Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 181 Raging Hua Quan Niu

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Chapter 181 Raging Hua Quan Niu

Translator: PurpleNails

Editor: TwilightEmpress

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“Hua Nan’s old man! …That old freak!” Chu Mo’s face darkened. After all the efforts of chipping and throwing boulders, none of it can kill Hua Quan Niu, instead only to knock him off the cliff. Now, Hua Quan Niu has reached Chu Mo’s current location with surprising speed, his conviction to kill Chu Mo is terrifying to no extent!

“Boy, looks like you’re a no match to him,” The giant rooster leered at Chu Mo, “Would you, perhaps, need my assistance?”

“You? Offering me a hand?” Chu Mo looked askance at the giant rooster’s lecherous look, he clearly doubted its offers.

“What’s the meaning of this? Do you know my ranks and positions? Me, the esteemed Lord Rooster! Why would I waste my time to bluff on a small potato like you?” provoked by Chu Mo’s rude attitude, the giant rooster glared with its eyes wide open to him.

“You can’t even fight me!” Chu Mo openly exposed its weakness without hesitation.

“I fear the Edge you held!” raged the giant rooster, “you think I’m afraid of you? What a fool!”

“How do you plan to help me then?” sneered Chu Mo.

The giant rooster raised its wing and point at the opening, which was where it appeared in the first place, “you can worm into that tunnel!”

“You call this helping?” Chu Mo is angry but later burst out laughing at its silly idea, “So, you want me to crawl through that tunnel, and you expect that man will not chase after me?”

“Of course, he will!” the giant rooster deadpanned, “Quit looking at me like that, why, you think I have a chicken brain? I will stand guard after you leave! My imposing force will certainly scare him off!”

“What’s after that?” Chu Mo asked.

The giant rooster grinned, “You’ll understand when you reached the end of the tunnel! I assure you, even the world’s most powerful man will not go near that place, much less a mortal!”

“Please speak human language, the language I understand!” Chu Mo frowned.

“I am never a human, I am the Lord Rooster!” the giant rooster replied him with a cold stare, “The tunnel will lead you to a Dragon cave! It was once a cultivation space for the Azure Dragon, understand? It’s an excellent place for cultivators! Now, I offer this place to you, how will you thank me? How many Dragonfish are you going to offer me?”

“…” Chu Mo quietly looked at the giant rooster, “Tell me, why no one can get near to the Dragon Cave? If no one can get near, what makes you think I can?”

“Are you dumb? Can you focus on the situation? Argh, you caused me a headache! The Edge which you’re holding, nothing in this world can suppress it! If the actual nature of the cursed Edge were ever evoked, even if it released a tinge of murderous qi, it will exterminate anything comes in the way!” said irritably by the giant rooster, “You are not an ordinary human, others cannot stay near that cave! The pressure and force emitting from the Dragon Cave are enough to suffocate them! If an average person forcibly entered the cave, their body will crush into flying ashes and smoldering smoke!”

“So, I won’t end up like that?” Chu Mo narrowed his eyes trying to peer through the giant rooster’s intentions. He is doubtful for the giant rooster’s act of kindness.

“Fine, stay! You think I really care to help you? All I care is your storage ring that can store living fish! If you stay alive I won’t have any hassle to eat my snack whenever I want!” raged the giant rooster.

“You want to stay beside me? You want to be my pet?” Chu Mo finally realized its intention.

“Pet your ass!” the giant rooster stamp its claws and throwing tantrums at Chu Mo, “I’m the one should keep you as a pet! Shoo, shoo, shoo, I don’t want to help you anymore! Go face the man who is powerful than you, alone!”

Chu Mo chuckled, “Don’t be mad, you just want to be at my side from now on, don’t you? Why not? Indeed, my storage ring can store live fish, not only they can be stored… they can be breed as well! Speaking of which, the fish here has become less and lesser, and no longer able to fill your stomach. Furthermore, mortals here have fixed their eyes on the fish too, right? Sometimes, there are one or two men with no fear of death would fight for this fish, which you are also helpless in this situation, right?”

Expression of dismay exposed on the giant rooster’s face, it chose to ignore Chu Mo and turn its head away.



The booming noise gradually became louder, which indicated the distance gradually shortened.

Apparently, Hua Quan Niu has become mad by wanting so much to avenge his son, he couldn’t care about anything anymore.

Chu Mo took a glance at the giant rooster and draw a deep breath. He decided to trust the rooster. Although the opening above the giant rooster seems narrow, it’s not difficult for Chu Mo to worm in.

After Chu Mo entered the tunnel, he crawls forward at an average pace. He found out that the wall of the tunnel is somewhat smooth which raises his curiosity about the way the tunnel was formed. Because the tunnel was undoubtedly dug by the giant rooster.

“Hey, giant rooster. How did you dig out this tunnel?” Chu Mo asked in a soft voice.

“What do you mean?” the giant rooster’s indifferent voice came behind Chu Mo, but he actually heard its voice directly resounded in his mind.

“The tunnel was burrowed recently by you, right? The surface of the wall is smooth, why?” Chu Mo also sends his message to the giant rooster telepathically.

“O, the wall. You really thought the flame from my body is just a projection, right?” The giant rooster replied in pride of its own work.

Meanwhile, Chu Mo heard some large booming sounds not far behind him. After a loud bang, the roaring voice of Hua Quan Niu resounded the tunnel, “Bastard! Where can you hide now!”

“Chu Mo! Chu Mo! Stop hiding and prepare to die!”

“Where are you? You must be hiding somewhere! There’s no other exit here!”

The raging Hua Quan Niu dragged his injured body and stand at where Chu Mo stood earlier. Hua Quan Niu studied the vast cavern and roared furiously.

It is not an easy task even to climb up from another side of the peak. During the climb, Hua Quan Niu encountered a rank six Yuan Beast.

It was a rank six gray eagle!

Maybe Hua Quan Niu’s climbing route was near to the gray eagle’s nest, and perhaps that’s the reason why his body is full of injuries, he must have suffered from the gray eagle’s attacked.

Although Hua Quan Niu’s martial state is higher than the gray eagle, his range of activities was restricted on the cliff, he can’t move freely as he does on the ground. Under the furious attacked of the eagle, dangers lurking on all sides, he has to burn out his inner strength to let out a powerful strike which hurt the eagle and eventually the eagle flew away.

After the eagle flew away, the inner force in him has dissipated to a dangerous extent, worst still, the injuries caused by the eagle are still bleeding.

Finally, when he reached Chu Mo’s hiding place, he found out the opening of the cavern was blocked by a giant boulder. Hua Quan Niu instantly enraged and bombarded the boulder with all his might, he doesn’t care whether his actions will alert Chu Mo about his presence.

With his forceful might, he finally smashed the boulder and eventually clear out the exit.

However, he immediately realized Chu Mo is not in the cavern.

The frustrations and anger make Hua Quan Niu gone mad.

After Hua Quan Niu studies around the cavern, he noticed an average sized opening above him, he couldn’t hold his anger and grit his teeth, “I see now, burrow the hole like a mouse! Bastard, I shall see where will you end up!”

As he speaks, he jumped up to the opening and crawl his way in the tunnel with an incredibly insane speed.

After a while of crawling, his body shaken suddenly by a force of pressure, it was like a strong current flushed against him.

Hua Quan Niu instantly became limp and feeble due to the sudden force, horrify, aghast reactions rayed out at each corner of his eyes.

(To be continued…)