Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 175: Water drips in the cavern

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Chapter 175 Water drips in the cavern

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WENG! (Droning sound from transmitting scripture to Sir Qi.)

Almost immediately, a loud gasp rose from the crowd.

Everyone, included those who have accepted Sir Qi’s teachings in the past, gazed enviously at Sir Qi with indecipherable expressions.

One of them was too overwhelmed, he even started to murmur: “Good things happen to good people… I never accepted this belief, but my mind has now seen the light!”

“What goes around comes around, the payback is just a matter of time. I believe it now.” Another man continued.

“Sir Qi has done good deeds throughout his life, and finally, he gets rewarded with the enlightenment from the high-power himself…As for us, we hold on to such nefarious purpose to pursue the so-called ‘immense heritage’ … Great one, I have sinned, I beg for the punishment!”

“Great one! I too, ask to be punished!” Another man added.


Another string of explosions dispersed blood mist into the air, all of their right arms exploded into pieces.

Deafening cries could be heard from those who couldn’t bear the pain.

Most of those men with one arm exploded didn’t actually think that they had committed any wrongdoings nor genuinely wanted to accept any punishment. Deep down in their heart, they just wanted to push their luck, since the mysterious Demon Lord had the ability to distinguished kindness and enmity, they thought if they came clean and admitted their wrongdoings, perhaps their lives would be spared.

It turns out that they were completely wrong, the mysterious Demon Lord had no apathy upon their sincere or fake remorse. This situation had those bystanders caught between the devil and the deep sea.

On the other hand, Sir Qi was still sitting on the boulder, blankly gazing into the distance, seemingly set into deep thought. A while later, his face lit up with apparent joy, hurriedly kneeling on the boulder as he kowtowed three times to the sky: “I, Qi-Ping, will forever remember the enlightenment received from you!”

Sir Qi stood up and gazed on those repented men and their dismembered part, he sighed and shook his head, then he jumped up in one bound effortlessly which also revealed the true strength of Golden Stone State. After a few jumps, he disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

These men, they deserved their punishment. Sir Qi initially wanted to intercede for these people, but he understood even if he did, not only would it not work, it would most likely irritate Demon Lord.

In this case, what the eyes doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. He decided he was better off going to other places to continue his cultivation.

When he became a master of Comprehending Intent State, he would go to Chu Mo and become his guardian. He thought that if he can’t make someone a legend, he might as well witness the rise of a legend… Perhaps, that is a kind of a blessing in life.

Those repented men patched up their wounds with medicine and then walked away weakly.

In the end, less than three hundred people had chosen to stay.

Many of them were from different sects and associations across the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird continents.

Most of the men from the Azure Dragon Court and Vermillion Bird Association were either died or severely injured. Therefore, only very few of them stayed.

“Shit!” A middle-aged man from the Vermillion Bird continent cursed with his clenched teeth, then he continued: “You all have seen it yourself, at this point, we are out of options! Losing an arm and never have my strength unsealed… For me, this is definitely worse than being dead! Thus, we only have one option left!”

As he spoke, he looked at the direction where Hua Quan Niu left, he continued to speak in his clenched teeth: “If Hua Quan Niu can choose to hike the mountain from the other direction, why can’t we? In one way or another, we have to get that heritage. In that way, at least we can exchange it for unimaginable wealth and resources!”

“Right, fight for it! I never want to have my arm dismembered, neither to stay sealed with the martial prowess in the Iron Bone state in all my life!”

“We should spread out, climb the mountain from a different direction! If that boy can climb the cliff, why can’t we? We all are equally in Iron Bone State, that make us no different! Don’t tell me his bones is harder than ours?”

“Right, there’s nothing to fear about! After all, one who risks nothing, gains nothing!”

After they encouraged each other, they then spreaded out to different directions but headed to the same destination – the Lone Peak.

As for the front side of the cliff, no one dared to challenge.

Hit by one another boulders and getting smashed by it instantly… losing one arm and restricted strength was a far better option.


In the cavern, Chu Mo sat on the ground in a cross-legged position, his face was pale, almost bloodless.

His clothes was almost soaked up in fresh blood, but he was still wearing it. The wounds on his body no longer bled, as well as every strength within his dantian was long exhausted during the process of chipping boulders.

The crowd at the bottom of the cliff had treated him like he is a monster with the fearful threat, but in fact, Chu Mo was now an arrow at the end of its flight.

If Chu Mo revealed his current condition to the crowd, it would boost their confidence to attack, in that case, perhaps fewer people will choose to accept the punishment.

Nevertheless, with his current situation, any rank three martial prowess expert could defeat him easily, not to mention the rank four Iron Bone state masters.

Murdering Heaven Edge was currently inserted into the ground before Chu Mo, he was cultivating the Heaven’s Will My Will.

The writing on Heaven’s Will My Will had been extended ever since incessantly feeding it with bloody spirit aura.

Chu Mo kept concentrating on his cultivation, leaving behind the fact that his own master had unsealed Hua Quan Niu’s strength and created an enormous crisis for him, which he was not angry about at all.

Because he understood that this was the real test! A real trial of strength!

The real meaning of a trial has to be associated with all kinds of tribulations. Otherwise, it would be considered as regular training, not a life or death test.

But what he least expected was, after he exhausted all the strength within his dantian, and the slight changes in Heaven’s will My Will, his absorption speed on Ki has accelerated.

Although the air was thin at a higher altitude of the Lone Peak, the surrounding Ki was more than sufficient.

So when Chu Mo was cultivating Heaven’s Will My Will, enormous Ki flowed into his body’s meridians like the current in rivers.

In an instant, Chu Mo’s ‘dried up’ dantian was infused with enormous energy.


After a cycle of the circulatory process, Chu Mo let out a long breath and slowly opened his eyes.

The strong sense of weariness and exhaustion were now completely gone.

Although the injuries on his body are fairly severe, Chu Mo had felt the distinct changes in his state, it had once again enhanced to the next level. It had improved from the intermediate phase to the highest phase of Iron Bone state!

Looking at the duration he had taken!

Even Chu Mo himself was shocked by the progression.

Drip Drop.

Behind him came the sounds of water drippings.

Chu Mo turned his head and look at the small quarry which he dug out earlier with the Murdering Heaven Edge. It was now filled with water.

The water was icy cold and a bit sweet in taste.

The cavern which he was currently located in was more than three hundred feet deep from the surface of the cliff. The cavern was the work of Chu Mo, it was formed when Chu Mo chipped out the boulders to attack Hua Quan Niu.

After he had dug his way to his current location, water started to ooze out from nowhere. Chu Mo tasted the water, and he thought it was tasty which led to him digging out the small quarry to store the water.

Not knowing the situation outside of the cavern, Chu Mo prepared himself for a long term stay in the cavern.

The entrance of the cavern was blocked with a boulder, which would make any intruder noticeable and Chu Mo definitely able to sense the presence of the intruder in time.



When Chu Mo intended to get some water to drink, a sudden soft rattling noise came from the same direction where dripping sounds were heard.

Chu Mo immediately lifted his head up and looked at the direction of that rattling sound. He slightly squinted his eyes and stayed on full alert.

His placed his hand on the hilt of the Murdering Heaven Edge.

Once he sensed any danger, he would unleash a mighty swing of the Edge.

To be continued…

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