Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 177: Giant Rooster

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Chapter 177 Giant Rooster

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Editor: Dedition

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“Giant Rooster!”

Despite these two words, no other explanation was given by the magical jade!

Regardless the complexity of an object, it would reveal some results. Like the time when it examined his master’s illness, the results came back as:

State: Unknown

Physique: Unknown

Others: Unknown

But look at it now, the result was so brief and miserly.

What the hell, a ‘Giant Rooster’?

Chu Mo was stunned, disbelief shook him along with the quiver on the corner of his mouth.

Although he had his doubts on the identity of the so-called ‘Vermillion Bird,\' he never dreamed that he would encounter such a creature… the one ‘Giant Rooster’.

Ever seen a Giant Rooster bore through a hard-rocky wall?

Ever seen a Giant Rooster meaning to refer itself as ‘the esteemed one’?

Ever seen a Giant Rooster with ‘royal graciousness’ emanating along with a body full of flames, which made it reminiscent of the true Vermillion Bird.

A Giant Rooster… Chu Mo was certainly bewildered, even coming to suspect that the Jade which never failed to work its wonder might have actually just misread the creature.

What is a rooster? Chu Mo knew better. A common dish in the mortal world… Its recipes and cooking methods had been refined since hundred thousands of years ago.

Chicken soup, chicken stew, chicken braised mountain mushrooms, steamed chicken… you name it.

Especially the steamed chicken from Gluttonous Ogre, it was Chu Mo’s favourite dish.

Speaking of his favourite dish, he felt as if he was going to drool. He swallowed his own saliva, then turned to look at the Giant Rooster with malicious intentions dripping from his eyes.

“Scram! What are you waiting for? Waiting for the death from this almighty one that bad?!” The ‘Vermillion Bird’ (Ahem) Giant Rooster shouted in a stern voice, its body’s flames rising up even higher. The cavern was like a furnace due to the scorching heat exuded from the flame.

The peculiar fishes in the small quarry which now filled with water behind Chu Mo agitated by the heat, it struggled to find a way out. The small quarry dug by Chu Mo was deep enough, but it was also impermeable. Mass volumes of water from above had overflowed the small quarry, but the excess water was evaporated immediately due to the scorching heat from the Giant Rooster. Thus, the peculiar fishes were very trapped in this situation.

“Are you a true Vermillion Bird?” Chu Mo peered at the Giant Rooster, trying to look through its true identity. The Jade had given too little information, let alone its state.

Even if it was an ‘unknown’, it would be a grace!

Chu Mo pondered.

“How dare you question my true esteemed identity! Go to hell!” the Giant Rooster burst in anger. It threw its flames like thunder towards Chu Mo.

The heat wave struck Chu Mo instantly, and it shocked him. The temperature was similar to the lava within the volcanic vent. The more it got closer, the more he felt likely that he could be melted in any second.

However, Chu Mo was cornered, behind him was the small quarry, and behind it……a thick rocky wall which Chu Mo has no idea about the density or thickness.

Thus, as desperate as Chu Mo was, he raised the Murdering Heaven Edge to attack it, a Soul Reaping technique swinging directly towards the Giant Rooster.

“Argh!” just after the Murdering Heaven Edge let out its breath, the Giant Rooster shrieked in horror: “Mur…Mur…Mur…Mur…Mur…Murdering Heaven Edge? O, Mother Heavens! Am I seeing it right? It was long destroyed! Why is it here?! That’s not possible… no, no, no, this is not happening, I must be hallucinating!”


The Giant Rooster fled in an incredible speed to the opening where it came from. It disappeared into the tunnel…

Chu Mo was surprised and perplexed, he looked at the direction where the Giant Rooster disappeared and was utterly shocked.

Wise Demon Lord with extensive knowledge of just about everything, never knew the origin of the sword. Demon Lord thought Chu Mo must have had a great concurrence to get the world\'s only great Edge, the Edge didn’t trigger any sort of knowledge from the Demon Lord.

However, the Giant Rooster’s first reaction after it sensed the fume of the Murdering Heaven Edge, was to call out the Edge’s name and flee after that.

Most importantly, the Giant Rooster mentioned one matter unintentionally, it said: It was long destroyed!

Its words made Chu Mo recalled the scene of the ten blood moons above the sky, he frowned as he pondered: Would it be possible that the Giant Rooster has some unimaginable past? If not, why would it recognize the edge? What is going on here?

Chu Mo was puzzled.


While he was in deep thought, a sound came behind him, from the small quarry which was now almost dried up.

Chu Mo turned his head to take a look, and he immediately rejoiced.

As the small quarry begin to dry up, forty to fifty scaleless dark fishes crowded together, each of them being more than one foot long.

Since so many fishes crowded together, one would think that the air would have some sort of a fish odour, but Chu Mo didn’t catch any foul smell. Instead, a refreshing scent filled the air.

The phenomenon was unprecedented!

“Could the smell… come from those fishes?” He looked at those fishes with amazement. He then leaned closer to take a good smell at it. The refreshing scent was indeed coming from those fishes

“Good stuff!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but praise those fishes, “It is no wonder that the Giant Rooster wanted it so badly.”

The water flowed from above once again, pouring down to the small quarry. Thus, the water in the quarry gradually filled up.

Without further thought, Chu Mo waved his hands. He took the whole quarry and stored it in the Jade dimensional space.

Since the small tree which he kept in the space was still very much alive, he thought these fishes might as well stay alive.

Chu Mo couldn’t care less whether the experiment of putting living things in the space would work, he only knows that the fishes must worth some value, as this was an odd place for the fishes to have appeared. Furthermore, the Giant Rooster also apparently craved for them.

However, this was not the time to be juggling with the two matters.

Because the moment when Chu Mo stored all the fishes, the Giant Rooster reappeared.

“You, you, you… where did you keep all the fishes? Despicable human… you are disgraceful! Shameless! You’ve gone too far! It’s the Dragonfish… My Dragonfish! Give it back to me! Give it back to me!” The Giant Rooster which still remained as a disguise of the Vermillion Bird went nuts, it rushed towards Chu Mo with its claws and beaks wide opened.

“You got spooked away just now, didn’t you?” Chu Mo looked at the Giant Rooster and felt a bit speechless.

“Who said so? I, The Esteemed One, spooked away by your mortal kind? Your kind are no more than moles, crickets, and ants! Complete nonsense! I walked away for a while to attend to some unfinished business, and now I’m back!” the Giant Rooster astutely regained its imposing composure, trying to use its imperial gaze to repress Chu Mo.

Chu Mo glared at the Giant Rooster then he drew out the edge and let out a cold laugh.

When the Giant Rooster saw the Edge, the spark in its eyes changed, not a hint of dignity left in it. The Giant Rooster fixed its stares on the Murdering Heaven Edge for a while, then it held its head up and looked at Chu Mo, “Boy…Where did you get that Edge?”

“Why would I tell you?” Chu Mo replied, looking at the Giant Rooster with his cold eyes. He continued, “If you really want to know, you have to tell me where you hail from!”

The Giant Rooster answered impassively, “The paintings of four godly creatures that passed down more than a thousand generations in your mortal world, have you seen it before?”

Chu Mo nodded.

“And you asked me who am I?” the Giant Rooster’s voice was once again filled with dignity, “Now that you have seen one of the four, shouldn’t you be kneeling down before me?!”

To be continued…