Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 183 - I Dare You To Come Here

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Chapter 183 – I Dare You To Come Here

“I just casually said it, that’s all. So, it’s really like that, huh?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster in surprise.

The giant rooster is also looking at Chu Mo with a blank face.

Just then, suddenly there was a burst of explosion behind him: “Chu Mo… little b*stard, I finally caught you. Time for you to die!”

This sudden burst of explosion, in this huge space, was like thunder, causing pain in the ear.

Then came a pitiful yell.



Chu Mo and the giant rooster turned around at the same time and saw a man lying motionless at the mouth of the cave where the giant rooster came out.

The corner of Chu Mo’s mouth curved up, and with a look of sympathy, he said: “Still not dead?”

The giant rooster looked at the person and shook his head. “He should have not died. He must have rushed forward just now. Otherwise, it would be safer to just stand at the entrance of the cave. Although he can also feel the pressure, it shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.”

Chu Mo shook his head, but in his heart, he really sympathized for this man who was desperate for revenge.

Hua Nan’s death is really a tragedy. Chu Mo is tantamount to taking the blame for Miao Yiniang. But Chu Mo firmly believed that even if she had not done so at that time, he would have done it.

Hua Nan shouldn’t appear in front of them for the second time!

You’re the only one allowed to kill but others can’t kill you? Where’s the reason in that!

Therefore, Chu Mo can understand Hua Quan Niu’s desire to avenge his son, but it does not mean that he agrees with the opposite party’s approach. But there is nothing more to talk about between them. It is already an unresolvable situation, and Chu Mo didn’t want to try to explain anything.

After a long time, Hua Quan Niu struggled to get up from the ground and gasped heavily. Looking at the two figures that are getting farther and farther away from him, Hua Quan Niu’s eyes are full of shock and incredibleness. However, at this moment, the light of hatred in his eyes has lessened.

Because his hatred has already penetrated deep into his soul and no longer needs to be expressed through his eyes.

“Is that… a chicken? A giant chicken?” Hua Quan Niu looked at the giant rooster next to Chu Mo. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He rubbed his forehead hard, wondering if he was hallucinating.

At this time, the giant rooster seemed to have sense something, turned around, and looked at Hua Quan Niu from afar: “You ant, what are you looking at?”

“It’s… really… a giant rooster?” Hua Quan looked at the giant rooster dumbfounded and murmured, “Is it possible that… it’s a rank nine yuan beast that has never been recorded before?”

“Rank nine yuan beast your sister!” the giant rooster was immediately annoyed: “You stupid and foolish ants!”

Chu Mo glanced at the giant rooster. Obviously, when the giant rooster just cursed, it even involved himself into it. But Chu Mo was not angry. Anyway, the giant rooster helped him.

The corners of Hua Quan Niu’s mouth twitched violently and he murmured: “I didn’t think that I, Hua Quan Niu… who’s strength has long reached the understanding intent realm, and is respected wherever I go, that today, I was unexpectedly laughed at by a chicken.”

“Chu Mo! Get out of here for me!” Hua Quan Niu muttered. Suddenly, there was another burst of explosion. His whole person is really completely crazy. He once again rushed to Chu Mo.


That terrifying pressure from the dragon’s nest was released once again. And once again, Hua Quan Niu’s body was sent flying.


Hitting the stone wall hard.

This time, Hua Quan Niu had rushed quite fiercely, and naturally will fall even harder.


He spurted a mouthful of blood.

His eyes showed an incomparable unwillingness. He roared, “Why? Why can Chu Mo walk in safely? While I, Hua Quan Niu, can’t? Heavens… you are unfair! You are unfair! Ah!”


Hua Quan Niu spurted a mouthful of blood again. HIs whole person was staggering, almost falling to the ground.

His eyes couldn’t help but shed tears and murmured, “I just want to avenge my son… Am I wrong? Am I wrong? Heaven… are you deliberately playing with me? What evil have I done in my last life? Why do this to me?”

“Sure enough, a group of fools who believed in Heaven… don’t even understand that Heavenly Dao is ruthless.” The giant rooster shook its hair and sneered: “The Heaven is the Great Dao, the Great Dao is ruthless. Under Heavenly Dao, all the myriad things in the world, whether living creatures or dust, are the same. Could it be because you are a living creature, you can open your mouth and ask Heaven, and Heaven will promise you? If so, wouldn’t it be very unfair to dead things such as dust and stone.”

Chu Mo was silent, pondering the words of the giant rooster in his heart. It seems to be mocking Hua Quan Niu, but in fact, it contains the supreme truth that Chu Mo has never come into contact with. The origin of this giant rooster is really not simple!

Chu Mo secretly thought in his heart: I must not be fooled by its boastful appearance.

“Chu Mo… I dare you to come out,” Hua Quan Niu’s voice was full of grief and indignation: “You come out for me! Come out! Get out!”

“I dare you to come here.” Chu Mo stopped, looked back at Hua Quan Niu, and said faintly.


Hua Quan Niu’s internal organs fiercely churn, and he spurted a mouthful of blood again. Then he gritted his teeth and said, “Chu Mo, between you and me, one of us must die.”

“Then go and die.” Chu Mo faintly looked at him: “I’m still young.”

Hua Shuan Niu roared up to the heaven, “My son… he’s young, too! But he died at your hands.”

“If it wasn’t because you spoiled him too much, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Moreover, after his death, I buried him with Sun Yifei, which could also be counted as helping him.” Chu Mo’s voice, become a little cold. Although he already didn’t want to explain anything. But Hua Quan Niu words still made Chu Mo have an oppressed feeling.

Human nature is complex, and it is difficult to say whether someone is good or evil.

Just like Hua Nan loves Sun Yifei, although he doesn’t respect Sun Yifei enough, that is also because of Hua Nan’s own personality. He likes and loves Sun Yifei a bit too much that he even gave up the benefits that will make countless people crazy.

The Misty Palace’s heritage, which caused martial artists from two continents to fight over it… from this, one could see its great benefit

But Hua Nan gave it up for Sun Yifei.

From this point of view, Hua Nan is just an infatuated person. If one only looks at this point, then the brilliance of human nature is still very bright on Hua Nan.

But Hua Nan and Sun Yifei, for their own interests, conspired against Miao Yiniang.

Similar to the Misty Palace’s heritage, regardless of anything… even at the expense of killing, they must seize Miao Yiniang’s heritage.

From this point of view, Hua Nan is completely an evil person.

For his own goal, he didn’t care about other people’s lives. He is a completely selfish, and cold-blooded man.

It is precisely because of Hua Nan and Sun Yifei’s actions at that time that he has been pursuit for thousands of miles. It can be said that Hua Nan and Sun Yifei are the source of the whole thing!

To be continued…