Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 172: Smash it!

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That thirty feet wide giant boulder was thrown ferociously towards Hua Quan Niu.

“Scram!” Hua Quan Niu roared thunderously.

Along with his roar, a powerful force directly stroked against the giant boulder.


The giant boulder instantly busted into pieces!

Cobbles and pebbles began falling to the ground like raindrops.

The panicked crowd at the bottom of the cliff ran as far as they could to avoid the raining rocks.

As they were still restricted in Iron Bone State, if they were hit by the rocks, it would be too much for them to bear.

On the other hand, although Hua Quan Niu smashed the giant boulder in one strike, the situation curbed his ascending momentum.

He thrust his sword into the rocky wall of the cliff, causing an ear-piercing sound and lit a spark from the sharp edges of his precious blade. Nevertheless, he consumed almost every of his strength to penetrate the wall, just so that he may stick his body closer to it.

“Little bastard, even if it’ll bring death to me… my will is to have you die in pieces!” Hua Quan Niu roared in rage.

Rumble of voice shook the sky.

Yet not a single sound could be heard from the young man from above.

Instead, what responded him was huge boulders that were thrown one after another!

Each boulder had a radius of thirty to forty feet and were continuously thrown down at him from above.

Hua Quan Niu dodged between falling stones to avoid getting hit. However, he was hemmed in on all sides.

The crowd was overwhelmed on what they were witnessing.

It was common knowledge that a martial artist who was in Iron Bone State could lift, and throw a boulder that was more than ten feet wide and hundred tons in weight from above without it being a difficult task at all.

They had discovered one thing on some boulders which had not fell on Hua Quan Niu...these boulder were perfectly shaped in cubes, just like a block of tofu!

This was just too shocking!

All of them knew Chu Mo possessed the finest blade, Murdering Heaven Edge. However, no matter how precious and finest an edge is, would it be possible that a blade possesses such sharpness to this extent?

Hence, isn’t he suffering from severe injuries as well?

It is indeed hard to imagine that the raining boulders were the act from a wounded young man.

“Even if I possess such similar God’s crafted blade, will I still be able to accomplish such insane action within Iron Bone state?” Someone couldn’t help but ask himself.

The stupefied crowd below the cliff sensed the powerful strength of the young man who made them feel chills directly down their spine.

Except for Hua Quan Niu, who was now situated in mid-air. He was so close to losing his temper!

He had thought that Chu Mo was really something when he threw down one boulder. Who could have known that it was just the beginning…?

And he had no idea how Chu Mo obtained these boulders that were thrown continuously at him.

Which had also resulted in him dealing with some cold sweat situations where he almost would be hit by the boulders. Even though it could hardly hurt Hua Quan Niu, it managed to slow down his ascent speed.

An Understanding Intent State martial artist was finding it hard to break through the difficult situation caused by a young man who was using mere boulders to block his way. Speak about the frustrations and anger that Hua Quan Niu withheld.

“HAK!” Hua Quan Niu pulled out a sheet of paper talisman and activated it with mystic incantations, his figure instantly vanished into thin air. In the next moment, he reappeared and levitated several thousand feet away from his original spot!

Hua Quan Niu finally broke through Chu Mo’s raining boulders.

However, Hua Quan Niu suddenly realized Chu Mo had stopped throwing boulders at him.

A large hole could be seen in the middle of the rocky wall located two thousand five hundred feet above sea level. Apparently, it was the hole which dug out by Chu Mo earlier.

“Little bastard, let’s see where else you can escape to!” An evil, sinister expression showed plainly on Hua Quan Niu’s face after he activated the one and only evasion talisman which was originally for the use of survival.

This time he learned his lesson. He distances himself from the Lone Peak as he feared that Chu Mo will again throw boulders at him. From afar, Hua Quan Niu appeared like a deity when he hovered in mid-air. The only significant difference was the hostility that covered him.

Although Hua Quan Niu was considerably a master in Understanding Intent state, he still found it a little difficult to fly in mid-air. Generally, within Understanding Intent state, one can expect to ascent to a few hundred feet altitude. At the very least, not even more than three hundred feet.

This was due to the wind shearing in the atmosphere which will cause severe damage to one’s body.

Thus, not many martial artists in Understanding Intent state would fly over thermosphere.

At this moment, Hua Quan Niu had reached more than a thousand three hundred feet. Which had exceeded far beyond his bearable level!

As such, he had to burn the extensive amount of internal force to support himself.

Actually, he could rest a while at the wall of the cliff then pick up his pace again, this would\'ve been the best way to minimize consumption of his inner force.

Unfortunately, this method cannot be applied due to Chu Mo raining stones down upon him.

Thus, another reason to kill Chu Mo was added in Hua Quan Niu’s mind. The hatred already imbued into his bones.

When Hua Quan Niu reached a thousand five hundred feet, he couldn’t hold on further. That was when he realized how awesome is the damn little bastard he loathed. Hua Quan Niu was amazed that Chu Mo could climb up further than him.

Regardless how he loathed Chu Mo, he did secretly grow some respect for him.

Because if Chu Mo were an average Iron Bone State martial artist, perhaps the crowd would have torn him to pieces under this circumstance. Yet, he could still hold on to this point by relying on his perseverance and capabilities.

When Hua Quan Niu’s mind was boggling about this, he couldn’t help but sigh: If only my son had half of Chu Mo’s capabilities, perhaps he would not have died in foreign lands.

While that thought lingered in his mind, Hua Quan Niu carefully approached the rocky wall. He wanted to rest a while as he could no longer hold on further. Coincidentally, an old tree was within his reach. Its trunk was like the curved and elongated body of a horned dragon, rooted firmly in the crack of the rocky wall. The width of the trunk was equivalent to the mouth of a soup bowl; therefore, it had no problem bearing his weight.

Just when Hua Quan Niu made his way to that old tree, suddenly … a fifty to sixty feet boulder once again was thrown from above.

“I’ll stone you to death, wretched old man!”


The whistling sounds from the falling boulder pierced the thick air.

As if it’s the heavy sound of a mountain which was thrown from above.

“Little bastard!” Once again, the rage in Hua Quan Niu’s heart was further inflamed by Chu Mo. However, he had no choice but to stay aside to avoid the falling boulder.


The boulder fell and trampled on the old trees trunk, then it snapped and fell downwards with the boulder.

The falling boulder hit the wall of the cliff and shredded some rocks off the rocky wall.

In the next moment, the sky was once again raining rocks.


Hua Quan Niu was trying hard to hold back the urge to vomit blood. He had to consume almost all of his inner force to thrust his sword into the rocky wall and cling his body on the wall.

Before he managed to gather his breath.




Another three giant boulders which had a formation of 品 fell from the sky!

Apparently, it was aiming accurately at Hua Quan Niu.

Which means Chu Mo didn’t just blindly throw those boulders at him, he deliberately targeted Hua Quan Niu!

“This is too much!” Hua Quan Niu roared in indignation following a mouthful of fresh blood spout out from his mouth.

Hua Quan Niu withdrew his already gouged and nicked sword from the rocky wall, then flew further away from the cliff and descend on the ground.

An Understanding Intent State martial artist was forced to fall back, all because of a young Iron Bone state martial artist who defeated him with boulders!

The crowd of people who hid from afar witnessed the war between Chu Mo and Hua Quan Niu were all dumbfounded at the scene.

(To be continued…)

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