Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 179 The Heaven’s Divination Mirror

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Chapter 179 The Heaven’s Divination Mirror

Translator: PurpleNails

Editor: TwilightEmpress

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“What’s ‘that thing’? What’s the Chaos Furnace?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster, perplexed.

“That thing…” The giant rooster swallowed the rest of its words and begin to study Chu Mo from top to bottom. “Boy… are you really an average man? Why do I feel like you’re a bastard son of the Emperor of Heaven Realm?”

Despite the random nonsense which Chu Mo chose to ignore, he was intrigued by its words, as this was the first time he had heard of the term ‘Emperor of the Heaven Realm.\'

Even his master, Demon Lord, was never quite familiar with the Heaven Realm, but somehow this giant rooster knows it. How is it talking about the Heaven Realm so easily?

Furthermore, the information didn’t sound fabricated at all; even if it was all false, it shouldn’t be easy to invent such crazy lies, right?

While Chu Mo was analyzing the authenticity of the giant rooster’s words, he reached his hands into the Jade dimensional space and casually picked out a fish from the small quarry. To his surprise, the one foot plus, dark, scaleless fish was extraordinarily strong, so he struggled a little during the catching process.

That incredible strength was on par with his.

“I’m not surprised that the wall-hitting noises are caused by the fish. It’s such small creature, but has such Herculean strength!” Chu Mo exclaimed.

The giant rooster’s eyes lit up as soon as it saw the fish. However, when it overheard Chu Mo’s exclamation, it scornfully said, “You know nothing! The fish has become so weak, abiding by nature’s rule in this world. If it’s in the Heaven Realm, don’t dream of catching one in your current state!”

“So, they are valuable?” Chu Mo asked randomly.

“Of course! I, the esteemed Lord Rooster, do not exaggerate...” But it stopped itself before finishing its sentence as Chu Mo took back the fish which he had almost handed out. “Actually… it’s not that valuable though…”

Chu Mo rolled his eyes at the giant rooster. He looked at it disdainfully with don’t-you-lie-to-me expression on his face.

With a little embarrassment, the giant rooster said, “Alright, if you give it to me, I’ll reveal more secrets about the Edge, the mirror, and that furnace of chaos. But before I say anything, I can’t guarantee my information is all the truth!”

Chu Mo nodded and tossed the struggling dragonfish to the giant rooster. “Whatever it is, tell me.”

The giant rooster managed to catch the dragonfish with its beak. Oddly enough, the dragonfish stopped struggling the moment it was caught, like it was surrendering to its natural enemy. Without further thought, the giant rooster swallowed the fish.

After a satisfying burp, the giant rooster turned its focus to Chu Mo. “About the Edge, it is called the Murdering Heaven Edge. Nobody knows its true origin. But according to legend, the Edge was created naturally by Heaven and Earth at the beginning of time. It is the world’s number one killing weapon! Whether that’s true or false, it’s hard to say. Even I, the esteemed Lord Rooster, have no idea about it. But one thing’s for sure; it was bathed in the Emperor’s blood in Heaven Realm.”

“The Emperor of Heaven Realm?” Chu Mo asked, with his eyes fixed to the giant rooster.

“The strongest existence ever known in the Heaven Realm. The Emperor!” The giant rooster glanced at Chu Mo then it continued. “At one point in history, a massive rebellion between a hundred tribes rose in the Heaven Realm. Thus, the Edge resurfaced, and along followed a massive, bloody killing spree. The Edge became seeped so many of the high-powers’ blood that many masters in Heaven Realm died trying to own it. And this is why it attracts damnation. Whoever’s got it has their life shortened!”

The giant rooster paused a little and gloated over Chu Mo. “All that’s left now is a fragmented piece of the Edge. But never underestimate it, as it still looks ominous to me! So, good luck.”

“A fragment?” Chu Mo frowned, slightly. “You mean it is not whole?”

“Of course, it isn’t!” The giant rooster let out a cold sneer. “If it was in one whole piece, do you really think you could lift it up in your current state? Don’t even dream about it!”

Chu Mo furrowed as he drew out the Edge to check on it.

The giant rooster took two steps back. Alarmed, it growled, “Why on earth did you take that thing out?”

“Just take a look, alright. ” Chu Mo rolled his eyes at the giant rooster. He studied the Edge carefully, then he said, “It looks perfect and whole to me!”

“What part did you not understand?” The giant rooster derided him. “Numerous masters have fought tirelessly for this Edge; it broke into pieces during that time. Some high-powers even speculate that the body of the Edge has broken into three fragments. However, no one has managed to locate their locations. So, with the Edge fragmented into three pieces, the soul within also disappeared.”

“The soul within the Edge?” Chu Mo once again furrowed.

“This is the part which you’ll never understand! Such godly weapons naturally bond with a sainted soul!” The giant rooster glanced scornfully at Chu Mo. “You know absolutely nothing. Nothing, idiot. I don’t understand why the Murdering Heaven Edge chose you?”

“The Edge wanted me?” Chu Mo looked at the giant rooster, puzzled.

“If you’re not the chosen one… even if it’s in front of you, you’ll never notice it!” Before the giant rooster continued, it shot a disdainful glance at him. “In the past, a mysterious master tried to repress the Edge by using the legendary banned apparatus – born the same day as the Edge during the begin of time, the Heaven’s Divination Mirror!”

“The Heaven’s Divination Mirror?”

“Yes, the Divination Mirror. Its value is inestimable. It can appraise anything in every realm, including human! It can restore any form of martial or mystical arts! As it is said that the Divination Mirror is the incarnation of the Great Dao! Every aspect of martial and mystical arts can never escape the law of the Great Dao.” The giant rooster observed every expression on Chu Mo’s face as it spoke.

However, Chu Mo clueless face raised some doubts in the giant rooster’s mind. It started to wonder, ‘Is it possible that the Divination Mirror is not with him? But I heard that the Murdering Heaven Edge and the Divination Mirror disappeared together.’

The giant rooster didn’t mention the mirror at first but later revealed it according to what it contemplated.

The giant rooster possessed no interest towards the Murdering Heaven Edge as it would bring damnation. But the Heaven’s Divination Mirror… that was what it yearned for! That great mirror was the world’s most mystifying and unique treasure.

If anyone possessed the Divination Mirror, that person would own the chance to all riches in the world, literally!

Chu Mo’s inexpressive face was a disguise that he learned throughout cultivations with Demon Lord. In fact, his state of mind was like a rogue wave.

The Heaven’s Divination Mirror… So, my Jade ornament is the Heaven’s Divination Mirror! It appraises every and anything in every realm, including human! No wonder it can analyze people’s state effortlessly. It’s from the Heaven Realm! It restores any form of martial or mystical arts, no wonder it automatically completed the Heaven’s will, My will scripture to the perfect stage. So this is it!

Despite the rolling, wavering thoughts in his mind, he still looked cluelessly at the giant rooster. “And then?”

“And then what?” When the giant rooster assumed that the mirror wasn’t with Chu Mo, it acted unenthusiastically. “The master who intended to repress the Murdering Heaven Edge with the Divination Mirror fought night and day until the ten Heaven’s stones from the Divination Mirror scattered and vanished.”

The image of ten bloody moons instantly flashed through Chu Mo’s mind!

He also recalled that when the Murdering Heaven Edge appeared from the Jade, it slashed the ten bloody moons and merged the ten blood moons into one giant blood moon.

The giant rooster sighed. “The two were legendary weapons! It was a shame when both of them were destroyed.”

(to be continued…)