Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 171: "Rushing to die"

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Meng Li, the young prodigy from the Immortal Sky suddenly stood up and paid his respect to Sir Qi. He said faintly: “Although I am not as bright, but I understand your intentions and your efforts after everything you’ve said. As such, I, Meng Li, shall leave!”

“Brother Meng… you?”

“Brother Meng, you really think of quitting?”

“How can we explain this to the court ruler?”

Silver deacons and bronze stewards of Azure Dragon Court looked anxiously at Meng Li. Who could have thought that the backbone of their troop wanted to quit after all they have been through.

Meng Li let out a smile after he took a look at them, “What explanations? All of you may continue, but I quit!”

“What use is it of us to continue this quest after brother Meng leaves? We know our own capabilities. It\'s just that… how do we face the court ruler in this way?” one of the silver deacon of Azure Dragon Court said bitterly, “How do we possibly provide the justification for so many of us who have died in this war?”

Meng Li took a look at them and said calmly: “What’s there to say? Even the Golden Stone state elders can barely hold on to this war. What alone us?” He didn’t mention a matter that buried deep inside his mind

After this event, whether Azure Dragon Court can remain existing in this world… that’s the question which should be worried about!

Currently, Meng Li only had one thought in mind. He just wanted to leave and go back to the Immortal Sky. So then he would be able to provide the firsthand report of the incident to the ruler of the Immortal Sky.

After all, both Chu Mo and Immortal Sky have created much rancor between each other.

Last year, when Chu Mo seeked to become a disciple of the Immortal Sky, he was harshly rejected by seven elders and was humiliated by them as well.

If Meng Li was the one who had encountered such humiliations, he would make sure that he remembered it.

Now that Chu Mo became the disciple of a fearful master, when he grew older and stronger, who knows whether he will avenge the humiliation he suffered from the Immortal Sky?

Therefore, without much hesitation, Meng Li expressed his intention to leave the scene.

Tens of the silver deacons and bronze stewards were considerably the core elites from Azure Dragon Court, so when they saw Meng Li left and heard what he has said, all of them wanted to leave as well. Without further thought, they head towards the direction where Meng Li was heading.

“Brother Meng Li, wait for us! We are coming with you!”

Already having low morale, the crowd became quieter after Meng Li and his troop left.

Many of them rethought the situation. Whether they should stay or leave, and whether it was worthwhile.

At this moment, a martial artist from Vermillion Bird continent stood up and calmly declared his intentions, “All of you may leave, but I will stay. That little bastard….I will tear him to pieces!”

Everyone was instantly stunned by his words.

Since everyone knew that Chu Mo was the disciple of a terrifying high-power, no matter how they wanted to kill Chu Mo to end all their misery, they only dared to kill him in their mind. No one would ever say it out loud like him.

Someone in the crowd recognized the courageous man. The person explained in a low voice to the person beside him, “He is Hua Quan Niu… a capable man who has made his name for himself in the land of Vermillion Bird. He seems to have reached the state of Understanding Intent! Didn’t expect him to have gone unnoticed in the crowd.”

“Hua Quan Niu? What a strange name.”

“Hua Quan Niu allegedly grew up on a farm. His name was given by his illiterate parents. However, he later became a disciple of a prestigious house through an unusual encounter, and revealed his outstanding talent of cultivation.”

“Why would a man like him hate Chu Mo? He doesn\'t seem like he even needs the heritage from Chu Mo?”

“Because his son was killed by Chu Mo!”

“Is that so?”

A person who knew the story whispered what he knew to the other person, “Hua Quan Niu’s son, Hua Nan was from the Vermillion Bird Association. Years ago, his son fell in love with a disciple from the Misty Palace, and she was one from twelve disciples who inherited the heritage of Misty Palace! It caused an uproar in the land of Vermillion Bird, almost every martial artist heard of this scandal. The scandal ended soon after Hua Nan, and the disciple from Misty Palace joined the Vermillion Bird Associations with the help of Hua Quan Niu. The heritage was also taken by the association.”

“I see, but how did Hua Nan end up got killed by Chu Mo?” Someone asked.

“I’m not sure about the details, but it seems like the leading cause of this incident related to Miao Yi Niang, the other disciple from Vermillion Bird Association. Hua Quan Niu was doted on his son, now that the son had been killed by Chu Mo, how could he possibly let it go?”

“I have no interest in the heritage that he is carrying. I only hold one purpose, that is to kill him!” Hua Quan Niu said coldly. Coldness flickered within Hua Quan Niu’s eyes as he stood there gazing at the crowd then he continued, “As such, if any of you want to leave, just leave, but not me, and I won’t wait here either!”

Then he shouted loudly at the sky: “Great elder, would you dare to give me a chance to avenge my son? Restrict me! Great elder, would you dare?!”

His voice was filled with endless grief and indignation reverberated across the sky and earth.

“Your son deserved his death!” An indifferent voice came through the air, “If he hadn’t planned to kill another person in the first place, how could he possibly get murdered by amother? His death was mostly because of you! And here you are, shamelessly raising such a request… how pathetic.”

“Great elder, would you dare?” Hua Quan Niu had gone a little insane, even a little disappointed at this stage.

Earlier, he thought that no matter how capable a secular young man like Chu Mo, he could have torn him to pieces easily and avenge his son with his own hands.

However, little did he know that the secular young man had such a broad and powerful background.

Perhaps, even the disciples who were taught personally by the grandmasters from four secluded sects, may not able to compare with Chu Mo’s status.

Under desperation stakes, Hua Quan Niu had no choice but to stake all on one throw. He realized that the high-power who was hidden under the shadows was a proud man. Therefore he wishes to apply this kind of method to provoke him.

As long as he managed to regain his state, he was confident that he could kill Chu Mo in one shot!

“Great elder, would you dare?” Once again he yelled with indignation.

“Since you eagerly seek death for yourself, you can’t blame me for your choice. What’s there to lose if I fulfill your desire?” When the cold voice sounded from the sky, Hua Quan Niu felt his body lighten simultaneously.

Enormous and boundless power instantly restored on his body.

A madness flashes in the eyes of Hua Quan Niu, gnashing his teeth saying: “Great elder, would you dare to assure that you will not intervene in this war?”

“I will kill you if another crap comes out from your mouth.” The voice of Demon Lord sounded scary from afar, “Do not think that I am moved by your words, I wish to see how my disciple end your life!”

“As long as you won’t interfere, it is hard to say who will die first!” Hua Qian Niu gnashed his teeth.

As he spoke, he who was in the Understanding Intent State abruptly ascended from the ground and made his way up to the top of the steep cliff!

Everyone held their breath when they saw this scene.

They were amazed at the significant difference created by the master of Understanding Intent State.

Although the height of the cliff was more than three thousand feet, it was not difficult for a master of Understanding Intent State to fly over!

Despite the fact of their adversarial relations with the high-power in the shadow, many of them couldn’t understand his act. Is this not equally allowing someone to kill his own disciple? Or, perhaps he was preparing to intervene at the critical moment?

Just then, the crowd below the cliff cried out in alarm.

A giant boulder was thrown ferociously from the sky towards Hua Quan Niu, who is flying closely along the rocky wall.

A young man’s voice as cold as ice simultaneously sounded from above: “I will send you to meet your son!”

(To be continued…)

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