Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 176: The Vermillion Bird?

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Chapter 176 The Vermillion Bird?

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Chu Mo’s vigilance didn’t stop the noise from happening. Instead, it turned into a rapid staccato.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Dong! Dong!

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! ...

Something was hitting the solid wall with all its might. Even the drippings were affecting by it, sometimes there were waters oozing out or sometimes none at all.

“Could it be… a living thing in there?”

The corner of his mouth slightly twitched a little.

At the same time, the jade ornament that was resting still on his chest transmitted a sudden strong heat.

“ee?” Chu Mo’s eyes glinted and at the same time he became confounded by the sudden heat.

The jade he owned always had a substantial degree of sensitivity towards precious items. Like when he was on his way climbing up the cliff, his jade detected a few valuable medicinal herbal plants.

Anyhow, could a living thing exist within thousand feet deep inside the peak?

Wait, the Jade seems to have a slow respond this time.

Chu Mo was a little puzzled, as the noise gradually became rapid, he was wondering whether to dig up that spot…

At the same moment, the jade abruptly heated up like a red-hot iron and scalded his skin.

“Ouch, you’re killing me!” Chu Mo couldn’t stand the pain, and he yell. He tore off his shirt and looked at his chest to check the burns.

He didn’t even make a sound when he was being slashed many times so one could have imagined the degree of heat which he had experienced.

Along with Chu Mo’s loud cried, the noise halted.

Instant silence fail in the cavern.

Next, Chu Mo heard rumbling sounds resonates deep within the rocky wall. Like a giant creature trying to bore its way out of the wall.

Then, a strong sense of danger struck him.

Along with the rumbling sound, the hitting noise became aggressive.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! ...

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched a little, he subconsciously picked up the Murdering Heaven Edge and slashed on the area where sounds were denser…




A bunch of dark objects fell straight down to the small quarry.

Then, a great volume of water poured down like soaring waterfalls followed by the gust of piercing cold mist.

A creepy voice simultaneously rolled across the cavern from the deeper depth of the opening: “Argh! Argh! Argh...”


Along with the thunderous sound, a fiery red shadow and chunks of cobblestones rushed out from the opening.

Chu Mo, already in his defense mode, stood firmly in front of the quarry and levelled the Murdering Heaven Edge at a distance. His cold eyes fixed on the uninvited guest.

Next, Chu Mo was struck dumb.

The creature appearing before his eyes, fit amazingly to the descriptions of the legendary Vermillion Bird.

Sometime in the distant past, the myth and legends of four godly creatures which had mysteriously fallen from the Heaven to the World of Four Wonders were widely circulated, and they were the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise.

When the four godly creatures appeared in the World of Four Wonders, they lost their mystical power. Nevertheless, the godly creatures’ incredibly majestic emanations kept the mortals away.

In a later time, these godly creatures left their own bloodlines in the World of Four Wonders. And their descendants later became the rank nine Yuan beasts inhabits across the four continents!

Whether or not that the myth is the factual recording of history, it certainly raised debates ever since.

However, it doesn’t affect the fact that the four continents were respectively named after the four godly creatures, nor the image of the godly creatures instilled in everyone’s mind from time immemorial.

Even an average child was familiarized to the image of the four godly creatures, not to mention Chu Mo who loves mythology.

Therefore, when a live Vermillion Bird appeared before his eyes, he was dumb in disbelief. He could not believe what he saw.

This was even more mind-blowing than the time when he discovered his master was from the Heaven Realm.

After all, the Heaven Realm was real, it was not a myth, it was not commonly known in the mortal world. But the myth of godly creatures was passed down generations by generations, it was deeply rooted in all generations before and perhaps coming.

Thus, when one of the mythical godly creatures unexpectedly appeared before one’s eyes, even the martial prowess experts from the four secluded sects might be as dumbstruck as Chu Mo.

“Mortal.” Said, the fiery-red Vermillion Bird after it stared quite a while at Chu Mo, it seems to have flames covering all of its body. After a while, it suddenly said a word in the human language, it continued to stare at Chu Mo with its eyes that exposed its impeccable imperial vibe: “Leave now! You are not supposed to be here!”

It spoke in a condescending and magisterial tone along with an unquestionable aura.

“Why?” Chu Mo furrowed his brow and asked in reply.

“How dare you question me?” The flames on its body started to burn ferociously, emanating an impeccable magisterial pressure prevailing over Chu Mo.

Chu Mo could clearly see the rage flashing in its imperious gaze, it seemed to be provoked by Chu Mo’s question.

“Challenging me means seeking death upon yourself! You are no different than moles, crickets, and ants. Do you understand?” As it spoke, the flames on its body became extremely violent. It was like it was going to burn up from its beak to its claws. When the Vermillion Bird moved a few steps closer to Chu Mo, its grandiose coercion shadowed over Chu Mo like rolling dark clouds shrouding the sky.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but stagger a couple of steps backward. Again, the corner of his mouth slightly twitched.

If Chu Mo said that he was not intimidated by it, it was probably a lie. The supercilious Vermillion Bird radiated with a sense of ‘royal graciousness’ that put everyone in awe of it. Even Chu Mo had never experienced such an auric field from the powerful Demon Lord.

However, regardless of the level of intimidation he now had in mind, he also felt aggrieved. Deep down in his heart, he has a sneaking feeling that something was off about the Vermillion Bird.

Chu Mo furrowed his brows to focus on his hunch, then subconsciously fixed his gaze on the opening where the Vermillion Bird came from. Immediately, his mind was clear about something.

Without hesitation, he transmitted his thought to the jade ornament.

“Jade, check on this creature, tell me what kind of bird it is?” Chu Mo began to raise suspicion on the ‘Vermillion Bird.\'

The ‘royal graciousness’ emanating from it… the magisterial eyes and the burning flames, everyone who looks at it will easily relate it to the Vermillion Bird from the legendary four godly creatures.

Here comes the problem, the way it makes its entrance is a bit outrageous!

It is, at any rate, a mythical godly creature!

Was it necessary to gnaw the rocky wall like a mouse and make its grand entrance like the way it did?

Furthermore, although its gaze was magisterial, somehow Chu Mo felt something guileful behind his gaze. He also had a hunch that the creature before him seemed to crave on the peculiar fishes in the small quarry behind him.

Of course, Chu Mo might have mistaken his hunch.

Nevertheless, the doubt planted in his heart started to bloom vigorously.

At the same time, he felt the apparent transmission of heat energy from the Jade, he then subconsciously peered into the Jade dimensional space.

Almost in a second, his mouth twisted.

The precious medicinal herbs supposedly kept in the Jade dimensional space were gone in a few moments… Poof, vanished!

Chu Mo wanted to cry but had no tear.

Then, the Jade transmitted a message to him. (To be continued…)

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