and laughed, “As long as you put away the fierce blade in your hand, these vines will tear you to pieces in an instant!”

Chu Mo glance at the giant rooster and was too lazy to pay attention to him. Then, he directly jumped to the middle of the dragon nest. The wooden vines under his foot immediately become restless. There are a few hard, as sharp as a knife, wooden vines’ tips still there, ready to stab Chu Mo’s legs.

Chu Mo pointed Murdering Heaven towards them, and the tip of these vines immediately retracted.

The giant rooster that jumped up with him looked envious: “This murderous blade, ominously ominous, but sometimes… it is really useful!”

To be continued…


TN: “The son doesn’t teach his father” – This mean the son’s committing mistake/error should be blame to his father’s failure to teach him.