Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 178: Lord Rooster

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Chapter 178: Lord Rooster

Translator: PurpleNails

Editor: TwilightEmpress

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Chu Mo snorted and burst out laughing. He looked straight into the ‘Vermillion Bird’s’ magisterial gaze and waved the Murdering Heaven Edge. “Are you looking for another strike? I assume… with a size like yours, you could make many plates of steamed chicken.”

“How dare you!” The ‘Vermillion Bird’ angrily raised its voice. “Small fry mortal that is no different from an ant, do you really want to defy me, the esteemed one?”

“I am very curious,” said Chu Mo as he gazed at ‘The Vermillion Bird’, “Where did you gain your confidence, claiming to be the godly Vermillion Bird? Don’t you worry about the thunder of heaven’s wrath upon you?”


‘The Vermillion Bird’ stomped the ground with its claws and took a huge step back, its eyes widened with shock. It stared fixedly at Chu Mo. “Mortal… what did you just say?”

“Didn’t I make myself clear? Giant Rooster!” Chu Mo looked sneeringly at the giant rooster, which was still trying to maintain its ‘Vermillion Bird’ image, “Honestly, I quite love barbecued chicken wing. “

“That’s not possible! It’s impossible! No, definitely not possible!” A tinge of panic flashed through the giant rooster’s eyes while it glared at him. “It’s impossible to discover my true identity. Tell me, how did you find out?”

“Well, can we both sit and have a calm conversation now?” Chu Mo glanced at the Edge he held.

The giant rooster once again took two steps back, saying, “Why would I want to talk with a mortal?”

Meanwhile, the giant rooster continued to search for the fish, but it didn’t see any. Then it raised its voice in anger again. “It took more than a decade to catch those fish, and you took all of them! Boy, aren’t you greedy? Don’t you know the common saying? Split the kill...?” (Chinese saying: If a hunter takes down another hunter’s prey, then both hunters should divide the kill.)

“…” Chu Mo was puzzled. He studied the giant rooster. The way he acted and spoke… It was exactly like a thug that played along with human rules, which was completely different from its imposing figure.

“What? Just because you found out who I am doesn\'t mean you get to use it against me.” An unexpected jeer shone from its eyes as it looked at Chu Mo. “Naïve little young man. If I, the Lord Rooster, claim my speed as the second best in all realms, especially in this damn mortal realm, no one would claim to be first, and I am not exaggerating!”

“You mean the speed of turning tail?” Chu Mo deadpanned while stared at the giant rooster.

The giant rooster was first abashed by his words, then it became furious, “Boy, you don’t know what you’re saying! Take back your words immediately! I am the Lord Rooster, not a little chicken!”

Chu Mo infused his inner force into the Murdering Heaven Edge.


Reverberating, droning sounds along with exploding murderous intent exuded from the Edge.


At an incredible speed, the giant rooster became a flash of fire and once again disappeared into the opening.

A while later, the giant rooster’s head snuck out from the opening and glared at Chu Mo: “Boy, put that toy of yours away if you wish to have a decent conversation!”

Chu Mo smirked, then put the Edge into the Jade dimensional space.

The giant rooster let out a gasp of relief before it reemerged from the opening. The giant rooster spread out its wings, and with a few flaps, it magically revealed its true form — an imposing god-like rooster with bright plumage!

Its stature was not any less than its ‘Vermillion Bird’ disguise.

Stupefied at its majestic looking figure, Chu Mo murmured, “ Truly one giant rooster.”

“Boy, don’t provoke me! In my body is a noble bloodline which is far superior to the Vermillion Bird! The Phoenix bloodline! Get it? Have you even heard of a Phoenix?” The giant rooster angrily pointed one of its wings at Chu Mo.

“If so, why bother transforming into the Vermillion Bird?” Chu Mo reluctantly asked.

“The reason is you mortals! A bunch of thoughtless imbeciles! I am forced to do so because your kind has only heard of the Vermillion Bird.” The giant rooster became a little crestfallen after it stated its reason.

“You are not from this realm?” Chu Mo asked.

“What a silly question! I, Lord Rooster, come from this realm?” The giant rooster start to strut across the ground as it fretted about the question. “It’s all because of that damn Edge you possess! Otherwise, a great Lord Rooster like me… Ahem, the-most-brilliant-and-handsomest-throughout-all-realms-and-history, the ace rooster! How could an ace like me end up in this damn place if not because of that Edge?”

“…” Not knowing what to say, Chu Mo asked, “Are you level nine Yuan beast?”

It is known from legends that high-level Yuan beasts throughout the four continents are very intelligent, as they have the bloodlines of godly creatures, and that is why they speak the mortal language. Chu Mo had never seen one before; he had only heard it from his grandfather, who claimed that the legend was indeed true.

There were not many records regarding level nine Yuan beasts in the four continents. Perhaps only ten or more kinds were described. Chu Mo had no idea about the existence of other level nine Yuan beasts who had not been discovered yet.

After all, the world was too big to know.

There were still plenty of unknown territories that had yet to be explored.

“You compare me with a level nine Yuan beast? Those beasts have to kneel before the Lord Rooster! That is me!” The giant rooster said boastfully along with a smug grin, “I came from… I came from… Why should I tell you where I came from?”

“Fine, I don’t have to know where you came from, but can you tell me the story of the Murdering Heaven Edge? In return, I will give you one fish!” Chu Mo asked.

“Those fish are supposed to be my snack! My snack! Do you understand, boy? They are mine!” The giant rooster glared stormily at Chu Mo. “You are the one who robbed me of my possession! This is purely pseudo-generosity!”

“So, you don’t want it?” As he asked, Chu Mo stolidly looked at the giant rooster.

“I want!” The giant rooster answered without a second delay. Such shallow fortitude made Chu Mo think. He was unsure whether it was the right call to communicate with it.

“Then tell me the background of the Murdering Heaven Edge.” Chu Mo demanded.

“I can’t.” Said the giant rooster as its eyes flashed with terror. “I don’t mean to be difficult, boy. If you were wise, you would throw away that Edge.”

“Throw away?”

“Yes, throw away!” The giant rooster put on its straight face as it spoke. “The Edge you possess, it brings forth evil.”


“I can’t tell you.” The giant rooster solemnly looked at Chu Mo. “I am serious, and I am warning you sincerely. The Edge will bring you devastation!”

“That’s not for me to worry about right now.” Chu Mo replied calmly.

“Suit yourself then.” Not happy with his response, the giant rooster quietly looked at Chu Mo while pondering. It then said, “I can tell you a little about it…”

“Go ahead.” Chu Mo still had his gaze fixed on the giant rooster.

“But you have to promise me…”

“A fish, I know.” Chu Mo finished its sentence, urging it to start.

“I’m afraid those fish are now dead. Boy, a storage ring is not meant for living things. You are too dumb. Dead Dragonfish do not taste good. They can only fill the stomach.” Some level of disappointment is clearly expressed in its eyes.

“They are still very much alive.” Chu Mo said in a calm manner.

“Alive?” The giant rooster jerked its head up. It widened an eye to peer closer at Chu Mo, then it questioned him in disbelief. “Did you said those fish are alive now? You, you, you… A mortal like you owns a high-class storage ring?”

As it spoke, it slapped its wing on its head as a thought seemingly flashed through its mind. With the sudden realization, it said, “No wonder… I can’t sense any Murdering Heaven Edge’s qi from you. I see now… you have that thing with you too. Which means… The chaos furnace… is also with you?”

To be continued…