Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 173: Who Else?

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Chapter 173 - Who Else?

Translator: PurpleNails

Editor: Dedition

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The crowd had thought of all possible outcomes of the battle, all except one.

Although throwing the boulder from the highest point may seem to be of the simplest solution, it is dependent on the person you’re aiming at.

And that person is a master of Understanding Intent State!

Under normal circumstances, even if one continuously threw a stone the size of a millstone to Hua Quan Niu, it would be impossible to cause any damage to him.

Just a random strike would smash the stone into pieces.

However, who could have thought that each boulder thrown by Chu Mo had the equal length of thirty feet, which was enough to make tens or hundreds of millstones from it.

Anyone, even masters of Comprehending Intent State, would find the situation challenging, let alone the masters of Understanding Intent State.

Perhaps that was why the light in Hua Quan Niu’s face turned ashen after he landed on the ground.

Shame, anger, hate… all kinds of emotion intertwined and stirred within him until a mouthful of blood spilled out from his mouth.

The spectating crowd felt deeply sorry for him as they look on sympathetically.

All they wanted was the heritage carried by Chu Mo and to kill him for good.

And they were assured that they could attack Chu Mo without fear of any retribution ever since the mysterious high-power, Chu Mo’s master revealed his intention to put Chu Mo’s nose on the grindstone. Anyhow, when things don’t turn out how they’d hoped, they would retreat, was the mentality they held.

Like Meng Li, the young man from the Immortal Sky who had left the war peacefully. It is said that there was some rancor that existed between Chu Mo and the Immortal Sky, but look at Meng Li, HE HAD LEFT THE WAR PEACEFULLY.

In turn, this proved that the mysterious high-power was a man of his words.

In other words, all of them were given a leeway throughout this war.

Except for Hua Quan Niu!

He was once given a choice like everyone else, but he gave it up!

When he joined the war, he took an oath of vengeance. That he would not rest until Chu Mo was killed!

Hua Quan Niu’s intention did not evoke any reaction from the mysterious high-power. Instead, he was freed from the seal of his state. This was one dramatic turn of event which was beyond their imaginations.

However, the outcome of the battle was the one that made them speechless.

They were so thunderstruck that they wouldn’t even have the slightest notion to deride him.

If they were in Hua Quan Niu’s situation, perhaps they would have died in the most gruesome manner!

As any thirty feet wide boulder may have crushed them to bits.

“Ruthless young man…!” Someone weakly heaved a sigh.

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Sir Qi sat on a giant boulder beside the crowd, the giant boulder was cut in a perfect cube shape. Apparently, it was one of the boulders thrown from above by Chu Mo.

The cut marks on the surface of the boulder indicated that it was cleanly cut. Anyone who saw those cut marks felt amazed.

Sir Qi let out a full-fledged grin as he spoke: “You call this ruthless? He holds no grudge upon all of you, but because of the lucrative heritage which he might carry, he was hunt down by all of you.”

“More than a thousand people have joined the hunt, the sum of everyone’s ages is more than enough to be his ancestor, and not to forget that any of you have a higher state compared to Chu Mo, yet, you don’t call yourself ruthless when you determine to hunt him down?”

Another voice came through from the crowd as soon as Sir Qi stops.

“Old man, would you just shut up? Speak another word, and I will kill you!” A choleric martial artist from the land of vermillion bird bellowed and gazed at him furiously.


The choleric martial artist was beheaded by the person beside him.

Coming next is a voice as cold as ice: “Even though Sir Qi is not my teacher, he is better than one! If he hadn’t pointed out the right way, I wouldn’t have breakthrough those energy barriers, and my sect would have abandoned me! If any of you dare to speak to Sir Qi in a lowly manner, I will kill you!”




Tens of people simultaneously draw their weapon.

The atmosphere instantly dropped to a freezing point.

Their faces were solemn.

Accumulated resentment between the land of Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird intensified the situation; one could cut the atmosphere between them with a knife.

But Hua Quan Niu couldn’t care less, the situation between them didn’t have a tinge of influence to him. Ever since the exasperated master of Comprehending Intent state landed to the ground, he sat in a lotus position and took his time to rest a bit after he took a healing pill. After enough rest, he stood and threw a glare towards Sir Qi and said, “You wish to become the guardian of that little bastard? He is destined to be a disappointment!”

As he spoke, he turned his way and head to the other direction.

“Sir Hua, where are you heading?” asked by a martial artist from Vermillion Bird continent who happened to know Hua Quan Niu. He looked disappointed, because he was expecting Hua Quan Niu to exterminate the people from Azure Dragon continent.

Hua Quan Niu was, after all, the most powerful martial artist among them.

Who would have known that Hua Quan Niu would leave behind only a bland and unprovoking line of words?

“I am going to the other side of the peak. I will not rest until Chu Mo is killed!” Then he left as he spoke. Hua Quan Niu’s figure soon vanished before their eyes.

“Alas, let it be. Let it be! Chu Mo has such a terrifying master, we are just a bunch of idiots relying on our wishful thinking to kill him!” Sigh a martial artist from one of the sects in Azure Dragon land. He then continued with his voice raised: “I’ve come to know that there’s a vast plain of precious medicinal herbs on top of the Lone Peak. I will take my chance there. In either way, our efforts to grab the heritage of Misty Palace will be in vain. As such, I shall give up this quest!”

Another man emerged from the crowd, he said, “What’s there to hold on to? The high-power who sealed our state is not an idiot, how could he possibly let his disciple die in vain? Particularly a wicked young man like him. We are so blinded by our obsessions, keep building castles in the air. That’s it! I won’t bother with anything anymore, even those precious medicinal herbs on the Lone Peak.” The man continued by shouting his words to the sky: “Great one, would you unseal my dantian? I no longer want to participate in any of this…”

The man’s words were exactly what they thought of. They were concerned about their sealed dantian as well, they were constantly wondering when it would be unsealed.

“You come and go as you wish? I don’t think such convenient circumstances apply to all of you!” The cold voice from the sky answered.

The crowd was startled from what they heard. Someone couldn’t help but ask: “There are others who have already gone! How come you didn’t stop them like you do to us?”

“Are you sure that I let them go freely?” A cold snort resounded from the sky, “Each of them had broken an arm. The seal of their dantian will forever remain sealed! You are eager to hunt down my disciple but when you found out that you can’t kill him, you wish to go? I may not kill any of you, but this does not mean that all of you will not be punished! You are mature enough to know that not anyone in this world will pamper you like your parents do!”


The crowd cried out over the statements; every one of them stood aghast. They were freaked out.

Up till this moment, they finally understood that there’s no turning back from the time they made a choice to hunt for Chu Mo. It was destined.

“Great one, you’ve assured us that no harm shall be done to us…” With indignation and despair, a man tried to reason with the high-power.

“I promised not to kill all of you, never have I promise to let all of you go without punishment.” Demon Lord’s indifferent voice sounded even colder in the sky.

“Great one… I, I was wrong, I beg for your forgiveness!” One of the man’s legs turned to jelly, he went down on his knees and kowtowed.

“So, you are willing to break your arm voluntarily and forever remain sealed?” Demon Lord’s cold voice followed with a hint of mockery resounded from the sky, “If you wish to continue your unfinished business here, I won’t stop you. If anyone who manages to grab the heritage from Chu Mo, or even murder him, I will consider you a man with true capabilities!”

“Great One… I, I would rather break my arm and forever remain sealed…” Said a man who could no longer bear the pressure. He wa falling apart.

“Then I shall grant you your wish!” Again, the indifferent voice resounded from the sky.


The man’s arm exploded in pieces, blood mist splatter everywhere from his body. The man fainted after his shrill and dreadful scream.

Next, a cold voice resounded from the sky: “Who else?”

A dead silence fell over the crowd. ( To be continued…)

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