Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 180: The Chaos Furnace

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Chapter 180: The Chaos Furnace

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As he looked at the giant rooster, Chu Mo asked, “That Chaos Furnace you were talking about… what is it?”

“The Chaos Furnace belongs to the ‘God of Alchemy,’ the Emperor of Heaven Realm, who uses it to practice alchemy. It is said that the furnace is a treasure formed naturally when chaos first coalesced in the universe. Legend says that not only can it be used to concoct Alchemy pills, it can even be used to concoct the sky, ka-ka,” the giant rooster gloated, “Back then, the Emperor also joined the fight of Murdering Heaven Edge, but not only did he not earn anything, he even lost his treasure during that fight. Ka-ka-ka-ka!”

Chu Mo thought of that huge emerald rock between the Jade’s dimensional space that could concoct almost any kind of Alchemy pills and was able to provide the prescription directly. It could even adjust the prescription automatically according to one’s specifications.

So that huge emerald rock was actually the Chaos Furnace, and a sacred object!

This discovery made Chu Mo both excited and yet, a little speechless. And at the same time, deep down his heart, his emotions were muddled.

According to what the giant rooster said, the Murdering Heaven Edge, the Divination Mirror, and the Chaos Furnace were all really powerful tools in the Heaven Realm. They were all ranked as one of the ten most powerful tools. As for Murdering Heaven Edge, even the leaders of the Heaven’s realm would do anything in order to get it, as its value has surpassed all of the ten powerful tools.

However, these three sacred objects had all fallen to him.

The Divination Mirror turned into a common-looking jade, and he was wearing it all this while; the Chaos Furnace became an ordinary huge emerald rock; the Murdering Heaven Edge was hidden in the jade’s dimensional space, and it reappeared after he bumped into a mysterious dimension located somewhere at that prairie.

That is to say, any one of the three was a sacred object that could literally set off a bloody war, and he was carrying them all this time.

Chu Mo’s heart quivered when he recalled that he was an orphan, and he asked himself, ‘Who am I?’

Chu Mo had asked himself this question many times, but never had his heart trembled like this.

“Why are all these sacred tools appearing in front of me?”

Chu Mo’s heart was twisting, but he didn’t show any of it outwardly, and instead nodded his head. “These are good treasures!”

“Hey, you ordinary man, you don’t even understand what entails the treasures.” The giant rooster raised its eyelids and glared at Chu-Mo for a short while, then it asked, “The Edge, how did you get it?”

Chu-Mo thought for a while, and said, “Last year, when I left home to gain life experience, I came across this big prairie. There were many people trying to find something there. They said there was a Chamber of God on the prairie.”

“Jeez!” The giant rooster sneered and said, “Chamber of God? In this desolate place? What kind of joke is this?”

Chu Mo got annoyed and stared at the giant rooster. “No matter how lousy this place is, you’re still here, right?”

“Uh...” The giant rooster was speechless and it smiled embarrassingly, “Alright, go on, continue talking. Chamber of God it is.”

Chu Mo rolled his eyes and continued. “My luck was better back then, and I bumped into it accidentally. But I didn’t know that it wasn’t the Chamber of God at all, but a mysterious space. I stood in the middle and saw ten red moons aligned in the sky.”

“Ten moons in the sky? Red ones?” The giant rooster’s eyes brightened, and a little excited, it asked, “Is that true?”

Chu Mo nodded his head.

The giant rooster urged him on. “And, what happened next? Please, tell me quickly!”

“And then, these ten blood-red moons merged together became one moon in the sky. They grew larger and larger in the sky, almost filling up the whole space,” Chu Mo slyly told the giant rooster, as he observed its expressions.

The giant rooster didn’t seem to hide any of its emotions; maybe it didn’t even think of hiding anything. All sorts of complex emotions flashed through its eyes, in it, there were nostalgic and sorrowful, raging memories.

“After that, there was beam of blood red light, I had no idea where that light came from. It just cut through those supersized, blood-red moons,” Chu-Mo reminiscenced. His eyes carried some fear in them. “Then I fainted, I didn’t know what happened after that. When I woke up, I was on the prairie again, with an Edge by my side. It was Murdering Heaven Edge.

“I see,” The giant rooster spoke, with relief on its face. Then it said, “Most probably you fell into the gate of memory.”

“Gate of memory?”

“It is some kind of shard of time, it’s all very mysterious and incredible. I’m not really sure about it myself. But, if you fall into the gate of memory, you get to experience some really ancient happenings. You can even see scenes where those philosophers are preaching, and gain a lot of wisdom from there. An opportunity like that is really hard to encounter,” the giant rooster told Chu Mo. “You fell into the gate of memory, and you brought the Edge back from there?”

Chu Mo only have a hazy notion of what it said.

Then the giant rooster continued. “The Heaven Realm was at war long ago and caused havoc in the world. Murdering Heaven Edge broke into pieces,as well as the Divination Mirror, then the Chaos Furnace disappeared… the shattered pieces pierced through the Heaven realm, the Immortal realm, the Spiritual realm, and all other realms, which it explained the reason why you got the part of the Edge from the prairie, it is the part that pierced through the Heaven realm and fell on this world during the ancient time.”

“The ancient time...” Chu Mo mumbled softly, and then he looked at the giant rooster, continued. “And you? How do you know so much about this? Are you… from the Heaven Realm?”

Giant rooster shrugged and turned its head away. “I am not going to tell you.”

Chu Mo smiled and said, “You’ve told me so many things, but now you won’t tell me this? Isn’t it a little too late? You think that I can’t guess that you are from the Heaven Realm?”


“You cunning little brat!” The giant rooster did not admit nor deny, it only took a look at Chu Mo and said, “Luckily, not many mortal know about the existence of the Murdering Heaven Edge, but I’m not so sure about the Spiritual and Immortal realms. However, if you happen to drop by the Heaven Realm, you will then understand what entails by showing off the Edge.”

Chu Mo twitched his lips, he thought, ‘Qi Xiao Yu must be in the Spiritual Realm. Her clone is here for a reason. One day when I transcended to the Spiritual Realm, I would have to help her, when that time come, I assume no challenges will be any less than what I’m facing now; If I manage well in the Spiritual Realm and transcended to the Immortal Realm, the martial technique I maneuver will giving out my identity, as well as my master’s, but it’s naturally my duty to avenge for my master… in other words even if I’m in the Immortal Realm, neither place will give me peace. Even if I am exceptionally gifted and possess extreme luck to overcome all challenges to get my way to the Heaven Realm… there are only more worser situation for me to deal with!

Most of all, I have three sacred objects which all lords in Heaven Realm would kill for.

Why do I get the feeling that this world are the only place which I can stay peacefully compare to all other realms?’

“But kid, how did you get here in the first place? You’ve even stolen all of my snacks?” The giant rooster scowled and looked at Chu Mo.

“I am travelling everywhere, trying to gain more life experience,” Chu Mo said calmly.

“So you’re not being hunted down by someone?” The giant rooster’s eyes were sardonically smiling.

“Of course not.” Chu Mo retained his composure.

The giant rooster mock Chu-Mo with his freakish laugh. “Then what business does the powerful man have here?”

A thunderous noise came from the outside of the cavern’s opening which Chu Mo had blocked with a huge boulder, as if to reaffirm the giant rooster’s indications.


The whole rocky mountain is shaking.

To be continued……