Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 174: Accepting the punishment

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Chapter 174 - Accepting the punishment

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They might die if they pursue further.

With Chu Mo’s monstrous-like talent and his emerging techniques, these people have little hope for victory.

The image of every random cleave which he has stunningly carried out at every crucial moment still lingers in their heart like a nightmare.

But if they halt their plan, they would have to suffer unbearable sufferings.

Which they might lose an arm, and strength forever sealed in Iron Bone State. This consequence, however, is slightly better than death.

But it is especially hard to accept by the masters of Golden Stone State.

Because they were afraid to have their states sealed forever in Iron Bone State along with their soon dismembered arm, and what’s left of them may be slightly more than a practitioner who hasn’t overcome any energy barrier yet. It is even pathetic if such strength was placed in their long disdained mortal world… because they wouldn’t even be considered as martial art master!

The crowd soon realized that the almighty high-power who stay hidden in the shadow is no samaritan either. The only reason that their actual strength was restricted was to become a part of his training module for his disciple.

This discovery has everyone’s heart sank to the pit of their stomach.

At this moment, someone asked bravely: “Great ones, what will happen with our sealed dantian and restricted state, if once we are able to grab the heritage from Chu Mo and kill him on the spot?”

Everyone stared at the brave man and couldn’t help cheering silently in their mind.

Because judging from the experience dealing with the mysterious high-power, they’ve discovered only obvious questions will bring straight answers.

Otherwise, they would still believe that Meng Li and his troop has left peacefully; They didn’t expect that the troop has had encountered attacks and suffered from unimaginable damage.

“You wish to have your strength reinstate after you robbed and murdered my disciple? Are you idiots?” the voice within the sky remain its coldness, but this time with a tinge of anger and a little amused by their silly question.

The answer, however, like pouring cold water on them; the fire of hope was instantly extinguished.

Somebody laughed tragically: “I finally realized that this is simply a road with no return. Yes, if someone did the same to my disciple, I wouldn’t let him run away too. It is merciful enough to spare his life. What more could possibly ask for?”

“Didn’t expect that taking this step will lead us to a dead end.” Someone’s knees got weak and fell onto the floor.

They finally realized that they had held onto overly-optimistic illusions in this war, and their eyes were clouded with greediness.

It is said that an eye for an eye, a life for a life; you kill people, people will kill you, that’s the fact.

As this is the world where evil and benevolence were immeasurable!

Then somebody said sorrowfully: “Great one, I am willing to take the punishment. I will cut off my own arm and my state will forever remain sealed.”

“No! Don’t do it!” Another man abruptly stood up and shouted angrily: “Why are you all such a fool? As long as we have the heritage of Misty Palace with us, we could seek help from the elders of the four secluded sects. I don’t believe that besides him, there’s no one else in this world can’t unseal us...”


Most of their faces lit up with hope when realization dawned on them.

They felt like they had reached an impasse before the realization came to them. If their actual strength was able to be sealed, then there must be someone who could undo it.

It is said that the four secluded sects were connected with the Spiritual Realm. Thus, the abundant power contained in those sects were entirely inconceivable!

While Demon Lord is levitating up above the sky observing the crowds, a disdainful sneer on his handsome face slightly revealed his thought.

Remove the seal? Such skill of mine may not be unparalleled within the Immortal Realm, but if a mortal from the mortal world can break the seal, I am better off dead!

Even the paragon of the Spiritual Realm may not break the seal, much less the mortal world!

Although Demon Lord only had his state reinstated to rank nine, zenith of the Intent of Heaven state, still, no mortal will comprehend his mystical skills.

As the four continents in the mortal world only practices martial arts!

Only after the martial prowess broken through the innate could infuse their cultivated force into every motion and maneuvers, only by then, a faint yellow ray could be seen along with every strike.

Furthermore, when the martial prowess entered the Spiritual Realm, martial arts will evolve into mystical arts, and they will possess inconceivable forces.

As for the Demon Lord, even if he was severely poisoned, and reached the nadir of his state, he can still manipulate the mystic arts!

This is his remarkable ability!

As such, Demon Lord acted nonchalantly towards the crowd’s hysterical instigation.

“No, Great one, I admit that I am wrong, therefore I accept the punishment.” Someone shouted loudly.

Finally, someone has come to their senses!

Even if the four secluded sects were related to the Spiritual Realm, and they happen to have someone powerful enough to break the seal, yet, in what terms should they offer their help? In exchange of the heritage of Misty Palace? Don’t be ridiculous!

The heritage may not incite any interest from them!

Not to mention many of them were merely qualified to know the existence of the four secluded sects. In fact, has anyone ever encounter any of them from the secluded sects?

And yet, does anyone know where to find them?

“Great one, I am willing to accept the punishment!”

“Me too!”

“I have sinned; thus, I am prepared to be punished!”

For a moment, twenty to thirty people kneeling in contrition and weeping in bitter tears.

They figure their own lives were much more important than to pursue the heritage of Misty Palace carried by Chu Mo.

“You bunch of cowards!” Those who has different standings protested with rage.


A string of explosions came from those repented men while they are still kneeling in contrition, all of their right arms exploded with blood sprayed like mist in the air.

There was no fluke!

One who made mistakes, must bear full responsibility.

No one shall evade responsibility.

Some of them fainted instantly after their arm exploded, some remained conscious but racked in pain, they took out the Golden Pain Medicine and silently applied on their wounds with their trembling hand. They then stood up and walked away without a word.

The excruciating pain from the exploded arm extended into the bone marrow and penetrated deep into their soul.

Yet they remained silent, hoping to prove that they were not cowards who were afraid to die, but heroes who chose to lose their arm.

That was their resolve.

But their bravery did not make the others feel any happier.

Looking at tens of people losing one of their arms in a split second, the other group of people couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of what themselves might encounter.

Including Sir Qi who kept stressing his intention of becoming Chu Mo’s guardian, he has now shut his mouth, and a self-deprecating grin spread across his face. He thought: Chu Mo has such a terrifying master, he surely doesn’t need me to be his guardian. I have overestimated my own capability.

At this moment, an indifferent voice of Demon Lord resonated from the sky: “Sir Qi, I will transmit a scripture to you, as well as to unseal your dantian, so you are free to go. Whenever you have reached the state of Comprehending Intent, you may become one of my disciple’s guardian. As of now, your state is inadequate…”

To be continued......

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