Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 182 - Dragon Nest

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Chapter 182 – Dragon Nest

“What… Is this?” Hua Quan Niu felt his whole body became weak and didn’t dare move, as if this pressure could crush him to pieces. No one answered him, and after a while the pressure gradually disappeared.

Hua Quan Niu’s whole body have been thoroughly soaked with sweat. He took a long breath and felt like he was struggling from death.

But his desire for revenge supported him, and he continued to crawl forward.

Far away from Hua Quan Niu, the giant rooster was surprised and said to Chu Mo, “What terrible thing did you do, boy? Why did that guy hate you so much?”

“I killed his son.” Chu Mo replied.

“Oh, I couldn’t tell but you’re unexpectedly also a little villain,” The giant rooster said with a strange smile.

“You’re the villain!” Chu Mo said angrily. “His son wanted to kill me and rob my things.”

“Gagaga, then why don’t you give yourself to him. Don’t you humans boast that you are very kind?” The giant rooster teased. (TN: Not sure here. Original text was “Then give it to him”)

“It seems that you have a deep misunderstanding about humans. Didn’t they also want to stew you?” Chu Mo sneered.

“Humph,” The giant rooster snorted coldly, no longer paying attention to Chu Mo.

In this way, Chu Mo crawled along the cave. The giant rooster released a total of four to five pressure behind the back hall.

Although each pressure that was released was so strong, Hua Quan Niu’s ability to resist the pressure… was also getting stronger each time. In the end, he simply gritted his teeth and continued to crawl forward against the pressure.

At this time, Chu Mo finally climbed out of the cave. Then he discovered a huge enclosed space in front of him.

The space is 35 to 40 km wide and 10 to 15 km high. Standing there gave Chu Mo a feeling of being too small.

Above the space. There were more than a dozen huge passages, and no one knows where they lead to.

In the middle of this space, there was a huge nest that was more than 10 km wide and more than 20 km high.

On closer inspection, the nest was actually no different from an ordinary bird’s nest, just magnified countless times.

But the wooden vines that built this nest made the jade in Chu Mo’s chest… and the Heaven’s Divination Mirror emits a burst of heat.

“Divine Wood Nest! Boy, look carefully at those green vines, they are actually alive! They have an extremely tenacious vitality! There are several types of vines, and if any creature tried to approach it, it will directly launch a fierce attack!” The giant rooster stood next to Chu Mo and said, “Take back Murdering Heaven Edge and try it out.”

Chu Mo took back Murdering Heaven Edge according to his words. And just as Murdering Heaven Edge disappeared from his side, an unimaginable terrifying pressure, which seems to be able to topple mountains and overturn seas, came over.

Instantly drowning Chu Mo.


Chu Mo’s body, without suspense, was directly sent flying by this pressure and crashed hard against the stone walls behind him.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out of Chu Mo’s mouth.

Then, on the huge dragon nest, there were about 70 or 80 gray wooden vines… And not a single green vine could be seen, and like a spear, it directly stabbed toward Chu Mo!

In a flash, Chu Mo took out Murdering Heaven Edge.

Murdering Heaven Edge seemed to be enraged by the terrible pressure, and a bloody light suddenly lit up.


It issued out a clanging sound. (TN: Metallic sound)

That mighty pressure. Instantly disappeared!

The 70 or 80 gray wooden vines that have been stabbed like spears also seemed to have encounter the most terrifying things, and they crazily retreated back.

But the blood light that was sent out by Murdering Heaven Edge has swept through the middle, cutting it off directly.

Crackling sounds were heard and it fell all over the ground.

Several kilometer-long wooden vines fell to the ground like giant pythons, twisting and struggling crazily, and even making hissing sounds.

This scene startled Chu Mo.

The pressure from the dragon nest didn’t do much harm to Chu Mo. But it made him feel like his internal organs have all been displaced.

“You tricked me!” Chu Mo immediately glared at the giant rooster.

“Gagaga!” The giant rooster made a series of strange laughter, and then said, “I just want you to feel the terrifying pressure of the dragon’s nest. You see, I, the Lord Rooster, didn’t even take the opportunity to get rid of you.”

When he said this, the giant rooster’s eyes were full of righteousness. But there were some regrets in his heart: This boy’s reaction was so fast that I, the Lord Rooster, didn’t have enough time to get rid of him. Isn’t the Heaven’s Divination Mirror on this boy’s body?

This was the real sentiment of the giant rooster, and it still was having ideas on Heaven’s Divination Mirror.

“This is an Azure Dragon Nest?” Chu Mo didn’t want to argue with the giant rooster about this, so instead he asked him a question while he carried Murdering Heaven Edge and walked inside.

The terrifying pressure here doesn’t seem to have any effect on the giant rooster. It followed Chu Mo by his side. Then he replied, “Yes, the dragon fell from the broken space to this world. And started doing evil everywhere! Settle down everywhere and build nests everywhere. Here… Is just one of its nests. There are still many like this on the four continents. Uh, there are at least 20 nests on the four continents!”

“…” Chu Mo was a bit speechless and asked, “Why is it building so many nests?”

“Of course, it’s to settle down everywhere! Is what Lord Rooster said not clear enough? Look at the world now, how many of its bloodline descendants are known! Among all the rank nine yuan beasts, the Azure Dragon bloodline descendant have the most!” The giant rooster sneered scornfully and said, “It’s a flirtatious dragon.”

Chu Mo looked strangely at the giant rooster: “You don’t like it?”

The giant rooster blurted out, “That bastard not only likes female, but also won’t let go of the male. In the past, Lord Rooster… Cough, nothing. Lord Rooster is so wise and mighty. That small reptile, in front of Lord Rooster, can only kneel down and tremble.”

Chu Mo, however, looked at the giant rooster in disbelief and thought: You can’t even beat me. Do you really have the ability to make the Azure Dragon kneel down to you?

But Chu Mo also admired the giant rooster for not being afraid of the pressure here. This guy, besides being very boastful and a bit sly, overall… is still good. However, he still has to put his guard up against it. Just like how it tricked him just now, God knows if it has any other purpose.

“This Azure Dragon… What level is it?” Chu Mo asked casually.

“What level? It’s hard to say.” The rooster fluttered its wings, thought for a moment, and then said, “Anyway, this thing fell down from the heavens with Lord Rooster. Probably… cough, just like Lord Rooster? Anyway, it’s also a victim of that fierce blade in your hand.”

Chu Mo learned too many amazing secrets from the giant rooster. Including the legendary four immortals and beasts on the four continents, it is possible that they came from the heavens… This news is simply amazing!

Perhaps in the entire four continents, except for the Demon Lord and Chu Mo, this master and disciple, no one knows the existence of Heaven.

“If the beasts in the four continents are called Yuan Beasts. Then are the beasts in the Spirit World called Spirit Beast? Immortal World called Immortal Beast? Then in Heaven World… it should be called Heavenly Beast, right?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster: “The Azure Dragon is a Heavenly Beast, isn’t it?”

“You, you, you, you… How did you guess it?” The giant rooster seemed startled and looked at Chu Mo with a strange look. “Boy, are you a monster?” (TN: Monster as in genius or having monstrous talent)

To be continued.